Portable Mini Bars

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A portable mini bar is the best accessory for all your small space entertainment ideas. These compact bars fit into the tiniest interiors and come with rolling wheels to make them easy to move around. Wet, dry, closed, or open storage—these bars will help you serve drinks to your guests in style. Explore some of the best ideas for portable mini bars available.

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Updated 14/06/2022
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Mid Century Modern Portable Mini Bar

Mid Century Modern Portable Mini Bar

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

What we like: Elegant design

What we don't like: Not enough space for glass storage

Perfect for: Contemporary homes, intimate house parties

Not so great for: Large gatherings

If you love entertaining guests in your mid-century modern living room, this portable mini bar is perfect. It has a wooden construction with stainless steel hardware and comes in two elegant colors. The bar cart has five caster wheels, so moving your cocktail bar around the room will be a breeze.

The bar features an open wine rack, a spacious countertop, and multiple removable and adjustable shelves on its interior and exterior. It is a neat little bar cart where you can store cocktail accessories, a few bottles of wine, and some wine glasses.

$319.99 $354.78

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Sleek Outdoor Portable Bar

Sleek Outdoor Portable Bar


What we like: Whimsical design

What we don't like: Lack of safety rails

Perfect for: Small outdoor cocktail parties

Not so great for: Large parties

If you want to host a small group of people for an outdoor cocktail party, this portable outdoor bar is an excellent choice. The stylish bar cart has a rust-resistant aluminum frame in white or charcoal and has two quirky wheel casters for easy mobility. The bar is more than spacious enough to hold several glasses and bottles of your preferred drinks for a small party.

$109.99 $319.99

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Glamorous Portable Mini Bar for Home

Glamorous Portable Mini Bar for Home

What we like: Sleek, see-through glass and metal design

What we don't like: Requires assembly

Perfect for: Small spaces

Not so great for: Large parties

This portable mini bar for home is perfect for hosting friends for dinner and drinks. The bar cart has a beautiful glass and steel construction that will add sparkle to your cocktail accessories. It features three-tiered shelves where you can neatly store trays, wine glasses, and wine bottles.

The unit comes with four rolling casters, two of which are lockable. The cart is perfect for moving around. The only drawback is that it requires some assembly.

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Functional Portable Liquor Bar With Wine Storage

Functional Portable Liquor Bar With Wine Storage

Zipcode Design™

What we like: Compact design

What we don't like: Lack of sink

Perfect for: Contemporary decors, house parties

Not so great for: Outdoor use

If you’re looking for a good balance of style and practicality, this contemporary portable liquor bar is perfect. It has an all-wood construction in a classy espresso finish and features stainless steel hardware. The unit is easy to move around with the support of five caster wheels and its lightweight design.

It has a unique silhouette so you can display your wine bottles in style. The bar also has a glass rack that takes up to eight glasses. There is additional storage in the form of a cabinet, an exterior shelf, and a countertop.

$253.99 $279.63

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Industrial Portable Home Bar With Wine Storage

Industrial Portable Home Bar With Wine Storage

Gracie Oaks

What we like: Open-frame, industrial elements

What we don't like: Lack of cabinets

Perfect for: Small or medium house parties

Not so great for: Small spaces

This portable home bar is the perfect wine serving solution for the cocktail parties hosted at your farmhouse. The bar features a metal and wood construction and sits atop four factory-inspired wheels. The whole unit can carry up to 10 wine bottles and 16 wine glasses to make it easy to host about a dozen guests.

It comes in a natural brown distressed wood finish with black-coated metal parts. The bar is a rustic-aesthetic piece best suited for fun parties at summer homes.

$709.99 $1392

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Minimalist Mobile Home Bar

Minimalist Mobile Home Bar

Wade Logan®

What we like: Raised handle, guardrails

What we don't like: No cabinets

Perfect for: Small parties

Not so great for: Large gatherings

If you’re thinking about taking your intimate dinner party to the balcony, this portable bar for home is all you need. The cart has a metal frame build and features a top glass shelf and a lower wood shelf. It has four removable, lockable wheels for mobility and one raised handle.

It has a medium load capacity and can hold multiple napkins on the guardrails. The simple mobile bar has a classy matte black finish that boosts its stylish aesthetic.


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Ultra Modern Small Portable Bar

Ultra Modern Small Portable Bar

Wade Logan®

What we like: Compact shape and size

What we don't like: Low load capacity

Perfect for: Tiny apartments

Not so great for: Large parties

This small portable bar fits into the most compact spaces, making it the perfect addition to your modern apartment. The bar has a wooden construction and features multiple storage spaces in the form of shelves, a cabinet, and a countertop. It is available in four colors that blend well with most decor styles.

The unit is easy to transport around the house with its four rolling wheels. The build is water-resistant but doesn’t have a high load capacity. This tiny bar will stay out of your and your guests’ way as you enjoy a relaxing evening at home.

$62.99 $169.99

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Vintage Portable Bar With Wine Storage

Vintage Portable Bar With Wine Storage

Foundry Select

What we like: Large countertop

What we don't like: Lack of closed cabinets

Perfect for: Large outdoor or indoor parties

Not so great for: Small spaces

This unique portable bar with its open-frame design is the best thing you can add to your countryside farmhouse. Its wood and metal elements and clean silhouette will add unparalleled luxury to your cocktail-making. The 64-inch bar features two large storage shelves, one on the base level and the other as the countertop. A tiny shelf sits in the middle.

The bar can be moved freely all over your home and even outdoors with the help of four industrial-style wheels. It comes in a natural brown and black finish.

$1299.99 $1369.99

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Portable Mini Bars

Buying Guide

Portable Mini Bars can make it easy to be the bartender at a friends’ party or can liven up a picnic. The contents can, as the name implies, be alcoholic, but can just as easily be soft drinks, juice or bottled tea. The idea behind a portable bar is that you can bring it with you to where ever you are. One clever person even created a DIY bar using an unused jerry can as the shell. The keyword here is “portable,” as it can be taken just about anywhere.

If you have a small business catering parties, the portable bar table could be just what you need. As a rule, it is easy to set up and just as easy to take back down, making it the perfect bar table for backyard or patio parties. Regardless of the purpose of the gathering, a portable mini bar can help make hosting or catering the event easier. It creates a place where you can keep all the ingredients for mixed drinks and you can easily pack it up and put it away when “happy hour” is over. It can be decorated according to the occasion, and you can serve any sort of drink from it. You can even use your bar to dispense coffee.

One of the best designs out there is a rolling cart mini bars. Homeowners can easily take advantage of these mini bars because they can be stored inside a kitchen utility closet when not needed. They look just like a little wine cabinet, but they have caster wheels on the bottom to help move them from one place to another. One or two of these can make dispensing drinks at your next garden party a breeze.

You can turn a wooden serving cart into a minibar by using Cambro wired shelving. The shelves are created for specific purposes, such as roll-down storage for cans of soft drinks, or wider shelves for tall bottles. You can create a space for a tub of ice, or even a container of sudsy water to emulate a wet bar. While not as portable as a folding cart, it can be stored when not in use or the shelving can be swapped out for other purposes.

You can make your folding mini bar unique and increase your understanding of the purpose of the party by adding a skirt that commemorates the team being honored. Whether you are helping them celebrate a victory or commiserate over a defeat, a bar skirt that has the team logo shows respect and understanding.

Best Ideas

Portable home bar

With this elegant mini bar, you can take your small bottles of liquor everywhere you'll go. The bar is crafted of mahogany-finished hardwood, offering shelves for bottles, glasses, and shot-glasses; looking like a portable suitcase when folded.

Portable mini bars

The nice portable mini bar is a perfect combination of functionality and interesting details. The whole is tastefully presented and very functional. The shelves, ice place, and drinks shelves create a sensational solution for the living room or terrace.

Movable bar

The efficient design of this portable mini bar impresses with its detail. Beautiful design and functionality make it a perfect piece of furniture for any interior. The ideal solution for the living room.

Bar with Wine Storage

Bar with Wine Storage

Looking for a quality bar for your living room, den, or bachelor pad? This Bar with Wine Storage and English Tudor Finish is crafted from Chinese rubberwood, ensuring durable and functional piece for years of usage.

Movable bars

Handcrafted portable mini bar constructed from old and reclaimed liquor barrels. The bar comes with a nice L-shaped wooden top and up to six caster wheels at the bottom for easy portability. It’s also foldable to ensure you can carry it anywhere with ease.

Mini bar on wheels

Clyde Steamer Trunk Bar - v3 | World Market Bar for the Man Cave; Can close up when kids are around or when using the man cave as overflow sleeping

Diy portable bar

Outdoor beer mini bar - mobile beer cart; all it needs is a margarita section!

Italian Mini Bar

Italian Mini Bar

Mini bar resembling globe and featuring antique-like design. The globe can be opened to reveal flat top where alcohol and glasses can be kept. Additionally, there is a bottom shelf for additional storage.

Portable mini bar

Stylish mini bar in the shape of barrel. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Includes tray top and 2 shelves for storing bottles, glasses and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Portable wooden bar

Ultra-portable and compact home bar constructed from wood and featuring a superb matte black finish. The bar also offers plenty of storage thanks to its large shelves and a metal rack for wine glasses and other stuff. It’s also affixed with durable caster wheels for ease of movement.

Portable bar 6


Restoration hardware mayfair bar cart vintage cigar 2695 like the

RESTORATION HARDWARE MAYFAIR BAR CART - VINTAGE CIGAR $2695 Like the stalwart trunks that accompanied travelers by sea and rail a century ago, our bar cabinet is solidly built, clad in leather and edged all around with scores of brass nailheads hammered b

Your own living room mini bar furniture design mini bars

... Your Own Living Room Mini Bar Furniture Design : Mini Bars To Purchase

Outdoor portable bar

Portable patio bar made of plastic. Includes compartment for cooling drinks, umbrella hole and 2 open shelves. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. It folds flat for easy storage.

Mobile bars for sale buy portable light up picture

Mobile Bars For Sale Buy Portable Light Up Picture

Mini portable bar

Designer Home Bar Sets, Modern Bar Furniture for Small Spaces

Portable mini bar this portable snack bar

Portable Mini Bar This portable snack bar

Portable mini bars

The portable mini bar is always a great idea, especially for kitchen or dining nook. This one has got the large storage trunk size, rustic design, nail heads, shelve sand drawers with wine rack for many bottles.

Portable bar designs

Emily- You are a genius. Need a simple rustic/elegant bar. My one question: How do the slate grey/blue suggested colors complement/ contrast with the rustic decor?

Diy mobile bar

vintage (hopefully damaged) trunk turned into a portable bar, I like the fact that this can be turned towards the wall when not in use - just as handy to hold craft supplies, dvds or whatever...

Outdoor portable bar plans

Could use for small tea or dessert bar at party or wedding. Love the gold, with a navy color.

Portable bars ultimate bar portable mini bar

Portable Bars | Ultimate Bar | Portable Mini Bar ...

25 mini home bar and portable bar designs offering 14

25 Mini Home Bar and Portable Bar Designs Offering ...

Now get portable mini bar for holidays

Now get Portable Mini Bar for Holidays