Iron Arbors and Trellises

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An iron arbor or trellis is a stunning and unique way to update your garden space. The perfect finishing touch to a small or large outdoor area, a heavy duty iron arbor will last for years. A trellis can be full of romantic and intricate details, or starker and more industrial. Whatever your preference, it brings style and sophistication to a garden instantly. Our design experts have picked out some of the best iron arbors and trellis for you below.

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Updated 02/01/2023
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Rustic Metal Arbor

Rustic Metal Arbor


Simple yet classy, this pergola arbor enhances the appearance of any outdoor space. Epoxy coating on the metal protects it against harsh weather elements. Crossbeam top and trellis sides lend a hand to your growing plants and creepers and is an ideal spot to attach hanging outdoor lights for the perfect backyard. Square section metal ensures durability and stability. It's versatile and can be used during weddings, outdoor parties, or sitting in your yard.

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Steel Arbor with Gate

Steel Arbor with Gate

Make your garden outstanding with this black arched arbor. Manufactured with tubular steel material for high strength and durability; and to withstand unfavorable weather conditions like rust, rot, and water. Polyester powder coating gives it a smooth finish. Attached gate with two concave-designed doors increases security, whereas 3.4" width vertical slats prevent pets and small children from going through when used as a doorway. This 34.2lb weight arbor can be anchored into a wooden deck.

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Wide Iron Arbor with Gate

Wide Iron Arbor with Gate

Evergreen Enterprises, Inc

This arbor has a gorgeous gate attached to the front that will swing open to welcome you home. Rust-resistant, it comes with seven-inch ground stakes so you can ensure your arbor remains stable. An anchoring kit is not included.

$280.68 $449.95

Designer Advice:

Create a charming cottage vibe by using this arbor as the first entryway to your home. As it takes inspiration from designs seen in the windows of Turkish homes, we recommend surrounding it with fruit trees and colorful plants. Moreover, you can close the gates as another means of privacy whether you’re in or away.

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Charcoal Gray Steel Arbor

Charcoal Gray Steel Arbor


Create a gorgeous shaded pathway in your backyard with this steel pergola. Measures 87.6" H to add vertical height and draw the eyes upwards. Its flat roofing offers a prime spot to incorporate a shade. Heavy-duty steel material is sturdy and will last a lifetime, while powder coating finish provides an excellent final touch. To anchor this 55" W arbor, screw or bolt it to the ground.


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Castle Style Iron Garden Arch

Castle Style Iron Garden Arch

Red Barrel Studio®

Resistant to sun, rust, and water, this stunning garden arch comes with an anchoring kit included. It has a subtle distressed look for a vintage look and feel. You can choose from three colors, including rustic brown.

$177.99 $197.99

Designer Advice:

Dreamy and sweet, you can live out your Romeo & Juliet fantasy with this arch. Inspired by designs seen in castles that have existed for centuries, it has classic lines that contrast with lattice detail for a subtle modern update. We recommend intertwining roses with your arch for a timelessly romantic look that will impress guests instantly. 

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Victorian Iron Arbor

Victorian Iron Arbor

Alcott Hill®

Available in three colors, this iron arbor is pretty and elegant. UV, rust, and water-resistant, it can be used all year round. Featuring Victorian filigree detail, it is full of vintage charm. An anchoring kit is not included.

$136.99 $181.43

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Steel Arbor with Bench

Steel Arbor with Bench

Inject functionality and beauty to your outdoor spaces with this arched arbor. Attached bench gives you and your guests a place to relax on, with the curved seating offering optimum comfort. The bench has a 400lb weight capacity and conveniently sits two people. The side frames allow for the growth of vibrant flowers and vines. Six concrete footers safely secure it for life. Apply epoxy coating annually to maintain the metallic luster.

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Entrance Iron Trellis Arch

Entrance Iron Trellis Arch

Fleur De Lis Living

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this arch has a home entrance silhouette for a cozy feel. Standing on four slim legs with an openwork scrolling design, it is made from solid welded iron and is rust-resistant.

$105.99 $232

Designer Advice:

Not just for patios or home entrances, this arch can also be used for individual garden areas. Signify where a special area starts and ends with this arch, which will give your garden a special significance. As it is tall and slim, it won’t take up much precious garden space, either. 

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Scrollwork Iron Arch Trellis

Scrollwork Iron Arch Trellis

Accentuated with scrollwork detail, this iron arch is easy to install and has full instructions. The black wrought iron frame has been powder coated and is anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Plus, despite being easy to move about, it has strong wind resistance.

Designer Advice:

This arch would be a great option if you have a short path or share an outdoor space with others. It won’t take up much room due to the thin metal but still stands tall enough to make an impact. We recommend adding some fairy lights to your arch for a soft and romantic look all year round.

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Iron Arbors and Trellises

Buying Guide

If your garden or outdoor setting looks bare to you, then iron arbors and trellises can definitely help. These garden features are made for adding dimension and depth. Also, a correctly placed iron arbor and trellis can work as a focal point of a garden, which is something that most inexperienced homeowners tend to miss.

Keep in mind that iron arbors and trellises come in a plethora of varieties. It can be quite challenging to find the right one for you. To help you with this endeavor, this article is going to be an iron arbor and trellis buying guide. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be armed with enough information to help you choose one that is perfect for you.

Arbors can be made out of a variety of materials! Consider how you'll use the space as well as the likely elements that your arbor will be routinely exposed to.

  • Wood: The two most popular types of wood for structural integrity and aesthetic appeal are cedar and pine. Both will stand up to rain and sun exposure---and cedar may even repel some types of bugs from your living spaces.
  • Wrought Iron: For a rustic feel consider a wrought iron arbor. Its rough black surface will look wonderful next to the delicate curls of flower petals and the slim, spiky grasses outside. A wrought iron arbor will instantly feel like it's been in the space of hundreds of years, buying you instant sentimental appeal.
  • Vinyl: While vinyl may not have the romance or presence of a solid wood or wrought iron arbor, it is basically maintenance-free. Wood and iron require special treatment to ensure that they do not rot or rust, while vinyl generally takes care of itself in the long term.
  • Steel: If you're looking for an arbor that will have an industrial vibe or truly stand the test of time, look no further than steel as a base material.

Generally, bigger gardens will need larger iron arbors and trellises. If you have a smaller garden, you'd want one that is also smaller. While iron arbors and trellises can add character to your garden or outdoor setting, there's still a limit to it. In most cases, homeowners tend to go for something that is really big. As a result, the iron arbor or trellis will "drown out" the rest of the garden. The key to not overdo things is to find the right size.

A straightforward way of finding the right size is by doing some visualization and measuring. The first step is to visualize the location where you want to place the iron arbor or trellis. Then, imagine the appropriate size and take some measurements. Once you have the dimensions, all you need to do is to shop for the iron arbor or trellis that is a good fit for your measurements.

Another thing that you need to consider is the vegetation. Always keep in mind that vines will add volume, making iron arbors and trellises look bigger than they first arrived. Hence, you need to factor in this information before buying iron arbors and trellises.

As a mostly aesthetic product --- unless you go for an arbor with productive accessories! --- a large part of what you're buying when you purchase an arbor is its design capabilities. You'll find a large array of differing patterns and designs on the market, including:

  • Arched Arbors: These types of arbors are extremely traditional and feature a romantic archway in the middle. 
  • Pergolas: For an arbor with a more rectangular silhouette, choose a pergola! Traditionally, these consist of four rounded columns supporting a slatted roof. 
  • Latticed Arbors: A latticed arbor is made of criss-crossed, thin pieces of wood---perfect to support crawling vines and flowers growing over the arbor itself. 
  • Gabled Arbors: Very similar to an arched arbor, a gabled arbor simply has a peak at its top instead of a rounded curve.

Would you like an arbor with a built-in bench? What about hooks for flower-pots or double trellises? No matter what you'd like to do with your arbor, there's a specific type that will work best for you.

If you're looking for an arbor with accessories, here are ouse of the most popular kinds: 

  • Attached gates: Want to use your arbor as an entryway for a garden or another section of your property? Use an attached gate to make that statement with style. 
  • Attached planters: Arbors are naturally associated with gardens and greenery, but if you'd like to make that association even stronger, try attaching a planter to the arbor itself! This will work particularly well if you have any plants that need to be elevated or get specific levels of sun that may not be available in your natural planting space. 
  • Attached seats: Sometimes, you're just looking for a place to relax. An arbor can bring that opportunity to you in style with a build-in bench. With natural shade and places to lean your head, an arbor bench may just be the loveliest place to catch your breath we've ever heard of! 
  • Indoor arbors: While most arbors are thought of as outdoor pieces, if you have a need for one that works inside there are models that will work well for you!

  • Look carefully at the place you'd like to use your arbor, and use a measuring tape to get precise measurements before you buy. 
  • Consider how you use the space. If there aren't any nearby seating opportunities, getting an arbor with a built-in bench, for example, might help maximize use of the space.

Best Ideas

Rose arches wrought iron

This iron arbour with bronze finish constitutes a magical passage to the wonderful, greeny world of birds, flowers and garden relaxation. Its ornate finish will add refinement to your outdoors.

Innova Hearth And Home Royal Cast Iron Garden Arbor With Hangers

Innova Hearth And Home Royal Cast Iron Garden Arbor With Hangers

An outdoor trellis with durable metal construction and beautiful scrollwork, all drowned in a quality powder coated finish. The trellis has a lovely designed top arch, and two flat stretchers at the bottom for stability.

Wrought iron garden arbor trellis 4

Wrought Iron Garden Arbor, Trellis

Arbors and trellises wayfair buy garden trellis arbor garden arches

Arbors and Trellises | Wayfair - Buy Garden Trellis, Arbor, Garden Arches Online

Wrought iron arbor 1

Romantic garden nooks like this one used to be extremely popular the other day. Why not revive the good old times and have a 19th century style iron arbor in a garden? Trellises are provided for trailing plants.

Iron arbors and trellises 2

Made of beautiful iron arbors and trellises, this is an excellent choice for the garden as it allows you to achieve attractive scenery. The solid construction and nice combination of plants and plants delight in its details and brings a romantic atmosphere.

Iron trellis 1

Iron Trellis

Is it possible to have too much rusted iron in

Is it possible to have too much rusted iron in a garden?

Iron arbor 3

iron arbor

Black iron scrolled medallion cathedral arbor 124 95

Black Iron Scrolled Medallion Cathedral Arbor $124.95

Wrought iron garden arbor

This beautiful iron garden arbor is available with or without matching gate. Despite the chosen version, all of the items are offered in a handsome, burnished bronze finish. Rust-proof hardware.

Iron arbors and trellises 1

A great decoration for outdoors, that will quickly raise up your luscious greens from the ground. This gorgeous trellis is made of weather-resistant metal, and beautifully scrolled, providing durable and stable structure for serving you years to come.

Metal arbor trellis

The captivating combination of solid iron construction with functional arbor and trellis gives you a perfect choice to transform your garden. Delicious details captivate and create a unique atmosphere in the backyard.

Metal arbors with gates

If you dream about a traditional English classicism in your house, check out this overdoor trellis. Lovely curved, made from wrought iron, the trellis is designed to hang over a window or door.

Austram Crescent 7.5 Ft. Iron Arch Arbor

Austram Crescent 7.5 Ft. Iron Arch Arbor

Made from solid and formable iron, this metal arched arbor constitutes a beautiful entrance to one's garden or patio. It works out perfectly for glorious occasions like weddings or banquets.

Pergulas por deposito santa mariah

Pérgulas!por Depósito Santa Mariah

Wrought iron trellis arbor

These round trellises for your garden will prove to be an irreplaceable option for when you want to watch your plants grow and look beautiful in the process. They are structured from iron of the highest quality to ensure that it will not lose on its appeal due to weather conditions.

Iron arbors and trellises

Burnished Bronze Finished Iron Montebello Garden Arbor With Gate | Arbors & Trellises

Rod iron garden trellis

Honeysuckle vine in a shady corner of the yard. May 2012

Wrought Iron Skyview Arbor Garden Arch Flower Trellis

Wrought Iron Skyview Arbor Garden Arch Flower Trellis

Wrought iron arbour, perfect for outdoor purposes. It could use some repainting, but other than that it’s in excellent shape. The interesting yet subtle pattern of the finish makes it perfect for a wedding or a garden party.

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Wrought iron egyptian arbor great garden trellis arch

Wrought Iron Egyptian Arbor Great Garden Trellis Arch

Trellis canopy

iron arbors and trellise

Ornamental iron arbor with gate 3

Ornamental Iron Arbor with Gate 3