Novelty Dog Beds

Give your pooch somewhere fun to lay and nap the day away in a novelty bed for dogs. They might not think it is super clever, but you will certainly appreciate the look and style of these fun and interesting dog bed options. From beds that look like cars and boats, to campers, and one that even looks like a person's lap, your dog will love vegging out on these dog beds.

Best Products

The pedigreed pet linc dog bed

The pedigreed pet linc dog bed
Dog bed in an elegant form. Frame is made of metal and finished with decorative curved wires. Includes removable pillow covered with fabric. Designed for small and medium sized pets.

Oop dog bed pets sewing pattern novelty

Oop dog bed pets sewing pattern novelty
This picture shows many kinds, sizes and colors of dog beds. These beds are soft, comfortable and safe for animals. Their materials are resistant to dog hair, scratching and other negative factors caused by dogs.

Ultra Plush Headboard French Script Dog Bed

Ultra Plush Headboard French Script Dog Bed
It is an adorable ultra-plush headboard French script dog bed that has got black legs and comfortable seat for your pet. You will be impressed how fantastic this dog bed is.

Shabby chic princess style dogpet bed

Shabby chic princess style dogpet bed
Shabby chic princess style dog/ cat/ pet bed for dollhouse. Novelty and creative, made from distressed wood, covered with cool old school blanket and matress. Ideal for your baby girl to play with her pets.

Novelty cat bed

Haha! what a thing! Best dog bed I have ever seen! This cool novelty dog bed rocks! I'm just speechless to decribe how cool it is! Car/van shaped, even with tiny little car/van wheels is such a perfect spot for your doggy dog!

Novelty dog beds 1

Why not make sure your pet has the comfiest and most relaxing dog bed possible? This piece offers true luxury with its soft and plush structure. It even comes with a charming, squeeky anchor toy and the zip off cover for easier cleaning.

Novelty dog beds 8

Beautiful novelty dog bed designed to look like a luxurious sedan. The piece also offers a unique balance of colors all thanks to its black exterior and white interior. It should be a good fit for any type of décor in your home.

Our advice Buying Guide

What size dog bed should I get?

The size of your dog determines the size of the bed you’ll need to purchase, but the shape and design are down to your preference. To determine the correct bed size, look at the breed of dog and its weight.

A Yorkie or Maltese weighs less than 10 lbs., making the suitable bed a size small. Dogs weighing 30-40 lbs., like a Cocker Spaniel or Shiba Inu, require a medium size bed. Australian Shepherds and small Labradors weigh anywhere from 50-60 lbs. and can comfortably enjoy a large bed. The biggest breeds weighing 70+ lbs., like a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever, will be most comfortable in extra large dog beds.

There is a diverse market of novelty dog beds for smaller breeds where you can shop for creative designs that give your best four-legged pal a cute sleeping space. Choose a racecar bed, a bed styled as a couch, or even a canoe for a fun bed your pet will love.

Are novelty dog beds comfortable?

Novelty dog beds can be comfortable if they have sufficient padding that holds up to wear and tear. It also helps if they have a padded wall around the edge for the dog to lay against.

High-quality padding options include memory foam, orthopedic foam, and dense polypropylene fiber. Avoid lightweight polyester padding, especially for large dogs who are heavy enough to completely compress the padding.

Novelty dog beds sometimes forgo high-quality padding in favor of more design-focused materials rather than practical, but this varies widely. Look at user reviews and see if any of them review the long-term durability of the bed.

How do you wash novelty dog beds?

Novelty dog beds are often machine-washable, but the exact settings depend on the manufacturers’ directions. You may need to remove any foam inserts that are in the bottom or sides of the bed. Wash dog beds separately without any other clothing or fabric, especially if they are filthy or have bright colors that may bleed.

Drying methods vary depending on the type of fabric, but the rugged materials typically used in dog beds are often machine-dryable as well. You may need to tumble-dry the bed on low, mainly if it contains foam or stuffing that cannot be removed.

Some large dog beds recommend spot-cleaning with or without soap. Look for a pet-friendly spray designed to soak stains on furniture for easier removal.


Novelty dog beds 15

Having the cutest form in the world, this sweet cake house constitutes the most adorable novelty dog bed, delighting both the pet and their owners. Its plush form will create the most comfy conditions to rest and regain energy.

Novelty dog beds 17

Let your canine friend sleep in modern luxury thanks to this beautifully constructed novelty dog bed. The piece is designed to look like your average dog kennel and comes in a mix of neutral brown and vibrant pink touches all-round. You also get a heavy-duty mattress inside for your pooch’s comfort.

Novelty dog beds 38

Well-built novelty dog bed that resembles a vintage RV trailer. The piece comes in a stunning silver finish, faux wheels on one side and enough space to accommodate most mid-sized dogs. It also has an inbuilt feeding area for your dog for maximum functionality.

Novelty pet beds

Get this creative novelty dog bed designed to look like a fast sports car. The piece also offers plum padding for comfort and comes in a vibrant red finish that should bring a dash of playful colors into your home. It’s recommended for little dogs too.

Novelty dog beds 25

Highly functional novelty dog bed that delivers a comfy and heavily padded sleeping area and additional storage spaces. The bed is made from wood and comes in a tall design. It’s finished with colorful red touches for outstanding modern appeal. The piece also offers several drawers, shelves, and even a leash hook on the side.

Novelty dog beds 2

An amusing novelty dog bed modelled on a boat. It's thickly padded, lined with soft fabric, covered in durable light brown textured fabric with blue edging. It's equipped with a flag and a red anchor attached to a white rope.

Novelty dog beds 4

Unique novelty dog beds designed to deliver a two-tone finish thanks to its predominant light brown shade with touches of dark blue accents. The bed resembles a canoe and offers a comfortable sleeping area that your pooch will surely enjoy.

Novelty dog beds 33

Novelty Mobile Home Den Bed - Beds, Blankets & Furniture Pet Dens Houses & Beds Posh Puppy Boutique

Novelty dog beds 19

Waffle Bed with Syrup Sheets and Fruit Pillows

Fred and Friends STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper, Black

Novelty dog beds 35

Sniffany & Co Dog Bed | Designer Dog Beds at

My Little Sandbox - Doggie Day Camp Play Set

Etsy find novelty dog bed lets your pet nap in

Etsy find: novelty dog bed lets your pet nap in the lap of luxury

Dog beds boat with anchor toy novelty pet bed

Dog Beds Boat With Anchor Toy Novelty Pet Bed

Novelty dog beds 26

Amazing cool dog bed made from a vintage suitcase!

Pet beds novelty dog bed fun pupppy bed unique doggie

Pet Beds- Novelty Dog Bed, Fun Pupppy Bed, Unique Doggie, Cool, Design ...

Novelty cat beds

A fabulous bed or seat that your little boy will absolutely love. It's in the form of a Ferrari sports car, which is fully made of a soft and fluffy fabric, which makes it a comfortable and safe piece. You can also use it as a dog bed.

Novelty dog beds

Novelty Dog Beds -

New darth vader pet cat dog bed 24x24x14 black novelty

New Darth Vader Pet Cat Dog Bed 24x24x14 Black Novelty bedding decor Sci-Fi

Novelty dog beds 29

Take a Trip to Dreamland Floor Cushion - Woven, Multi, Travel, Better, Novelty Print, Dorm Decor, Exclusives

A dog bed by talisman

A Dog Bed by Talisman

Novelty dog beds 9

doggy suitcase bed<<< this is soo cute!!! U could also use it for like a doll bed or something

Enchanted Home Pet Mattituck Pet Sofa Bed, 34 by 21 by 17-Inch, Beige/Navy

Milton Greens Stars Molly Luxury Dog Bed with Microfiber Mattress, Oak with Brown Mattress

Best Pet Corduroy Tent for Pets, Medium, Beige

Novelty dog beds 7

Home made Dog Bed

Novelty dog beds 31

Chewy Vuiton Designer Novelty Dog Plush Purse Pet Bed New Unique Nice!

Pattern for cat bed

Designer Dog Bed: Now this is why I kind of wanted a girl! Looks just like my baby, but he would look funny in a fru fru house!!

Novelty dog beds 22

Vu Novelty Dog Bed by Opulent Items - The modern design blends right in with your home to keep it hip and stylish. #dogbed #pets #TheStore

Novelty dog beds 32

Novelty Dog Pillow by ThePineappleCatz

Novelty dog beds 18

This would drive Megan crazy! She is addicted to tennis balls!!!!

Home chocolat dog heart bed

Home » Chocolat Dog Heart Bed

Shop post and earn

Shop, Post and Earn

Elagant dog beds unique dog beds luxury dog beds beautiful

Elagant Dog Beds, Unique Dog Beds, Luxury Dog Beds, Beautiful Dog Beds

Cool dog bed dmw novelty designer pet bed small and

Cool Dog Bed DMW Novelty Designer Pet Bed (Small and Large Size)

Hot designer dog cat bed house good quality plastic oval

hot designer dog/cat bed house,good quality plastic oval egg style pet ...

Novelty dog beds 16

Pet Beds Furrari Novelty Dog Bed

Novelty dog beds 6

Luxury,Upcycled, small Dog,Cat, Pet or Doll Bed

Novelty dog beds 12

Dog Pillow Novelty Throw Pillow I'm Sittin' by ThePineappleCatz, $25.00

Novelty dog beds 40

diy kit - make your own dog beds

Original Denim Lounge Pet Sofa

Original Denim Lounge Pet Sofa

K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed, Small 21-Inch by 30-Inch, Blue/Gray

Novelty dog beds 41

Labrador Dog Decor Pillow Cover 18x18 Reversible Throw Accent Cushion, Flips to Dogs or Chevron - Best in Show Dogs Collection on Etsy, $24.00