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Modest and can accommodate large pots and pans, cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks add a cottage charm to your interiors. In the past, farmhouse sinks are considered to be very expensive. These days though, you can find a variety of affordable options and discounted ones so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. With these farmhouse kitchen sinks that range from contemporary to antique-inspired models, you can update your kitchen space at half the usual price. 

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Updated 27/07/2023
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Farmhouse Apron Ceramic Sink with Double Bowls

Farmhouse Apron Ceramic Sink with Double Bowls


Perfect For: Enhancing functionality and style in any kitchen

What We Like: Its durable, practical design, and easy-to-clean surface

Our Farmhouse Apron Ceramic Sink boasts a versatile design that's perfect for both narrow working kitchens and larger spaces alike, helping you tackle daily tasks with ease. Made from premium ceramic with a glaze gloss finish, this white sink is resistant to thermal shock, scratches, and stains. Its double bowl design offers separate areas for prep work and dishwashing, streamlining your kitchen tasks, while the standard drain prevents blockages. The naturally sound-deadening material minimizes noise during use, making for a pleasant experience.


Designer Advice:

Add a touch of country-chic flair by pairing this sink with a stylish bronze faucet, elements of wood, and vintage accents to complement the Farmhouse Apron Ceramic Sink's timeless appeal.

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Farmhouse Ceramic Kitchen Sink with Arch Edge Design

Farmhouse Ceramic Kitchen Sink with Arch Edge Design


Perfect For: Enhancing elegance and style in your kitchen

What We Like: Its extreme strength, durability, and scratch-resistant surface

This farmhouse kitchen sink is made of ceramic that is fired at 2900°F for exceptional strength and longevity. It features a beautiful apron front with an arch edge design, giving your kitchen a touch of elegance and fashion. The sink surface is resistant to chips, abrasion, and scratches, ensuring reliable performance and lasting beauty in your cooking space.


Designer Advice:

Pair this sink with a traditional faucet and natural wood countertops to complete the charming farmhouse aesthetic in your kitchen.

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Galley-Style Apron Front Sink with Accessories

Galley-Style Apron Front Sink with Accessories

Empire Industries

Perfect For: Enhancing kitchen functionality and style

What We Like: Dense, durable fireclay material and space-saving accessory ledge

This galley-style apron front sink is crafted from high-quality fireclay, providing the densest and most durable surface on the market. Fired at over 2,100°F for 16 hours, it boasts a smooth and stain- as well as chip-resistant finish. The Devon sink features a space-saving accessory ledge with a cutting board, bottom grid, and strainer, ensuring optimum functionality. The cutting board is made of resilient high-pressure laminate, and the reversible apron front offers two distinct designs - flat or casement (arch) style - to complement any kitchen decor.


Designer Advice:

Enhance your kitchen's efficiency by pairing the sink with a stylish, functional faucet and opting for a pull-out or pull-down model to streamline different tasks like washing and rinsing.

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Beveled Edge White Kitchen Sink

Beveled Edge White Kitchen Sink


Perfect For: Enhancing both rustic vintage and modern elegant kitchen designs

What We Like: Deep basin and three-sided beveled frame

This beveled edge white kitchen sink effortlessly fits into various decor themes with its bright white color and timeless clean lines. The deep basin makes washing large pots and pans a breeze, while the sophisticated three-sided beveled frame adds a touch of elegance. Choose to install the sink in either direction, depending on your design preference, and elevate your kitchen with this versatile piece.


Designer Advice:

Pair the sink with a stylish faucet and complementary countertop material, such as marble or quartz, to create a cohesive and luxurious look in your kitchen.

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Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Cutting Board

Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Cutting Board

Empire Industries

Perfect For: Kitchens, prep areas, laundry rooms, or tiny-living spaces

What We Like: Reversible design and solid core construction

The Sensation fireclay kitchen sink is a handcrafted, reversible farmhouse sink that offers both beauty and durability. Available in a crisp white finish, this eye-catching piece features a high-pressure laminate (HPL) cutting board and can be installed with either a decorative front or smooth front. The sink is made of pressure-cast fireclay with a solid core and fired at over 2300°F, resulting in a durable, chip, crack, stain, and rust-resistant surface. With sharp corners and modern lines, the Sensation adds a European flair to contemporary kitchen designs.


Designer Advice:

For a cohesive look, pair the Sensation fireclay kitchen sink with similar white or stainless steel appliances. Don't forget to accentuate its European-inspired style with sleek fixtures and minimalist decor.

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Aproned Single Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Right Angle

Aproned Single Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Right Angle


Perfect For: Enhancing the functionality and style of your modern kitchen

What We Like: The gunmetal gray nano brushed finish

This aproned single basin farmhouse kitchen sink boasts a right angle design, crafted from premium T304 series 16 gauge stainless steel. Its gunmetal gray nano brushed finish elevates the aesthetics while offering easier cleaning, anti-freezing heat, and non-seepage water protection. Withstanding up to 1000℃ high temperature, this sink's color won't fade, ensuring long-lasting durability and visual appeal.


Designer Advice:

Complement the sink with modern stainless steel kitchen appliances and fixtures. Add a touch of warmth with wooden countertops and open shelving for a balanced, inviting space.

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Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink


Perfect For: Traditional or modern kitchens with a touch of elegance

What We Like: Extreme resistance to heat, stains, and scratches

This lustrous farmhouse kitchen sink is expertly crafted from fireclay, ensuring durability and an incredible resistance to heat, stains, and scratches. The large-capacity design lets you handle your biggest cookware with ease, while the rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Sleek lines and a glossy white finish not only give your kitchen a stylish look, but also perfectly match any decoration style.


Designer Advice:

Pair this farmhouse sink with wooden surfaces, such as butcher-block countertops, and a vintage-style faucet for a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern functionality.

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Round Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Round Coffee Table with Storage Shelf


Perfect For: Space-saving living rooms or small apartments

What We Like: Multi-functional design

This round coffee table combines style and functionality, featuring a spacious storage shelf underneath for books, magazines, or decorative items. Its sleek metal frame and wooden top complement various décor styles, from industrial to modern. The compact size makes it perfect for small living spaces or cozy corners. Additionally, the table's round shape ensures smooth traffic flow and prevents injuries from sharp edges.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a neutral-toned sectional sofa and a decorative area rug, then add some colorful throw pillows for a touch of playfulness in your living space.

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30-inch Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

30-inch Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink


Perfect For: Creating an elegant and unique kitchen centerpiece

What We Like: The stunning gold-colored curved apron front

This 30-inch farmhouse sink, made of T304 16-gauge thick panel stainless steel, offers excellent resistance to scratching and corrosion, ensuring it will never tarnish or rust. The large curved stainless steel apron front features a gorgeous gold color, elevating your sink to the centerpiece of your kitchen. Available in both matte bronze and matte gold colors, this sink brings an unparalleled blend of elegance, fashion, and quality to your kitchen.


Designer Advice:

Consider matching this farmhouse sink with gold or bronze-toned faucets and hardware to create a cohesive and luxurious look in your kitchen space.

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Ceramic Kitchen Sink with Scratch-Resistant Surface

Ceramic Kitchen Sink with Scratch-Resistant Surface


Perfect For: Eco-conscious homeowners seeking durability

What We Like: 100% natural, organic, and recyclable materials

Upgrade your kitchen with this ceramic sink, crafted from 100% natural, organic, and recyclable materials. Fired at high temperatures in a kiln, this sink is made to endure daily wear and tear. Its non-porous, uniform, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant surface easily handles heat from pots and pans. Experience the durability and eco-friendliness of ceramics, making your kitchen more sustainable and stylish.


Designer Advice:

Pair this ceramic sink with wooden countertops and a sleek faucet to create an earthy, minimalist look while showcasing its timeless and durable construction.

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Versatile Kitchen and Prep Sink

Versatile Kitchen and Prep Sink

Native Trails

Perfect For: Enhancing the kitchen or bar area with style and functionality

What We Like: Dual mounting options for a customized look

Ventana's updated classic design adds fresh beauty to any kitchen, also serving as a practical prep sink or bar area addition. With two mounting options, you can choose between showcasing the sleek lines and organic beauty of an apron-front sink, or opt for an under-mount installation for a more discreet appearance. Its versatility and stylish design make it suitable for various kitchen styles, from traditional to modern.


Designer Advice:

Pair this sink with a high-arched faucet in a complementing finish like brushed stainless steel or matte black for a cohesive and elegant look.

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Quartz Single Bowl Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Quartz Single Bowl Apron Front Kitchen Sink


Perfect For: Enhancing the functionality and elegance of your kitchen

What We Like: The choice of 6 rich colors, and the durable, quartz composite material

This classic apron front farmhouse kitchen sink features a deep 9-1/4" apron and is designed to make a statement in any kitchen. It is crafted from a highly durable quartz composite material, ensuring years of trouble-free use. The elegant design is available in six rich colors to complement any decor. This QA-740 34-inch quartz single bowl apron front kitchen sink seamlessly combines function and form to elevate your kitchen experience.


Designer Advice:

When installing this sink, opt for a bridge-style or wall-mounted faucet to maintain the farmhouse aesthetic. Accentuate the color of the sink with matching or contrasting kitchen accessories and cabinetry.

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Contemporary Farmhouse Sink

Contemporary Farmhouse Sink

Nantucket Sinks

What We Like: Clean look

What We Don’t Like: Height taller than standard

Perfect for: Custom cabinetry

Not so great for: Cabinets with 9” apron heights

Let go of your used farmhouse sink and switch to this stylish piece. Made from genuine fireclay, it features a tapered bottom that fits apron-style base cabinets. It has a glazed finish, protecting it from scratches, heat, and stains. Comes with a basin rack.

The depth of this sink is 10” which makes the total height taller compared to standard sinks. Make sure to check your cabinet’s provision before purchasing and installing. Overall, this is a well-loved piece that looks great especially when paired with vintage brass or black faucets.

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Slotted Farmhouse Sink

Slotted Farmhouse Sink


What We Like: Reversible design

What We Don’t Like: Measurements not aligned with the spec sheet

Perfect for: Purchasing before building the cabinet

Not so great for: Narrow sink provisions

Made of porcelain material, this cheap farmhouse sink proves that you can save on money but you don’t have to compromise your style. It features a single basin and comes with a bottom grid and basket strainer. While the front has a slotted design and the back is flat, this piece can be reversed to adapt to your aesthetic requirements.

One thing to note is that the base of this piece is smaller and is slightly wider compared to the specification sheet. We recommend purchasing this sink first prior to building the base cabinet, especially if you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen. 

$315 $315.5

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Farmhouse Sink with Backsplash

Farmhouse Sink with Backsplash

Whitehaus Collection

What We Like: Vintage inspired design

What We Don’t Like: Limited faucet options

Perfect for: Installing directly to the wall and a garage sink

Not so great for: Gooseneck and counter-mounted faucets

Fashioned from an old farmhouse sink, this piece comes with a high backsplash. Its rounded single bowl style gives it an old-world appeal, perfect for vintage and antique-inspired interiors. Made from scratch and stain-resistant fireclay material.

Due to its design, it is only compatible with wall-mount faucets. We recommend getting one with a curved spout to coordinate the look. For a bit of contrast and pop of color, opt for those with antique brass or matte black finishes. Available in white, biscuit, sapphire blue, and black colors.

$889 $1280

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Sink with Rounded Corners

Sink with Rounded Corners

Sand & Stable™

What We Like: Versatile appeal

What We Don’t Like: Rounded edges make it challenging during installation

Perfect for: Custom kitchen cabinets

Not so great for: Modular kitchen cabinets

Featuring a clean design with a flat front apron, these cheap farmhouse sinks have a versatile appeal. This piece also comes with a basin rack and a basket strainer. Made from fireclay, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear.

When installing the sink, take note that it has rounded corners which leaves a gap between the countertop and the fixture. The same can be said between the bottom front of the sink and the upper part of the cabinet. We recommend either leaving a small space between the sink and the built-in base cabinet or following its contours to avoid water from seeping into the gaps.  

$249.99 $252.84

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Fluted Front Farmhouse Sink

Fluted Front Farmhouse Sink


What We Like: Chic detail

What We Don’t Like: A bit heavy at 80lbs

Perfect for: Hardwood cabinets or cabinet with a slab top

Not so great for: MDF cabinets

Discount farmhouse sinks that radiate style and chicness. It has a deep basin to accommodate large cooking pans and an inclined bottom for easy draining. Made of durable ceramic, it features a fluted front design that adds to its retro charm.

With its material and form, this piece weighs about 80lbs, which is quite heavier than usual. We recommend checking the integrity of your cabinet before installing this piece. Or if you are redoing your kitchen, we recommend building a strong and durable cabinet to prevent it from falling off. 

$298.92 $325

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Copper Double Sink

Copper Double Sink


What we like: A statement piece

What We Don’t Like: Water stains on copper material

Perfect for: Antique and vintage kitchens that need a touch of glam

Not so great for: Chrome fixtures

Inspired by an antique farmhouse sink, this piece has a distressed texture that gives it an old-world appeal. It is crafted in copper and features a middle partition, making it easier to organize what you are washing and cleaning.

This is a statement piece that will add a touch of glam to your kitchen interior. We recommend coordinating it with a basket strainer and pairing it with a brass or black gooseneck faucet to complete the antique look. 

$816 $899

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Cheap Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Buying Guide

Cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks aren’t necessarily easy to find. A farmhouse sink is a unique sink design that allows the front of the sink to protrude through the counter, or to simply be fastened to a wall with moderate supports and no counter at all. They come in all sorts of materials, ranging from aluminum or cast iron right on up through some fairly classy brushed bronze tooled fronts.

So when you say “farmhouse sink” you aren’t necessarily looking at a depression era utility or a 1950s knock-off. You could be looking at a high-quality sink, possibly even an expensive antique. “Cheap,” therefore, becomes a relative term. However, if you are looking for a farmhouse sink at a reasonable cost, there are options to be had.

Here are some places to look for cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks, sorted by seller:

  • For example, Wayfair sells Farmhouse Sinks. Their starting price is around $300 for a sturdy, stainless steel sink that is nine inches deep, and correspondingly large. Their farmhouse sink line tops out at a little over $2,000 and includes porcelain, bronze, aluminum and more – in fact quite an impressive lineup. Overstock also offers farmhouse sinks, in much the same price and style range.
  • Amazon’s farmhouse sinks begin at $400 and top out around $2,000. The good news here is that their $2,000 model includes a counter and two sinks – a rather nice deal if you can swing it.
  • If you are looking for genuine antique farmhouse sinks, you might try on eBay. Bidding seems to start around $250, but since that’s a public auction, who knows how high it will go?
  • Lowes Home Improvement also offers farmhouse sinks, starting at around $600, but the prize for “cheap” as in low price, actually goes to Home Depot with farmhouse sinks starting at $199.00.

Shopping for quality means knowing what it is you are looking for in a sink. Do you want a big sink? A sturdy sink? Or are you shopping for an authentic antique to round out the look of a country-style décor theme?

If you are simply looking for a big sink, then you might do better to look for a commercial kitchen sink, one rated for the kinds of big pots used in restaurants. But if you want the look of the apron front on a farmhouse sink, you will want to shop at suppliers who feature differently styled sinks. You are likely to be able to find one at a reasonable cost that will go with a country styled kitchen that features chrome as the fixture color. If you want copper or brass, you should expect to spend a little more – possibly even a lot more, if you are going in for brushed copper or brass with a tooled apron.

For any sink that you expect to use more than a year or two, you will want sufficient quality that you aren’t dealing with chipped enamel, rust, dents or burn marks from hot pans. Most farmhouse styled sinks will meet that criteria, even if you purchase one at the lower end of the price range. After all, “cheap” is a relative term, but it should never mean sacrificing functionality for looks.

Best Ideas

Buy farmhouse sink 2

Neutral white sink for kitchen applications. It features a very attractive farmhouse stylization, so it is practical and decorative. This element also features practical storage compartment that is quite spacious.

Cheap farmhouse sinks

A lovely addition for country-looking kitchens or laundry rooms; this farmhouse double sink is capacious, easy to clean, and very appealing. It's characterized by a beautiful streamlined design, a pair of cubic basins, and an elevated back.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are back and sweeter than ever

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks are Back and Sweeter than Ever

Buy farmhouse sink 26

A farmhouse sink cast in copper, with unique apron showcasing an intricate scroll detailing. Artisan made item, hand-hammered, with a rich natural patina, provides a more elegant approach to a French countryside style.

Drop in farmhouse sink

An aesthetic farmhouse style drop in kitchen sink with a front apron. It's crafted of glossy white ceramic. This rectangular sink has 2 identical squarish basins with 2 independent drains but has no overflows. Four faucet holes are in a back edge.

Vintage farmhouse sink

The times when in every kitchen sink had a white traditional color - they went away into oblivion. The custom solution is a brass farmhouse sink in beautiful shades of brown. Rustic, great with a stiff faucet.

Discount apron sink

Farmhouse Sink Kitchen

Buy farmhouse sink

Well, basically this picture shows a white undermount farmhouse sink built up with butcher's block countertop, but look at those little hydrangeas put in mini vases! What a lovely indoor spring garden!

Cheap farm sink

The affordable but very impressive kitchen sink is a perfect solution for the modern interiors of a farmhouse. The whole is beautifully combined with marble countertops and bright kitchen furniture.

Kitchen farm sinks discount kitchen sinks faucets on pinterest

Kitchen Farm Sinks Discount ~ Kitchen Sinks & Faucets on Pinterest

Vintage laundry sink

Laundry sink made of high quality ceramic. Designed for mounting on the top. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Apron sink sale

This is a farmhouse kitchen sink. It has a wide basin that allows for different and several activities. The sink has a marble top which makes it strong and suitable to hold heavy materials, and the color blends well with the environment.

Kitchen sink expose

Kitchen Sink Exposé

Farmhouse sinks cheap

I originally checked out an apron-front sink (also known as a farmhouse sink) because I'd love to be able to give my dogs a good wash or wash my own hair, but I can't afford it. Still, it's very cool, eh?

Farmhouse sinks on sale

Antiqued blue cabinets with brick backsplash and farmhouse it.

32" x 19" Undermount Kitchen Sink with Faucet and Soap Dispenser

32" x 19" Undermount Kitchen Sink with Faucet and Soap Dispenser

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