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Cats love playing. They need some movement and a space where they can stretch, climb and do some claw-sharpening. It's easy to provide them with all they need once you have a cat tree furniture. See for yourself and check which one would make your pet's life rock.

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Our Picks

Beige Carpeted Sisal Cat Tree

Beige Carpeted Sisal Cat Tree

This beige-colored sisal cat tree is made entirely with non-toxic materials with a freestanding design. It can accommodate up to 10 cats at once. There are large sisal rope posts, perches and platforms for your cats to play on. The numerous levels of this cat tree will real bring out your cat’s wild and adventurous side in a big way.

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Modern cat tree ikea

If you have cat, you should buy this original indoor playground made of wood and plaiting ropes. It is inspired of tree and it has a cat's bed on the top, so it will be not only good fun for kitten, but place to relax too.

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Cat tower corner climbing cat tree 68

Cat tower corner climbing cat tree 68

If you’re a cat owner and your little kitties always act hyperactive and have no place to play, just take a look at this wonderful, corner-installed climbing tower with a scratching post in it. Your cats will love it!

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Cat perch tree 1

This beautiful stand with cat playground is a great solution for your home. Solid wood construction. Interesting elements of the structure that ensure the fun of animals and interesting modern form impresses.

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Large cat tree furniture cat condos

Indoor cats need a place to climb and lounge. This “old oak” cat condo features a hollow center pipe with openings that access wide leaf-shaped platforms that are suitable for lounging or playing. Covered with brown carpet with white accents.

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Cat tower plans

If you want a quality cat tree in your home, you may want to check this impressive beauty on the picture. Made of thick wooden branches and covered with furry material, the tree gives your cat many options for a crazy fun and blissful rest.

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Solid wood cat furniture

Cat tree in modern form. Construction is made of wood with thick carpet elements to prevent scratching. Designed for medium sized pets. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

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MDF Compact Wood Cat Tree Condo

MDF Compact Wood Cat Tree Condo

Made from strong MDF compact wood, this cute cat tree condo will provide your feline friend with all the fun and adventure they can handle. This cat tree has four different layers that are capable of accommodating multiple larger cats. The wood material that this cat tree is made from is very sturdy and strong, so you can count on it to last a very long time.

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Manufactured Wood Amazon Faux Fur Cat Tree

Manufactured Wood Amazon Faux Fur Cat Tree

This cat tree is made of sturdy manufactured wood material and has a freestanding design. It is excellent for multiple cats or even just one. The Amazon theme design makes it even more fun for your cat to climb around and explore. There are numerous scratching posts and a ladder so your cat can easily climb up onto the first platform.

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Brown and Beige Wood Cat Tree with Faux Fur

Brown and Beige Wood Cat Tree with Faux Fur

This brown and beige wood cat tree will made for a stylish new addition to your home and a wonderful place for your cats to play. It measures 73” tall and multiple platforms for your cats to bounce around to. This is an ideal tree for those who have multiple cats or just one. The faux fur and sisal rope are great additions.

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Cat Tree Furniture

Buying Guide

Cat tree furniture pieces are artificial structures made specifically so cats have tall posts to climb on. Your cat deserves only the best. You'll need one of these to ensure that your furry friend enjoys its stay in your home and doesn't scratch on your furniture!

With so many kinds of cat tree furniture of varying height, sizes, features, and materials, how will a pet owner be able to choose the best tree furniture for cats? That's where we come in; we'll help you make the right buying decision by listing down all the considerations you need to factor in. Let's start.

The cat tree that's ideal to purchase is one that's sturdy and robust enough that it can hold your pet or pets. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the products' weight limits when you're selecting. Find the cat tree that's suitable for the cats that you own. Its base and support must be robust enough as well in order to ensure your furniture won't fall over or break.

Regarding its base, it must be wide. It must also be made from a quality material, if not the highest quality. Doing so will give you the assurance that it'll last long and your cat/s will be able to enjoy the tree longer. If you'll be moving or traveling with it, choose the model that can easily be assembled and disassembled.

The right cat tree furniture for your pets is the one that comes in the size that allows the cats to enjoy the piece without feeling cramped. Consider the space available in your home as well as you need to ensure you have a piece that can fit inside the room where it'll be in.

Find the height that ensures stability while the cats are on the furniture. Cats are excellent climbers and they would love having a high cat tree of their own. However, if your cats are getting older or are still too young, you would need a medium-sized tree instead of the tall models.

The most common features of cat trees include ladders, perches, large platforms, and tunnels. Large platforms, if your home allows, will be a good idea for you if you have cats that are too young or too old as they'll prevent falling and slipping. Although we suggest you choose the features of a cat tree based on the preferences of your pets, we would still want you to consider the design which matches your living space. There are models that come with little hangers where you'll be able to hang the favorite toys of your cats, while some include scratching posts.

Cat trees are not the cheapest kinds of cat furniture. So, you need to set a budget even before you check out your options online. Make sure that the budget is reasonable as your priority would be getting a quality cat tree instead of one that's cheap but will only last a week or so. Allocate around $100-$300 for the furniture.

Best Ideas

Manufactured Wood Faux Fur Condo Kitten Cat Tree

Manufactured Wood Faux Fur Condo Kitten Cat Tree

This cat tree is designed to accommodate multiple large cats, and it has numerous scratching posts and platforms. Made of sturdy manufactured wood material, your cats will be sure to have fun on this tree. There is one enclosure on the second platform that your cats can go inside. The faux fur material is soft and gentle on your cat’s paws.

Beige Solid Plywood Cat Tree Condo

Beige Solid Plywood Cat Tree Condo

Made from durable wood material, this cat tree offers the perfect way for your cat to have fun and relax anytime they want. There are multiple platforms for your cats to rest on, and a little “condo” that they can climb inside. This cat tree has faux fur for maximum comfort, and numerous scratching posts to keep them occupied.

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Indoor structure for owners and lovers of cats. This cat tree features a solid construction based on materials that are resistant to damage caused by cats and their claws. It provides playing space for more than one cat.

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