Best Chicken Coop For 8 Chickens

Giving your chickens a safe place to spend the night is an important part of raising chickens. A chicken coop for 8 chickens or more will give your feathered friends plenty of room to roost safely, out of harm’s way from any predators that might be around.

We’ve selected five of the best large chicken coops available. Not only are these coops practical, but their unique and stylish designs mean they will look great in your yard too. They each have their own unique features, but they are all easy to manage and maintain, which is key if you’re raising chickens. 

Walk In Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens

Walk In Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens

This stylish walk-in chicken coop has the capacity for up to 8 chickens with two separate levels and a nesting box for them to enjoy. The coop features a wooden cottage-style design in a soft sage green color that will blend in with any backyard.

A little window not only makes this chicken coop not only look cute, but it also provides the perfect place to peek in and see how your chickens are doing without disturbing them.

What we like:

●    Two doors and a window

●    Wooden cottage style design

●    Roosting bar

●    Easy to access

What we don’t like:

●    Chicken run is not included.


Chicken Coop with Chicken Run for up to 10 Chickens

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run for up to 10 Chickens

If you’re looking for a chicken coop for 8 chickens or more with a run attached, this is a great option. A solid wood construction ensures this chicken coop is built to last, while the asphalt roof means that even the outdoor chicken run area is protected in all weathers.

This all-in-one chicken coop and chicken run provides plenty of places for chickens to sleep, roost, and explore. With two separate nesting boxes and perches both inside the coop and in the spacious run area, your chickens will have plenty to do in this coop.

What we like:

●    All-in-one chicken coop and chicken run

●    Indoor and outdoor roosting bars

●    Easy to access

●    Weather-resistant

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like about this coop!

Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens with Roosting Bar

Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens with Roosting Bar

This chicken coop will provide a safe space for your chickens to roost and explore in all weathers. An asphalt roof protects the outdoor area from all weathers, from snow to harsh sunlight, ensuring the chickens are comfortable as they explore outside.

The coop is made from 100% natural Pinewood and wire mesh to ensure that is strong and sturdy enough to be used all year round.

What we like:

●    All-in-one chicken coop and chicken run

●    Sturdy pine wood construction

●    Indoor and outdoor areas

●    Weather-resistant

What we don’t like:

●    This coop is on the smaller side, so if you don’t usually let your chickens roam the garden, you will probably want to add an additional chicken run.

Walk In Chicken Coop with Nesting Box for 10 Chickens

Walk In Chicken Coop with Nesting Box for 10 Chickens

This chicken coop features a classic wooden design over two levels giving your chickens plenty of room to nest and roam around. It is an ideal size for up to 10 chickens, providing them with a private sleeping space, as well as an outdoor area.

The coop features nesting boxes, with a pull-out tray for easy access and cleaning. It also includes three roosting bars, providing a variety of options for your feathered friends.

What we like:

●    Sturdy wooden construction

●    Three roosting bars

●    Two levels

●    Capacity for up to 10 chickens

What we don’t like:

●    No wire mesh is included.


Barn Style Walk in Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens

Barn Style Walk in Chicken Coop for 8 Chickens

This chicken coop features a delightful barn-style design, giving your chickens the perfect home to roost and nest in. Featuring four nesting boxes, a roosting bar, and a little window for light and ventilation, this stylish chicken coop has it all!

The coop is built from high-quality materials and is designed to last, so you can be sure your feathered friends will be enjoying this coop for years to come.

What we like:

●    Barn style design

●    Four nesting boxes

●    Window

●    2-levels

What we don’t like:

●    No outdoor run area

●    Shingle must be purchased separately


Our advice Buying Guide

In rural or suburban areas, families might raise a few chickens. A chicken coop for 8 chickens could be just the right size for a 4-H project or a collection of fancy chickens kept as pets. Before purchasing chickens, check your local city ordinances about keeping poultry. Birds that are improperly kept can produce conditions for the spread of disease, and some species can be quite noisy. If your area permits keeping chickens, a family of eight hens can easily keep your household supplied with eggs. Some breeds can even be excellent show animals.

Modern hens, kept as pets, can wind up with some exceptionally fancy homes. Others have accommodations that more closely resemble the traditional chicken houses. Here are a few ideas:

What are the pros and cons of letting chicken run free in the garden?

This is an old-fashioned idea – a mobile coop that keeps chickens contained but allows them to be easily moved. Chickens are great at mowing a lawn and fertilizing it at the same time. They will also clean up ticks and other biting insects. This lawn care method does have one small drawback: you don’t want to step in it.

What are the benefits of combining coop and run?

Another traditional housing solution for chicken is a sturdy small house with an attached run. Nest boxes are attached at the back of the little house for easy human access. Such houses need to be extremely secure because small predators such as opossums and raccoons can quickly destroy a small flock, wasting as much as they eat. If your little flock are also pets, this can be a sad experience.

One clever design looks a lot like a luxurious A-frame. The upper part of the A is the chicken house, while the lower part is a large lawn tractor-style run. With the main part of the house above ground and the run blocking easy access from below, or possible to be set on a concrete slab at night, it’s a sturdy selection for protecting your small flock.

Can a chicken coop be attached to your house?

Want to spend time with your special flock? Creating a covered walk between your house and the chicken coop can create a special “fat chick” house for your feathered friends. This could require some extra special cleaning since toilet training chickens is rather difficult – they tend to “go” wherever the urge takes them. But it will make a secure place for your flock, well away from predators and provide a chance for all members of your family to interact.

These are only a few of the many options for a chicken coop for 8 chickens. One lovely little coop more nearly resembles a dollhouse than a farmyard accommodation. One lovely octagonal coop provides spacious accommodation for far more than 8 pampered hens. Chickens require a lot of work, including feeding and clean up, but they can be affectionate and are happy to accept humans as members of their feathered flock.


Coops and Feathers Extreme Walk-In Hen Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Coops and Feathers Extreme Walk-In Hen Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
This high-quality, two-level, walk-in chicken coop is made of cypress. The first level includes a spacious chicken run, a shaded indoor area, and a free-range door that can be fastened. Under the high-peaked roof, the second level includes roosting and nesting space. Separate nesting bays provide exterior access for easy egg collection. Cleaning is also made easy by removable trays.

Coolidge 4x6 EZ Fit Chicken Coop

Coolidge 4x6 EZ Fit Chicken Coop
With a solid wood frame and wire mesh, this one-level coop includes three nesting boxes and a roosting bar. The compact design makes it ideal for placing at the center of a chicken run. Designed with a lockable door, a removable wood ramp, two windows, and a shingled roof, this coop is delivered partially assembled.

Hermione Large Barn Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Hermione Large Barn Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
Sporting a traditional red barn look with a green asphalt roof, this coop measures 33.91 sq. ft. but is still compact enough to fit urban farms. Along with a protected chicken run, the coop contains an access door with a bolt lock for predator protection. Inside is a ventilated roosting area with three bars and two nest boxes containing four nesting slots.

Coop King Poly-Carbonate Chicken Coop with Metal Tray

Coop King Poly-Carbonate Chicken Coop with Metal Tray
This attractive 31 lb. lightweight, polycarbonate coop provides you with easy access to the nesting box and a metal pullout tray for a hygienically clean coop. The ramp leads down into an enclosed mesh area for roaming. Its sturdy wood frame and modern design fit in with any home’s exterior.

Giant 2 8m Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Hen Chook House 9r

Giant 2 8m Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Hen Chook House 9r
Ah, those of our chickens bearing golden eggs. You have to take care of them! Chicken coop for 8 chickens is made of strong solid wood and have a giant large rabbit cage, together with chicken hutch, supported by metal mesh.

Fontana Chicken Barn

Fontana Chicken Barn
Eco-friendly chicken barn that may house up to four adult chickens. It boasts durable and non-toxic construction built out of recycled materials. The roof of the barn is removable, and the plastic door may be folded down.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens

A large chicken coop enclosure that will allow your birds to roam without worrying about predator attacks. The frame is made of sturdy wood, and from each side covered with lattice wire panels. Accommodates comfortably up to 8 chickens.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens

Solid chicken coop that provides safety and comfort for 8 chickens. Its durable wooden frame includes a house with doors on metal hinges. It also includes a cage that provides some outdoor space for animals.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 20

Designed for 8 chicken, this coop enchants with its fully natural design. Handmade, bright wood construction, that shall be appreciated by everyone, who look for the best conditions for their breedings.

Chicken coop plans for 6 8 chickens

Large hen house/chicken coop - able to accommodate up to 8 chickens or bantams. It features: sliding doors, a floor set at a height convenient for cleaning, huge nestboxes, mesh and wood construction, waterproof roof.

Chicken coop for 8 hens

A fantastic chicken coop that will be decorating your backyard, while keeping the predators away from your chickens. Features a high-pitched roof, glass windows, outside storage compartments with lift-up lids, and strong legs for stability.

8 chicken coop

An outdoor chicken coop that comfortably holds up to 8 chickens. It has a barn wood frame covered with mesh panels for ventilation, and comes with a wood ramp that leads to the coop that is fully secured against predators.

Chicken coop kits for 8 chickens

The simple and very effective made chicken coop for eight chickens is a perfect solution for someone who dreams of a small bird breeding. The whole wood is solid and durable, but at the same time, it is incredibly stylish.

Chicken coop plans for 6 8 chickens 1

A large chicken coop that provides space and good living conditions for 8 chickens. This large wooden construction includes a spacious outdoor area with a protective fence. So chickens are protected indoors and outdoors.

Chicken coop 8 chickens

Raccoons and coyotes are just waiting for your chickens,and these should feel safe.That's possibile with a chicken coop with 8 places It seems to be enough to save them. Made of aluminum, iron, bicycle wheels and couple of cattle panels.

Isnt it amazing how they just know how they sensed

Isn’t it amazing how they just know? How they sensed danger and ...

Chicken coops for 8 chickens

A lovely chicken coop that will give your backyard more of a country vibe, while effectively protecting your chickens from predators. The coop features a natural wood frame, PVC feeders, a high-pitched roof and sturdy wood legs.

Winchester chicken coop free run houses 6 8 chickens 1


Chicken coop for 8 chickens 1

Do you have chickens on the yard? So, you need to have the chicken coop. This one is for eight chickens, and has the simple design with chicken backyard. Looking good, right?

4x8 chicken house

4x8 Chicken House

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 2

Chicken coop in traditional form. Construction is made of wood. Dedicated to 8 chickens. Neutral design for each outdoor place as needed.

Pawhut 96" Wheeled Tractor Hen House Chicken Coop w/ Run

If you want your chickens and farm animals to feel safe, and chickens bear golden eggs - give them a wooden pawhut chicken coop for 8 chickens. They have their own home, fenced with metal mesh. Wood is well ventilated but keeps your chickens warm.

Style chicken coop includes 8 nesting boxes and holds 20

Style Chicken Coop: includes 8 nesting boxes and holds 20-24 chickens ...

Chicken coop plans for 8 chickens

Your chickens should have a safe place where they can produce fertile eggs you need.This design ensures this, and also provides protection against bad weather.Mostly was used the playwood, chicken wire, regular stoods and sheets of barn tin for the roof.

Urban chicken coop kit 15

Let your chickens live with dignity - thanks to the craftsmanship of the Amish and the urban chicken coop kit made by them with a brick color. All made of wood and plywood. A wire mesh, sliding windows and ventilation as well as a spacious cabin.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 4

chicken coop for 8 chicken

Chicken coop kits 7

Vintage chicken coop kit made out of dark plank wood with darker doors and a fenced-off area which ensures the safety of your livestock. Comes with a metal roof, which makes the whole setup waterproof.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 6

The ultimate for urban chicken keeping...big enough for 8 hens and small enough to "tractor" around the yard for "pasturing," weed control and gardne bed prep. Puts those egglayers to work!

Chicken coop for 8 chickens

Marans Chicken Coop with 11 ft run for 8 hens

Nhs 4x8 large chicken coop

NHS 4'x8' Large Chicken Coop

See of a live chicken then poof they are gone

see of a live chicken then poof they are gone a pet chicken is ...

Chicken coop building plans six crucial factors needed in a

Chicken Coop Building Plans - Six Crucial Factors (needed in a coop for it to work well for laying chickens) For Achievement

Urban chicken coop kit

Representing a contemporary way of design, this chicken coop kit will be an ideal set for urban surroundings. Wooden slats rhythmically wrap the exterior, creating both material continuity between sections as well as hiding joints between separate pieces.

Chicken coop kits for 10 chickens

The simple construction of these chicken coops is a perfect solution for anyone who dreams of a small bird farm. Wooden structures and compelling design solutions fascinate the details and beautifully present themselves near the house.

Pawhut 91 in. Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch & Chicken Coop With Large

NEW Extreme Solid Wood Construction 6 to 8 Capacity Hen House Chicken Coop

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 11

I don't really like such a homemade constructions in the backyard. It looks ugly and make your interior really sad place. Maybe you have to engage a specialist, who could organize this space in more elegant way?

Urban chicken coop kit 6

Chicken coop covered with mesh. Frame is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral and functional design for any outdoor place as needed.

Large chicken coop and run for sale


Precision Pet Products Precision Hen Den Chicken Coop

Chicken coop for 8 chickens 12

Side yard urban chicken coop

Garden coop building plans up to 8 chickens 4

Garden Coop" Building Plans (up to 8 chickens)

Lancaster County Barns Lancaster Standard Quaker Chicken House

8x10 custom chicken coop j n structures

8x10 Custom Chicken Coop | J&N Structures

Lim yang nice chicken coop 8 chickens capacity

Lim yang: Nice Chicken coop 8 chickens capacity

6x8 chicken coop amish built chicken coops

6×8 Chicken Coop | Amish Built Chicken Coops

6x8 chicken coop chicken coops sales prices

6x8 Chicken Coop | Chicken Coops Sales & Prices

8 x 8 chicken coop board batten backyard chickens

8 x 8 Chicken Coop - Board & Batten | BackYard Chickens ...

Omitree new large wood chicken coop backyard hen house 4

Omitree New Large Wood Chicken Coop Backyard Hen House 4-8 ...