Dome Top Bird Cage

Are you on the lookout for a bird cage? If you answered positively, we can encourage you to spend some time on this site and try to pick the most appropriate model for yourself. There is really no need to rush with anything while browsing through these photos so take some time.

Old bird cage french wooden bird cage

Old Bird Cage French Wooden Bird Cage
A pretty vintage bird cage having an outer frame of wood with a worn brown finish. Its main cylindrical frame is made of metal wires with a bronze finish. It has 2 handles and a domed top with a showy wooden finial.

Antique bird cages

I saw this English Victorian bird cage on website, and I decide to purchase it! It features the bronze and copper finish, with octagonal shape and monumental size. Looks amazing in my living room.

Stunning vintage bird cage in varying shades of green with

Stunning vintage bird cage in varying shades of green with artistic details. This very rare bird cage, made of wood and metal, has spring loaded

Antique wooden birdcage large victorian

Antique Wooden Birdcage Large Victorian
An antique birdcage which is a real piece of art. It's a wooden construction in the shape of a castle. It's rich in charming details such as a clock, windows or doors. It can easily accommodate two birds.

Round Bird Cage With Stand Finch Canary Cockatiel Parakeet Dome Top White

20 off storewide a vintage wood and wire

20 Off Storewide A Vintage Wood And Wire
An awesome vintage wood an wire dome top bird cage, 20th century, with composite board base. The cage is well used and timeworn, with rust to the wire. Its dome shape looks amazing. I'd love tho have this one for my parrot.

Dome top bird cage 38

pb Finished in softly weathered gray and white, the domed top and repeating arches of our birdcage echo the stately beauty of Beaux-Arts architecture. We think it makes a handsome home for potted plants or a collection of favorite objects. 21" wide

Dome top bird cage 16

Sporting the regency styled design along the bronze finish this birdcage will make for a nice addition to your home decor and a perfect place to keep your pet both safe and happy, while it oozes elegance and grace.

Heavy antique late 19th century huge cast iron 2 door

Heavy Antique Late 19th Century Huge Cast Iron 2 Door Dome Top Bird Cage Yqz
Antique wrought iron bird cage from late 19th century - Huge cast Iron 2 door dome shape top bird cage looks adorable. I can see my baby girl parrot inside. I truly adore this old fashioned, mid century style.

Dome top bird cage 20 inch

Dome Top Bird Cage 20 Inch

Vintage wire wood bird cage with dome opening top

Vintage Wire & Wood Bird Cage With Dome Opening Top

Antique metal deco art bird cage vintage dome victorian owl

Antique Metal Deco Art Bird Cage Vintage Dome Victorian Owl
Bird cage in a classic shape. This durable metal construction is resistant to damage and it protects birds from many outdoor dangerous factors. The cage represents classic stylization suitable for antique decor.

Vtg antique victorian dome top wood birdcage architectural wooden front

Vtg Antique Victorian Dome Top Wood Birdcage Architectural Wooden Front Porch
Bird cage in Victorian style. Frame is made of wood and covered with metal wires. Designed for small and medium sized birds. Elegant design for all kinds of interiors.

Dome top bird cage 1

A sublime birdcage that offers the bent glass dome at the top and the narrow pull out waste tray below it to still keep your home neat and tidy, letting you simply enjoy the sublime design of this one of a kind piece.

Dome top bird cage 28

Buy the Small Dome Top Bird Cage here at Bird Cages Now. We offer free shipping within mainland USA on all bird cage orders. $207.99

Vintage wooden bird cage

These are easy to make out of chicken wire! I was at The Gathering Spring 2013 (an antique & collectable show) in Knoxville, Tn and several vendors had these - some had old or stained wooden knobs on top.

Dome top bird cage 13

18th Century Mughal Ivory Birdcage | From a unique collection of antique and modern bird cages at

Wooden metal bird cage white vintage victorian style dome top

Wooden & metal bird cage white vintage victorian style dome top/Free Shipping

Bird cages with dome top furniture quality round custom bird

... Bird Cages with dome top. Furniture quality round custom Bird cages

Heavy antique late 19th century huge cast iron 2 door

Heavy Antique Late 19th Century Huge Cast Iron 2 Door Dome Top Bird Cage Yqz
A vintage, antique bird cage from the 19th century. It was made from wrought iron that features a distressed and weathered finish. It's in a classy shape of a dome and the top is equipped in a hanger. It will be a nice decoration even if you don't own a bird.

Large Dome Top Bird Cage

Large Dome Top Bird Cage
This is made from an iron cage on the birds is the perfect solution for fan parrots, canaries and others. It has a stainless steel dishes and breeder box door. Solidly constructed is based on wheels which makes it easy movement.

Dome top bird cage 6

Vintage Dome Top Bird Cage

Dome bird cage 1

Recycled bird cage, which is used as a decorative buckler intended to plants. It has metal stilage and elegant sculptural base made of rock. You can insert in on your terrace, balcony or in the garden.

Round Bird Cage With Stand Finch Canary Cockatiel Parakeet Dome Top, Cage Only Dimension: 16" Diameter x 28"H, Cage and Stand: 16"D X 57"H *BLACK*

The bird should be free and fly - but when it became our home friend is important to give him the best house ever. Dome bird cage has a black trim,it is free standing and very stable.Inside has everything like Include wooden perches,one swing or feeder dishes.

Antique wooden bird cage

Large Dome Top Bird Cage - 40 x 30

Metal cloche dome

Bird cage that plays decorative role in different kinds of decor. This metal construction provides sun to plants and protects them from other outdoor dangers. Black metal construction is solid and long lasting.

Dome top bird cage 9

{French Cottage} *Tall* Wire Cloche Dome Terrarium with Metal Stand Vintage inspired reproduction The cloche is beautifully crafted of wire metal and topped with a metal bird finial. The stand is antiqued metal with a tone of details Dimensions: 10.5" Di

Dome bird cage 5

Small bird cage in vintage style. It is made of metal and mounted on decorative carving legs. It can be used as plant stand. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Dome top bird cage 4

Dome top Bird Cage with Stand in Sandstone Bird Boutique

Dome top bird cage 10

Vintage Hendryx Brass Pedestal Dome Top Bird Cage | eBay

Old wooden bird cages

The old bird dome cage adapted for the mini greenhouse. Hanging such a thing under your patio's roof truss, you can reach the effect of the mystery garden just outside the window. To have a green effect longer, plant the succulents.

Dome top bird cage 32

Nice for halloween -not too over the top

Dome top bird cage 29

$385.00-$329.00 Polly's Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cage 32 X 23 - Premium Wrought Iron Bird Cage Dome Top Opens as a playground. Victorian Cage with Opening Top Overall Height 64" Ideal for conures, cockatiels, congo african greys, small cockat

Dome top bird cage 33


Dome top bird cage 31

Bird Cage Covers Custom | CUSTOM DOME TOP BiRD Cage Cover / Large Bird Cage Cover by BirdDrapes

Mediana Dome Top Bird Cage

Mediana Dome Top Bird Cage
This striking bird cage on a high base with wheels is a very practical solution for every lover of canaries and parrots. Made of steel is extremely durable and well suited to any interior. It has secured the door and the protective cap.

20-Inch Open and Close Dome Plays Top Parrot Lovebird Cockatiel Cockatiels Parakeets Cage With Removable Stand

Dome top bird cage 27

A&E Cages Victorian Dome Top Bird Cage - PetSmart 246.99$

Trinity dome top bird cage

Trinity Dome Top Bird Cage

Round Bird Cage With Stand Finch Canary Cockatiel Parakeet Dome Top, Cage Only Dimension: 16" Diameter x 28"H, Stand: 68"H *BLACK*

Dome top bird cage 30

birdhouse # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Medium Victorian Top Bird Cage

Medium Victorian Top Bird Cage

Vintage bird cage hendryx red wire dome top by gizmoandhooha

Vintage Bird Cage Hendryx Red Wire Dome Top by GizmoandHooHa, $75.00

Pair antique bronze dome top bird cages c 1900 j6903


Shell Top Bird Cage

YML Parrot Cage, Antique Copper

Dome top bird cage 39

Midwest Homes for Pets Mediana Bird Cage, Ruby Dome Top

Yml dome top parrot bird cage with stand 2

YML Dome Top Parrot Bird Cage with Stand

Vintage dome top bird cage 1

Vintage Dome Top Bird Cage

Dome top bird cage 34

15" tall x 14" wide x 9.5" deep - do a patina finish and hang from ceiling.