Dog Cage Table


A dog cage by itself is unattractive and it can seem reasonably cruel to have your favorite pooch separate from the rest of the family. So what if your dog cage was also a table so the dog could still be involved and it's cage could be doubly useful. We have an attractive collection of dog cage tables and maybe we have one for you.

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Our Picks

Dog cage table

Functional dog cage with a built-in table. The cage features a nice wooden frame and a wooden tabletop, each with a distressed vintage-inspired finish. There’s also plenty of wire mesh around the cage and a stunning industrial black finish that goes perfectly well with the wood.

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Four legged favorites classic heritage wood crate cover

Four legged favorites classic heritage wood crate cover

The practical, sturdy and very stylish design of this dog cage table with metal grating is an interesting combination. A simple form can serve as a table or bench. The whole elegant and gorgeous beauty is presented in the interior.

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Medium dog crate end table

Medium dog crate end table

This handy and very functional dog crate is a combination of solid wooden construction, beautiful form, and style. Your pet will have a comfortable place to rest, and the crate can serve as a coffee table or bedside table.

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Dog cage table

Small dogs or even cats can be restrained safely in space that not only allows control of pet behavior but also develops a safe place for your pet. The elegant wooden table and legs frame the sturdy pet cage.

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Crown Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Crate End Table

The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

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Dog cage table

... Products › Amish Custom Built Colonial Wooden Dog Crate End Table

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Ana white dog kennel

Our dog's kennel resides in my Mom Cave, so I'll draw inspiration from this post when camouflaging it. Classy dog kennel.

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Diy metal dog crate

Stunning Amish-made dog cage table featuring a compact design and excellent functionality. The table is made from wood and offers a slightly glossed light espresso finish. It’s then completed with sturdy wire mesh, finished in black. The table also has a door at the bottom for your pooch.

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Dog crate night stand

This simple and very practical table with a crate for the dog is a great combination of stylish furniture and space for our pet. The wooden construction is durable and has robust gratings. Beautiful detail of the decor.

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Diy dog cage

Made on a sturdy dog crate table, it is a perfect fit and functional space for your dog. The white finish is universal and very nicely presented in every interior design. The contrasting table top creates a coherent whole with a light bottom.

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Dog Cage Table

Buying Guide

Where you can place your dog cage table depends on the style you select. For small dog breeds, choose a half-size cage table that can double as an end table for your couch. Then your pup never has to feel left out on family movie night, but he won’t be begging for any of the popcorn or obstructing your view. The same idea works for a bedside table if your dog wants to be close to you at night but can’t roam free without close supervision.

If you’re someone who works from home, it can be nice for your dog to spend time with you during the day but have a designated space in your office where he won’t become a distraction. This is an excellent option for large dog breeds because you can incorporate a medium to large cage table in the corner of your home workspace and have it double as storage for your printer, freeing up room on your desk.

If you’re putting a dog cage table in your living room or another communal space in your home, it’s essential to clean it regularly. How you clean your dog cage table depends on how you’ve set up the interior of the cage for your pet and the material of the table. Start by removing any towels or sheets from inside the cage, and shake them out outdoors to remove excess fur.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle or a hand vacuum and clean up any fur or debris that’s accumulated inside the cage table. Next, use a soft cloth and dampen it slightly. Wipe down the exterior of the cage table carefully, using the material to remove dust or marks. If you want to sanitize the cage naturally, you can create a solution of water and vinegar to dampen the fabric. For cage tables made of wood, ensure you also dry the table immediately after applying the damp cloth.

There’s a dog cage table for every size of dog—from tiny Chihuahuas to large Great Danes. Accordingly, you can find dog cage tables that range from 1-2 feet wide and 2-3 feet long to 5 or 6 feet on either side!

The most usual range tends to be about 2-3 feet long on the short side and 3-4 feet long on the longer side. This means that a dog cage table will be a good size for a generous side table, or a small coffee table or TV stand, depending on the amount of room available in your home or that your size of dog requires.

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An elegant and stylish dog house for indoor use, also suitable for larger dogs. This fine piece of furniture is designed of cherry-finished wood, with steel wire panels for ventilation and a large front door for easy access.

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