Dog Ramps For High Beds

Do you have a dog with hip or leg issues? Then installing a dog ramp for high beds is the answer for that nagging question of whether or not your little friend can climb stairs. Carpeted for traction, easy to move, and built with an angle that is easy to ascend or descend, dog ramps for high beds give your small dog the option to join your on the bed for pets and snuggles.

Best Products

Dog ramps for bed

If you have old pet in your home (especially cat or little dog), this wooden ramp will be very useful in your home. Due to this simple gadget your pet will could get across bed or sofa. It is solid, so you can use it long years.

PuppyStairs 1-Piece Ramp with Cube

This construction includes a ramp and cube in one piece. It provides access to higher areas for puppies and small dogs. For example it assures access to beds. Its soft foam fill is comfortable and safe for animals.

Bedside dog bed

Very useful and attractive dog ramp suitable for high beds. This element of design is safe for dogs and it is also able to decorate bedroom indoors. Brown and white colors look good in any design. This platform is suitable for small dogs.

Dog ramps for high beds

Pretty useful ramp for puppies or small, old or injured pets. Its frame is handmade of solid wood with a dark brown finish. There's an open cubby underneath. The entire upper surface is covered in carpet fabric with black paw prints.

21" Pet Ramp

21" Pet Ramp
This set includes two components so you can adjust the ramp’s height to line up with any bed or sofa. Your pets will love the soft, supportive foam steps, while you’ll appreciate the removable, easy-to-wash fabric. This product’s elegant, simple design will look the part in any transitional-style interior.

Balfour 32'' Pet Ramp

Balfour 32'' Pet Ramp
Dogs and cats will love this simple ramp, with its textured carpet for added grip and adjustable incline. The bleached natural wood frame will complement shabby chic, rustic, and coastal-style rooms. You’ll also appreciate how easy this ramp is to pack up, with a collapsible hinge mechanism that lets you fold the product up like a deckchair.

Rumsey 35.5" Pet Ramp

Rumsey 35.5" Pet Ramp
There’s no need to worry about whether your dog prefers to walk up a stair piece or a ramp as this multifunctional product doubles up as both! The 35.5” ramp’s steepness is adjustable, while the model’s beige and cream color palette suits a transitional or Scandi-style interior.

Wegate Adjustable Pet Ramp

Wegate Adjustable Pet Ramp
This ergonomic pet ramp has three adjustable levels and is a portable, lightweight option for your home. You can fold it away within seconds to create a flatpack-style unit that will fit neatly under your bed or in your closet. The understated gray and white carpet pattern works with a minimalist or traditional interior, while the dark wooden frame brings a touch of class to any room.

Dog bed ramp

Your dog or cat has problems with getting onto your high bed? Help your pet with smart dog ramp. Some dog breeds, like dachshunds or chihuahuas, may take great advantage of a tall wooden ramp that makes bed accessible for them.

Pet ramp for bed

Comfy and creative approach to a bid dog bed ramp, which provides for an interesting replacement to a set of dog stairs, making it even easier for a dog to reach a high bed. The ramp is upholstered with a cotton fabric, making it smooth and nice to touch.

This pet ramp is a great solution to getting your

this pet ramp is a great solution to getting your dog up onto the bed ...

Our advice Buying Guide

For dog owners, it's easy to neglect the fact that pets also age. As our furry friends grow older, their physical capabilities start declining. Sadly, when our beloved dogs develop leg or hip issues, it'll be harder and more painful for them to jump in and out of our high beds. We don't expect older friends or even parents to access elevated places without requiring some assistance. Why do we expect aging pets to be any different? Here's how you can choose the best dog ramp for high beds that your furry companion ultimately needs.

Why do dogs benefit from dog ramps?

Certain dog breeds, especially the larger ones, are more susceptible to suffering conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Similarly, pets that are overweight and inactive are more likely to experience leg and hip pain. If you want to protect your pet from suffering mobility issues in the future or you want to aid an ailing dog, your best solution would be a dog ramp for high beds. It's not just useful for pets that have trouble lifting themselves in and out of a bed, but it'll also ensure a dog doesn't suffer.

What are the basic types of dog ramps for high beds?

Many dog ramps today come in a telescope style or a folding design. A folding style ramp can fold in half easily for assembly, disassembly, and storage. A telescope style, on the other hand, is a ramp that slides into itself. It can be used at any length from fully-closed to a fully-open position for easy deployment and versatility. A dog ramp for high beds must be portable as you'll need the same product to aid your dog to get in and out of your couch and vehicle.

How to select the right length and width for a dog ramp?

Remember when choosing a dog ramp for high beds that longer ramps are less steep. This means longer ramps allow your dog to climb easily. Regardless of the type of dog ramp you choose, always get the one that’s longer. As for the width, the recommended will depend on your dog's size. Naturally, a larger pet will require a wider dog ramp for high beds. The wider your ramp is, the better as it provides additional space for the dog.

What materials are the best dog ramps made of?

Dog ramps for high beds are typically constructed with aluminum or composite materials. The composite ramps are the ones that are less likely to get damaged by scratches. They are also lighter, but they can still crack if they're handled improperly. An aluminum ramp will require minimal care, won't break down or rust if exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, but it’s more expensive than its counterparts.

What's the best surface material for a dog ramp?

The different types of ramp surfaces include carpet, rubber, and grit. Grit surfaces will provide dogs with the best traction. Both rubber and grit surfaces require less maintenance, while carpeted surfaces need more cleaning. They also tend to retain moisture.

Hope you've found our guide to be helpful in selecting the best dog ramp for high beds. Remember: a dog ramp will help improve your senior pet's life. Don't let your dog suffer any longer by getting it the one product that it needs to make accessing elevated areas easier.


Doggie ramps

A dog ramp for high beds - prevents the dog from jumping down from the height protecting the joints and makes it easier for the dog to enter. Its lining, soft and non-slip, is matched with a light brown color to the environment.

Scamp ramp 27 pet ramp

Scamp Ramp 27" Pet Ramp

Dog ramp 3

Dog Ramp

Cat and dog ramps for beds

Cat and Dog Ramps for Beds

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp
It is a perfect ramp for the dog or cat, which you can put near the bed. It is particularly useful for dogs with short paws. This dog is able to walk up and down from a high bed, so the ramp as perfect support for him.

Dog steps for a high bed

dog steps for a high bed

Home cat dog pet bed stairs ladder foldable 8 color

Home Cat Dog Pet Bed Stairs Ladder Foldable 8 Color 2 Step Pet Stairs Dog Ramp
Soft, comfortable, attractive and safe dog stairs that provide access to sofas and other high areas. These multi-color elements are suitable for small dogs. They are not dangerous and their simple shape perfectly blends with any decor.

Padded 24" Pet Ramp

Padded 24" Pet Ramp
This high quality pet ramp is made of solid wood with mahogany finish, and its steps are conveniently cushioned and covered with taupe polyester. Such a ramp may be a great help for small or elderly dogs.

Ramps for dachshunds

This dog bed ramp will be a good way to allow your best friend to spend the nights with you. A good facility especially for the aging or smaller dogs. Covered with a pale pink plush, it will smoothly merge with the surrounding decor.

Dog steps ramp convertable click for pricing reviews dog stairs

Dog Steps/Ramp Convertable Click For Pricing & Reviews Dog Stairs With ...

PuppyStairs 2-Piece Ramp

This 2-piece ramp for pets is going to help your pet reach unreachable places. The whole is created of industrial grade high-density foam, while the covers are removable and machine-washable. It supports pets up to 60 pounds.

Pet ramps for beds

Dog frame for any interior as needed. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for dogs and cats.

Pr100 small pet ramp photos

PR100 Small Pet Ramp Photos

Tie down straps devices

Tie Down Straps & Devices

Wooden pet ramps high reach wood pet ramp

wooden pet ramps high reach wood pet ramp

Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp

If your pet is having troubles reaching higher places, we have a perfect solution. The bedside ramp is made of wood, and covered with a anti-skidding material. It can be quickly folded or unfolded. And you can be sure that your four-legged friend will be able to climb on the bed, effortlessly.

Pet steps 3

Pet Steps
Classy take on a stylish dog and cat ramp, with a height of 24 inches. The animal ramp is upholstered with a plushy and fuzzy material in a light brown colour with black highlights, giving it an elegant appearance.

Dog ramps for high beds

No one will doubt that this piece is a dog ramp, as it has back doggie steps pattern on it. Fluffy carpet padding provides soft feel for your pet's paws. The ramp is tall enough for high beds, and it's slope is relatively low.

Folding Pet Ramp

Folding Pet Ramp
This practical folding ramp for animals, a great solution especially for smaller breeds. You can easily climb into the car, the higher sofas or armchairs. Made on the basis of solid wood has carpeting with polyester blend.

21" Tall Pet Ramp

21" Tall Pet Ramp
A ramp for pets. It ehances accessibility to hard-to-reach places. It is made of foam with removable brown fabric cover that provides a non-skid gripping surface. It is light in weight, yet sturdy and well-balanced.

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Dog ramp for bed

If your dog is usually sleeping with you, then you should consider a dog ramp for the bed to help you family pet to get on the bed with you. It is very useful especially if you have little or sick, old dog.

Dog ramp 4

Dog Ramp

Bed height dog bed

Large dog ramp constructed from oak plywood and red oak, with some storage space inside. It's designed for tall beds and it even has a security rail. Its slope is padded with textured off-white carpet.

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing
Tall pet ramp containing three pieces made of dense foam with beige cover. You may use them together to construct easily one big triangular ramp, or separately, as well as create new arrangements. Such versatility makes the ramp helpful at various home recesses.

Large 1 piece royal ramp with cube special order only

Large 1-Piece Royal Ramp with Cube - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY, PLEASE CALL ...

It provides a lovely combination of a gently sloping ramp

It provides a lovely combination of a gently sloping ramp with a built ...

14" Tall Pet Ramp

14" Tall Pet Ramp
Triangular pet ramp with removable beige cover sewn of machine washable fabric. The ramp is made of a foam characterized by high density; this feature ensures durability with simultaneous light weight.

Build your own dog ramp

A stable and durable ramp for small dogs that have troubles reaching higher-situated places. The ramp is made of sturdy wood in an oak finish, and has a carpet surface for your dog to be able to climb without slipping.

Dog ramp 5

Dog Ramp

Dog ramps free shipping designer dog

Dog Ramps Free Shipping Designer Dog
Simple, but decorative and useful dog ramp for high beds. This handmade item crafted from wood, carpet, screws and paint provides safe access to higher areas. It is comfortable and safe for small animals.

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 6 Step Pet Stair

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 6 Step Pet Stair
They are small, multi-stage stairs covered with a soft cloth. Stairs are designed to be fun for the animals. Perfect for as an input to the platform and similar attractions for animals. It are nice and pleasant to the touch.

How to build a dog ramp chihuahua meagan fajita texas

how to build a dog ramp | Chihuahua, Meagan Fajita, Texas Dog Ramp

Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp

Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp
This simple and functional ramp is a great solution for your dog. It allows him to ease access to High dielectric disposed of as a sofa, bed or car trunk. Classic and simple design makes it easy to store.

Dog ramp for bed

This practical addition to your home is able to help your pet to reach unreachable places, like sofas, couches, chairs, and beds. The ramp is 18'' high, crafted from wood that's painted in yellow, and has a surface covered with a fluffy, light brown material.

Pet Gear PG9740CH Easy Step IV Pet Stairs in Chocolate

Dog or cat get to the high places with our

dog or cat get to the high places with our high carpeted pet steps ...

StRamp 28" Pet Ramp

StRamp 28" Pet Ramp
Practical slanted ramp intended for smaller, older or disabled dogs. It is made of grey plastic covered in a beige snaps-attached machine washable carpet tread. This ramp is lightweight, easy portable and has anti-slip rubbery feet.