Movable Chicken Coops For Sale

If you want to raise chickens for organic eggs but can't decide where to put the coop, then you are in luck. A moveable chicken coop takes the guesswork out of the conundrum. Put it here, there, or anywhere. They come in many styles and sizes, and are lightweight enough for a single person to relocate them at will. The best part, now there is no excuse not to raise your very own chickens.

Best Products

Hersh Mobile Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Hersh Mobile Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
This heavy-duty, portable chicken coop is made from high-density plastic and wire mesh. It comes with a pair of tractor wheels designed to provide more traction on grassy and muddy terrain. The four built-in nesting boxes are well-insulated, while the removable roof has a stylish, rugged finish. For easy cleaning, the coop includes a removable tray.

Sharma Galvanized Metal Chicken Coop Cage with Chicken Run

Sharma Galvanized Metal Chicken Coop Cage with Chicken Run
This 128 sq. ft. chicken run is weather-resistant and can accommodate up to 12 chickens. Rest assured that your chickens are safe from predators and thieves in this lockable hard plastic and vinyl mesh chicken run. Although large, the white tones of the frame mean that the run blends with your yard.

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 7 Chickens

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 7 Chickens
This lightweight and weather-resistant coop is designed with double layered thermoformed plastic and durable wire mesh. If you want a well-ventilated coop for up to seven chickens, you’ll love this model. The Ultimate Chicken Coop comes in three different colors, from dark green to striking scarlet.

Dorian Extreme Hen Chicken Run

Dorian Extreme Hen Chicken Run
Perfect for your farmhouse or country cottage garden, this elegant, traditional-style pen has a solid wood frame and fine, square mesh cage. The wood is treated with a water-resistant finish, and its sun-bleached color looks striking against the backdrop of a rich green lawn. If you love Scandi or rustic-style designs, you’ll adore this robust 15 sq. ft. chicken run.

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
If you're looking for extraordinary practical and convenient solutions for your chicken farm, this unique and functional chicken coop with chicken run might perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

Chicken Coop with Chicken run

Chicken Coop with Chicken run
This beautiful hen house is the perfect place for of various poultry. It has an indoor part of the roof and large sized enclosure for the chickens. Protects birds against intruders, giving them the freedom and convenience.

Deluxe Portable Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting box

Deluxe Portable Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting box
Extra large chicken coop that will meet the needs of any individual who wants to successfully raise a large flock of fowl. This model of chicken fort is equipped with a nesting box divided into two sections.

Our advice Buying Guide

Chickens are known as habitual creatures with specific needs for living. When choosing the best movable chicken coop for sale, there's more that you should consider aside from your chicken flock's well-being. When you take a look at your options online, you'll find that movable chicken coops for sale come with features and extras that can benefit the chickens and the chicken keeper like the following:

What's the best location for chicken perches?

Chickens instinctively snooze in a coop's highest point. This comes from their natural instinct to perch in a high branch in the wild, which helps them feel safe and secure. Make sure the movable chicken coop that you purchase has perches that are designed to encourage the animals' natural behavior. The perches must be higher than the nesting box in the coop.

What's the best location for a nesting box?

The nesting box of a movable chicken coop must be lower than its roosting perches, so it's accessible whenever the chickens want to lay lovely fresh eggs. Make sure the coop of your chicken flock has enough nesting space. A nesting box is good for three chickens only.

How to ensure proper ventilation in a movable chicken coop?

Moisture, humidity, and heat are poultry's enemies as they rob them of their health and happiness. Movable chicken coops for sale come with adequate ventilation. Just make sure that moisture and heat can easily escape with the one that you plan to purchase. What's optimal is a vented chimney so heat can escape quickly.

How to make sure the chicken coop is safe?

To keep all of your chickens safe from predators, the coop must feature a strong mesh on every entry point. A movable chicken coop for sale can come with mesh in all sizes. Choose one that's 10 mm x 10 mm in order to prevent snakes, rats, and cats from gaining entry.

Predator lights and wire mesh flooring will add more protection to your chickens.

Are movable chicken coops difficult to assemble?

Movable chicken coops for sale come with full assembly instructions, but you'd still want one that can be put up in just a few hours. Flat pack coops make an entire weekend's work into just a couple of hours, making you a chicken keeper sooner!

How to keep the chicken coop clean?

The floor bedding of your movable chicken coop needs regular changing so the animals are kept happy and healthy. A pull-out cleaning tray must be added to your movable coop so your life as a chicken keeper is easier. We suggest you choose Hemp Bedding as it keeps chicken dry and comfy all year-round. It's super absorbent, plus it's pest repellent. On top of that, you can just put it straight into a garden bed when your chickens no longer want it!

Make your dream of being a chicken keeper a reality by getting the best movable chicken coop for sale today!


Chicken Ranch

Chicken Ranch
This chicken cottage is just the ideal combination of a safe hen house and the full size free range pasture pen, making for a true must-have piece if you're looking for a place to keep your chickens safe and sound.

Red Barn Large Chicken Coop

Red Barn Large Chicken Coop
This large chicken coop is a truly functional piece, offering your hens lots of living space, while still remaining compact enough to fit in any urban farm environment and combining safety and security.

Urban homesteading essentials

Urban homesteading essentials
A professional chicken coop, which is characterized by an elegant and functional wooden structure. It looks like a miniature of a house with a meshed bottom part and a roofed upper part, where hens can lay eggs.

Fontana Chicken Barn

Fontana Chicken Barn
Eco-friendly chicken barn that may house up to four adult chickens. It boasts durable and non-toxic construction built out of recycled materials. The roof of the barn is removable, and the plastic door may be folded down.

Chick N Cottage Chicken Coop

Chick N Cottage Chicken Coop
It is a chick N cottage chicken coop that is accommodates up to two chickens. It makes a safe space for protecting your hens. You will be impressed how great this chicken coop is. You need to have it.

Movable chicken coop

Rooster Hill Farms Manufacturing - Chicken Tractors

Portable chicken coops for sale 4

The movable portable chicken coop has got wheels, wooden construction, burgundy color and white roof. It is a ncely finished, solid and durable product. You will be impressed how cool this coop is!

Movable chicken coop 1

A practical movable chicken coop with a sturdy frame of metal and walls of mesh. It's equipped with an elevated hen house (with a shed roof) of wood, a ladder, nesting boxes and a cock crate outside. It has a catched door and 8 pairs of wheels.

Chicken coops for sale cheap

This movable chicken coop for sale constitutes a perfect proposition for all poultry breeders. It offers an impressive space to run, being all safely locked. The metal construction features centrally located wheels for an easy movement.

Portable chicken houses for sale

Do you have chickens? You need to have a chicken cop. This one is portable, has wheels, red wooden construction with white details around the door and window. The roof is nicely finished and solid, with black color.

Large portable chicken coop

Now, you can put all your chickens into one wagon and take them for a spin in this portable chicken coop. It has a typical country design and barn wood construction, with a high-pitched roof made of metal sheets, and flip-up windows with wire lattice panels.

Movable chicken coops for sale

This mobile chicken coop is a perfect solution for any hen farmer. Solid wooden construction with mesh element allows for comfortable breeding of all kinds of poultry. The interesting form is pleasant to the eye and durable.

Pawhut chicken coop

This pawhut chicken coop will allow you to move freely.Contains multiple roosting poles and also has plenty of space to make the animals feel comfortable and secure. The whole is made of pine tree and metal grid. The ramp is another facilitation.

Small chicken coops for sale

Why not go for a movable chicken coop for even more functionality for your pets? This piece will actually ensure even more mobility for your flock and keep it healthy. It comes with two wheels and a wooden frame.

Chicken houses for sale

I have never thought that there will come such times when I would like to live in chicken coop. Really it is strange. It is imitating the human's home shape. Additiionally it is on wheels, so could be easy moved where you would like.

Chicken tractor coop on wheels for sale adoption from nowata

chicken Tractor coop on wheels FOR SALE ADOPTION from Nowata Oklahoma ...

The ultimate backyard chicken coop for sale in fountain green

The Ultimate Backyard Chicken coop for sale in Fountain Green, Utah

Portable chicken coops

Amazon: portable chicken coop Backyard Chickens' Guide to Coops and ...

Portable chicken coops for sale

Anyone who walks the birds will be delighted by this simple and very functional portable chicken coop. The whole is made of solid wood and steel with mesh protection and allows the animals to be stored safely.

Portable chicken coops on wheels for sale kk2frey jpg


Mobile chicken coops for sale

Portable Chicken Coops For Sale In Texas

Movable chicken coops for sale

If you have a horse, then, you can take this mobile chicken coop everywhere you'll go. It's built of wood, in shape of a small cottage house, with a glass window, a high-pitched roof, and a large door for easy access.

Cedar usa made mobile backyard chicken coop for sale in

... Cedar USA Made Mobile Backyard Chicken Coop for sale in Houston, Texas

Portable chicken run

If you want to combine practical use with utmost stylish appeal and comfort then opt for this amazing chicken coop for your flock that comes on four wheels for easier mobility and is spacious enough to provide enough room.

Portable chicken coops for sale 7

Portable Chicken Coops For Sale

Free plans for chicken coops and runs 1

Free Plans For Chicken Coops And Runs


Pawhut - wooden animal house - cool chicken coop, pet backyard case run. Constructed from solid oak wood, painted in white and red to make it more fashionable and visible, finished with wire net is such a cool idea for chicken lovers.

Chicken coops for sale cheap 3

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to install chicken coop then this movable piece will save you a lot of worries with its strong structure and plenty of space it offers to your poultry.

Home portable chicken coop

Home / Portable Chicken Coop

Wooden chicken run

Chicken coop made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral design for each outdoor place as needed.

Chicken coops humane chicken coops green chicken coops diy chicken

chicken coops, humane chicken coops, green chicken coops, diy chicken ...

Chicken coops 28

Chicken Coops

Backyard portable chicken coops for sale

Backyard Portable Chicken Coops For Sale

Major benefits of a portable chicken coop

Major Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

Mobile chicken coop for sale

This movable chicken coop shall be an interesting proposition for all chicken breeders. Its wood and metal construction is based on wheels, therefore providing better mobility. It resembles well the Amish style of furniture.

Portable chicken coop

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Movable chicken coops for sale

If you want to sent your chickens on a trip, you can do this with this mobile chicken coop. It's designed in shape of a lovely cottage with glass-paneled windows, ample storage space, and an outdoor cage with a wooden ramp and a cutout hole for easy access.

Introducing the chicken coop starter kit series 1

Introducing The Chicken Coop Starter KIT series

Large chicken coop for sale

Mobile Chicken Coop Medium – 6-8 Chickens $1,449.95

Truelocal chicken coop direct image aston chicken coop

TrueLocal: Chicken Coop Direct Image - Aston Chicken Coop

Chicken pens for sale

This cool chicken run is a handmade proposition, which shall interest all chicken breeders. Featuring a long run, it offers considerable space for your animals. All finished in stylish dark wood.

Portable chicken coops cidmjhw jpg


Chicken coop on wheels

PORTABLE CHICKEN COOP - (Wetumpka for sale in Auburn, Alabama