Dog Cage Table

Looking for furniture that both looks well and is useful? Then you are in the right place. Thanks to this collection, all the potential customers will stand before a rare chance to pick a dog cage table of their dreams, and of dreams of their pet. Don’t believe it? Have a look at these designs, shapes and colours yourself.

Corner dog crate

Smoothly concealed under the stairs' surface, this custom dog home by Ethan Abramson creates a well-designed spot for your quadruped friend, allowing you to save space and create a lovely corner in your decor.

Dog crate night stand

This simple and very practical table with a crate for the dog is a great combination of stylish furniture and space for our pet. The wooden construction is durable and has robust gratings. Beautiful detail of the decor.

Dog cage table 2

Just take a look at this cute, very unique design! A beautiful, handcrafted wooden table with a smooth finish, mixed with a pretty little dog cage underneath! Perfect if your dog tends to misbehave at nights.

Diy metal dog crate

Amish Made Dog Crate End Table | Creative Indoor Crates and Beds | Amish Made Dog Supplies 12774

Dog cage table

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Dog crate with table top

Nice little quiet area for your house bunnies to retreat to

Diy indoor dog kennel

Advice needed: decorating around huge dog kennels | Offbeat Home

Dog crate furniture diy

Wooden dog crate, perfect for the moments when you can't have your dog getting in your way – for example when guests arrive. Trustworthy lock mechanism and no sharp edges mean it's both secure and safe for your dog.

Dog cage side table

Beautiful crate for a dog with a top is a perfect piece of decor that will make the space for your pets and beautifully decorate them in the decor. The whole is fascinating. A simple form can be used in many ways.

Dog cage table

Dog cage with a table built over it

Four legged favorites classic heritage wood crate cover

Four Legged Favorites Classic Heritage Wood Crate Cover
The practical, sturdy and very stylish design of this dog cage table with metal grating is an interesting combination. A simple form can serve as a table or bench. The whole elegant and gorgeous beauty is presented in the interior.

Dog kennel furniture

When arranging a counter top or console table with storage, leave some space under for dog kennels. When you don't need cabinets all under the table top, utilize the space that would otherwise be empty.

Dog kennel under stairs

Made in rustic style, the table with the dog crate is a great combination of magnetic base, materials, and functionality. The sturdy construction of this dog house furniture makes the whole look impressive.

Medium dog crate end table

Medium Dog Crate End Table
This handy and very functional dog crate is a combination of solid wooden construction, beautiful form, and style. Your pet will have a comfortable place to rest, and the crate can serve as a coffee table or bedside table.

Dog cage table

Not devoid of huge hint of elegance, this sleek dark dog kennel may in fact double as a table - what a handy feature. Front doors mounted on sturdy metal hinges feature slat design. The cage is wooden.

Diy dog cage

Made on a sturdy dog crate table, it is a perfect fit and functional space for your dog. The white finish is universal and very nicely presented in every interior design. The contrasting table top creates a coherent whole with a light bottom.

Dog cage table 1

Hexagon End Table Dog Bed + Bonus Feeding Station in Cages & Crates | eBay

Dog crate table top

Dog cage table with rectangular top. Base consists of braided wires. Designed for large dogs. Suitable for any room as needed.

Cool dog kennels

A dog kennel or furniture? Love it!

Crown Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Crate End Table
The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Dog cage table 1

Dogs deserve bed nooks too.

Dog cage design

cover a large dog crate w/ a skirt and a finished piece of glass to make a duel-purposed table.

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Ana white dog kennel

Our dog's kennel resides in my Mom Cave, so I'll draw inspiration from this post when camouflaging it. Classy dog kennel.

Large crate n cage pet crate and side table 1

Large Crate N Cage Pet Crate And Side Table
A high quality dog kennel that provides comfort and safety to the 4-leged friend of human. It is a product that also features a straight, smooth top, so it looks very attractive and can play the role of a side table.

Dog cage table 1

DIY Disguised Dog Cage / Aquarium Stand!

Dog cage table

hough your grown-up pup might still enjoy the security of his training crate, there's just no good place to put that ugly metal cage. Why not build him a decorative furniture piece from wood that doubles as a safe haven when your pooch wants to curl up fo

Indoor dog kennel plans

Build Dog Crate Table | Or you can disguise a crate underneath an end table! This end table ...

Dog cage table

Large cage with crate cover - A Solid Crate Cover that comes with metal crate turning the crate into a functional table surface, while its original structure is kept intact to keep the pet confined, without limiting the pet's visi... - Pet Care - Pet Supp

Dog cage table

A practical mix of a sturdy table and a comfortable dog cage for indoors. The cage is capacious and durable, made of black-painted wire panels for ventilation and a large front door for easy access. The top is covered in a patterned yellow fabric.

Dog cage table

... Products › Amish Custom Built Colonial Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Custom indoor dog kennels

A relaxing and attractive dog house combined with a large kitchen table. The cage is surrounded with lattice steel and white-finished wood panels, with a large door for easy access and a super-soft pillow for extra comfort.

Dog cage table

Pinnacle Woodcraft Chew Proof Oak Wood Dog Crate End Table

Handcrafted dog crate end table 2

Handcrafted Dog Crate - End Table

Stylish dog crate that doubles as a convenient side table

Stylish dog crate that doubles as a convenient side table. The perfect ...

Maple dog cage table

Maple Dog Cage Table

Dog cage table

Are you looking for laundry room organization ideas? Here are ideas for laundry rooms with wire shelving. | Organize 365

Wooden Pet Crate Table For Dog's Cat's Espresso Enclosure Cage 36.5" x 24" wide x 29.25" Locking Kennel Enclosure

Table top dog crate

Fancy-shmancy kennel... so much better than the ugly wire ones! And surprisingly, not that expensive!

Dog crate end tables

Medium Wood Dog Crate End Table with Log Post

Dog crate night stand 7

A solid and useful item that is a good choice for owners of dogs. This dog crate includes solid metal front and walls. Its wooden frame protects dogs and assures solidity. The product can be used as a coffee table.

DenHaus Mahogany TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small

Dog crate tables 1

Extra Large Dog Crate Table Over

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Dynamic Accents Oak End Table Pet Crate - Dog Kennel - Medium / Burnished Oak

DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table

The nightstand dog house hammacher schlemmer

The Nightstand Dog House - Hammacher Schlemmer

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Coventry Wood/Metal Pet Crate Table-Large - Improvements

An elegant and stylish dog house for indoor use, also suitable for larger dogs. This fine piece of furniture is designed of cherry-finished wood, with steel wire panels for ventilation and a large front door for easy access.