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Why buy a mobile chicken coop when you can get a kit and build it yourself? Have the fun and respect the result, once you assemble these clever and interesting options in chicken tractors. In our collection you will find all the kits, and all the styles, to fit your ideal of what you want in a mobile chicken coop. Get one for your home today, and start your own little farm.

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Chicken tractor kits 1

Wheel kit for chicken tracrot. Have a look at how they work: they take your hen nesting box to a whole new level of mobility, providing you your personal supply of eggs at any garden's recess. So functional!

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Chicken tractor kits 2

Sometimes ingenuity lays in simplecity. That is how it was with this clever project. A chicken coop combined with wheels to enable full mobility and functionality. A great option if you make an effort to raise your chicken.

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799 00 shipping ships to most southern states for 200

799.00 + shipping (Ships to most southern states for $200.00)

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Universal chicken coop wheel kit make chicken coop into tractor

universal chicken coop wheel kit, make chicken coop into tractor coop ...

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Atlanta Chicken Tractor with Chicken Run

Atlanta Chicken Tractor with Chicken Run

The tractor from the chicken run is a great solution for your chickens. Solidly constructed a protective mesh. Included wheels for easy mobility. This model can accommodate 2-4 pieces of poultry.

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Movable chicken coop

This large portable chicken coop makes a great addition to all, who enjoy growing up chicken. Wooden construction resembles attractive style and solidness, guaranteeing durability for years.

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Chicken tractor wheel lift 1

Chicken tractor wheel lift

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Hoop coop all pvc would be light and cheap but

"Hoop Coop" all PVC. Would be light and cheap, but still strong enough to withstand weather.

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Trixie Chicken Coop

Trixie Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is a perfect solution for a small breeding of chicks. It provides a safe place to nest, sleep, and roost. It has a solid wood construction that is long lasting. Waterproof finish makes it perfect for any weather.

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Chicken Tractor Kits

Buying Guide

The concept of a chicken tractor was designed to keep chickens healthy and to reduce the cost of feed. Mobility separates chicken tractor kits from permanent chicken coop structures. The portability makes it possible to move your unit around your property. In addition to having fresh grass to eat, chickens will eat bugs that crawl and burrow in the soil. Droppings are left behind and your lawn is fertilized for healthier growth.

The materials used in chicken tractor kits that stand up to exterior elements include:

  • Wood - Pine, Fir or Spruce are softwoods that are excellent for use for a chicken tractor. Manufacturers of kits use softwoods and treat with a sealant to prevent deterioration against inclement weather. Wood can also be painted to stay more durable.
  • Metal - Galvanized aluminum stands up to a lot of abuse. It helps to insulate against the outside temperatures and has a long life. Popular for covering the interior coop. Galvanized wire protects chickens from predators.
  • Plastic - Heavy plastic or PVC manufactured products keep the traveling coop lightweight for easy towing.
  • Rubber - Optional, rubber wheels on a steel frame can be fitted beneath one end of the unit for rolling to another location.

Kits can be as simple or as decorative as you are looking for. Available in different colors to match a home or the landscape, coops can have natural wood, black metal or plastic or bright interesting painted surfaces. Simple, yet accommodating, a tilted roof that covers the nesting and roaming areas of the pen are popular. Pens do not have to use a hard cover over the roaming area and many models will wrap the galvanized wire across the top. Nesting bins are provided inside the enclosed coop with some having rooster bars as well. Having a window in the closed-in space gives better air circulation. Sloped and waterproof roofs protect water damage from interior bins.

Chicken tractor kits can be purchased in different sizes. 4 square feet per bird is recommended for any outside run. Interiors only require 2 square feet per bird. Popular kits measure 50" to 76" in total length. Widths run from 32" to 63" or larger. Popular chicken tractor kits are designed to house 2 to 8 chickens.

The interior coop needs to be maintained in order to keep it sanitary. A garden hose can remove most of the debris. Use a long stiff brush for breaking away dried on dirt, hose again and let it air dry. The same applies for the galvanized wire that covers the exterior roaming area. If Aspen shavings or hay has been used to line the coop's floor, change it regularly or whenever there is a foul odor noticed.

Best Ideas

Berlin Chicken Tractor with Chicken Run

Berlin Chicken Tractor with Chicken Run

This well-made chicken run with tractor is the perfect solution also for small breeding rabbits. Solid wood construction and durable safety net ensures the safety of poultry or other animals.

How to make a rectangular shaped chicken tractor this chicken

How To Make A Rectangular Shaped Chicken Tractor This chicken …

Chicken tractor kits 1

The Chicken Tractor: a coop for the modernist chicken and an organic ...

Diy chicken coop by esperanza

DIY chicken coop by esperanza

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Chicken coops at tractor supply

Become a distinguished chicken farmer with these amazing chicken tractor kits. The kits are built from strong wooden frames and finished with nice stainless-steel wire mesh for long-lasting service. They are super large as well, making them great for raring loads of chickens.

Bird coop accessories precision pet chicken coop tractor wheel kit

... Bird Coop Accessories Precision Pet Chicken Coop Tractor Wheel Kit

Greenhouse kits tractor supply

Chicken tractor

Movable chicken coop

Rooster Hill Farms Manufacturing - Chicken Tractors

Chicken tractor kits 6

Chicken Coop

Will hold up to 30 chickens classic chicken coops run

... will hold up to 30 chickens classic chicken coops run chicken coops

Chicken tractor kits

This chicken tractor kit is spacious for your beds to roam and there’s also a house where chicken feeds can also be kept. The net is very strong and the birds cannot escape from the kit.

Chicken tractor kit 1

Why not choose a chicken coop that is even more convenient from now on by opting for this piece, that sports the amazing wheels to make the entire thing easier to move and still allow for absolute safety.

Chicken tractor kits 6

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