Outdoor Lawn Ornaments


And now for the collection you've been waiting for, we give you our extensive catalog of outdoor lawn ornaments. Accentuate your yard with decorative figures that will showcase your eclectic style. We have plenty to choose from and every single one is made of the highest quality material. If you are looking for something fun to decorate your yard see this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Yard ornaments made from wood

Cool and ingenious size-varied garden ornaments made of ... old bowling and golf balls with some additions. They have forms of amusing colourful hand-painted insects or superheroes e.g. ladybirds, bumblebees or Spider-man.

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Lawn ornament colorful carnival glass

Lawn ornament colorful carnival glass

Incredible combination of unique lawn ornaments makes the garden a unique style. The solid foundation based on the steel base is durable and looks great in the green. An exciting form of glass flower captivates.

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Giant dragonfly wood outdoor yard art

Giant dragonfly wood outdoor yard art

An awesome set of lawn ornaments, with each shaped like a large dragonfly with beauitfully-patterned, colorful wings. Constructed of sturdy wood, dragonflies are durable, easy to hang on a tree, and visible from quite a large distance.

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Lawn ornaments to make

Check out other gallery of Diy Outdoor Lawn Christmas Decorations

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Outdoor lawn ornaments

A unique set of outdoor decorations that will slowly but effectively show their true charm. Each of those lawn ornaments is made of a round stone embedded in the scrolled metal frame, forming a gorgeous shape of a snail.

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Michael Carr Turtle Lawn Ornament

Michael Carr Turtle Lawn Ornament

It is a turtle lawn ornament that is a perfect decoration for your home and garden or yard. It looks adorable and everyone will tell you how great this turtle is. It adds beauty and style to any home.

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Ornament Wild Mushroom Statue

Ornament Wild Mushroom Statue

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Glass garden ornaments

Mike Urban's glass flowers; make your own with different pieces of glass glued together.

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This piece of yard art would be awesome out back

This piece of artwork is designed as a giant and a little human-eating plants with both plants placed in green vases. It’s a beautiful piece of work that would definitely stand out in our garden. Might want to keep this away if there are kids around though.

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Diy glow in the dark log stools

DIY Glow In The Dark Log Stools

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Best Ideas

Diy yard ornaments

Bowling Ball = Lawn Ornament

Garden ornaments and statues 28

Funny garden statue - an alternative for dwarfs and fairies... A realistic light gray hippo hides in grass. A surprising lawn accent to amuse guests. Also a gift for wildlife afficionados and animal lovers.

Windmill Lawn Ornament

Windmill Lawn Ornament

Charming traditional freestanding windmill miniature for garden decoration. It's made of quality resistant cedar wood with a natural finish and has stainless steel hardware. It should be sealed every year. Its prop swirls in wind.

Lime green grasshopper recycled metal

Lime green grasshopper recycled metal

Super cool garden decor: a lime green painted grasshopper sculpture made artfully from recycled metal - I can see some screws and bolts here. Fun accessory serving as cheap and cheerful lawn ornament.

Outdoor lawn ornaments 1

These colorful balls ornaments can be used to decorate your trees during holidays, especially during Christmas. The balls have different designs and colors which all give this bright and happy feeling that comes with the holidays. The ropes attached to the balls are sturdy and last for a long time.

Lawn ornaments turtles

Christmas Outdoor Decor. Giant lawn christmas ornaments

Golf lawn ornaments

This peacock themed bottle design is a perfect example of a minimalistic but stunning design. A blue-colored bottle is placed in the middle of seven green-colored bottles with all the bottles sitting in an orange stand. The bright blend of colors makes this the perfect décor for your garden.

Outdoor lawn ornaments

Add life to your empty lawn with these colorful and kid-friendly ornaments. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, these beautiful pieces will completely transform your landscape with their charming vibrant appeal. They will also glow at night to put up a show for everyone.

Wooden yard ornaments

fun-halloween-idea: Shape chicken wire into ghostly figures, then spray paint with glow-in-the-dark paint! :D

Wooden windmill garden ornament

Twirler Kinetic Garden Stake | DIY Home Hacks

Outdoor christmas decorating ideas outdoor candy a christmas decorating idea

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas | Outdoor “CANDY”! A Christmas Decorating Idea « The Seasonal Home

Glass flower garden art glass flower garden art hand painted

Glass Flower Garden Art | Glass Flower Garden Art Hand Painted - Suncatcher - Lawn Ornament ...

Garden decorative balls ornaments

Unusual and very colorful outdoor lawn ornaments make the decor a new expression and delight in detail. Beautiful coloring and attractive form of old glass vases create a unique and very impressive whole.

Yard ornaments to make

Unique bird bath made of colorful glass. It is mounted on pedestal base. Elegant design for the garden, park and others outdoors places according to taste and need.