Cheap Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

When we tell you we sell everything but the kitchen sink, that isn't true. Because we have a collection of kitchen sinks. More specifically, cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks. These sinks are repurposed from dilapidated farmhouses that have been demolished, and they are still in amazing condition for the amount of use. Take a look at everything, and the kitchen sink.

Best Products

Dayton 33" x 19" Top Mount Double Kitchen Sink

Dayton 33" x 19" Top Mount Double Kitchen Sink
Double sink made of stainless steel. It is designed for installation in the countertop. It has 2 bowl of to use. An essential element in any kitchen. It is the highest appreciated by customers.

Eston 31.25" x 17.75" Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Eston 31.25" x 17.75" Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
Sink designed for installation in the countertop. It includes mounting clips and template. It is made entirely of stainless steel. Includes 2 bowl of the same size. Intended for the kitchen.

Cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks

Affordable yet elegant farmhouse kitchen sink is an attractive combination of beautiful form and stylish details. Combined with a slim battery, it delights and works in everyday use. Excellent choice for the home.

Cheap farm sink

The affordable but very impressive kitchen sink is a perfect solution for the modern interiors of a farmhouse. The whole is beautifully combined with marble countertops and bright kitchen furniture.

Kitchen sink deals

Simple, yet solid and elegant, this kitchen sink with a stainless steel faucet will help you achieve a farmhouse kitchen. Available in reasonable prices, constitutes an inexpensive way to embellish your decor.

Cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks 1

Now you can splash your country-looking bathroom, kitchen or laundry room with this farmhouse kitchen sink. It's durable, easy to clean, and quite lovely, and it comes with a rectangle deep basin.

Farm sinks for sale

An excellent accessory for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. This fine farmhouse sink comes with 2 square basins and a high-gloss surface, complemented with an espresso-finished decorative faucet.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks aren’t necessarily easy to find. A farmhouse sink is a unique sink design that allows the front of the sink to protrude through the counter, or to simply be fastened to a wall with moderate supports and no counter at all. They come in all sorts of materials, ranging from aluminum or cast iron right on up through some fairly classy brushed bronze tooled fronts.

So when you say “farmhouse sink” you aren’t necessarily looking at a depression era utility or a 1950s knock-off. You could be looking at a high-quality sink, possibly even an expensive antique. “Cheap,” therefore, becomes a relative term. However, if you are looking for a farmhouse sink at a reasonable cost, there are options to be had.

Where to look for cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks?

Here are some places to look for cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks, sorted by seller:

  • For example, Wayfair sells Farmhouse Sinks. Their starting price is around $300 for a sturdy, stainless steel sink that is nine inches deep, and correspondingly large. Their farmhouse sink line tops out at a little over $2,000 and includes porcelain, bronze, aluminum and more – in fact quite an impressive lineup. Overstock also offers farmhouse sinks, in much the same price and style range.
  • Amazon’s farmhouse sinks begin at $400 and top out around $2,000. The good news here is that their $2,000 model includes a counter and two sinks – a rather nice deal if you can swing it.
  • If you are looking for genuine antique farmhouse sinks, you might try on eBay. Bidding seems to start around $250, but since that’s a public auction, who knows how high it will go?
  • Lowes Home Improvement also offers farmhouse sinks, starting at around $600, but the prize for “cheap” as in low price, actually goes to Home Depot with farmhouse sinks starting at $199.00.

How to select the best quality farmhouse kitchen sink?

Shopping for quality means knowing what it is you are looking for in a sink. Do you want a big sink? A sturdy sink? Or are you shopping for an authentic antique to round out the look of a country-style décor theme?

If you are simply looking for a big sink, then you might do better to look for a commercial kitchen sink, one rated for the kinds of big pots used in restaurants. But if you want the look of the apron front on a farmhouse sink, you will want to shop at suppliers who feature differently styled sinks. You are likely to be able to find one at a reasonable cost that will go with a country styled kitchen that features chrome as the fixture color. If you want copper or brass, you should expect to spend a little more – possibly even a lot more, if you are going in for brushed copper or brass with a tooled apron.

For any sink that you expect to use more than a year or two, you will want sufficient quality that you aren’t dealing with chipped enamel, rust, dents or burn marks from hot pans. Most farmhouse styled sinks will meet that criteria, even if you purchase one at the lower end of the price range. After all, “cheap” is a relative term, but it should never mean sacrificing functionality for looks.


Cheap farmhouse sinks

A lovely addition for country-looking kitchens or laundry rooms; this farmhouse double sink is capacious, easy to clean, and very appealing. It's characterized by a beautiful streamlined design, a pair of cubic basins, and an elevated back.

Vintage laundry sink

Laundry sink made of high quality ceramic. Designed for mounting on the top. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Kitchen farm sinks for sale

Kitchen sink with a wide and deep basin that’s made of ceramics and has a marble top. The sink has a tap with handles from the same material as the sink and also a soap holder. It’s further beautified with raised in cotton with bright warm colors.

Cheap farmhouse sink

khaki walls, farmhouse sink and white shaker kitchen cabinets with honed black granite counter top. (scheduled via

Apron sink sale

This is a farmhouse kitchen sink. It has a wide basin that allows for different and several activities. The sink has a marble top which makes it strong and suitable to hold heavy materials, and the color blends well with the environment.

Cheap farmhouse sinks

If you like the charm and warmth of the farmhouse decor, this sink shall appeal to you. Cheap, simplistic, yet elegant, will embellish any bathroom, providing a bit of the cool, cottage vibe to the space.

Farm sink prices

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Drop in farmhouse sink

An aesthetic farmhouse style drop in kitchen sink with a front apron. It's crafted of glossy white ceramic. This rectangular sink has 2 identical squarish basins with 2 independent drains but has no overflows. Four faucet holes are in a back edge.

Kitchen sink expose

Kitchen Sink Exposé

Farmhouse sinks cheap

I originally checked out an apron-front sink (also known as a farmhouse sink) because I'd love to be able to give my dogs a good wash or wash my own hair, but I can't afford it. Still, it's very cool, eh?

Buy farmhouse sink 11

This old-fashioned sink in farmhouse style will play its role the best in a kitchen in rural style. It has elegant silver-plated crane and taps and two ceramic compartments - one with sink, second with drying rack.

Buy farmhouse sink

Well, basically this picture shows a white undermount farmhouse sink built up with butcher's block countertop, but look at those little hydrangeas put in mini vases! What a lovely indoor spring garden!

Buy farmhouse sink 1

A farmhouse kitchen cabinet with a modern sink. It's made of top quality ceramics and it's equipped in a special, metal plate with holes for wet glasses. The piece nicely combines with a wooden countertop.

Farmhouse sinks for sale

The beautifully made farmhouse kitchen sink is an exciting way to original and very functional interior design. Beautiful details and robust form captivate you in combination with cream cabinets.

Buy farmhouse sink 2

Neutral white sink for kitchen applications. It features a very attractive farmhouse stylization, so it is practical and decorative. This element also features practical storage compartment that is quite spacious.

Discount apron sink

Farmhouse Sink Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are back and sweeter than ever

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks are Back and Sweeter than Ever

Apron front sink with drainboard

A simple traditional farmhouse style kitchen sink of glossy white ceramic. It has a rectangular body with moulding edges and 2 square basins. It has a tap hole in a wider rear edge and 2 separate drain holes but has no an overflow.

Cheap farmhouse kitchen sinks

I totally want to go and alter furniture for my kitchen. I am a big fan of these old world cabinets and farmhouse kitchen sink. They create an intriguing and eclectic interior.

Vintage farmhouse sink

The times when in every kitchen sink had a white traditional color - they went away into oblivion. The custom solution is a brass farmhouse sink in beautiful shades of brown. Rustic, great with a stiff faucet.

Forest copper single bowl apron front farm sink 30 x

... Forest Copper Single Bowl Apron Front Farm Sink 30 x 19 x 10 CP-04

Discount farmhouse sinks

Instead of spending ransom on cabinetry, the design gave Ikea's off-the-shelf pine cupboards a custom look with nickel drawer pulls from Amerock. The money saved went toward a showstopper farmhouse sink from Elkay with a brass faucet from Delta, and stain

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 1

Happen to online today!incredible savings on our kohler ideas for sale

Kitchen farm sinks discount kitchen sinks faucets on pinterest

Kitchen Farm Sinks Discount ~ Kitchen Sinks & Faucets on Pinterest

Farmhouse sinks on sale

Antiqued blue cabinets with brick backsplash and farmhouse it.

Country sinks for sale

Barclay FS30-DBQ Roberta Farm Sink bisque

Farmhouse kitchen sink for sale

Kitchen sink with rectangular bowl. It is made of durable stone. Application in any kitchen according to taste and need.

Farmhouse sink cost

A lovely addition for vintage kitchens and laundry rooms; this farmhouse sink is comes with a deep basin and buttermilk craftsmanship. The sink comes with rounded edges, good capacity, easy to clean surface and long-lasting design.

Apron sinks for sale

overmount farmhouse sink with butcherblock counters. I even like the grey cabinets

Discount farmhouse sink

Interesting construction in the vintage farmhouse style makes this impressive sink captivates and brings to the decor a charming atmosphere. Stylishly integrated into the kitchen cabinets are exquisitely presented.

Buy farmhouse sink 26

A farmhouse sink cast in copper, with unique apron showcasing an intricate scroll detailing. Artisan made item, hand-hammered, with a rich natural patina, provides a more elegant approach to a French countryside style.

Kohler cabinets 30

This porcelain-coated cast iron sink will prove to be a perfect option for your interior, letting you clean the setting easily, since it is big enough to make it even more comfortable to use, while the design itself ensures years of problem-free use.

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Via kelly lawson castagnola

Via Kelly Lawson Castagnola

Open shelving farmhouse sink subway tile wood white palette simple

open shelving, farmhouse sink, subway tile, wood, white palette, simple decor, pops of color // farmhouse kitchen by Magnolia Homes

Cheap apron sink

Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Front Sink Remodelista

Farmhouse apron sinks wholesale

Farmhouse country kitchen ideas -

Affordable farmhouse sink

Simple lines and neutral colors are the main aspects of this kitchen decor. It features white cabinets and drawers, but the main element of this picture is a practical and solid sink with two compartments.

Where to buy a farmhouse sink

Village Environment is in the Kitchen: minimalist-farmhouse-kitchen-designs-cheap-farmhouse-kitchen-design – xtrainradio

Farm sinks on sale

Butcher Block Counters with Beadboard Backsplash

Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Front Sink - White Single 24

Cheap apron front sink

... As Well As Gray Kitchen Cabinet Installation In Cheap Kitchen Ideas

32" x 19" Undermount Kitchen Sink with Faucet and Soap Dispenser

32" x 19" Undermount Kitchen Sink with Faucet and Soap Dispenser