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If you’re a cat owner, you know that your pets need plenty of movement and stimulation to be happy and healthy. Cats are clever, playful, and agile; they love to climb and explore. However, you also need to protect your cats from outdoor risks like wild animals, diseases, and vehicles. A cat playpen is the perfect solution to keep your pet safe and happy. Here are the best playpens for cats, with everything you need to stimulate their curiosity or help them relax.

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Updated 12/04/2022
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Two story Cat Playpen

Two story Cat Playpen

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The fully enclosed design

What we don’t like: Only suitable for smaller cat breeds

Not so great for: Small backyards; yards with asphalt, concrete, or stone ground covering

Perfect for: Protection against feral predators

This spacious two-story cat playpen will provide your beloved pet with hours of fun while offering them ample protection against the risks of free-roaming. The waterproof asphalt roof ensures your cat can enjoy their play space, even in inclement weather, and the solid wood structure is reinforced at the corners for long-lasting durability.

With multiple platforms for jumping and climbing and two cubbies for taking naps, this is the ideal playpen for a pair of adult cats to spend lazy days together. 

$429.99 $579.99

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Portable Cat Playpen

Portable Cat Playpen


What we like: Comes with a free bonus carry case

What we don’t like: Only available in two shades

Not so great for: Leaving out overnight; it’s light enough to blow away

Perfect for: Indoor and outdoor use

This conveniently portable cat playpen is the perfect choice for people on the go. Made from 600 deniers Oxford cloth with reinforced seams, this spacious eight-sided playpen is lightweight and durable. It’s also 100% washable, meaning you can transition easily between the great outdoors and the living room floor.

Featuring water-resistant material and breathable mesh panels, this is a great playpen for including your cat in the fun on days out camping or by the sea.

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Cat Playpen With Litter Box

Cat Playpen With Litter Box

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The sleek minimalist design

What we don’t like: Requires assembly

Not so great for: Small spaces or low ceilings

Perfect for: Accommodating multiple cats

This stylish and modern cat cage playpen will delight you and your pet. With two levels of platforms, a comfy hammock, and two metal ladders included, even the most energetic cats will be stimulated for hours. This deluxe cat playpen features litter box space incorporated at the bottom and a removable storage drawer for toys and treats. It also features two large doors, making it easy for you and your kitties to access.

Standing at an impressive 52.3” high, this playpen has space for up to three cats to run, jump, and lounge.

$206.99 $229.99

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Playpen for Cats With Wheels

Playpen for Cats With Wheels

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The 360° rotating wheels, for maximum maneuverability

What we don’t like: Limited color palette; only available in pink

Not so great for: Uneven or slanted surfaces like driveways

Perfect for: Storing when not in use; it’s fully foldable

This playpen for cats with wheels will add a playful splash of color to your home. Suitable for both the house and yard, this playpen is mounted on a set of fully rotating wheels, making moving it a breeze. Your cat will be safe inside this cage’s high-quality metal mesh walls while you enjoy watching it explore four tiers of fun. As a bonus, this playpen also features a removable slide-out litter tray for easy clean-up.

With two adjustable metal platforms, two ladders, and a large hammock, your cat can climb, swing, and play all day long.

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Large Cat Playpen With Tower

Large Cat Playpen With Tower

Kittywalk Systems

What we like: The attachable tower

What we don’t like: Only has one door

Not so great for: Using in inclement weather

Perfect for: Cats who love to run

Your cat will feel like royalty in this incredible cat playpen with a tower. Boasting a circular mesh tunnel 86” in length, the clever design of this playpen allows your kitty to run without interruption for as long as they please. With its cheerful striped roof, the covered two-story tower can be added or removed from the tunnel and is 60” tall, making it an excellent addition for cats who love to climb.

The generous 70” width allows up to three large cats to race around this tunnel-and-tower playpen.


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Expandable Cat Playpen

Expandable Cat Playpen

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The transparent walls won’t clash with your decor

What we don’t like: No roof to prevent cats from jumping out

Not so great for: Large or active cats

Perfect for: Smaller breeds and kittens

This expandable kitten playpen is crafted from 12 individual plastic panels, which you can configure to suit any room or yard layout. The transparent, acrylic material allows complete visibility of your adorable cat as they play. An upgraded version of this model includes a set of anti-slip pads to protect your floors and cable ties, allowing you to create doors that open and close.

This flexible cat playpen is easy and quick to assemble and expands to an impressive 20 ft².

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Cat Playpen Tent

Cat Playpen Tent

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Easy tool-free assembly

What we don’t like: Too large for indoor use

Not so great for: Offering protection against outdoor predators

Perfect for: Bringing to the park

This handy mesh tent and tunnel combo is an excellent option for bringing your cat out for a sunny day in the park or the countryside. Both components are lightweight and sturdy and only take seconds to put together. The black mesh material provides shade and sun protection, while the tunnel adds extra length for your pet to prowl in.

Thanks to an automatic assembly mechanism, you won’t waste any time with poles, and the tent secures to the ground using standard tent pegs to prevent movement from sudden gusts of wind. 

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Solid Wood Playpen for Kittens

Solid Wood Playpen for Kittens

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Solid wood construction

What we don’t like: Assembly tools not included

Not so great for: Small backyards or stony ground

Perfect for: Overnight catnaps

This beautiful fir wood kitten playpen with roof will make a picturesque addition to any yard. Its durable model is both water and rust-resistant, ideal as a permanent installation in your yard. Your kitten will have two different stories to explore, in addition to an outdoor area protected by wire mesh. This kitten playpen is safe enough for your cat to spend the night in.

A secure and cozy wooden cabin with two sealable windows is the finishing touch on this gorgeous model.

$560 $631.98

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Outdoor Cat Playpen and House

Outdoor Cat Playpen and House

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The waterproof roof

What we don’t like: Accessible to stray animals when outdoors

Not so great for: Homes in areas with abundant wildlife

Perfect for: Rainy days

This short and sturdy outdoor cat house is perfect for smaller spaces, both indoors and out. With four points of entry and two balconies, your cat will enjoy plenty of opportunities for jumping and climbing. Meanwhile, the easy to open top door will give you hassle-free access for cleaning.

Made of cedarwood, with elegant white trim and carved balconies, this playpen is ideal for your fashionable feline.

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Plastic Cat Playpen for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Plastic Cat Playpen for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: The soft flannel material

What we don’t like: Only fits one cat

Not so great for: Active cats

Perfect for: Comfortable napping

This cat playpen can be used indoors and outdoors and comes with a cat tunnel and an extra cushion. Your cat will love hiding away in its inviting flannel interior for some peace and quiet. The detailing on this model includes lace trimming, dangling beads, and a mouse toy.

The lightweight plastic frame of this cat playpen makes it easy to transport, while the fully removable cover is simple to clean. This is the ideal low-maintenance cat playpen.

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Playpen For Cats

Buying Guide

Most cats need a playpen as it’s the perfect space to play and potentially run around but without putting themselves at risk. This is especially a great solution if you live in a city or a busy area and don’t feel comfortable letting your cats out on their own.

Depending on your available space, you can find playpens for cats that are intended for indoor or outdoor use. A handy compromise is to place one on your balcony.

When you leave it outside, a playpen for cats also allows them to enjoy some sunlight and fresh air but in a manageable and confined space that doesn’t put them in danger.

Choosing the right type of playpen for your cat will ensure that he is occupied and having fun for hours on end.

Before investing in a playpen, some points to consider are the size since it should be big enough for your cat to move around freely without feeling cramped.

Some playpens are made from mesh, while others are more permanent and made from metal. Irrespective of the material, safety features are not negotiable, and neither is comfort.

The best materials for your playpen for cats will be comfortable for your little furry friends and keep them safe as well. Mesh is often the number one choice for cats' playpens since they are durable, safe, and long-lasting.

Before purchasing your playpen for cats, have a look at the quality of the mesh, and if you believe that you could damage it with your hands, then it is highly likely that your cat will too. The strength and the durability of the mesh are imperative.

If you plan on keeping the playpen outside or alternating between indoors and outdoors, then it should have a water-resistant material as well.

Best Ideas

Cat Run Playpen

Cat Run Playpen

A very attractive construction for institutions that want to assure safety for cats. This cat run is also good for private owners. It is made of solid materials that are safe for cats. It also includes a solid mesh in its outside area.

Cat Cage/Playpen

Cat Cage/Playpen

A foldable, caged playpen equipped inside with three large plastic shelves covered with brown mat. It has four lockable, removable wheels and two doors with a safe latch closure. It was designed to create a peaceful environment for up to three cats.

Premium Cat Home

Premium Cat Home

Cat Condo Crate

Cat Condo Crate

Creating a protective shelter for rescued and injured cats was the main reason standing behind the creation of this functional cat condo. It features rolling 1.5" casters for easy mobility, 2 plastic shelves and of course plenty of play space.

Puppy pen petsmart

Stunning playpen for cats designed using strong weather-resistant materials. The playpen comes with a foldable design, making it easily portable for people on the go. It’s also relatively large, giving your kitty enough room to jump around and play. The playpen can also be used for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Cat pen in pink is ideal for confining kittens and

Cat Pen In Pink is ideal for confining kittens and senior cats who might have mobility issues or recently had surgery.

Playpen for cats 15

The play pen for the cats. In my humble opinion the cats should be kept free at home without any cages. But sometimes, when there is any real chance to do it safety, the big one could be a solution for them.

Playpen for animals

Large playpen for smaller dogs with a beautiful wooden enclosure. The piece is designed for large open floor plan homes but can also work in homes with large living areas. It’s easy to install and should keep your pooches safe all day.

3 Story Cat House

3 Story Cat House

It is a fantastic cat house that has got a sky blue and white color, solid wood construction and is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. This product is nicely finished and high quality.

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Playpen for cats 2

That is something that can help in difficult situations with your cat friend.Playpen for cats, provides your pet with a cozy space to escape to when they get stressed out,or need they own space.This one has a red and beige shades, seems to be a cat space ship.

Pet pens for cats


72 x 48 pet playpen w door cover keeps pets

72″ x 48″ Pet Playpen W/Door & Cover Keeps pets cool ,Lightweight and portable Easy to setup and no tools required Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use Sturdy steel frame to give the most strength ,One panel has a door for easy in and out for the p

Gazebo Outdoor Pet Playpen

Gazebo Outdoor Pet Playpen

I plan to take this soft side outdoor pet exercise

I plan to take this Soft Side Outdoor Pet Exercise Pen to my sisters to keep peace between the animals!

Playpens for cats

One for Pets Fabric Pet Playpen

Playpen for cats 3

Playpen for cats and small pets. This is where Misti sleeps at night. Keeps her out of my bed. Its big enough to hold a small covered litter box.

Playpen for cats

The Midwest Home for Pets designed and made an inexpensive playpen for cat owners who are looking for the very best playpen for their cats.This is a cat playpen that will hold several cats and their supplies. Price $133.62

Pet Playpen - Best Pet Folding Playpen - Great Kennel For Dogs & Cats - Easily Sets Up & Folds Down & Space Free - 1 Year Guarantee

Cat playpens

A really amazing choice for keeping your indoor kitties safe and sound and letting them discover the outdoors at the same time. It is great for use in your yard or on your deck or balcony and provides 30 square feet of safety.

Dog playpen petsmart

I want this for my three little ferrets! completely enclosed top and bottom. they would have such a blast!

Playpen for cats 6

$30 for the large size Take a look at this Pet Play Pen by Etna Products on #zulily today!

Play pen for kittens

$39 Pet Dog Playpen Foldable 36" Metal Wire 8 Panels Puppy Playpen Exercise for Dogs, Cats, Rabbit and Guinea Pig

3-Tier Wire Cat Cage

3-Tier Wire Cat Cage