Deck Gates For Pets

To give your pooch some sun and outdoor air, without them getting into your family gatherings or birthday parties, a deck gate designed for pets, is a fantastic investment. They come in a sliding design or hinged, and can be operated even by small children. Come over, give your favorite pup a petting, then return to your barbeque, safe in the knowledge that they are safe, secure, but still within view.

Sliding Deck Gate

Sliding deck gates are best for small spaces where swing-open doors aren’t ideal. They come in wood, plastic, or metal material.

The object of a sliding deck gate for pets is to make sure to buy one that latches. If you own a dog, you’ll want the latching feature to prevent your dog from using its nose to open the gate.

A sliding deck gate is different from a cantilever deck gate. The sliding deck gate is wheel-mounted and slides on a track system, while the cantilever deck gate is a trackless system with rollers hidden behind the fence.

Wooden Sliding Front Porch Gate for Dogs

Wooden Sliding Front Porch Gate for Dogs

You are looking for a deck gate that’s rustic but carries out a particularly important job – keeping your dog where he needs to be. These heavy-duty wooden sliding gates for decks are perfect for home décor matching and keeping your dog on the porch and not in the front yard. The black steel-enforced deck gate rungs prevent it from wearing out too quickly. The included wheels make your porch gate easier to slide from one side to the other without putting strain on the brackets and screws.


White Sliding and Portable Front Porch Gate for Dogs

White Sliding and Portable Front Porch Gate for Dogs

Low maintenance is this portable porch gate’s middle name. No installation is required, simply set it down on your front or back porch and twist the T-handle until the deck gate is secured. You can probably compare this to a baby gate, but they work just as good for your dogs as they do for your kids. Wall-protecting Rubber bumpers outline the sides of this sliding deck gate for dogs. The durable plastic is perfect for outdoor weather and it’s also chewing resistant. 

White Wooden Free standing Sliding Dog Gates for Decks

White Wooden Free standing Sliding Dog Gates for Decks

So, you like the white picket fence deck gate ideas, except you aren’t too thrilled about the vinyl material. Maybe you are looking for a dog deck gate that doesn’t require you to install it, or maybe, you simply can’t stand the swing-open mechanism. Well, these white wooden free-standing sliding gates for decks resolve all these predicaments. The rubber feet prevent your gate from toppling over or slipping off your porch on a rainy day. Elegant wood and sturdy metal make this free-standing sliding porch gate worth your while.

Wood Deck Gate

Wood deck gates are fashionable and effective at keeping your pets in or out of places. Many of these gates are made with a simple wood design but for more finesse, you can purchase a wood sliding deck gate with a beautiful decorative lattice.

Wood deck gates are best for pets that aren’t prone to scratching or chewing. The best hardwood grain to prevent dents, scratches, and chew marks is white oak or hickory.

For a modern appearance, you can choose a white-painted wood deck gate with an elegant vertical picket column. For a rustic antique mix, choose a horizontal wooden outlined gate with metal or iron vertical pickets. 

Metal enforced Honey Oak Wood Deck Gate for Dogs

Metal enforced Honey Oak Wood Deck Gate for Dogs

These porch gates serve a purpose while remaining stylish. The warm wood coloring will match your front or back porch nicely. The swing open door is manufactured wider than most outdoor dog gates for decks. Auto close is a nice feature to have and it prevents your pooch from treading on your heels. You get to choose between a stairway installation or no drill doorway installation. Your terrier won’t be hopping out of this one!


Free standing Wood Dog Gate for Porch

Free standing Wood Dog Gate for Porch

You don’t want to drill holes and install a porch gate for dogs. For one, that’s a lot of work, and two, you rent the place and you’re sure the homeowners won’t appreciate it. Free-standing wood dog gates for decks are a perfect option for you. They are temporary, portable, and you won’t get your you-know-what handed to you. No tools are needed for these minimal yet chic dog gates for porches. Free-standing gates are the easiest of all porch gates. Simply sit them down and you’re done.


Easy Sliding Wood Gate for Deck Stairs

Easy Sliding Wood Gate for Deck Stairs

Some people are lucky with only one step down to get off their porches or decks. For you, you can’t say the same. You have several stairs before reaching the grass and you don’t want to risk you or your pet falling. This easy to slide wood porch gate for dogs bypasses the swing open gates making them safer for you and Marley. The one-hand release handle makes it easier to open the porch gate with Marley’s leash in your other hand. For cleaning, dampen a cloth or sponge and wipe it down.

$55.76 $75.99

Vinyl Deck Gate

Vinyl deck gates are easy to clean and maintain, and they are usually a cheaper price compared to wood or metal deck gates. They add a nice touch to a minimalist home décor style.

These gates come with vertical or horizontal pickets and operate with a swinging or sliding gate mechanism. White vinyl deck gates also hide drool from dogs a lot better than a dark wood deck gate.

You can find some with wider pickets to prevent your dog from seeing and barking at neighbors, or your cat from escaping through the gate. If you can’t find wider or solid deck gates, then just add vinyl netting to them. 

White Picket Vinyl Gates for Decks

White Picket Vinyl Gates for Decks

There’s something elegant about a white picket fence. Sure, they bring some history, but they also look classy and are super easy to clean. Whether you need a front porch dog gate or just a porch gate for added privacy, these come with style. The black crisscross hardware feels bold against this white vinyl deck gate. They are exceptionally resistant to harsh environments. White vinyl picket porch gates are weather-resistant, water-resistant, UV-resistant, stain-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Now that’s a heavy-duty vinyl deck gate if you’ve ever seen one!


U designed White Cottage Picket Vinyl Front Porch Gate

U designed White Cottage Picket Vinyl Front Porch Gate

The deck gate you need must be easy to operate and super easy to maintain. You don’t get around as much as you use to, but it happens to all of us. This U-designed white picket vinyl patio gate works wonderfully for both you and your Shih Tzu, Coco. Unlike wooden dog gates for decks, vinyl porch gates don’t splinter, rot, or need repainting. Your life got that much easier. No more back-breaking hot summer paint jobs for you. 


Wide Vinyl Picket Gate for Deck Stairs

Wide Vinyl Picket Gate for Deck Stairs

Your miniature dachshund is an escape artist. She seems to squeeze through every front porch dog gate to say hello to the mailman. With this wide vinyl picket front porch dog gate, there’s no need to fret about Ninja Millie making her way to the road. These deck gates are UV-resistant and weather-resistant. It’s easy to wipe off your dog’s dirty paw marks with the vinyl porch gate material. Simply spray your wide vinyl porch gate with a hose and be on your way.


Metal Deck Gate

Metal deck gates are heavier duty compared to wood and vinyl deck gates. They are easy to clean and maintain like vinyl deck gates, but they are pricier.

The main concern with metal deck gates is the exposure to outdoor elements that cause rusting. You will want to make sure the metal deck gate is already coated or add your paint, sealant, wax, or coating to prevent your metal from rusting.

You can find some metal deck gates that sit just above the deck flooring to prevent a smaller pet, like a guinea pig or rabbit, from fleeing. These gates can fold in, swing open, or slide open. 

Strong Metal Dog Gate for Deck Stairs

Strong Metal Dog Gate for Deck Stairs

How many times have you found Betsy down on your lawn? She escaped again through that flimsy retractable gate! With these strong metal outdoor dog gates for decks, you won’t have to worry about Betsy running rampant in your yard. They are fire and water-resistant, with a latch even the smartest pets can’t figure out. The optional stop bracket prevents your porch gate from swinging over the stairway. With no springs attached, You can leave it open for when you do want Betsy on the lawn. Finally, a win for you and Betsy.

$87 $102.95

Tall Metal Outdoor Deck Gate for Dogs

Tall Metal Outdoor Deck Gate for Dogs

You’ve had it! That golden retriever of yours jumped into your pool, once again. You need a taller porch gate to keep Frankie out of the pool. These tall 5-ft high metal deck gates for dogs will surely keep Frankie’s fluffy hair from clogging up your skimmer basket. These remarkable metal porch gates are spring-loaded, so your pets can follow you in. The rust-resistant hardware prevents your deck gate from sounding like that awful creaking noise you hear in horror movies.

Decorative Metal Dog Gate for Front Porch

Decorative Metal Dog Gate for Front Porch

Do all metal dog gates have to look so bland? No. This decorative metal porch gate for dogs can easily blend with your modern design style because of its sweet geometric patterns carved on the gate door. You can easily open them with one hand when your arms are filled with heavy groceries, your purse, a baby, and your car keys! The auto-close feature makes sure your front porch gate closes securely behind you. Skippy isn’t leaving that front porch without your permission. Skippy isn’t skipping town today!

$49.63 $59.99

Retractable Deck Gate

An affordable and trendy option for a pet gate is the retractable deck gate. They are also used in apartments and condos where people lease since they aren’t as permanent as wood or metal gates.

Retractable deck gates can be 34 to 38 inches tall and 52 to 72 inches long. These tall gates are claw and scratch-resistant, making them a fantastic option for cat owners.

They can be opened and closed with one hand and can be combined with a vinyl gate easily. Don’t go with a standard mesh or soft fabric gate with pets. The best materials for pets are tough vinyl, polyethylene, stainless steel, or high-quality mesh.

White Mesh Retractable Deck Gates for Pets

White Mesh Retractable Deck Gates for Pets

You’re looking for an easy solution to keep your dog on your front porch and off your grass, but you don’t want to install a heavy-duty deck gate. This white mesh retractable porch gate for dogs is an excellent solution to all your problems. Extremely portable and great for stairs these retractable porch gates are wall-mounted and super simple to install. With this retractable deck dog gate, you’re not having to do some weird dance to get around it. Easily latch it to one side and slide it to the other side.

Tall Mesh Retractable Porch Gate for Dogs

Tall Mesh Retractable Porch Gate for Dogs

Okay, so your dog is a little taller than some dogs. You’re looking for simple porch gates to keep Max where he should be – behind the front porch gate! These tall mesh retractable deck gates for dogs give you an extra two and a half feet compared to the average retractable porch gate. To open your gate swiftly push, twist, and hit the release button. This deck gate for dogs is light enough to open with one hand. Hopefully, this time Mr. Maxwell will stay put!

$49.89 $62.99

Sturdy Retractable Outdoor Deck Gate for Dogs

Sturdy Retractable Outdoor Deck Gate for Dogs

Most retractable porch gates are made with just plastic, but this deck gate is made with plastic and metal. Can you believe these gates even have a locking mechanism?! After you push, twist, and press the release button, you can easily extend the porch gate to the other side. When you release the handle your retractable deck gate will automatically lock. What’s super neat about this one is it’s UV and claw resistant. If you’ve got a scratcher, dog, or cat, these tough retractable mesh deck gates for pets, are one fantastic idea.

$60.63 $74.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Making sure that your pets don't turn into successful escape artists can be an extremely difficult task. But, that problem can easily be solved with deck gates for pets. Regardless of what your intentions are for using a deck gate for pets, there are a few things you need to take into account.

What are the benefits of deck gates for pets?

They are useful pieces of equipment if you have pets that have a full run of your home. A deck gate will give your puppy a safe area to play in and give an adult dog a place for it to retreat. It can also come in handy when you want your dog to stay out of the way of workmen or guests.More importantly, when you're out, a deck gate for pets will give your precious dog more freedom to roam compared to a crate. You can also separate multiple pets or a toddler from your overly energetic pup.

What types of deck gates for pets are there?

  • Easy Close Deck Gate - This one is made of metal that has a locking system with one-hand operation. No assembly is required for this type of dog deck gate.
  • Freestanding Pet Gate - This one is best used to contain smaller pets. It has side panels and rubber feet to prevent the product from slipping. Because of its low height, you can easily step over it.
  • Walk-Through Deck Gate with a Pet Door - This is the specific type that lets smaller pets in a specific area without having to take out the gate while ensuring larger dogs stay put. Its pressure-mount system and heavy-duty steel are chew-proof and non-toxic.

What things to consider when shopping for a deck gate?

  • The Size of Your Pet. The deck gate for pets that's ideal for you to use is one that’s tall enough. You would want to ensure that the dog can't jump over it easily. Obviously, you'd need a much taller gate to contain a Great Dane than a Shih-Tzu or Chihuahua.
  • Material. If your dog is a champion chewer, you must avoid deck gates for pets made of plastic, wood, or a combination of these materials. What we recommend is that you stick to metal deck gates, which are resistant to the sharp and strong teeth of dogs.
  • Portability. Would you want the deck gate of your pet to be portable so you can bring it with you when you travel? If so, then your best bet would be a freestanding gate.
  • Operational Ease. If you have kids that must be separated from dogs, then you need a deck gate for pets that can't be latched and unlatched easily. Otherwise, you can opt for one that can be operated with one hand.
  • Installation. For a canine Houdini, you would need a vertical gate that can be installed permanently. If you are handy, install it at an inward angle. This way, it’ll be harder for your pet to climb.

To keep your pets safely on your deck, select the dog deck gate that will withstand harsh outdoor elements. Also, make sure it latches shut, so your pet can't push it whenever something on the other side catches its eye.


Folding 3 Panel Wood Free Standing Pet Gate

Folding 3 Panel Wood Free Standing Pet Gate
An effortless and stylish way to maintain control over your home, this freestanding pet gate has three separate folding sections that measure almost 16” each. The entire gate folds down flat for easy storage and travel, and it looks great in contemporary or classic decors.

Pool deck traditional patio indianapolis

Pool deck traditional patio indianapolis
Dog gate designed for freestanding houses. Construction is made of wood. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Ideal solution for porch.

Deck gates for pets 1

This front porch gate offers a childproof design and will ensure that your kids are always safe and secure and can just play with their favorite toys, while you relax. It sports a design that will also keep any pets out of your garden.

Front porch gate

Making sure your pets don't escape can be a hard task, but not anymore with this wooden deck gate. Durable, metal bars provide maximum security. The wooden finish and proper lock guarantee quality and reliability.

Deck gates for pets

The wooden sliding gate for the deck is perfect if you've got small children or pets. It's safe and solid and it fits perfectly to any style and decor around. You will be impressed how nicely finished this product is.

Deck gates for pets 2

Self closing gate designed for porch. It is made of wood and consists of vertically arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for large and medium sized pets.

Wooden deck gates

Sliding gate on wheels, constructed from reclaimed wood (can be painted, I guess) with diagonal grate centre panel and a block handle. Can work as a sectional panel for front porch or patio, when one wants to e.g. keep pets away.

Deck gate designs wood

Minimalistic sliding gate. It is made of oak, bright wood and has classic, but stylish pattern. It can be very good deck gate for pets (especially dogs), but of course you can used it your fence or in terrace enclosure.

Deck gate

Deck gate

This would actually blend in with my deck and serve

This would actually blend in with my deck and serve for future baby gate ;)

Outdoor dog gates

Outdoor gate that provides safety to children and animals. It is made of durable and attractive material finished in white color. It includes vertical slats with a simple, classic construction based on straight lines.

Gate for deck

A practical solution, particularly for dog owners. This IKEA Vika Furuskog swing gate is a good solution if you want your dogs to enjoy the outdoors without getting their paws dirty in the backyard.

Expanding Wooden Fence

Deck gates

This solidly made and very functional sliding dog gate is a wood construction that will perfectly protect the passage. Stylish form and warm shade make it look elegant. Easy to fold and fold, it is also easy to store.

Porch gate for dogs

This element of outdoor equipment is a special porch gate for dogs. It protects different areas from dogs and decorates any porch thanks to its neutral white color and simple construction based on vertical slats.

Make a rolling gate for your porch hometalk

Make a Rolling Gate for Your Porch :: Hometalk

Pet door for the deck pet policy call deposit 0

pet door for the deck | Pet Policy Call Deposit $0 DESCRIPTION • Outdoor Pool with Sundeck ...

Deck gates for pet 1

deck gates for pet

Outdoor dog gate

This element of house equipment is a solid wooden gate that can be used instead of doors. It protects some areas from children or dogs. Each gate includes solid wooden vertical slats and durable metal hardware elements.

Wooden porch gates

Interesting and clever project for a DIY child-proofing on a cozy front porch of a house. The front porch is fitted with a handmade gate made out of birch wood with no coat of paint, making sure no kid will wander off.

How to build a gate for a deck

Not only does this deck gate add to the over-all appearance of this deck, but it is also great for keeping in little ones or pets.

Outdoor pet gate

If you don't want your pets to gallop through your entire house, you can always install this sliding barn doors. The door is crafted from a lattice panel embedded in the wooden frame. Easy to set and operate.

89 99 stairway special outdoor gate

$89.99 Stairway Special Outdoor Gate

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