Portable Mini Bars


Have your mini bar, and have the extra space that it provides when you opt out of a large bar cabinet. These portable mini bars will chill your liquor, but only in small quantities, so be choosy about what you wish to include. Single shot bottles work best here. And there is room for a corkscrew, if you wish to put wine in your brand new portable mini bar.

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Portable home bar

With this elegant mini bar, you can take your small bottles of liquor everywhere you'll go. The bar is crafted of mahogany-finished hardwood, offering shelves for bottles, glasses, and shot-glasses; looking like a portable suitcase when folded.

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Portable mini bars

The nice portable mini bar is a perfect combination of functionality and interesting details. The whole is tastefully presented and very functional. The shelves, ice place, and drinks shelves create a sensational solution for the living room or terrace.

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Movable bar

The efficient design of this portable mini bar impresses with its detail. Beautiful design and functionality make it a perfect piece of furniture for any interior. The ideal solution for the living room.

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Portable mini bars

A convenient mini bar with well-organized inside, perfect for enhancing smaller apartments. Made of espresso-finished wood, the bar includes a square top, 1 top shelf for glasses, 1 bottom shelf for bottles, and caster wheels for smooth motion.

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Modine Bar

Modine Bar

Make your living room more functional without losing too much of free space. Those portable mini bars have everything you need to store and serve wine and liquor. Include wine racks, shelves, and drawers, all hidden in a hardwood frame.

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Bar with Wine Storage

Bar with Wine Storage

Looking for a quality bar for your living room, den, or bachelor pad? This Bar with Wine Storage and English Tudor Finish is crafted from Chinese rubberwood, ensuring durable and functional piece for years of usage.

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Movable bars

Handcrafted portable mini bar constructed from old and reclaimed liquor barrels. The bar comes with a nice L-shaped wooden top and up to six caster wheels at the bottom for easy portability. It’s also foldable to ensure you can carry it anywhere with ease.

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Mini bar on wheels

Clyde Steamer Trunk Bar - v3 | World Market Bar for the Man Cave; Can close up when kids are around or when using the man cave as overflow sleeping

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Diy portable bar

Outdoor beer mini bar - mobile beer cart; all it needs is a margarita section!

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Small portable bars

Cleverly designed, this minibar in a jerry can constitute a perfect companion for picnics and other outdoor activities. An ingenuine proposition, that will amaze your guests.

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Portable Mini Bars

Buying Guide

Portable Mini Bars can make it easy to be the bartender at a friends’ party or can liven up a picnic. The contents can, as the name implies, be alcoholic, but can just as easily be soft drinks, juice or bottled tea. The idea behind a portable bar is that you can bring it with you to where ever you are. One clever person even created a DIY bar using an unused jerry can as the shell. The keyword here is “portable,” as it can be taken just about anywhere.

If you have a small business catering parties, the portable bar table could be just what you need. As a rule, it is easy to set up and just as easy to take back down, making it the perfect bar table for backyard or patio parties. Regardless of the purpose of the gathering, a portable mini bar can help make hosting or catering the event easier. It creates a place where you can keep all the ingredients for mixed drinks and you can easily pack it up and put it away when “happy hour” is over. It can be decorated according to the occasion, and you can serve any sort of drink from it. You can even use your bar to dispense coffee.

One of the best designs out there is a rolling cart mini bars. Homeowners can easily take advantage of these mini bars because they can be stored inside a kitchen utility closet when not needed. They look just like a little wine cabinet, but they have caster wheels on the bottom to help move them from one place to another. One or two of these can make dispensing drinks at your next garden party a breeze.

You can turn a wooden serving cart into a minibar by using Cambro wired shelving. The shelves are created for specific purposes, such as roll-down storage for cans of soft drinks, or wider shelves for tall bottles. You can create a space for a tub of ice, or even a container of sudsy water to emulate a wet bar. While not as portable as a folding cart, it can be stored when not in use or the shelving can be swapped out for other purposes.

You can make your folding mini bar unique and increase your understanding of the purpose of the party by adding a skirt that commemorates the team being honored. Whether you are helping them celebrate a victory or commiserate over a defeat, a bar skirt that has the team logo shows respect and understanding.

Best Ideas

Italian Mini Bar

Italian Mini Bar

Mini bar resembling globe and featuring antique-like design. The globe can be opened to reveal flat top where alcohol and glasses can be kept. Additionally, there is a bottom shelf for additional storage.

Portable bars for the home

Functionality and portability are the keywords describing this awesome minibar. Made from stainless steel, it guarantees solidness and gorgeous appearance. An ideal set for an outdoor party!

Italian Mini Bar

Italian Mini Bar

Inspired by old world style, this Mini Bar is characterized by 100% handmade construction. The floor globe bar includes 3-bottle wine rack, 1 round open shelf, movable lid, and caster wheels, and hand-painted accents.

Portable mini bar

Stylish mini bar in the shape of barrel. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Includes tray top and 2 shelves for storing bottles, glasses and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Home styles portable mini bar in cottage oak finish_114330_175 jpg


Portable wooden bar

Ultra-portable and compact home bar constructed from wood and featuring a superb matte black finish. The bar also offers plenty of storage thanks to its large shelves and a metal rack for wine glasses and other stuff. It’s also affixed with durable caster wheels for ease of movement.

Mini bar wood

Reminiscent of an old rustic table that impresses with its reliable wood block construction, this piece is in fact an outdoor beverage cooler with mini bar. It also offers a horizontal rack for wine bottles.

Portable bars for home

Practical home bar construction. This portable element features a durable wooden frame with some drawers and compartments. Side cabinets feature durable woden frames and glass walls. The right cabinet includes a wine rack.

Or something like this where the little pew currently is

Or something like this where the little pew currently is in the corner. Make it look a little nicer though, this looks a bit cheesy

Portable home bars

An impressive combination of delightful design and functionality makes this portable mini bar a sensational solution to any interior. The mini-cups and the place for the glasses make up a fascinating whole.

Basement wet bar

Basement wet bar

Attractive, durable and practical home bar area. It features a fridge and plenty of space in storage compartments. The upper part includes a wine rack. This area also includes a sink and gray marble top.

Garage swivel stool

High-quality portable mini bars featuring a playful design and incredible appeal. Designed using wood, the pieces sit atop four tapered legs, all accentuated with brass metal at the bottom. The bars have a classic look to them and should bring incredible vintage charm into any space.

How to build a portable bar

With this portable bar you can bring party to any room in your home. Its small size is perfect for smaller interiors, offering small utensil drawers, a couple of shelves, and a red fabric padding adorned with diamond pattern.

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