Dog Crates Furniture Style

Your dog will love and appreciate being part of the family, even when their crated up, in these handsome dog crate furniture styles. The possibilities on where you put your dog crate furniture is only limited to where the furniture will work best with the flow of the room. And putting a dog bed in the crate will give your pooch somewhere to sleep, whether the door is open or not.

Best Products

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate

ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate
Modern pet crate. This contemporary and stylish pet crate will be your pet's best friend and add a touch of style into your surroundings. The crate is made from hand-crafted pieces constructed of waterproof fiberglass and features a removable doors.

Unique dog crates

The simple design and style of this beautifully crafted dog crate is a combination of functional furniture and stylish addition to the interior. The wooden construction can also serve as a cabinet or end table.

Dog kennel furniture

This large and massively made crate for the dog is a combination of functionality and style. Beautifully presented in every interior and can be used in many ways. The whole made of solid wood has a stylish top.

Dog crates 24

Dog Crates

Wood dog kennel

Add this solid and nicely finished wooden dog gate into your home, and enjoy the safety zone for your lovely pet. It's not only useful, but a stylish product too. You need to try it!

Our advice Buying Guide

If you are searching for a dog crate to pamper a pup, why don’t you consider stylish ones that can double as furniture? You'll love the selection available online. Dog crate furniture is the best solution for dog lovers who also love stylish home furniture pieces! Before you get one, check out our buying guide first as we’ll teach you how to get the best one for your home and, of course, your dog!

What is dog crate furniture typically made of?

  • Wood - Wooden dog crate furniture can easily blend in regardless of where it’s added into. It can also double as your new side table. If the top is upholstered, you can definitely use it as an ottoman! Cool, right?
  • Wicker - Wicker dog crate furniture has built-in feet, which can elevate dog crates to offer proper ventilation. It can also protect your floors with the removable pan that’s added under the unit’s bottom part to catch debris including chewed up bones. Although it’s not the most durable option, its style makes for an excellent choice for homes with casual décor. It can also be placed on your deck or porch when the weather’s fine.

How to select the right size crate for your pet?

It’s essential for you to get the right size because getting one that’s too big can make your precious pet uncomfortable inside it. It will feel like it’s rattling inside a massive space like any other room in your home. It will also not help you achieve your goal of providing your pet with its personal space. Furthermore, the dog would start doing its business inside the crate furniture because of the massive space.

If you get one that’s too small in relation to your pet’s size, it’s not a good idea either because it can restrict the dog inside. It can also aid depression because your pet won’t be able to turn around, move, sleep or play.

If you have a puppy and it will grow at least 3x its current size when it becomes an adult dog, your best bet is to purchase the crate furniture that can fit its adult size. Because there’s too much space for it while it’s still a pup, just add a partition that’s made of wood or wiring. A partition can be purchased separately, and it’s temporary and removable.

If you already have an adult dog, make it stand on its four paws to get its size. Measure from your dog’s nose to the base of the dog’s tail. Don't measure until the dog tail’s tip as you’ll get the wrong measurements. As soon as you’ve taken the size, add at least 2 inches to the measurement you’ve written down. That's the best length for the crate furniture.

For the width, make your dog sit on its hind legs. Then, measure the distance from the floor to the tip of your dog’s nose when it’s looking up. After that, just add at least 2 inches to the measurement. Pretty simple, right?


Dog crates furniture style 1

An amazing dog crate for indoor use, which will make your beloved pup, or two, very happy. Crafted of natural wood with espresso accents, the crate features a spacious two-door compartment with mesh panels for ventilation, 4 drawers, and a smooth rectangle top.

Pet crate furniture

Cute dog crate built in to the decor! @Mary Kaye by penny

Denhaus dens are dog crates beautiful furniture in one 2

DenHaus Dens are dog crates + beautiful furniture in one.

Dog crate console

dog crate console

White wood dog crate

16 Repurposed Furniture Pieces: Great DIY Ideas For Your Pet's New Home! 4 -

Dog crates that look like furniture

The dog den is often located in the central part of the apartment-it is worth good design and to have many functions,such as a bed and a coffee table.Made of wood in the form of a table,with a dog's nest inside. It is possible to close it with a metal grate.

Modern dog crate

The practical and well-made dog crate in the furniture style makes it a great showcase for every interior design. The Beautiful design perfectly fits in with modern style, and at the same time, it is a perfect place for your pet.

Pretty dog kennels

I love this idea. Will put it in another area though. Not sure where as yet

Dog crates furniture style

Robust construction in classic design makes this dog crates in the shape of furniture - coffee tables or benches are an excellent choice for any interior. Beautiful design makes the whole is elegant and functional, and the size is easy to fit into your pet.

Dog cage table

Small dogs or even cats can be restrained safely in space that not only allows control of pet behavior but also develops a safe place for your pet. The elegant wooden table and legs frame the sturdy pet cage.

Furniture dog crates

Suitable for indoor use; this spacious dog crate is going to make your beloved pup comfy and well-protected. The unit is made of sturdy wood, with a flat base, a door with a metal lock, and hollow sides for ventilation.

Furniture style dog crate

Side table-style dog crate with a removable tray and divider. Product: Dog crate Construction Material: ...

Furniture style indoor dog cage midwest classic collection pet crate

Furniture Style Indoor Dog Cage | Midwest Classic Collection Pet Crate ...

Furniture dog crate

Dog bed in the shape of chest. Construction is made of wood. Dedicated for large sized pets. Neutral and functional design for each home as needed.

Furniture pet crates

Astonishing Wood Dog Crate Furniture Decorating Ideas Images in Garage ...

Dog bed out of old tv

Beautifully crafted wood furniture style beds are a great combination of functional furniture and space for our pets. Attractive design and excellent finish make the dog crates look perfect in the interiors.

It is so important that we use every inch of

It is SO important that we use every inch of our house, otherwise your paying for wasted space. Here is a great way to fit in an office in the space under your stairs. Design by By Design Interiors

Glendale woodworking custom furniture style dog crate

Glendale Woodworking - Custom Furniture Style Dog Crate

Indoor wood dog crate and pet cage

Indoor Wood Dog Crate and Pet Cage

Crate style furniture

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Side table dog bed

Your pet can sleep near you, in truly royal style. You will not even notice that it is there. Pet bed is built into the white night cabinet. Lined with soft, decorative Victorian fabric. With little royal curtains and with ornamental frills.

Dog kennels that look like furniture

Wood Frame and Metal Dog Crate

DenHaus Espresso TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small

Dog furniture crates

20 Wonderful Pieces of Furniture For Pets

Large wood dog crate furniture

Here's a great selection of affordable designer~look end table dog crate furniture styles in wicker, wooden and other decorative dog crates that look like furniture. Decorative dog crates serve as great indoor dog houses to keep your pooch safe and...

Dog crates that look like furniture

An aesthetic contemporary dog crate which can serve as a side table. It's made of wood with a nice finish in mid brown tones. It has a squarish top, walls of black metal wires (with a lattice pattern) in wide wooden frames, a door with a catch.

Furniture pet crate

Wooden dog crates - totally ridiculous but also really pretty

A8b02 img_0035 jpg


Dog crate bench seat

New Age Pet® ecoConcepts™ Habitat 'N Home InnPlace Wooden Dog Crate in Espresso -- Wood dog crate end table -- Mission style end table -- Made from eco-Flex (recycled polymers & wood fibers) -- Latching door -- Built in crate floor -- Moisture r

Large dog crate furniture

DIY Dog Crate with Ana White plans. Say goodbye to ugly dog furniture ...

Nice looking dog crates

Privacy for a dog is its natural law, as his safety is important too- and that the unique dog crate, that provides these two things is not ugly. A wooden gray, bedside table with a wooden dog grating, will allow him to sleep in the middle on a soft cushion.

Dog crates furniture style 2

Stylish dog crate in furniture style is a perfect combination of solid wood construction, gratings, and functionality. The whole can serve as a side table and a place for the dog, and it also looks great inside.

Modern dog crates

Cabinet Re-purposed Into Dog Kennel

End table dog bed

End table/Dog bed

Dog furniture crate

Dog Bed (inspired by Ana White's Farmhouse Doll Bed Plan) - Click 3 Sisters 3 Styles blog link for details

Wood dog crate jpg


Wood dog crate furniture

Killer Kennel Endtable

Furniture style dog crates

Welded and wood dog crate kennel

Dog crate wooden furniture

25 Cool Indoor Dog Houses | Home Design And Interior

Wooden dog crate furniture for your home

Wooden dog crate furniture for your home

Dog crate furniture 18

dog crate furniture

DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

Dogs need comfortable and cosy crates. They just love them, that's a fact. But you don't have to strike compromises with the style just because you're an owner of a lovely pet. Today, dog crates come in plenty of styles and shapes, and the best of them are designed to fit right into your interior design. That's what we've prepared for you here, all the best examples of furniture style dog crates. Before you pick one, it's good to get to know them better, to be able to buy a correct dog crate.

The comfort of your dog comes first. Depending on the breed of your dog, the size of the crate you need varies. An overly small dog crate will make your dog feel uncomfortable, and may even cause injuries. On the other hand, a dog crate that's too big won't be very cosy, and your dog won't be able to feel at home in it. Ideally, it should be big enough for your dog to be able to freely turn around in it, with around 10 inches of free space from each size.

Now, the design of your dog crate is very important. Not only because a dog crate that's cohesive with the rest of your interior design will look good, but also because your dog will like it more if it matches the surroundings. An out of place, mismatched crate can cause unease. You don't want to upset your dog, so pick one that looks like the rest of your place.

All of the dog crates we've prepared for you here are furniture style, which means they resemble ordinary furniture. They come in all imaginable styles, materials and sizes, to make sure everyone can find an appropriate dog crate that will match the design of his house. It doesn't matter if you live in a modern apartment or a cottage-style house in England, we're sure there is at least one appropriate dog crate right here, perfect for your situation!

Another important aspect of the dog crate is its finish. No sharp edges allowed, for obvious reasons. Dog crates have to be polished, safe to use and easy to operate. That's why the opening mechanism is very important. It has to be durable and firm, for times when you'll want to keep your dog locked inside, for example when someone visits you. However, it also has to be easy to open, for safety reasons – for example, in the case of a fire alarm, you have to be able to unlock it instantly. Rest assured, all of the dog crates we've prepared for you are safe and trustworthy, but it's still good to have things like this in mind and double check them.

That covers the topic of furniture style dog crates – now you're more than prepared to pick a dog crate that's both stylish and practical. Go ahead and look around, we're sure that here you'll be able to find a dog crate that will satisfy both you and your dog!