Cat Litter Box Bench

Hide that kitty litter box in a handsome piece of functional furniture, with a cat litter box bench. No longer will you have to suffer the peril of a litter box sitting in a dank corner. With a cat litter box bench, your litter box goes inside the bench. A little access port give your kitty a way to get in, do their business, and get out, in relative peace and privacy. Pretty smart idea.

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Cat Toilet Training Kit

Cat Toilet Training Kit
Do you have enough of your cat leaving its messy litter box on the display? With this Cat Toilet Training Kit and useful instructions your cat will be using traditional toilet in no time, without leaving its mess out in the open.

Large Litter Box Hider

Large Litter Box Hider
This comprehensive cat litter box is also a stylish end table. Solidly made of robust and works well in many ways. The chrome frame and solid construction of wood gives it an elegant dimension.

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Cat litter box bench

This simple construction of the bench hides a litter box and a place for our cat. Beautifully executed, it is extremely functional and stylish. Ideally suited to every home and it has many functions.

Ikea hack litter box

A functional litter box for your cat, which can also be a comfy bench for improving your entryway or hallway. Made of white-finished wood, the litterbox has a convenient access for cleaning up all the mess, and 1 cutout hole for easy entrance for your kitty.

Cat litter bench

The small bench/box is a cleverly hidden litter box for a cat. Simple wooden construction creates a unique combination, which makes the whole tasteful and functional. Ideal furniture for any decor.

Cat litter box bench 1

I couldn't image having a cat litter box in my front room, but a small and pretty effortless adjustment of a white bench or cabinet can provide an intimate corner for a cat and keep the owner's eyes from unpleasant views.

Our advice Buying Guide

In an ideal world, your’ cat’s litter box would be invisible, odorless and wouldn’t need frequent upkeep. Sadly, you live in a world that’s far from ideal and have to make do with large, frumpy litter boxes that eat into precious space and wreak havoc with the decor in your home.

No matter how well it’s packaged, a cat litter box is always an eyesore. That’s precisely why someone smart came along and designed cat litter box benches.

These are multifunctional furniture pieces that neatly conceal your cat’s litter boxes and double up as side tables or simple benches. The design allows your cats to access their boxes easily and go about their businesses like cats do, in a discreet and inconspicuous fashion.

If this is your first outing shopping for cat litter box benches, then here’s some help.

What types of cat litter box furniture are there?

Despite being a recent development, cat litter box benches have evolved in the blink of an eye. What started off as a slightly mundane way to conceal a litter box, today boasts of fancy furniture pieces that look like anything but it. You can choose from side tables, end tables, upholstered ottomans, terracotta pots, wooden wardrobes, simple benches and a lot more.

How to select the best size cat litter box bench?

Since litter boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there’s no standard sizing to refer to. Instead, you will have to measure the litter box and then select a bench that’s big enough to accommodate it.

Ideally, it should be roomy enough to allow your cat easy access, contain any litter that’s kicked up and have some extra room to spare to store your cat’s knick-knacks.

How to make sure your cat has good access to the litter box?

Some cats are claustrophobic and wouldn’t be dragged into a litter box bench let alone enter it by themselves. If that’s the case, then look for one with multiple windows and access doors. A bright and airy space will help soothe frayed nerves and allow your cat to get adjusted to the bench.

Some litter box benches have customizable access doors that can be placed on any side of the box. Not only does this make it easier for your pet to access the box, but it also helps in adjusting the box according to the décor.

Also, the interior compartments of the bench must be easily accessible. A hydraulic-hinged top that lifts up or a large side door allows you to remove the litter box for maintenance or scoop litter without crawling on your knees.

How to pick the right material for a cat litter box bench?

It’s always tricky to select the right material for multifunctional furniture pieces. You risk losing on aesthetics if you sway too much towards functionality and vice-a-versa.

Solid wood almost ticks all the right boxes. It looks great, is stable and sturdy enough to be used as an end table or as a seating surface. The only possible niggle is that it won’t be 100% waterproof no matter how well you seal it. So, if you are selecting a wooden cat litter bench, look for one that has an internal waterproof plastic lining to protect it from urine and spills.

Check the weight of the bench with the cat litter in it. You don’t want to haul a heavy furniture piece around home. Plastic and plastic composites are lightweight, durable and inexpensive. The caveat is that it wouldn’t look as good as wood does, ever.

Weigh the pros and cons of each material type before you narrow down on one.


Diy cat litter box

Litter box benches are good because, without such special places and enclosures, you'll find the sand all over your house before you know it. This one is white and subtle, not to draw attention. It does this job perfectly fine!

Cat litter box bench 2

Decorating your home with litter boxes | Offbeat Home. I love this chest style litterbox! Nobody would even know!

Wow now that is genius i dont have a cat

Wow........Now That Is GENIUS! I don't have a cat and would never want one but this is what I would do if I did!

Cat cage with litter box

Cat litter box mounted on comfortable bench. It is made of wood and fitted with metal supports. Received many positive recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Cat litter box feeding station i did an ikea hack

... cat litter box/feeding station. I did an IKEA hack of an Applaro bench

Cute cat litter boxes

The plastic litterbox hidden in elegant wooden wardrobe. The interesting way to have such place for your cat even if the living room, without suffering any inconveniences. Easy and comfortable for all sides.

Litter box bench

This massive chest made of wooden pallets is an original and very practical piece of furniture for any interior. The whole finished in the dark but warm shade can serve as a coffee table with storage function.

Diy cat box cabinet

This litterbox hideaway bench constitutes a cleverly designed piece of furniture, which enchants not only with its functionality, but also cool and clean, bright wood finishing.

Ikea litter box cabinet

A great hack from IKEA, a litter box hidden in a rattan storage unit. With a small, square hole cut in one of the sides, the cat will find its way to the toilet, while you will be protected from any unpleasant stories.

Bench hidden litter box

Bench (hidden litter box)

Cat box enclosure

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Hidden litter box diy

Litter box bench. Has a panel inside with staggered entry door to catch excess litter from kitty's paws & to prevent dogs & children from getting to litter pan.

Kitty litter bench

This ingenuine DIY project bases on the characteristic IKEA Norrebo bench. Made from bright wood, this cleverly hidden litter box will fit into traditional decors, creating an almost invisible absorber of any unpleasant stories.

Litter box bench yes its a litter box the top

Litter box/bench. yes, it's a litter box!! The top opens for cleaning.

Bench litter box

Cat Tree With Litter Box Enclosure

Cat bench

Always take excellent care of your interior with this amazing cat litter box bench that offers the perfect solution for all those, who simply want to hide the litterbox and provide their cat with a bit of privacy.

The litter palace aka diy hidden litter boxes

The “Litter Palace”- aka DIY Hidden Litter Boxes

Litter box furniture ikea

Designed of durable plastic with lattice design for ventilation, this litter box is going to last your cat a lifetime. It has a square hole for easy access, and you can use its top for extra seating or a stylish stand for decorations.

Pet supplies dogs litter housebreaking litter boxes

pet supplies dogs litter housebreaking litter boxes

Cat tree litter box

A clever IKEA hack for all cats' owners. A small cabinet, made from bright wood, with a hole cut on one of its' sides and a litter box placed inside. It will help you smoothly cover any unpleasant stuff.

Cat box and litter storage with outside entrance

Cat box and litter storage with outside entrance

Ikea litter box hack use the norrebo storage bench with

IKEA Litter Box Hack - use the Norrebo storage bench with only the front panel of the drawer and a cut out for the entrance.

How to make a litter box cabinet

DIY: Bench for hiding the cats' litter box. Put box under locker with ...

Litter box outside

What an interesting idea! An Espresso coloured cat litter box disquised as a nice bench. I bought one for our cat, and my wife and I couldn't be happier now that the littler box is gone, and in its place a nice Espresso bench!

Litter box in garage

Looking for an elegant litter box enclosure for your meowing critter? This is it. Crafted of wood in an espresso finish, the box has 1 cutout hole for easy access and a lift-up lid that reveals two compartments. It can also be used as a stylish bench or a side table.

Tails to tell reclaimed pallet wood litter box bench 2

Tails to Tell: Reclaimed Pallet Wood Litter Box Bench

Hidden litter box ideas

Ikea Hack – Besta Storage Cabinet/Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

Make a cat litter box that doubles as a bench

Make a cat litter box that doubles as a bench

Kitty litter furniture

Combine functionalities and choose the bench with storage cabinet, which can be used as a hidden cat litter box! It's an excellent space saver for any entryway.

Cat get the litter box and extra food bench

Cat Get The Litter Box And Extra Food Bench

Cat quarters all in one cat litter box enclosure and

Cat Quarters: All in One Cat Litter Box Enclosure and Feeding Station

Diy litter box furniture

A cat litter box in a living room? Why not? Especially if you have this smooth patent. The litter box is literally hollowed-out of the white bench, providing a full protection for any undesired smells and stuff.

Hidden cat litter box diy

AKURUM Cat Litter Box + EXPEDIT Office Storage - IKEA Hackers

Build your own litter box

Have a design built like this under the bench in your caravan to house the cat litter inside. The feeding station dishes slip inside the wood for no spilling during travel...Love It! :)

Proctor solved the litter box problem herself for about 40

... Proctor solved the litter box problem herself for about 40 bucks

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Damask bench

Mud Room featuring a custom cushion with Ralph Lauren fabric, custom cubby for kitty litter box, built-in storage for children's backpack & jackets accented by bead board

Cat litter box hidden

A cat door under a built-in banquette provides indoor/outdoor access (if you added hinges to the bench top you could hide the litter box beneath it).

Put a cat litter box at the entryway

Put a cat litter box at the entryway?

Hidden cat waste furniture the catteux litter box keeps your

Hidden Cat Waste Furniture The 'Catteux' Litter Box Keeps Your Place Clean #furniture #cats

Cat pet washroom litter box bench enclosed hide home hidden

Cat Pet Washroom Litter Box Bench Enclosed Hide Home Hidden New Cover ...

How to build a litter box enclosure

Tails to Tell: Reclaimed Pallet Wood Litter Box Bench

Cat bench litter box

i still like the outhouse better. but Im convinced I can make it myself which I will probably never this instead