Large Black Planter


If you are a fan of the color black and most of your decor, but if we got the new item for your home. These large black planters will give you a way to plant Flowers, fruits, vegetables, or whatever in a medium but does not defy your decorative scheme. They come in many sizes, but all are exceptionally large. See collection for more.

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Black Plastic Bee Resin Planter

Black Plastic Bee Resin Planter

Latitude Run®

Fun and stylish, ideal for a patio. It is crafted from durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powder. It is 14'' long and a generous size for all sized plants. It has a black resin finish for a soft and textured feel.

Designer Advice:

Black offers a very unique look to a home. With its textured facade, you should play with textures for your plant choices. New Zealand native honeysuckle is a great choice. Ideally they’d look great in a pair. You can play with the location on your patio, to sit sporadically to be eye-catching whilst sitting at your rattan dining table.

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Black Plastic Large Box Planter

Black Plastic Large Box Planter

Winston Porter

Made to sit under your window, this is ideal for houses. This black plastic polyethylene material is very durable. It is 36'' long and has a traditional style, with a grooved edge. Mounts easily under any window. It also boasts a self-watering feature.  

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Large Tall Matte Black Planter

Large Tall Matte Black Planter

Lark Manor™

This large black planter in matte finish is weather resistant. Ideal for more diverse climates. This planter stands at 32'' high and is crafted from high-grade polyethylene. It has a traditional style, yet has a modern, clean feel.

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Black Matte Urn Style Planter

Black Matte Urn Style Planter

Plow & Hearth

This lightweight urn style piece is classic and stylish. Crafted from commercial-grade polyethylene, it stands at 15.75'' long. It has a self watering system too. The pedestal style planter offers a chic look for your door.

Designer Advice:

This is an exceptionally regal looking planter. It would match a stunning red, white or black door. The style is classic, so play it up with classic florals. For example, a red rose bush or dahlias. This matte black planter will add style and sophistication to any home.

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Large Wide Black Planter

Large Wide Black Planter

This black metal planter is a diverse piece. It is modern and ideal for a conservatory. Sturdy and rust-resistant, it has a durable powder coating. At 28.75'' long, it has a modern base with generous space underneath.

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Black Box Planter

Black Box Planter

Charlton Home®

This box planter is modern and would work well in a group! The beaded panel design adds style. It is crafted from eco-friendly materials and is easy to clean. It has a matte black finish and is 14'' long.

Designer Advice:

Due to the shape of these planters, a group would look uniformed and stylish. The black tones offer an element of class, and the height allows you to play with large plants. We would recommend Lunaria, to add color and charm!  

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Best Ideas

Large black planter 3

Instead of many small pots, which often unfortunately remain unnoticed - you can invest in the ones that will surely catch any eye. Like these three large black planters, resembling the shape of a wasp torso.

Mrk iris speckled planters natural

Mrk iris speckled planters natural

These products are high quality flowerpots available in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are made of solid materials, so their level of durability is very high. These products have got a high decorative value.

Large black planter 2

The patio original planter. The square pot was made of the grey carved wood. The composition inside contains the boxwood and ivy. These plants are very undemanding, so taking care of it won't consume a lot of yours time.

Square Planter Box

Square Planter Box

The square planter box. It has a wide mouth top, which lets the plants breathe and grow properly. The sides was ornamented with the stamped geometrical pattern. The black color will fit to each type of garden, where the flowers play the first fiddle.

Hollywood hills terrace landscape contemporary landscape los angeles

Hollywood hills terrace landscape contemporary landscape los angeles

Planter for outdoor applications. This large element features simple, but thick and solid walls finished in black color. These planters match contemporary landscapes. They provide space for plants and they decorate outdoor areas.

Large black planter 4

A pair of simple planters for your garden or patio. They are minimalist black cubes, which will make a nice contrast with green or colorful plants inside. They feature a universal and timeless design.

Square metal planter

Black/white/green garden plants

Tall rectangular planter box

These large planters are a great addition to mansion-like houses. Without them, the entryway would be bland and boring, but they effortlessly added some life and elegance. The black colour of the planters keeps them elegant.

Large black planter

... Planter. LARGE Cubed Terrazzo Effect Fibreglass Garden Planter

Nothing says 34 pow 34 in a garden like oversized

*Nothing says "pow" in a garden like oversized decor. The color and size of the pots are contemporary and a perfect addition to the garden.

Iron planter box

Large boxwood topiaries, moss, black planters with trellis pattern

Metal planter box

With clean lines and aside of its slightly worn out bottom, this large planter is still a lovely looking piece for growing your luscious greens. Its large size allows you to plant more than one planter, and durable construction makes it perfect for outdoor usage.

Designer indoor plant pots

Standing at 3ft from the bottom of the starter planter to the top leaf, this large bushy artificial grass plant will add a modern, urban character to any space. The foliage is a lovely shade of light green and made from PVC.

Large black planter 5

{ striped planters }

Planter large black planter


Outdoor wall ornaments

striking used in this contemporary setting...I imagine them at the end of a garden with ornamental grass shooting out of them swaying in the breeze....

Large black planter 12

Front Porch Planter Urns | ... porch, check out The Nester’s beautiful, blue urns with ferns . Urns

Ficus benjamina set into a tin pot landscape gardens leo

Ficus benjamina set into a tin pot - landscape gardens - Leo Laniado // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Large urn planter

Large Urn Planter

Aechmea dean with dichondra silver falls at chanticleer garden

Aechmea 'Dean' with Dichondra 'Silver Falls' at Chanticleer Garden

Contemporary tall black tapered resin garden planters

Contemporary Tall Black Tapered Resin Garden Planters

20 inch black square patio planter patio planters patio

20-inch Black Square Patio Planter | Patio planters, Patio ...

Piccadilly large onyx black lite planter

Piccadilly Large Onyx Black Lite Planter

Large black cauldron planter rockett st george

Large Black Cauldron Planter | Rockett St George