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If you want a safe place for your cat to run and play that will protect them from errant predators and their own curiosity, then adding a cat cage enclosure to your home could be a wonderful way to tell your favorite feline you care. These enclosures are intricate with plenty of space for your cat to explore from the safety of an attractive space.

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Updated 28/11/2022
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Portable 3 Tier Cattery Cage

Portable 3 Tier Cattery Cage

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Ample space for safe play

What We Don’t Like: Inconvenient door placement

Not So Good For: Multiple adult cats

Perfect For: One to three kittens

Thanks to its creative and fun design, this 3-tier cat cage has plenty of space for your cats to play and relax. It has three cushioned resting platforms connected by two metal ladders and a comfortable cat hammock that your cat will love for naps throughout the day.

If you are looking for a DIY cat cage indoors, this cage can be the perfect addition to a home. Its sturdy, heavy-duty metal frame will last for years, and the black coating matches most home decor. Use this cattery cage as an easy-to-clean, safe space for your cats to play when you aren’t home or a cozy place to sleep at night.  

$115.99 $139.99

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Outdoor Multi level Cat Cage

Outdoor Multi level Cat Cage

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Ideal for safe, fun outdoor play

What We Don’t Like: No hammock or cat bed

Not So Good For: Multiple cats

Perfect For: Adult cats that love the outdoors

If you are looking for cat cages that allow your pet to enjoy the Great Outdoors, this piece’s wood frame and wire mesh panels make it a long-lasting investment in your pet’s comfort. It also features an asphalt roof that will keep the elements from bothering your cat, so it is an excellent option for uncovered outdoor areas.

This is a complete outdoor setup with three platforms for resting and a wide door for access. This cage will keep your cat safe from the elements and predators when they are outside but also gives them ample space to play and relax in the sunshine.  

$259.99 $399.99

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Extra Large DIY Cat Kennel

Extra Large DIY Cat Kennel

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: 6-tiers of fun play space

What We Don’t Like: Heavier than other models at 52.91 lbs.

Not So Good For: A single kitten

Perfect For: Three to five adult cats

This easy-to-move low-maintenance DIY cat cage is perfect for families with multiple adult cats. This cage offers plenty of space for them to move, play, stretch, and relax, with six different platforms, a cozy hammock, and a soft cat bed. The cage moves on four swiveling casters, so you give your cats some extra sunshine or a window to look out of.

The cage is ideal for multiple cats and has three wide lockable doors for both cat and human access and peace of mind when you aren’t home. The large base has a slide-out plastic tray that securely buckles into place and can be easily removed for quick, thorough cleaning.  

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Large, Multifunctional Outdoor Cat Playpen

Large, Multifunctional Outdoor Cat Playpen

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Lots of indoor climbing areas

What We Don’t Like: Only two doors

Not So Good For: Rainy or cold climates

Perfect For: Active adult cats

With its Canadian hemlock and durable wire mesh construction, your cats will get years of enjoyment out of this large, versatile cat playpen. It has an open bottom, so clean-up is minimal, three platforms for them to play and relax, and an enclosed cat house with a convenient access door so they can nap in comfort and security.

While large for cattery cages at 72.24’’ high by 40.16’’ wide and 27.56’’ long, it is still compact enough for smaller yards, and the grey-painted finish will match well with most outdoor furniture. The upright design will give your cats plenty of space to jump and play while taking up a smaller footprint on your grass than other playpens.  

$379.99 $396.99

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Large Minimalist Metal Cat Playpen

Large Minimalist Metal Cat Playpen

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Can be used indoors and outdoors

What We Don’t Like: No roof for protection when used outdoors

Not So Good For: Use in small rooms

Perfect For: Families with multiple indoor and outdoor cats

If you are looking for cat cage ideas, this versatile cat playpen is an innovative option that allows for easy reconfiguration so you can create a safe space for your pets in any area of your home. Built out of sturdy metal framing with nine easily cleaned removable waterproof resin sheets, you can easily move the cage and modify the interior layout to give your cats exciting new play spaces.

For extra fun, one of the side panels is removable, allowing you to place the cage outside and connect it to the inside of your home through an open window or cat tunnel. This can be an excellent way for your cat to safely explore the indoors and outdoors when you aren’t home.  

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Cattery Cages

Buying Guide

Cats are much more than the cute, plump, ball of fur that they appear to be, as a lot of homeowners discover a few weeks after they get a kitten home. They can be rambunctious, hyper-energetic, persistent and have a short fuse to boot.

Cats need space. And if they do not find dedicated space of their own very early in their lives, they will take over yours. That translates into cat fur everywhere. And don’t you forget claw marks. And drool. And the occasional puddle of vomit. Yikes!

Right from your $5000 wool velvet upholstered couch to your designer jacket, your cat will reach everywhere. To keep this from happening, get home a cat cage enclosure. It will be the dedicated feline-land that your cat always dreamt of. And it will keep you from going insane gathering tumbleweeds of cat fur from every tiny crevice in your home.

This has been an ongoing debate among pet owners since time immemorial. To be honest, each type of enclosure has its own perks.

In an indoor cat cage enclosure, your cat can stay warmer and you can keep an eye on them all the time. You can rest assured that they are protected from predators and that they can’t sneak their way out. But not all homes are spacious enough to accommodate a large cat enclosure.

Outdoor cat cage enclosures can be large enough to have a dedicated play area for your cat. Why, you can even have a cat run integrated into the enclosure and can even house multiple cats provided that they can get along with each other. Your cat gets some much needed sunshine too, which allows them to expend their energy.

The cat cage enclosure needs to be secure from predators and pests. More importantly, it should be cat-proof. Cats can find the most innovative ways to break their way out of enclosures. A secure metal latch, possibly with a padlock is a must have.

Also, cat enclosures must be sturdy enough to brave the elements. Enclosures with solid wooden frames are stable and won’t budge even on a windy day or even if a large predator, like a coyote, tries to tip it over. Metal frames, especially wrought iron and heavy duty steel are equally good. But they are prone to rusting. So, you’d have to cover them up during winters or be diligent with the weather-proofing.

Most cat enclosures will have a wire mesh design as it keeps the cage airy and bright. Line the bottom of the cage with cardboard or a plastic tray as it will prevent the paws from getting snagged in the mesh. Most importantly, look at the quality of the metal used in making the mesh.

  • Can your cat bite their way out? If it can, then a predator can also break their way in.
  • If the mesh is made of stainless steel, then 304 and 316 grades are the best choices.
  • If it’s made of galvanized steel, then look for one coated with PVC.

Cats love the extra room. So if you have ample space in the backyard, pick the largest cage that you can and line it with cat toys. There can be a climbing system, a rope, a dedicated rest area, and a cat run that allows the cat to cater to its sprinting instincts.

The litter box and the food and water trays must be kept elevated off the floor if possible with an easy to access system. Large doors will allow you to clean the cage without crouching on the ground.

Best Ideas

Cat cages enclosures 1

This cat enclosure comprises all the items and devices which cats love, including a tree cat condo, a comfy armchair with a pit, a litterbox, a food container and a playmat with toys.

Pet Dog Chicken Puppy Cat Enclosure Run Cage Kennel Fence Exercise Yard Portable

Pet Dog Chicken Puppy Cat Enclosure Run Cage Kennel Fence Exercise Yard Portable

This outdoor cage is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, chicken and other animals. It allows them to have fun outdoor on a limited space. This cage provides protection from the sun and raind. It is safe for animals.

5 h x 4 w x 30 d s515f standard

5’(h) x 4’(w) x 30”(d) s515f Standard with (2) Floors, (2) Doors, (2) 30” Shelves and Casters. $795 -have this one $943 w/ tax and shipping

Cat cages enclosures 1

Made of solid steel and mesh base, the cat cage enclosure is an excellent way to add extra space to your home cat. The sturdy base is durable, and the whole is easy to move, allowing the animals to spend time outdoors and outdoors.

Cat enclosure low diy portable cat net run by petpadz

Cat enclosure low diy portable cat net run by petpadz

Cat enclosure designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of aluminum. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Functional accent for the garden and others outdoor places as needed.

Cat window cage

Whether you breed rabbits and therefore fish for a rabbit run, or need a safe outdoor enclosure for your cats or small dogs, this big wood kennel featuring two joined compartments and wire doors is worth considering.

The construction of this cat box is giving me ideas

The construction of this cat box is giving me ideas for a garden cage to keep squirrels out! - CatsOnDeck :: Pet Safety Enclosures

Cat cages enclosures 2

Now you can put your cat inside of this practical cage and watch like your little critter jumps, rests, eats, and has some wild fun. The unit has a cuboid design, made of sturdy steel wires, and it's equipped with casters for easy mobility.

Cat Cage/Playpen

Cat Cage/Playpen

A foldable, caged playpen equipped inside with three large plastic shelves covered with brown mat. It has four lockable, removable wheels and two doors with a safe latch closure. It was designed to create a peaceful environment for up to three cats.

Bird aviary 1

Bird Aviary

Cat Cage Deluxe Platforms (Set of 3)

Cat Cage Deluxe Platforms (Set of 3)

It is a set that includes three cat cages with platforms. They have got solid, durable plastic construction and black finish. Your cats will be impressed how cool this set is. You need to have it.

Cat cages enclosures 2

This handmade guinea pig cage constitutes a great example of a well-designed DIY project. Easy to prepare, durable and rather inexpensive, built mainly from the PVC pipes.

Cat cages enclosures 19

When we are lovers of cats, and they are not lovers of other people - we want them to provide isolated space outside where they feel safe. This large cat cage enclosure with a red wooden frame and a metal net will allow them to prank in a safe environment.

Cat enclosures 1

Cat Enclosures

Cat enclosures

Cat Enclosures

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