Sisal Cat Tree


Every home of the cat should definitely incorporate a cat tree into their world. They are useful for a multitude reasons, chief among them being that cat trees often have scratching posts for your cat to sharpen their claws instead of using your furniture. And cats like a nice vantage point, a high place to escape from little fingers, so if you have kids, a cat tree is also a good thing to have. See all our sisal cat trees here.

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Our Picks

Sisal cat tree

If you want for your cat to be mobile and in shape, then, we recommend to check this unique structure. It's basically made of durable wood and screwed together, and then covered with a rough fabric, to prevent your cat from falling.

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Sycamore cat pet tree house

Sycamore cat pet tree house

Give your cats the comfort and fun with Sycamore cat pet tree house, which is hand crafted and has a dragonwood tree construction and silk synthetic leaves. The platforms and scratching branches are nicely finished.

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City kitty climber hanging cat

City kitty climber hanging cat

A very attractive and practical product for owners of cats. This door-mouted cat tree provides a space for climbing and scratching. Its solid wooden construction also includes a sisal rope that is resistant to damage.

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The beanstalk cat tree

The beanstalk cat tree

Mash-have in every cat lover's home. Compact design for smaller spaces, it doesn't need a lot of space. It is seven feet tall with a flower top for the cat to sleep in. The trunk is solid wood for great strength.

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Sisal cat tree

Add some fun for your cats and choose the sisal cat tree. Your cats will be impressed how cool and nicely finished this product is. It offers many different attractions for them.

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Sisal Cat Tree

Sisal Cat Tree

Cat tree for small and medium sized pets. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick rope. Neutral and functional addition for any interior as needed.

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Sisal Cat Tree

Sisal Cat Tree

Industrial look for a unique, handmade DIY cat tree made in an unusual shape. The cat tree is made out of old water pipes that have been covered with rope to create a scratch-safe and entertaining area for cats.

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Cat climbing pole floor to ceiling

This original, decorative and functional design is a cat tree that includes different platforms for cats. Its columns are made of cardboard wrapped in sisal rope. They are ideal for scratching and they provide plenty of fun for cats.

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Cat tree sisal rope

Are you searching for the sisal cat tree with many attractions, high quality and solid construction? We have got exactly what you need! Trust me, your cats will be delighted.

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29" Premier Cat Tree

29" Premier Cat Tree

If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood and cardboard cat tree is a great solution. Soft carpet finish provides comfort fun.

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Sisal Cat Tree

Buying Guide

A sisal cat tree can give your pet cat the safety and security it needs, reduce its stress levels, as well as improve its overall health. Just by adding a sisal cat tree within the cat’s living space, you can help your precious feline feel more comfortable as it has its own space for lounging and relaxing (which is used to do underneath beds and couches with unfamiliar scents).

You may have many cats as pets in your home. Through a sisal cat tree, fights are prevented and the animals can interact with one another comfortably. The alpha is likely to establish its rank by lounging on the top perch. Because the pecking order is maintained, cats won’t have to exchange blows constantly.

With that in mind, it is easy for you to understand why a sisal cat tree is necessary if you have a cat. However, shopping for one can be hard. You'd have to consider lots of factors to get the right tree for your pets. Don't worry as you’ll find tips on how to make an informed buying decision below.

The weight limit of most sisal cat trees is 50 lbs. which is more than enough if you are not raising a tiger. There are manufacturers, however, that produce products with 30 lbs. as the maximum weight limit. These trees can still hold a large feline.

Read the specs of each sisal cat tree, so you know if the product is right for your cat. If you have lots of cats that will use one tree, get the weight of all your cats and add them up. The total weight should not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your chosen sisal cat tree.

One of the best things about kitty trees is that they can be enjoyed by multiple felines. There’s no need for you to purchase separate sisal cat trees as a large tree will already be enough to serve several pets.

Depending on the size of the tree, all of your pets would be able to climb, scratch, sleep and play on the same exact product. This is good news as it will save you valuable floor space and your hard-earned money at the same time. If you only have one pet, opt for the smaller tree.

Sisal cat trees are available in various sizes, so expect to find the one that suits the needs and preferences of your cat.

A cat tree must have posts that are made of timber instead of particleboard or cardboard. Timber lasts longer. It's also less wobbly and it has a lesser chance of collapsing. A wooden post can support the frame of the tree. Of course, it should be wrapped with sisal rope so your pet can cling onto it.

When you’re looking around for the best sisal cat tree, read product reviews as well to ensure the one you get is sturdy and durable.

Bonus Tip: Spread some catnip at the base of your sisal cat tree as its smell attracts cats.

Best Ideas

New Cat Condos Corner Roost Cat Condo

New Cat Condos Corner Roost Cat Condo

This piece of equipment is a perfect playground for cats. It provides an area to sleep, scratch or hide. The whole construction is based on a durable wooden frame, sonic tubes and sisal rope. The product is solid and stable.

Diy beautiful cat tree that blends in with an even

DIY beautiful cat tree that blends in with an even more beautiful design via In Pursuit of Martha Points (Great blog)

Sisal cat tree 3

Cat tree with a central post that is solid and supportive. It is covered with sisal rope suitable for scratching. This tree includes four platforms for cats. It is attractive, comfortable and safe for animals.

How to make cat perches

Entertaining cat tree with durable wooden construction. These pictures show a tree with lower house for cats. The second picture shows a cat tree mounted on doors. These durable trees are suitable for many cats and they are resistant to scratching.

Sisal cat tree 9

Tall cat tree - Mountain Cat Trees on etsy

6 tall 30 weighted carpeted base approximately 32 lbs natural

6' Tall, 30" Weighted Carpeted Base, Approximately 32 lbs. Natural Tamarack Pine Trunk & Branches, Authentic Replica Pine Foliage (2) 16" Rotocast Bowl with Removable Carpeted Insert Organic Sisal Rope for Scratching Hand-crafted in the U.

Sisal cat tree 5

Cat tree for small and medium sized pets. It is made of wood and covered with thick rope. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Center cat furniture pinnacle cat tree with sisal scratching post

center cat furniture pinnacle cat tree with sisal scratching post

Sisal cat

This item was created for cat lovers. It is a scratching post with ramp. It is made of materials that are resistant to scratching and other forms of damage. Its non skid bottom is safe for different types of floor.

Outdoor cat tree

The cat bed for ecofriendly enthusiasts. This type of a toy has many applications. The cat could sleep or hide there. It could also jump into and lay down. The wicker construction could also protect your furniture from scratching, because it is more attractive for a kitty.

Molly and Friends "Feline Recliner" Premium Handmade One Tier Sisal Cat Scratching Post Furniture with Bed, Model Scr/b, Beige

Large cat trees 10

Since wild cats have been domesticated and taken away from them the opportunity to frolic in the jungle - we can provide them with climbing the artificial large cat sisal tree, branches that emerge from large green leaves.

Recycled tree limb cat scratching post no 2

Recycled Tree-Limb Cat Scratching Post No.2

Cat tree house with sisal scratching post

Cat Tree House with Sisal Scratching Post