Metal Obelisk Trellis

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Instead of placing your previous blooms on the ground, position them within your line of vision or in towering arrangements with a metal obelisk trellis. With their height and form, they provide ample support to train climbing florals, vines, and foliage. Apart from that, steel obelisks are made of durable materials that can weather different seasons. Let our designers regale you with these attractive metal and iron obelisk trellises that will frame your gardens and pathways in the most stunning ways.

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Updated 10/04/2023
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Manor Style Metal Obelisk Trellis

Manor Style Metal Obelisk Trellis

Kelly Clarkson Home

Bring a sense of whimsy to your flower or herb gardens without taking up too much precious space with this metal obelisk trellis. Strong steel construction provides rigid support. The finish is powder-coated with each obelisk featuring a cast metal finial at the top and multiple ring braces with floral patterns.

$73.99 $75.99

Designer Advice:

Spruce up your landscape with one or more of these beautifully designed metal garden obelisk trellis. Available in bronze and copper and offered in three sizes. It’s possible to install two of the same heights to create a balanced look. Or if you’re looking for a dramatic composition, we recommend getting multiple sizes for a fantasy-inspired garden vignette.

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Curvy Iron Obelisk Trellis

Curvy Iron Obelisk Trellis

Winston Porter

This iron obelisk trellis brings a dramatic character with its curved silhouette. With its deep staking, this decorative obelisk garden trellis will withstand the seasons, and help give your climbing plants the support they need to grow. Rust-resistant and powder-coated finish add aspects of stability and sturdiness, perfect for outdoor environments.

$57.99 $82.99

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Conical Metal Obelisk Trellis

Conical Metal Obelisk Trellis

Alcott Hill®

This metal garden obelisk trellis is perfect for your climbing flowers and small vines or veggies. Measuring over 5 feet in height, it provides support and plenty of room for all types of plants to grow. The steel construction is easy to insert into a planter, and the conical tuteur design helps guide garden plants upwards.

$85.99 $92.99

Designer Advice:

An ideal piece for a French-cottage garden. The base features a crisscross design, which makes it more appropriate for plants and vegetables which hasn’t started climbing yet. Aside from vines, its conical form also makes it the perfect base for lush foliage topiaries, placed along the door path for a welcoming entryway appeal.

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Best for supporting tall vines and plants
Tall Traditional Openwork Metal Garden Obelisk

Tall Traditional Openwork Metal Garden Obelisk

Alcott Hill®

What we like: Weather-resistant openwork frame

Not so good for: Small short spaces

This openwork neutral black iron metal obelisk trellis has a unique flared frame that creates the ideal vertical growth habitat for alfresco outdoor gardens. The tall height requires secure staking and makes the perfect way to grow climbers and vines.

$169.99 $188.99

Designer Advice:

Vertically arranged metal obelisk trellises are a great way to grow vines that require frequent attention, like peas, beans, and berries. In addition, the tall structure makes it easier to collect your harvest without the gruel of backaches from frequent bending over. And powder coated wrought iron makes a great material for growing outdoors due to being weather resistant and neutral.

What Users Say:

The trellis looks great. I used it to hang my grapevine. It really looks beautiful.

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Tower Steel Obelisk

Tower Steel Obelisk


This contemporary steel obelisk is perfect for providing additional climbing space for all of your plants. It is designed from steel material and coated with a weather-resistant epoxy that enables years of functionality and durability. Beautifully support your climbing plants such as climbing roses, fruits, or wisteria, lending drama and height to your garden.

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Best for supporting climbing vines in a pot
Wrought Iron Spiral Obelisk Trellis for Pots

Wrought Iron Spiral Obelisk Trellis for Pots

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Indoor or outdoor use

Not so good for: Supporting tall plants

This Gothic-inspired obelisk trellis for pots has a classic black iron construction with a broad brace that secures the long spike into the dirt. The tall spiraling freestanding post creates the ideal growth placement for a secure habitat for tall vines grown in pots.

$43.99 $45.99

Designer Advice:

Metal obelisk trellises are a fantastic choice for growing tall pot plants while providing structure and style. These plant rods can come in various shapes, with a simple swirling design adding a Gothic whimsy that creates the ideal sturdy frame to display vines and climbing plants. Consider the coating and paint to prevent rust outdoors when picking a trellis. 

What Users Say:

This is a great addition to my garden. It's very unique and very well made. I love it!

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Tall Wrought Iron Obelisk

Tall Wrought Iron Obelisk

Winston Brands

Give your climbing plants more room to grow and spread with the support of this tall, graceful wrought iron trellis. Made with a beautiful green-tint finish, it’s sturdy enough to withstand vines like wisteria and honeysuckle, yet light enough to move easily through your garden for summer maintenance.

Designer Advice:

A charming piece for a cottage-style garden, you can make it even sturdier by staking it with a few more stakes buried deeper into the ground. For a dreamy-like effect, especially during the spring season, you can place a lightweight chandelier at the center. This will give your outdoor space an elevated look with the climbing roses and florals and lighting fixtures.

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Metal Obelisk Trellis

Buying Guide

If you think your garden could use an eye-popping addition, then a metal obelisk trellis is an excellent idea. A well-placed trellis with the right kind of foliage is like an exclamation point to your outdoor setting. Of course, you can't just buy the first metal obelisk trellis you see and expect to have excellent results. There's a bit of art and science involved in choosing the right trellis, and that's what this article is all about.

A metal obelisk trellis typically features three or four sides. The right one for you depends on a couple of factors.

  • 3-Sided - Since this trellis has only three sides, it means that fewer materials are used to construct the product. Hence, it has the advantage of being cheaper. If the budget is a bit tight, then it's an excellent option.
  • 4-Sided - A four-sided trellis will typically feature results that are bolder and more imposing. Thus, if you want to maximize the "exclamation mark" effect of a trellis, then this one is a suitable choice.

The most commonly used metals for a trellis are stainless steel, iron, and aluminum. Even though you are shopping for a metal obelisk trellis, keep in mind that there are subcategories.

  • Stainless steel has the advantage of being resistant to rust. Although stainless steel is the most expensive of the three options, it will last for a very long time. Thus, it's a good choice if you want the best value for the money.
  • Iron has the advantage of being a well-balanced material. It might not last as long compared to stainless steel, but it's not as expensive either. Iron is also heavier, which makes it a good choice if your garden is susceptible to strong winds.
  • Aluminum is perhaps the cheapest of the three. It's lightweight, which makes it portable. On the downside, it's the least durable out of the three options.

Generally, your options include stand-alone and staked.

  • Stand-alone - As the name suggests, this type of trellis can stand on its own. This makes this type more versatile as you are free to place it anywhere. However, it's easier to knock down. You can counter-act this problem by adding weight at the bottom.
  • Staked - This type of trellis needs to be "inserted" into the ground. This also means that you can't place it on a concrete surface or it's difficult to plant it when the terrain is very rocky. The upside with stake is its very stable, and you have little to worry about it tumbling down.

So that's it for now. Although this article is far from being comprehensive, the information above should be enough to help you get the ball rolling.

Best Ideas

Wrought iron ball charlie topiary plant trellis obelisks garden

Wrought Iron Ball Charlie Topiary Plant Trellis Obelisks, Garden ...

Wrought iron obelisk

This metal garden trellis enchants with its lovely, crossover style. Wrought iron, being a formable material, enabled to create a delighting construction, which catches the attention with its curves and arches.

Garden obelisk metal

A beautiful obelisk that will make for just the perfect display measure for your flowers either outdoors or indoors and comes with the stunning, detailed and well-decorated metal structure with little flower accents all over it.

Garden obelisk trellis

A charming antique style garden trellis. Its tapered up frame of metal wires has a weatherproof rusty finish. It's built of vertical rods joined by diameter-varied circular horizontal stretchers. It features a dome top with scrolling and a finial.

The fat charlie topiary is our best seller this simple

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Metal obelisk trellis

Make room and provide proper growth conditions for your carefully curated trailing plants: this handsome metal obelisk trellis in black is fit for numerous gardening purposes, and it beautifies its outdoor space.

Garden metal obelisk

When the winter if finished we need to discover our garden again, by adding some new stuff like presented here contemporary but classic metal obelisk trellis. They look perfect in 2. Are open metal form with a square at the bottom and a triangle on the top.

Metal trellises for sale

A cool contemporary garden trellis entirely hand-forged of metal with a rust-resistant coppery finish. Its tall openwork frame is constructed of a dozen or so thin curved rods with top scrolls and swirls. It resembles a giant onion.

Metal obelisk trellis

this onion dome made of black metal trellis obelisk is an awesome supplement that would match any garden. It looks fancy and is designed of good quality material that would not corrode and always keeps its decorating qualities.

Metal obelisk trellis

Wrought Iron Bob Topiary Plant Trellis Obelisks Garden Flower Support ...

Steel obelisks for garden

metal obelisk trelli

Gothic circular obelisk metal trellis galvanized iron so 8901 96

gothic circular obelisk metal trellis galvanized iron so 8901 96 h x ...

Scroll top obelisk 1

Scroll Top Obelisk

Wow great for a front entry obelisk hurricane lanterns

Wow! Great for a front entry. Obelisk hurricane lanterns.

L1000 jpg 844


Large garden welded steel plant support wrought iron scroll topiary

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Barbed Wire Tree Fence Stays Holiday Rustic Home Yard Garden Art 3 3 5 Feet

Barbed Wire Tree Fence Stays Holiday Rustic Home Yard Garden Art 3 3 5 Feet

A cool rustic tree fence for outdoor use. Its cone-shaped openwork frame is constructed of metal barbed wire with a resistant coppery finish. It features irregularly deployed ornaments such as hearts and stars.

29 small wrought iron spheretopiary or obelisk trellis great in

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Metal obelisk

Crouching flowers require a good helper. Such a friend of flowers and design in the garden are metal obelisks. This one has a triangle shape and perfectly fits in the herb garden. It's useful, but also impressive.

Master ccp811 jpg


Iron garden obelisks

Rust Obelisk Metal Wire Trellis (Set of 3) : 7.25

Obelisk trellis metal

This garden obelisk trellis constitutes a great contemporary accent for one's garden. Its metal construction will provide solidness and a fresh, modern appeal, helping you creating wonderful flower compositions.

Spiral Topiary Trellis

Spiral Topiary Trellis

Metal obelisk trellis 5

Good Directions | Garden Obelisk Copper Finial OB-02 | On Sale