Large Litter Box Furniture

Cats crave privacy when they wish to do their business. They can be particular like that. So give them the option for privacy with these large litter box furniture pieces. The litter is stored inside, and a little pre-cut hole in the side gives your cat access to get to it. Their happy, your happy, and those litter box smells are contained. Take a look at all the options in this collection.

Best Products

New Large Kat Litter Kabinet Litter Odor

New Large Kat Litter Kabinet Litter Odor
Suitable for indoor use, this fine litter box furniture is crafted of durable wood and covered in distressed finish. The inside is spacious enough for your cat to have a comfortable alone time, entering the litter box through the cut-out hole for easy access.

Large odor free custom hand made in usa

Large odor free custom hand made in usa
This wooden hand-made litter box is piece of furniture, designed to make cat owners live easier. It's practical and stylish at the same time, freeing you from the unpleasant smells and delight your sense of esthetics as well.

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter
Great idea for modern people - dual use cabinet designed in mid century modern style. Can be used as a place to sleep or play for your modern pet, but also can fit perfectly to your room decor as a cabinet.

New large kat litter kabinet litter odor

New large kat litter kabinet litter odor
If you're the owner of a cat and dog, you need to get this DIY dog proof litter box. It is a type of an elegant chest made of solid, dark wood. It will keep the odor inside and it will keep your dog outside.

Large Litter Box Hider

Large Litter Box Hider
This comprehensive cat litter box is also a stylish end table. Solidly made of robust and works well in many ways. The chrome frame and solid construction of wood gives it an elegant dimension.

The Refined Litter Box

The Refined Litter Box
A litter box that will prove to be both sturdy and functional, including the hinged doors and the sliding tray, perfect for removing the litter, while the top storage drawer ensures you have enough space to use to your liking.

Raised Panel Litter Box Concealment Cabinet

Raised Panel Litter Box Concealment Cabinet
This cozy litter box is a wonderful solution for homes in which they live animals. Cute wooden finish and subtle details make it look really nice and still fulfills its capability. Your cat will be happy about it.

Our advice Buying Guide

What many don't realize is that there are cabinets that are actually large litter box furniture pieces for your cats. While some may find this odd, others look at these furnishings as commonplace. For those who have indoor cats, the idea of providing places from them to "do their business" isn't out of the question. Some cats and their owners don't care about if their litter boxes are out in the open. On the other hand, others would prefer they were disclosed entirely, and no one knew they existed. We're going to go over the many options regarding large litter box furniture for your cats.

What Are the Most Common Types of Litter Box Furniture?

Litter Boxes as End or Corner Tables

It isn't uncommon for cat owners to share smaller homes or apartments with their cats. Therefore, they must become creative with where they keep the litter box especially if they'd rather not have them in the kitchen or bathroom. Cabinets that appear to be end tables are not only a convenient option, but they're also tidy.

Litter Boxes as Bathroom Benches

Because space is often constrained in the bathroom, the litter box becoming a bathroom bench is an optimal solution. Not only does it conceal the litter box, but it also serves as a bench next to the shower or bathtub. These kinds of benches also work well in hallways and entryways where benches are necessary for putting on or taking off shoes.

Litter Boxes as Cabinetry

These kinds of cabinets feature drawers on top, a swing out door to access the litter box and a small door for your cat to walk through on the side. Other options include cabinets that are designed specifically for the cat and feature cut-out designs of a cat paw print or other features like a cat litter catcher at the bottom when they walk out.

What Are the Common Styles of Large Litter Box Furniture?

When you’re shopping for these pieces of furniture, you’ll find that they’re available in a myriad of styles, colors, finishes, and materials. Therefore, depending on the design theme you’re working with, your choices are going to be broad. Here are some examples:

  • Modern Contemporary: these pieces are often made from wood, feature clean lines, and minimalistic designs. Common colors include white and neutral tones.
  • Country Rustic: these pieces feature distresses paint colors in subtle or weathered tones. The lines are sloping and feature wood or metal materials.
  • Traditional: these pieces feature timeless designs featuring ornamental detailing reminiscent of yesteryear. Typical materials are hardwoods mixed with metal accents.

What's The Average Cost for a Large Litter Box Furniture Piece?

Depending on the size, style, and materials you're going to select for this furniture piece, you'll find prices are going to vary. For example, you can find a contemporary style bench large litter box furniture piece for just over $100.00. If you would like to pick a cabinet style that's modern contemporary, you can find them ranging in price from under $80.00 to just under $200.00.


Pet Cat Hidden Litter Kitty Furniture Kitten Filter Vent Large Bed Puppy Dog Use

Pet Cat Hidden Litter Kitty Furniture Kitten Filter Vent Large Bed Puppy Dog Use
Hidden kitty litter box in a big flower pot. The big "pot" could contain also the really fat tomcat. The good filter could cover the unpleasant smell of the litterbox and the well-designed pot eliminates omnipresent cat grit.

Enclosure Cat Litter Box

Enclosure Cat Litter Box
Cozy and very cute Litter Box Enclosure – a perfect litter box for your kitty. The litter box has a handy lid for quick cleaning, and an enter hole for a cat. The fabric is water resistant, construction is made from lasting wood, and the box also minimizes the odors.

Cat litter box covers furniture 3

Cat litter box for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of wood and fitted with convenient flap. Neutral addition for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cat litter bench

The small bench/box is a cleverly hidden litter box for a cat. Simple wooden construction creates a unique combination, which makes the whole tasteful and functional. Ideal furniture for any decor.

Large litter box furniture

Large size litter box furniture is a combination of the discreet corner for pets and plays areas. The whole is beautifully done is stylish and elegant and great for the decor. Shelves with rest and playful elements are captivating.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 1

Stained with a natural wood colour, this classic cabinet is a smooth construction, concealing a litter box inside. Ideal for all cat owners, who want to make sure, that all unpleasant stories won't see the daylight.

Large litter box furniture

A capacious litter box for indoor use, designed of a repurposed storage bench. The whole structure is crafted of sturdy wood, featuring a lattice design for ventilation and a hinged lift-up lid for easy access. Also includes a few metal shelves, a litter box, a place for storing a bag with litter, and a cut-out hole for entrance.

Large litter box furniture 1

... door cut out for the cat to enter, and pull out the pan for cleaning

Litter box end table

Thanks to this cat litter box your house will be odor-free and improved with a stylish piece of white-finished wood. The box comes with a hinged lift-up lid, 2 inside compartments, a cutout hole on one side for easy access for your cat.

Large litter box furniture

Unique solution dedicated to a house with two or more cats - it is a two entrances litter box cabinet. Because of the size of this cabinet, it ships in two sections and must be screwed together to form a single unit.

Large litter box furniture pdf plans metal furniture designs

Large Litter Box Furniture PDF Plans metal furniture designs

Looking for an extra large cat litter box that is

Looking for an Extra Large Cat Litter Box that is easy to clean & eliminates that messy litter scatter? > $100 opening: 6" off ground, 7"wide, 7.5" tall; 23"D x 14"W x 17.5"H

Kitty litter end table

Ikea hack for the litter box. Ikea doesn't seem to offer that particular storage chest anymore, but I'm sure there's something similar out there somewhere.

Dog proof cat litter box furniture

Modern Cat Designs Large Litter Box Hider

Large cat litter box

Large and very functional litter box furniture is a perfect combination of solid construction and impressive appearance. Formed from a plastic box, it is neutral in design, yet easy to keep clean.

Cat litter box cabinet

Durable and eye-catchy, this elegant kitty litter box is designed for indoor use and covered in a beautifully distressed cherry finish. Wood-made, the unit includes 3 steps and cut-out entrance for easy access, 2 doors with decorative metal pulls, and small shelves inside that keep the litter box firmly in place.

Extra large litter boxes

Litter box cabinet (doors open for cleaning access and cat door is in the side)

Diy cat litter box cabinet

An aesthetic large contemporary cat washstand and bathroom bench in one of white-finished wooden materials. It has a rectangular top with raised edges, low feet, a cutout entry in a side wall, 2 doors with an upright slatted pattern and cutout grips.

Hidy tidy litter box furniture patented pan edge design 2

Hidy Tidy Litter Box Furniture - Patented Pan Edge Design

Extra large litter pan

great idea for a litter box you have to put somewhere you couldn't otherwise hide

Table litter box

Large Litter Pan Cover Hide the litter box in plain sight! Now you can put the litter pan in almost any room! This handsome resin wicker cover blends into the décor while keeping kitty’s litter pan out of sight.

Large litter box furniture

... cabinet - end table - nightstand conceals dog bed or cat litter box

End table cat litter box

Cat litter box made of wood. It is fitted with additional shelf for storing needed items. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cat tower and litter box furniture presented at the nyc

Cat Tower and Litter Box Furniture presented at the NYC Pet Show

Townhaus designer wood pet crate finish espresso size large 00736211563767

TownHaus Designer Wood Pet Crate - Finish: Espresso, Size: Large (00736211563767) HWH1034: Features: -Available in Espresso and Mahogany-Antique brass hardware-Well-ventilated environment-Perfect den for dogs or cats to sleep in or to hide a litter box-Re

Extra large cat litter box

Large element of equipment for small animals like cats. This litter box is made of solid recycled materials that protect from bad smell. These materials are also resistant to different negative conditions.

Perfect for your bathroom laundry room or den this litter

Perfect for your bathroom, laundry room, or den, this litter box enclosure brings simply sophisticated style your home dcor. Product: Litter box enclosureConstruction Material: WoodColor: WhiteFeatures: Durable, glossy, non-toxic, lead-free paintStylis

White cat litter box furniture

I did a lot of searching for litter box, before I bought this one. It features the resin rattan construction, large size, and steel wire frame. Everyone will be impressed how high quality and cool this product is.

Cat using litter box the litter boxes were placed

Cat Using Litter Box The litter boxes were placed

Single use plastic bags and litter boxes a match made

Single-use Plastic Bags and Litter Boxes: A Match Made in Modern ...

Large litter box furniture

Cat Litter Box Enclosure House Furniture Cabinet Pet Hidden Hood Enclosed Large

Enclosed litter box furniture

The attractive design of this litter box in the form of a table makes it a very versatile furniture with many applications. Hidden inside the cuvette, a stylish shelf, and worktop, create a beautiful place for a cat.

Large litter box furniture 1

LARGE Cat Litter Box Hidden Multi Kitty Pet Furniture Vented Planter ...

Litter box house

Litter box house.

Large 2 front drawers odor free custom hand made in

Large, 2 Front Drawers, Odor Free, Custom, Hand Made in ...

Refined feline wooden litter box cabinet the green head

Refined Feline Wooden Litter Box Cabinet - The Green Head

Amish made cat litter box cabinet large catsplay

Amish Made Cat Litter Box Cabinet (Large) - CatsPlay ...

Cats litter box x large cover bench wooden furniture

Cat's Litter Box X- Large Cover Bench Wooden Furniture ...

Large 2 front drawers odor free custom hand made in

Large, 2 Front Drawers, Odor Free, Custom, Hand Made in ...

Shop arf pets cat litter box enclosure furniture large

Shop Arf Pets Cat litter Box Enclosure, Furniture Large ...

Fch cat litter box enclosure cabinet large wooden indoor 1

FCH Cat Litter Box Enclosure Cabinet, Large Wooden Indoor ...

Automatic litter box kitty furniture cat enclosed extra

Automatic Litter Box Kitty Furniture Cat Enclosed Extra ...