Iron Arbors And Trellises


An iron arbor is a captivating way to transition from the outside world into your own little sanctuary. And what better way to keep that feeling going than adding a few treslises to really create that sense of being in another world? These options allow your climbing flowers and vegetable plants room to reach for the sun, and take their beauty to new heights. Take a leisurely stroll through this collection to create your own secret garden sanctuary.

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Our Picks

Innova Hearth And Home Royal Cast Iron Garden Arbor With Hangers

Innova Hearth And Home Royal Cast Iron Garden Arbor With Hangers

An outdoor trellis with durable metal construction and beautiful scrollwork, all drowned in a quality powder coated finish. The trellis has a lovely designed top arch, and two flat stretchers at the bottom for stability.

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Austram Crescent 7.5 Ft. Iron Arch Arbor

Austram Crescent 7.5 Ft. Iron Arch Arbor

Made from solid and formable iron, this metal arched arbor constitutes a beautiful entrance to one's garden or patio. It works out perfectly for glorious occasions like weddings or banquets.

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Wrought Iron Skyview Arbor Garden Arch Flower Trellis

Wrought Iron Skyview Arbor Garden Arch Flower Trellis

Wrought iron arbour, perfect for outdoor purposes. It could use some repainting, but other than that it’s in excellent shape. The interesting yet subtle pattern of the finish makes it perfect for a wedding or a garden party.

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Rose arches wrought iron

This iron arbour with bronze finish constitutes a magical passage to the wonderful, greeny world of birds, flowers and garden relaxation. Its ornate finish will add refinement to your outdoors.

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Iron arbors and trellises 1

A great decoration for outdoors, that will quickly raise up your luscious greens from the ground. This gorgeous trellis is made of weather-resistant metal, and beautifully scrolled, providing durable and stable structure for serving you years to come.

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Metal arbor trellis

The captivating combination of solid iron construction with functional arbor and trellis gives you a perfect choice to transform your garden. Delicious details captivate and create a unique atmosphere in the backyard.

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Iron arbors and trellises 2

Made of beautiful iron arbors and trellises, this is an excellent choice for the garden as it allows you to achieve attractive scenery. The solid construction and nice combination of plants and plants delight in its details and brings a romantic atmosphere.

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Iron arbors and trellises

Burnished Bronze Finished Iron Montebello Garden Arbor With Gate | Arbors & Trellises

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Wrought iron arbor 1

Romantic garden nooks like this one used to be extremely popular the other day. Why not revive the good old times and have a 19th century style iron arbor in a garden? Trellises are provided for trailing plants.

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Iron arbor 3

iron arbor

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Iron Arbors And Trellises

Buying Guide

If your garden or outdoor setting looks bare to you, then iron arbors and trellises can definitely help. These garden features are made for adding dimension and depth. Also, a correctly placed iron arbor and trellis can work as a focal point of a garden, which is something that most inexperienced homeowners tend to miss.

Keep in mind that iron arbors and trellises come in a plethora of varieties. It can be quite challenging to find the right one for you. To help you with this endeavor, this article is going to be an iron arbor and trellis buying guide. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be armed with enough information to help you choose one that is perfect for you.

Generally, bigger gardens will need larger iron arbors and trellises. If you have a smaller garden, you'd want one that is also smaller. While iron arbors and trellises can add character to your garden or outdoor setting, there's still a limit to it. In most cases, homeowners tend to go for something that is really big. As a result, the iron arbor or trellis will "drown out" the rest of the garden. The key to not overdo things is to find the right size.

A straightforward way of finding the right size is by doing some visualization and measuring. The first step is to visualize the location where you want to place the iron arbor or trellis. Then, imagine the appropriate size and take some measurements. Once you have the dimensions, all you need to do is to shop for the iron arbor or trellis that is a good fit for your measurements.

Another thing that you need to consider is the vegetation. Always keep in mind that vines will add volume, making iron arbors and trellises look bigger than they first arrived. Hence, you need to factor in this information before buying iron arbors and trellises.

While arbors may come in seemingly endless varieties, it's possible to categorize in two primary groups. There's the arch style, and then there's the pergola style.

  • The arched style is considered as the traditional form. It's a good design for exit and entry points. The arched form can also work as a floral-flecked accent or spatial division. For iron arbors and trellises, the arched style is the more economical option. The reason behind this is because iron is easier to work with in creating a singular piece and flowing arch.
  • The pergola style is often considered as Grecian-inspired. It comes with a signature design of two standing columns and flat beams on top. The beams are positioned in a way that they can provide shade. Because of such configuration, the pergola style is often an elegant solution for a seating area.

The thing that makes finding the right iron arbor and trellis difficult is not knowing what to look for. Hence, understanding what you need and want is a significant step in finding the right garden feature for you.

Best Ideas

Wrought iron garden arbor

This beautiful iron garden arbor is available with or without matching gate. Despite the chosen version, all of the items are offered in a handsome, burnished bronze finish. Rust-proof hardware.

Black iron scrolled medallion cathedral arbor 124 95

Black Iron Scrolled Medallion Cathedral Arbor $124.95

Iron garden arbor

I would love to have this arbor in my garden. It features the iron construction with trellises and lovely shape. It adds beauty and style to any exterior. I want to have the bench next to this arbor.

Pergulas por deposito santa mariah

Pérgulas!por Depósito Santa Mariah

The Westminster Arch

The Westminster Arch

Trellis canopy

iron arbors and trellise

Rebar trellis

Rebar Trellis

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Rod iron garden trellis

Honeysuckle vine in a shady corner of the yard. May 2012

Ornamental iron arbor with gate 3

Ornamental Iron Arbor with Gate 3

Iron garden arch

Made of iron arbors and trellises, it is an excellent way to create a spectacular outdoor space on the terrace, patio or in the garden. Robust construction combined with natural cover creates an incredibly interesting whole.

Wrought iron garden arbor trellis 4

Wrought Iron Garden Arbor, Trellis

Metal arbors with gates

If you dream about a traditional English classicism in your house, check out this overdoor trellis. Lovely curved, made from wrought iron, the trellis is designed to hang over a window or door.

Is it possible to have too much rusted iron in

Is it possible to have too much rusted iron in a garden?