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If you are an urban or home farmer, investing in a chicken tractor for your flock can help keep your lawn healthy and give your chickens ample space for exercise. You can move these tractors around your yard, preventing potentially dangerous waste buildup and allowing your chickens to munch on pests and weeds. Our experts have spent hours testing different chicken tractors to see which offers the best features for chicken owners. Explore our list below to find out more. 

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Updated 20/10/2022
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24 Sq Ft Chicken Tractor with Coop

24 Sq Ft Chicken Tractor with Coop

Archie & Oscar™

What We Like: Spacious and easily portable

What We Don’t Like: Large footprint

Not So Great For: Small backyards with limited space

Perfect For: Rainy or cold climates

This durable, long-lasting cedar and heavy-duty galvanized wire large chicken tractor give your chickens a comfortable home safe from the elements. The tractor features a 24-square-foot run where your chickens can exercise and offers a warm, dry coop to rest safely from the elements.

The rolling chicken coop has a special nesting box with an easy-access door, which gives the urban farmer easy access to the chickens’ eggs. It also has an easy-to-clean dropping tray to keep the coop smelling fresh. The wheels on the coop side of the tractor make it a breeze to move to a new location, making it one of the most convenient chicken tractors available.

$330 $460

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34 7 Sq Ft Chicken Tractor with Run

34 7 Sq Ft Chicken Tractor with Run

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Well-ventilated, removable roof

What We Don’t Like: Heavy, over 100 lbs.

Not So Great For: Small groups of chickens

Perfect For: Larger flocks that need lots of space

Thanks to the ample space in the run and coop, your chickens will be happy in this large, solid pine chicken tractor. The tractor utilizes detachable wheels, allowing you to move it if necessary, but, weighty enough to stay secure in windy weather. The galvanized mesh will protect your chickens from predators while allowing ample airflow to keep the coop hygienic.

The coop has a removable asphalt shingle roof which offers unparalleled access for cleaning and egg retrieval, and the hen house has windows for you to monitor your chickens. While large and heavy, this is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting chicken tractors available today.  

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Simple, Folding, Wheeless Chicken Tractor

Simple, Folding, Wheeless Chicken Tractor


What We Like: Light and easy to move yet sturdy and durable

What We Don’t Like: No wheels for relocating

Not So Great For: Harsh or wet climates

Perfect For: Smaller yards with limited space

At a mere 30 lbs. and featuring convenient handles, this chicken tractor is easily portable yet large enough to be home for up to four hens. The tractor is made from durable, long-lasting solid fir wood with strong metal mesh and measures 45.7" wide by 41" deep, making it ideal for tighter spaces and smaller yards.

Though it doesn’t have wheels, this chicken tractor for sale folds quickly for easy movement and convenient storage. The coop features an open-air pen, allowing for generous ventilation. This chicken tractor is an excellent addition to your flock's existing hen house or a temporary play area.  

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Polyester Mesh Chicken Tractor

Polyester Mesh Chicken Tractor


What We Like: Protects plants and grass lawns

What We Don’t Like: Not wind or weather resistant

Not So Great For: Areas with predators

Perfect For: Temporary use

Thanks to its lightweight construction and 10 small grounding stakes, this mesh chicken tractor keep your chickens in one area while not damaging your lawn. The polyester mesh is more humane and gentle for your birds than traditional metal mesh, and at 6.7 lbs., this is one of the most portable chicken tractors for sale on the market.

The light construction of this tractor makes it great for temporary use, but it does not protect against weather or aggressive predators. This tractor provides a convenient, non-invasive space for your chickens to exercise outside the hen house, allowing your birds to fertilize the grass and eat pests.  

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Chicken Tractor For Sale

Buying Guide

A ‘Chicken tractor’ is a fancy name for a chicken coop on wheels. That’s not to take anything away from its functionality though. It’s a wonderful addition to any yard and it serves so many purposes in such an easy way. Here are some of the factors to consider when you go shopping for mobile homes for your chicken.

For starters, it keeps the chickens contained, protects them from most predators and ensures that they don’t enjoy a free run, denuding the grass into bare patches.

It can easily be moved to a new part of the yard every day, giving the chickens a fresh patch of grass to pick at.

A chicken tractor keeps the yard fertilized with nitrogenous chicken poop and aerated soil, keeps the neighbor happy and your flower bed free of pesky bugs.

Every chicken tractor can in essence be divided into two sections, the coop and the chicken run.

The coop

The coop will be the part where you house your flock every night. And naturally, it needs to be secure from predators and spacious enough to accommodate all your chicken.

A fully grown fowl will need at least 4 square feet of space per bird, whereas a juvenile or a bantam will need at least 2 square feet per bird.

Cramming more birds into a small coop often results in fights and unruly chicken, both of which can be detrimental to their growth.

When buying off the shelf, you will come across coops with an open floor design that allows the chicken poop to fall directly on the ground. The advantage is that the coop will be easier to clean and your yard receives the fertilizer it yearns.

The disadvantage is that every time you move the coop, the chicken will have to move with it. Also, if a large predator, like a raccoon tips the entire tractor over, it’s curtains for your birds.

A coop with a solid floor keeps the chicken safe even if the tractor were tipped over in the wind or by a predator. Also, you can just push the entire thing to a new area without worrying about the chicken running with the coop.

The run

The chicken run needs to be large enough to allow your birds ample room to move about. The more the space the better.

Large birds need at least 8 square feet per bird. The height of the run is subjective and more aesthetic than functional.

But it needs to be tall enough to allow you to attach a feeder and the water bottle above the ground.

  • Since the chicken tractor will be out in the yard, exposed to the elements, hardwood is your best bet.
  • Paint it with any water repelling stain with UV protection.
  • It will be heavy enough to deter strong winds and break-in attempts by determined predators. The caveat is that it can be really difficult to move it around.
  • As a workaround, look for tractors with large caster wheels that move freely on bumpy turf.
  • Hardware mesh is highly recommended on the run and on any windows in the coop.
  • If you are shopping on a limited budget, you can opt for chicken tractors made of PVC. But they tend to be really flimsy.

Chicken tractors can range from rudimentary to flashy in design. As long as it ticks all the boxes that we mentioned above, you can pick just about anything that fits your budget.

A roofed coop will keep them protected from rain. You also need a large entrance that allows you easy access to your chicken and eggs. The access door needs to be secured with a lock. Vanity features like nesting boxes are desirable but not mandatory.

Best Ideas

Buy chicken tractor 3

Chicken coop in modern form. It is fitted with wheels for easy movement. Frame is made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Chicken tractor for sale 6

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this chicken tractor for their home. It features the wheels, red color of all walls and white details with roof. Everything is strong, durable and nicely finished.

16 Magnum Rolling Chicken Coop Up To 30 Bantam 20 Lg Breed Mobile House

16 Magnum Rolling Chicken Coop Up To 30 Bantam 20 Lg Breed Mobile House

A practical contemporary floorless rolling chicken coop with 6 non-swivel inflated wheels. It has a wooden frame covered with red coated corrugated metal panels, with metal mesh panels in the middle of one wall, a low profiled gable roof.

The Bertha Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

The Bertha Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

This American-made chicken coop ensures that your chickens are comfortable and safe from predators. It’s also easy to assemble. The only tool you’ll need is a drill. Its lever makes it easy to move and helps you adjust the height. Wire mesh provides enhanced ventilation under the coop and elevates the coop off the ground.

Chicken tractor 6

Chicken tractor

Chicken tractor for sale 1

A solid chicken tractor with a cage. This mobile solution is made on the basis of durable materials. It is safe for animals and protects them from different forms of outside danger. The whole construction is finished in red color.

Chicken tractors for sale 4

Chicken Tractors For Sale!

Chicken tractor australia

A chicken coop is a small house where female chickens are kept safe and secure. This one chicken tractor for sale has the same task, but it is also mobile!

Delicate white grid, separating from all the rest will make your chicken feel comfy and productive!

Buy chicken tractor 13

Chicken tractor with wheels and durable wooden construction. It provides safety for birds and it includes an outdoor cage for them. This original element of outdoor architecture can be moved on more attractive grounds.

Buy chicken tractor

Mobile chicken coop with durable wooden construction finished in red color. It provides protection for birds and it also includes a built-in outdoor cage. This chicken tractor is mobile thanks to its reliable wheels.

Bayer Wheeled Tractor Hen House Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Bayer Wheeled Tractor Hen House Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

This chicken coop provides an interior that protects your chickens from rain, hail, and predators, while the wire mesh exterior lets them enjoy the sun on nice days. Its wheeled mobility gives you flexibility, and an easy access nesting door means you can gather eggs without hassle.

Chicken tractor for sale 8

Chickens - Stuff For Sale in Douglasville, GA

Buy chicken tractor 1

Wooden chicken tractor that provides comfort and safety for birds. It includes an outdoor cage and wheels for better mobility. This movable chicken house is based on durable wooden frame in red, brown and white finish.

Movable chicken coops for sale

This mobile chicken coop is a perfect solution for any hen farmer. Solid wooden construction with mesh element allows for comfortable breeding of all kinds of poultry. The interesting form is pleasant to the eye and durable.

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