Bathtub Non Slip Appliques

No one wants the embarrassment of slipping and hurting themselves while naked in the bathtub. But tubs can be slippery. Adding some of these clever appliques to the floor will help that problem tremendously. They stick easily to the tub floor and have a grip on the top that keeps your feet from sliding around, even if there is soap on the floor. Lots of fun choices in this collection.

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Koi Fish Bath Tub and Shower Mat

Koi Fish Bath Tub and Shower Mat
Add a shower mat in your bathroom and bask from the benefits of both its visual and practical side. It will keep your family members safe, all the while sporting the beautiful theme with koi fish swimming in a pond.

Blue rubbermaid bathtub appliques retro

Blue rubbermaid bathtub appliques retro
Made of solid and robust material bathtub non-slip appliques is the perfect solution for any bathroom. Attractive colors and designs with floral motifs captivate and make the bathroom look very impressive.

Bathtub non slip appliques

This revolutionary set of anti-skid applications for the bathtub is a great way to increase safety while swimming. The theme of colorful flamingos will appeal to the little ones and give the interior a joyful climate.

Bath treads

Bathtub nonslip appliques are the perfect solution for any bathroom. Interesting foot motifs are cute, neutral and very attractive at the same time. They blend well with the look and ensure the safety of the bath.

Anti slip bath shower stickers

This pair of groovy non-slip bath appliques constitutes will be a practical addition to any bathroom. Looking adorable, these green and white mats are designed to provide safety in first place.

Non slip tub stickers

We often go for a walk on the beach with the intention of looking for shells that the sea throws us out. It is with water that these beautiful shells are associated and that in your mother will find your best application, as bathtub non slip appliques.

Tub safety stickers

Make sure safety comes first with this butterfly bath non-slip applique that is just perfect for any bathroom and offers a charming and detailed, yellow butterfly design and a rough surface for more security.

Our advice Buying Guide

A large soaking bathtub is chicken soup for the soul after a weary workday. It relaxes and rejuvenates you and is part of the daily nighttime ritual for millions of families around the world. But as you anxiously get into the tub, yearning to soak in the warm water enriched with your favorite bath salts, the least you’d expect is a safe and slip proof surface.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Bathtubs with their shiny smooth surfaces and an endless supply of water and soap are a recipe for disaster. A slip is just one wrong footing away. And if you have elderly parents or kids at home, the likelihood of that happening increases manifold.

Thankfully, the solution is as simple as applying bathtub non slip appliques. These stick-on non-slip treads give you a firm footing as you step into or get out of the bathtub. Here are some shopping tips for first time shoppers looking to buy bathtub non slip appliques.

Will the applique cover the entire bathtub?

Bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes ranging from compact ones for a single person to capacious Jacuzzis for the whole family. Decide on whether you want the appliqués to cover the entire bathtub surface or just the parts that you step on when you enter and exit the tub.

Bathtub appliques usually come in sets of 6, 10 or more. Check the dimensions of each applique to know whether one set will give you the coverage that you seek. You will need multiple sets to cover large tubs.

Alternatively, you can opt for bathtub mats. These are as big as a bath towel and can suffice for a standard sized tub.

Will the applique stick on the surface?

Bathtubs are typically made of porcelain, acrylic or fiberglass. Other materials, like natural stone, metal and wood are also used albeit rarely. You’d want to ensure that the nonslip appliques that you buy will stick to the surface.

Some adhesives don’t adhere that well to select surfaces. This will cause the treads to move when someone steps on them. Also, if the adhesive is weak, the treads will come off after a few days of use. Some appliques are mounted on an array of suction cups that attach to the surface.

What design of non slip bathtub appliques do you prefer?

Non slip bathtub appliques are available in a wide range of attractive colors, patterns and prints. You can easily find one that matches your bathtub. If it’s used by children, then you can pick their favorite toons or movie characters or oceanic creatures like fish, squids and shells.

It is recommended that you pick bright or contrasting colors if you have elders and kids at home. It makes it easier for them to spot the applique and place their feet. Else, you can pick neutral colors that will be almost inconspicuous.

How to ensure the safety of bathtub appliques?

Some bathtub appliques are made of PVC and can contain plasticizers that can be toxic for children. Speak to the manufacturer about it. Also, always pick an applique that’s easy to clean. A lot of grooves or a ribbed surface will be a magnet for dirt and grime.


7 5 non slip safety shower treads 4

Having problems with slippery surface of your shower base or bathtub? Use these smart non-slip appliques to solve the safety issue even if there's water and moisture engaged. They stick and they stay in place!

Non slip bath stickers decals

Tenura Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Bath and Shower Safety Circles - Clear

Bathtub appliques

These cute non-slip stickers are a great way to protect slippery surfaces to your baby. Beautiful butterfly pattern adds charm, making the bathtub or floor look tasteful and stylish. Easy application and safety.

Tub appliques

If your bathtub is too slippery for you, you can always decide on this sticker bathroom mat. It has a square shape with aqua blue pattern, it's easy to use and to clean, and it firmly sticks to the bathtub's surface.

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Bathtub anti slip stickers

For slippery motel showers : SlipX Solutions Pebble Bath Treads - Assorted Frost Slip-X Solutions

Compac Select Safe-T-Shapes Bathtub Decals, Daisy

Easy to apply and clean, this set of white, safe T-shapes bathtub decals will be a practical addition to any bathroom space. The set contains fourteen items. They shall not be used on textured bathtub surfaces.

Non-Slip Bathtub Applique Set- 5 Sea Shells and 5 Fish Plus Large Suction Soap Dish for Bath

Always make sure that your bathroom is safe for use by everyone with this set of sea shells that double-serve as the non-slip applique for your space and come with the soap dish for your bath for even more convenience.

Non slip shower tray stickers

Bathtub Stickers Red Lobsters - Safety Decals Treads Non Slip Anti-skid Shower Applique

14 x 27 Dolsen Under The Sea Bath Mat

14 x 27 Dolsen Under The Sea Bath Mat

Tub treads

Change or refresh your bathroom with new bathtub diamond powder anti-skid appliques. The set includes 30 stickers with nautical theme and many shades of blue.

14 5 non slip safety shower treads 3

How many times have you fallen out of the tub or in the shower?And what's happen when older people live in the house and have to take care of their broken hips.Invest in simple, glued bathtub non-slip stripes appliques on the floor.White and almost invisible.

Details about 16 non slip tub treads tub appliques varietys

Details about 16 Non Slip Tub Treads Tub Appliques Varietys

Bathtub non slip appliques 1

Safe and stylish at the same time - these blue paw prints tub grip stickers will add vividity and good humour to your bathroom. Moreover, they provide a reliable non-slip protecion. Your family will love it!

Tub stickers

Suitable for non-textured surfaces, this bath mat is very easy to install, long-lasting and anti-slippery. Made of quality material with starburst design, the mat can be used in a bathtub as well as in a shower.

Bathtub non slip stickers

If your bathtub is too slippery for you, you can always use this practical solution in shape of a sticker mat that you can easily attach to the bottom. It's anti-slippery, easy to clean, comfortable, and decorated with square patterns.

Bathtub floor stickers

Your simple and dull bathroom can be more fancy, colorful and happy due to this great set. It is composed of two rugs stylised on little flowers. They are made of blue, yellow and pink microfiber cloth, which is waterproof.