Dog Bed Frame


Your favorite pooch's bed doesn't have to be on the floor. Get them a frame, just for their sleeping and lounging area. It keeps the bed elevated so bugs can't climb into bed with your dog, and allows your pooch to get into and out of bed without having to get up off the floor, which is great if they have hip or leg issues. See collection for more.

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Dog bed frame 1

Reclaimed wood pallets are a valuable constructing material! Just add some tiny casters and some overstuffed cushioning and your pet gets a comfy couch bed - which is convenient also for you, as it's mobile.

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Astro Sofa Dog Bed

Astro Sofa Dog Bed

If you feel that ordinary dog beds are definitely NOT enough for your demanding dog, try this exquisitely elegant sofa shaped piece. It will for sure match your living room furnishing. It is even equipped with a toss pillow!

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How to make a dog bed out of wood

Make a virtue of the necessity and create a fabulous sleeping place for your dog, not only providing him comfy, warm conditions to sleep, but also embellishing your own flat's space.

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Wood dog bed

Create the cozy and restful nook for your dog with the wooden black dog bed frame. It's solid durable high quality and nicely finished. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

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Dog bed frame cat bed frame pet bed

Dog bed frame cat bed frame pet bed

Designed for a dog named Shelby, this homemade bed frame constitutes an adorable gift for your quadruped friend. Simplistic construction, comprising several wooden boards enchants with its light and natural appeal.

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French Script Headboard Dog Bed

French Script Headboard Dog Bed

Cosy contemporary sofa for up to 25-pound pets. It has a semi-oval wooden frame with low black legs. It features an arched back, creamy inside surfaces, a lettering print outside. It's foam-padded and has a removable washable cover of beige fabric.

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Pet Bed with Shade Frame & Covers-Large - Improvements

An aesthetic airy portable pet bed ideal for the heat. It has a simple lightweight frame of metal tubes finished in black. Its slip-on bed shelf and a canopy are crafted of durable greenish fabric with a black dog paw prints pattern.

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Partumis luxury metal frame dog bed the classic

Partumis Luxury Metal Frame Dog Bed The Classic

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Diy wooden dog bed

It is a funny piece of furniture for your lovely dogs. The playful dog bed frame has the light blue color, solid wooden construction, and it looks like a little room! Trust me, it's the one of the most adorable pet beds ever!

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Beds orthopedic beds item 403160

> Beds > Orthopedic Beds > Item # 403160

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Dog Bed Frame

Buying Guide

Get ready to choose the dog bedding that’s just right for your pet. There’s no need to settle for bedding that comes with a dog bed. Instead, get a dog bed frame and then customize a mattress according to your dog’s needs. Bed frames come in a variety of finishes and materials. Some you can even build yourself using Items like a castoff drawer, pallet or old piece of furniture.

Measure your animal from nose to tail while it is resting. Also, note whether your companion likes to rest stretched out or curled up. Then go shopping. Dogs should have their own bed so that they:

  • Can have a place of their own
  • Are able to stay off furniture to minimize the risk of damaging it
  • Can leave more of their coat in their bed, sparing some areas of your house
  • Are cleaner because they spend less time on the floor

  • A dog bed frame in light-colored, grainy wood looks like a bed a human would sleep on. It’s glammed up with two turned posts at the headboard and a footboard. This piece is large enough for two dogs. A more open and airy look is featured in a black metal bed with a wrought-iron look. It has scrollwork on the headboard and ornamented sides. It exudes elegance.
  • Another possibility is a white bed with a frame that looks like a picket fence. It’s appropriate for an area where you want a clean and easy-going vibe. Let your dog sleep like a princess in a pink, four-poster bed. Perfect for relaxing with your pooch in your yard or on the deck of your apartment in summer is a collapsible bed frame. It’s sleeping surface and canopy are In a green fabric with pattern.
  • For dogs that like to stretch out and let their legs and face hang over the frame, there is a simple platform bed on short, stubby turquoise feet. Another choice for a larger dog is a bed of wood in light-colored oak. It comes with a memory foam mattress and a choice of one of four mattress covers. For a piece that will add a high-fashion note to where your dog sleeps, try a cozy off-white sofa complete with a matching throw pillow.

Once you have chosen a dog bed frame, select the mattress your pet needs. Orthopedic ones help older dogs and ones with hip dysphasia feel more comfortable, and some mattresses use cedar chips or other products to control odor. Get your pet used to its new sleeping quarters by putting some of its favorite toys on the bed.

Just as manufacturers offer you mattresses in choices of firmness, look and purpose, when you select a dog bed frame you can add perfectly to its functionality by choosing a mattress later.

Best Ideas

Dog bed frame 2

Wooden Dog Beds | ... Sectional Buildings - Medium Raised Dog Bed Frame - MEDIUM-DOG-FRAME

EcoConcept Raised Dog Bed Small

This Raised dog bed constitutes a traditional proposition for classic interiors. Its black slat construction resembles cottage or shabby chic decor. It will create a comfy flop for your furry friend.

Dog cat pet beds wood or metal frame comfortable cushions

Dog Cat PET BEDS Wood or Metal Frame Comfortable Cushions Fits Small ...

Wooden dog bed plans

Make sure that your pet can always enjoy utmost and ultimate comfort with some help from this amazing bed frame. It can support a fluffy and cozy pillow and is still a nice way to prevent your little one from sleeping directly on the floor.

Dog bed frame

This delightfully made dog cradle is a great combination of solid wood frame construction and soft cushioning in a subtle design and eye-catching colors. The whole looks great in any decor and is perfect for any pet.

Dog bed frames for large dogs

PVC Dog Bed Frame

Dog bed under bed

What a lucky dog who can sleep in this comfortable but trendy dog bed frame. Made of rough reclaimed wood of fir, which can reach the age of nearly a thousand years. Beautiful color of mixing brown shades and steel finishing in the form of handles.

Wooden dog bed

A cool large antique style dog bed converted from a twin bed! It's of wood with a heavy distressed white finish. It features a curved headboard with 2 showy turned side posts. It also has a footboard with square grooved corner posts.

Dog bed frame 4

A great example of repurposing. This DIY dog bed is an inimitable piece of furniture, crafted from pallets. Equipped additionally with wheels, it offers full mobility, smoothly adapting to your needs.

Dog bed made from pallets

Just look how easy it is to create a fully functional dog bed frame. Such DIY projects are the best, because who doesn’t need them? We’re sure that with such a wooden bed frame, your bed is going to be very happy.

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Dog beds made from pallets

A unique combination of a comfortable bed for you and a cozy crate for your barking friend. Wooden construction makes the whole very sturdy and stylish, featuring two king size beds and one built-in metal crate underneath.

Cute bed frames

With those cute dog beds, you can put a big smile on your furry friend's face. Each of those comfy beds is beautifully crafted of wood, looking like a low-profiled chair accommodating a soft and thick cushion.

How to make a wooden dog bed

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