Wooden Dog Steps

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Having wooden steps for your beloved canine friend can be the perfect way to allow them easy access to the couch or bed. Short-legged breeds, senior dogs, or dogs prone to injuries from jumping can all greatly benefit from using dog steps to get up and down from their favorite spots.

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Updated 30/09/2022
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Three Step Pine Wooden Dog Steps

Three Step Pine Wooden Dog Steps

Tucker Murphy Pet™

This access furniture can be changed from 3-steps to a gentle ramp to suit your dog's preferences. The steps have a 6.3-inch rise, and the overall measurement of the piece is 18" by 21" and 34" high. It's perfect for dogs up to 150 pounds.

Designer Advice:

These stairs are simple but highly versatile. The solid pine construction has each step covered in a non-slip cotton wrap for safety and security. These steps weigh just 12 pounds which lets you set them up for your dog to jump up on the bed and easily fold them away when not being used.

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Elegant and Stylish Wooden Dog Steps

Elegant and Stylish Wooden Dog Steps

Archie & Oscar™

For a more elegant look in your home, these 17" high stairs deliver a classic staircase look. The stairs have a 5.5" rise, making them perfect for even small dogs, and the overall weight is 32 pounds, so you can be sure it's highly stable and won't wobble under your dog's weight.

$236.99 $249.99

Designer Advice:

Available in three wood colors, including cherry, dark walnut, and American oak, these lovely steps with a 15" by 26" footprint add class to any room of your home. The thick carpeting on each step provides complete slip-free security for even timid, senior, or injured dogs for easy and safe use.

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Similar to DIY Dog Steps for Bed Access

Similar to DIY Dog Steps for Bed Access

New Cat Condos

Covered in thick plush carpeting, these steps are perfect for dogs and cats alike. When not used as access stairs by your dog, they can make a wonderful perch for your cat to lounge on. Made from solid wood, these steps measure 20" by 20" square and are 20" high. The overall weight is a sturdy 26 pounds.

$55.77 $67.99

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Deluxe Wooden Dog Steps for Seniors

Deluxe Wooden Dog Steps for Seniors

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Found in measurements of 22" or 25" tall, this hand-crafted pet staircase is perfect for senior dogs having ease of access to sofas, couches, and beds. Made from solid wood, these steps weigh just 17 pounds and have a 5-inch rise between steps, which is accessible for senior dogs and dogs with injuries or arthritis.

$126.99 $184.99

Designer Advice:

Assembly is needed with this staircase, but it is simple, and everything is included. Once assembled, it makes an attractive-looking classic-style staircase for your living room or bedroom. And it can support up to 200 pounds, making it perfectly suitable for small pampered lap dogs and massive spoiled Great Danes.

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Simplistic Folding Wooden Pet Steps

Simplistic Folding Wooden Pet Steps

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Simple to look at yet highly versatile for dogs of all sizes, these solid wood foldable steps can be used by dogs up to 200 pounds. They are 24" high with a 16" by 20" footprint and include four non-slip carpet-covered steps to help your senior or arthritic dog access the sofa or bed to snuggle with their favorite human.

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Wooden Dog Steps

Buying Guide

Wooden dog steps are made to help dogs access large home furniture like couches and beds. If you're a dog owner yourself, then you know exactly why we want our best friends to feel special all the time. We want them to spend time with us as much as possible.

A dog is man's best friend so it’s understandable why the market is currently riddled with wooden dog steps in different heights, sizes, quality, and style. Also, dog steps can be helpful when a dog is still a puppy as it needs to go up and down beds without injuring itself or falling. So, how does a pet owner determine which staircase is the best for a dog? That's what we'll discuss below.

We suggest you choose high-quality pet steps from reputable manufacturers as they test their products whether each of them compensates the pressure a dog exerts when it's ascending and descending beds or elevated places.

The weight of your dog plays a huge role when you're determining the steps appropriate for your furry friend. Steps have limitations in terms of carrying capacity, so you can narrow your search down by checking the ability of products in supporting your dog's weight.

You'd also need to be conscious regarding the materials used in constructing pet staircases. For lightweight, small breed dogs, softwood like pine and redwood are good options for materials. They're also great for arthritic dogs or a pet with joint pain.

For large breed dogs weighing over 100 lbs., softwood won't be able to do the trick as it can't handle the weight of heavier dogs. They also won't inspire confidence in dogs. If you have a large dog, go for dog steps that are made of hardwood as they're denser and more durable.

The key components that need to be paid attention to are the following: the depth of the steps, the width of the steps, and the height of the steps. Each step's height should be approximately 6 to 8 inches. As for each step's depth, most dogs prefer roomy and deep steps as they're easier to climb. Also, dogs are simply afraid of narrow steps. The depth that's right for all sizes of dogs is from 10-12 inches.

Selecting the correct size is key. It's vital that you're knowledgeable about the size of steps fitting for your pet. Otherwise, the steps will just make it physically harder for your Fido to go up and down the stairs. Also, your dog will just jump to access your bed, so you would no longer have any use for the steps. To avoid this costly mistake, do your research and find out the size of pet steps that's appropriate for your dog.

We've done our research and we've found out that the reason why dog steps are returned to sellers is because dog owners don't read the product descriptions that talk about measurements. Some don't take the time to measure their dogs as well. Be a smart buyer and follow all the tips we've mentioned above.

Best Ideas

Cheryl 3 Step Pet Stair

Cheryl 3 Step Pet Stair

This 3-step pet stair is designed to give your small to medium sized pet up to 40 lbs. access to hard to reach areas of your home. There is a built in storage area you can reach through a decorative side door to make this piece functional for you and your pets. The elegant mahogany finish will look beautiful in any living space.

Diy dog stairs

Dog stairs made of wood. It consists of 5 steps. Dedicated to medium sized pets. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Functional design for each home.

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with a Rich Cherry Stain, 24-Inch

Modernity will allow us to help our dog to climb to the bed. These wood tall dog steps have open steps, enriched with non-slip coverings, thanks to which they are more compact and light and take up less space, guaranteeing safety. The wood has a warm hue.

Dog stairs plans

This cleverly designed item shall be a proposition for all dog owners. Made from wicker and wood, it features stairs or a ramp in one, depending on your preferences. A good way to enable your dog to spend the night with you.

Diy dog steps

Cool sturdy pet stairs crafted of thick solid wood with a natural finish. It's constructed of 2 aslant side rails and 2 upright supports with black anti-slip non-marking pads and 3 horizontal steps.

Diy pet steps

Wooden dog steps for high bed. A decent make: wood construction will flawlessly complement a high end bedroom décor, not excluding carefully curated traditional layouts. The steps have white carpet on them.

Folding wood ramp steps w carpet

Folding Wood Ramp-Steps w/ Carpet

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps, Carpeted Tread with Stained Early American, 23-Inch

Hillhouse 3 Step Pet Stair

Hillhouse 3 Step Pet Stair

A stylish 3-step pet stair design, this piece can support up to 100 lbs. It features a little nook for pets to sleep inside of with an 8.25” tall opening. The steps are covered in soft, washable carpet pieces to prevent your pet from slipping. Keep them comfortable in their old age or support them through an injury with this helpful product.

Homemade pet stairs


30 x 36 inch wood pet 7 steps tall bed

30 X 36 Inch Wood Pet 7 Steps Tall Bed Step Stain Choice Any Size Dog Or Cat

How to build a dog ramp over stairs

This wooden 3-step stool will be a functional addition to any interior. Its versatility creates various possibilities of usage. It can be a library step, a bed step stool or a dog staircase for those, who like to spend the nights with their puppies.



Wooden pet stairs

Wooden Pet Stairs

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps, Solid Oak Tread with a Non Slip Surface Stained Early American, 12-Inch

Trixie pet wooden stairs 1

Trixie Pet Wooden Stairs

Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage

Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage

Make your surrondings more pet-friendly with this functional pet stair (3 steps with carpeted surface) but also get some additional storage space - and all that in a choice of different finishes! The stair will hold 200 lbs effortlessly.

Diy pet stairs

Define your space as pet-friendly while not compromising on the interior style. Needless to say, your dog will be happy with convenient steps that make the bed accessible, and you'll be happy with their elegant wood design.

To help your pets get up to higher places with

... to help your pets get up to higher places with wooden pet stairs

How to build portable steps

These wooden stairs will allow your dog to spend the nights with you. Crafted using solid wood veneer steps with a dark zebra wood engineered finish and metallic silver powder coated steel tubing.

Diy dog steps for bed

Easy Vintage Step Stool - Free #plans to #DIY

Loft wooden dog stairs

Loft Wooden Dog Stairs

Premier Pet Steps Non-Slip Pad Dog Steps, 23-Inch

Durable & Practical 23-Inch Non-Slip Pad Dog Steps in Oak Finish provide impressive stability, and stylish design. Crafted from solid red oak wood, the steps can be easily cleaned – all you need is a damp cloth and good furniture polish.

24 tall 16 inch wide wood 5 step dog or

24 Tall 16 inch wide Wood 5 Step Dog Or Cat Pet Stairs Free Shipping