Wooden Cat Litter Box Furniture


You might not think it but cats actually prefer privacy when they do their business. And noone wants to see a litter box if they can avoid it. So why not give your cat the privacy they want and hide the litter box inside a piece of furniture. We give you our collection of wooden cat litter box furniture. There is an easy access place on each of these furniture pieces for your cat to get in and out. And the furniture itself is quite fetching.

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Litter Box Hider Cat Chest White Wood Clean Wooden Hidden Furniture Washroom New

Litter Box Hider Cat Chest White Wood Clean Wooden Hidden Furniture Washroom New


Practical and stylish wooden cat litter box can combine many functions. A model of this type in white, apart from the practical function for cats, is also a handy bench or small table. Wood in shades of white is very versatile.

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Cat litter cabinet

Functional and beautiful, this wooden dresser is covered in a distressed finish and combined with a built-in litter box cabinet for your cat. The dresser has a square hole cut out on the side, for easy access.

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Need a great way to hide the litter box this

Need a great way to hide the litter box? This hidden cat litter box is ...

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Enclosed cat litter box furniture 1

A cat litter box enclosed in a sleek contemporary cabinet, definitely following the lines of minimalist style which, as we all know, nails the essence of the latest trends! It would look chic even in a front room!

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Hidden litter box furniture

A great solution for keeping your house clean and your cat fully satisfied. This litter box cabinet is made of wood, featuring 2 working doors, 1 pullout litter tray, and a square cut out hole for a conveniently entry.

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Wooden cat litter box furniture 3

F1(BB) double cabinet with the litter box in the top section and the ...

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Cat Litter Boxes Furniture Dog House Kennel Outdoor Wooden Cabinet Bed Kitty Pup

Cat Litter Boxes Furniture Dog House Kennel Outdoor Wooden Cabinet Bed Kitty Pup

A splendid surprise for your beloved pup that will have it's own house in your backyard. Designed of hardwood and splashed with a light cherry finish, this unit comes with a large compartment and a hollowed arched door, a built-in ladder with 3 steps, and a sun deck with a diamond-style fence.

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Wooden cat litter box furniture

Wooden litter box for cats. It features a small opening that provides entrance for a cat. It also includes double doors with metal handles. These doors provide access for cleaning purposes. The whole wooden construction is extra durable.

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Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure In Black

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure In Black

A tasteful combination of impressive form and stylish design makes this wooden litter box for the cat a great way to work on the interior. The whole finished in attractive colors is impressive and beautifully presented.

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Litter box hiders

An element of equipment created for cats. This litter box includes some edge protections, so dirt will not get out of it. This product is made of durable materials that are resistant to frequent use and cleaning.

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Wooden Cat Litter Box Furniture

Buying Guide

A wooden cat litter box is surprisingly easy to clean because it’s simply a container for concealing your cat’s actual litter box. This means the cat isn’t directly going to the bathroom on the wooden cat litter box furniture surfaces.

Instead, you’ll place a plastic litter bin inside the wooden furniture box, which you’ll fill with cat litter and clean as you normally would any litter box. While there is an added step to accessing the box for cleaning, most wooden litter box concealing units either open from the top like a chest or have doors at the front that you can open like a cabinet, giving you an easy way to get to the litter tray.

These wooden litter box units are hugely beneficial in that they give your cat privacy when going to the bathroom, and they contain the smell of the litter, so your home looks and smells its best even between litter box cleanings.

A piece of wooden cat litter box furniture is a functional piece and can be placed in the foyer, bathroom, hallway, or laundry room in your home. These decorative wooden pieces of furniture are designed to hold and disguise your cat’s litter box inside a playful or elegant storage cabinet. Because these wooden containers keep the litter inside along with litter box smells, you can place your wooden litter box furniture anywhere you please.

They are ideal for use as end tables in your living room, or as a console in your entryway. Style them with small house plants, catch-alls for keys and phones, and hang artworks or mirrors above the box to complete the look.

Wooden cat boxes come in a variety of styles. Go the traditional route with classy wooden boxes that look just like regular storage cabinets. These have round or square entrances cut into the side that allows your cat to get to its litter box, while also keeping your space looking tidy.

Best Ideas

Wooden cat litter box furniture

furniture for your dogs and cats mandaue foam philippines cat litter ...

Wooden cat litter box furniture 5

This cute wooden cat litter box will help you cover all the unpleasant stories connected with your cat with style and class. Natural, eco-friendly construction would commend to both the pets and their owners.

Wood cat box

Coming in various finishes, this wooden cat litter box can be designed in oak, brown maple or cherry wood. Regardless the one you will choose, you will get a stylish item, ideal for kitty to leave all unpleasant stories behind.

The mini cabinet mid century modern pet

The mini cabinet mid century modern pet

Mid-century design in a contemporary form - this cat litter cover shows that everyday household can also be a stylish, funky accent to one's house. A handmade item, based on the maple tree, available in variously coloured fronts.

Kitty litter boxes furniture


Box with cover

An aesthetic traditional litter box cover of wooden materials with a white finish. It has a rectangular, 2 hinged full doors with cutout edge pulls and low wide angle feet. It's equipped with a removable tray and a semi-oval entry in a shorter wall.

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Oh, ya know, just chillin' in my cat box...

Amish Made Corner Cat Litter Enclosure Oak Wood

Wooden cat litter box concealer

wooden cat litter box concealer

Wooden kitty litter box

Amish Made Wooden Cat Litter Box with drawer

Corner cat litter box furniture

Gorgeous wooden cat litter box. Notice how the entrance has the shape of a cat’s head! Just sweet. Not to mention that because it’s completely enclosed, you won’t have to worry about the cat sand getting all over your bathroom!

Enclosed cat litter box furniture 2

Cuvettes not only do not give a pleasant smell,but are also aesthetic.This can be remedied thanks to the stylish wooden enclosed cat litter box furniture, that your cat will love too. Made of oak, and warm maple wood gives your tiger easy access to its toilet.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Espresso

Wooden cat litter box furniture

F1 Two door Cat litter Furniture