Indoor Cat Cages Enclosures

Owning a cat is great, but sometimes those "cat traits", like sharpening claws on furniture or knocking over items on shelves, can make you question your decision. We give you the indoor cat cage enclosure as a solution to this dilemma. Now your cat can play, scratch up the carpeted features within, and even eat or use the litter box. A brilliant fix to those typical "cat problems."

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Rabbit Cage Indoor Big Bunny Cat Condo Deluxe Hutch Pet Pen W Carpeted Floors

Rabbit Cage Indoor Big Bunny Cat Condo Deluxe Hutch Pet Pen W Carpeted Floors
This interior pet closure is suitable for cats, rabbits and other small animals. It features platforms, ramps and carpeted floors for maximum comfort and safety for animals. Metal black walls of this enclosure are durable.

Cat Condo Crate

Cat Condo Crate
This Cat Crate in Black Finish is designed of durable metal, while also being resistant to fade, warp, scratch, mildew, and water. Includes 2 plastic shelves, plastic base, easy access to litter box, double door openings, and wheel casters.

Cat Cage Deluxe Platforms (Set of 3)

Cat Cage Deluxe Platforms (Set of 3)
This wonderful Cat Cage Platforms in Black are characterized by a sturdy design allowing your furry friends to have lots of fun while inside the cage. The set features three 5-inch removable platforms with plastic construction. Easy to clean - simply, wipe each platform with a damp cloth.

Indoor cat cages enclosures

If your cat likes doing a mess in your home, why don't equip yourself with this functional outdoor cage? The cage has a convenient entry, a place for your cat to sleep, and enough space not to bore your 4-legged friend out of its mind.

Cat cages indoor

This indoor cat enclosure features a solid metal construction with a durable wire mesh. It provides a quite large platform for cats and assures plenty of space for animals that will be relaxed and safe inside.

Cat enclosure playpen pet products gumtree australia geelong 1

CAT ENCLOSURE (PLAYPEN) | Pet Products | Gumtree Australia Geelong ...

Indoor cat cages enclosures

I did a lot of searching for cat cages before I bought this one. It can be used at indoor and outdoor area and is very high. It features enough space for many cats.

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Your cat is a tiny predator – and a very efficient one, too. Encouraged by many generations for their ability to catch mice and rats, cats have been human companions for many centuries – perhaps as many as 53,000 years. Cats are independent and do not love cages, but there are times when restraint is to the benefit of the cat as well as to you. Therefore, indoor cat cages and enclosures are sometimes a necessity.

What are the benefits of attached cat cages?

An attached cat enclosure can give your indoor cat a place to take the sun, chatter at the birds and get a glimpse of open sky while ensuring your pet's safety. These can range from a firmly screened bow window to a patio-sized enclosure equipped with litter box, water, and cat toys. An indoor kitty who has no access to outside is a bored kitty, but Indoor/outdoor cats are at risk. On farms, there are wild animals – coyotes, raccoons, opossum and skunks that don’t mind at all killing a cat. Some of those predators can be found in cities as well, with roaming dogs, feral cats and mean humans added on as a bonus, right along with vehicles.

Why have an indoor cat enclosure?

Sometimes you need to restrain your cat inside. There can be many reasons for doing this, such as introducing a new cat to an established household, protecting an elderly cat from young ones who want to move up the pecking order, being able to lay hands on a kitty that needs medicine but like to hide in the most inaccessible places, and (of course) a safe napping spot for venturesome kittens. Cages can also be used to restrain feral cats so that they can become habituated to living with humans.

How big should a cat enclosure be?

Indoor enclosures need to have plenty of room for the cat. You don’t want to put a main coon cat in a cage intended for kittens, for example. Some of the space can be vertical. In fact, that can be ideal because the litter box can be placed on the lowest level, and the food and water dish on the highest shelf. A sick cat might need everything to be on one level, however, and kittens might need climbing ladders to get from one level to another.

What are the most attractive designs of cat enclosures?

One example of an attractive indoor cat enclosure is a climbing wall with floating box shelves where a venturesome feline could take a nap, or lie in wait for a housemate. Another charming idea is a cage run that goes around the ceiling of a room, giving the cat space and freedom to observe, but creating an area to which kitty can be restrained if the need arises. Getting new furniture is one instance for restraining your cat. Cats tend to be alarmed by new people and new things in their home, and a door opened for a furniture mover is the ideal time (from a cat’s point of view) to make a bolt for the outdoors.

Indoor cat cages can be for the cat’s pleasure, for the cat’s safety or sometimes for the pet owner’s sanity.


Indoor cat cages enclosures 1

We was searching for the cat play space, so we decide to choose this indoor cat cage. It has enough space for more than one cats! It's solid, durable, strong, safe and nicely finished.

Betta pet systems cat enclosures

Betta Pet Systems Cat Enclosures

Cage cat

If you have little rodents (especially hamster or guinea pig), this indoor, spacious cage enclosure will be very useful for you! It is made of wood and wire. It is place, where your pets can sleep, eat and just have fun!

Large indoor cat cages for pets

Large Indoor Cat Cages For Pets

Large cat cage

This indoor cat cage provides limited space where cats can play, scratch, etc. This solid wooden and metal construction protects the rest of the house from damage and provides comfort and safety for cats.

Pat cages animal cages animal enclosures

Pat cages, animal cages, animal enclosures

Rabbit cage indoor big bunny cat condo deluxe hutch pet

Rabbit cage Indoor BIG BUNNY & CAT Condo deluxe hutch pet pen w ...

Indoor cat room ideas

Durable outdoor cat house made of solid metal. This construction provides good fun and safe rest for animals. It also provides protection from outdoor factors and keeps animals away from different forms of danger.


Large cat cages

This outdoor steel enclosure cat enclosure or run is the perfect solution for our pets. Simple construction can be done by yourself, and our pet will undoubtedly be grateful for it. The whole also looks very aesthetically.

Cheap cat cages for sale

If you’re afraid that your cat might hurt local livestock when let out to roam around, take a look at this handy outdoor cat enclosure with a plenty of steps and place for the cat to play without letting him free.

Indoor cat enclosures 3

Indoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cat and dog enclosure

Indoor Cat and Dog Enclosure

Cat domain metal cat cage

Cat Domain Metal Cat Cage

Cat crates for home

Feast your eyes on the Modular Cat Climbing Wall, the ultimate dream come true for cats. Click the link to see more of the Cat wall:

IRIS 3-Tier Plastic Cat Cage - Colors Available

Suncatcher cat enclosure

The simple way to add some nice cat play space with this indoor cat cage enclosures makes them happy and safe. Numerous fun gadgets and robust wood and wire construction are extremely practical.

Cat cages for sale

An attractive cat cage for an outdoor use. It protects gardens from cats and it also provides safety for these animals. Wooden and metal elements of this cage are very solid and resistant to mechanical damage or wear caused by weather.

Portals for cat cages o back to back or side

Portals for cat cages • Back to back or side to side openings ...

Indoor cat kennel

This impressive design is the perfect solution for extra space for domestic cats. The net protects the cats from escaping, and many attractions inside make the cats have a particularly interesting time to spend.

Diy cat cage

These outdoor circus cages. | 22 Totally Ludicrous Products For Cat Owners

Tweet cat cage for sale the photo of the cage

tweet cat cage for sale the photo of the cage

Indoor cat enclosure

Our cats will have it. I would sort of prefer to just have it all done in plexiglass, because it's so cold in Wisconsin that they wouldn't be able to go out into an open-air enclosure in the winter.

3-Tier Wire Cat Cage

3-Tier Wire Cat Cage

Deluxe Pet Dog Shelter Crate Diameter:5' panel Height 38" Height: 55" Dog Size: Up to 100 lb & 36", Black

Ubokia large rabbit cage

Ubokia: Large Rabbit Cage

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Indoor cat cage large

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Tower large cat enclosure from penthouse products

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