Metal Tiered Plant Stand


Tiered plant stands are a fun and decorative way to showcase your plants. And a metal tiered plant stands offer an industrial edge and durability, that will give you a style quite a bit different than the traditional wood plant stand. If you are interested in going a little different with your plants, take a look at these.

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Tiered embellished steel plant stands and zinc plant stand liners

Tiered Embellished Steel Plant Stands and Zinc Plant Stand Liners

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Vintage garden metal three tier plant

Vintage garden metal three tier plant

Vintage garden rack and organizer made of metal. It is admittedly a little bit worn out, but it still will play its role perfectly. You can used it to storage gardening tools or insert there flower pots with plants.

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Tennants auctioneers a three tier metal plant stand

Tennants Auctioneers: A three tier metal plant stand

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Metal tiered plant stand

This tasteful metal bakers rack was finished in a vintage shabby style. The beautiful details and the white finish enchants and makes the furniture look good in many ways. Subtle details at the top with floral motif add to the overall lightness.

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Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Black 3 Tier Shelf Planter Metal Vtg 60s Table

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Black 3 Tier Shelf Planter Metal Vtg 60s Table

Simple and minimalistic approach to a mid-century, modern plant stand with a three-tiered planter shelf made out of black-painted metal, making for a perfect addition to a backyard patio to be used as a planter shelf.

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Products 3 tier metal fruit stand

Products 3 Tier Metal Fruit Stand

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Metal 3 tier jardiniere

Metal 3 tier jardiniere

Enhance your home with this breathtaking, 3-tier jardiniere with 3 fabric lined baskets, and PVC-coated steel stand covered in a black finish. The bottom has a round base and lovely scrollwork for extra appearance.

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Antique iron plant stand

Plant stand with three tiers. This construction provides support to many plants. It features a solid wrought iron construction with decorative scrolls. Blue color of this plant stand looks very interesting anywhere.

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Antique wrought iron plant stand

Plant stand with antique finish. It consists of 4 shelves arranged vertically. It is made of metal and mounted on wheels for easy movement. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral form and functional design.

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Victorian style 4 tiered wire work plant stand


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Metal Tiered Plant Stand

Buying Guide

Finding somewhere suitable to store your plants, whether indoor or outdoor, can be quite difficult. Not only do you need to find some space in your home, but you also need to think about a storage rack or stand. Metal tiered plant stands are the ideal place to keep your plants, and you can keep them indoor in the kitchen or outdoors in the garden or on the patio. Since there are several designs available, we'll consider some of the most popular and useful styles for inside or outside the house.

Metal stand and ceramic bowls

If you aren't a fan of entirely metal furniture items, you can explore other options, such as a metal stand with ceramic bowls in which to place your plants. There are three ceramic bowls which create the tiered effect – the largest being at the bottom and the smallest at the top. On either side of the bowls are curved metal pieces, joining together to make the stand. Each of the bowls is attached to the next through the use of a curved metal rod or hook. You can keep plants inside each of the bowls, and circular plant pots are recommended to match the shape of the ceramic bowls.

Metal tiered corner plant stand

This design works well in a greenhouse or small garden where there may be limited space for your plants. Rather than taking up more space alongside a wall or in the middle of the greenhouse, you can save space with a corner plant stand and keep it a little further out of sight. The top shelf is the smallest, and the bottom shelf is the largest. The top shelf will normally only hold one plant, while the middle shelf may hold 2-3, and the bottom shelf will hold a total of four or five. The metal frame may be painted white or another color, but you will see equal numbers of unpainted stands.

Metal tiered step style plant stand

A style which resembles the beginning of a curved staircase, this beautiful and modern design is ideal if you have just two or three plants. Suited to the indoors but equally well-matched to the outdoor environment, a metal frame supports three wooden steps. Each of the steps varying in size, a popular look is to position one plant on the top step and a second on the bottom. There is little need for much further detail, since along the bottom of the steps is an intricate pattern formed using metal.

Metal plant stand with circular shelves

A square and rectangular look doesn't appeal to everybody, so if you're looking for something more circular and rounded, this could be the answer for you. Made completely from metal, the stand typically consists of the frame and three or four circular shelves. Differing in size from the top to the bottom, one or two of the shelves may also be at a slight distance from the other shelves. This gives the item a modern effect, and its resistance to the weather when kept outdoors.

Of course. Just make sure it is protected with a good-quality rust-resistant coating to be able to use it for long years to come.

Best Ideas

Farmhouse charm peyton etagere

Farmhouse charm peyton etagere

Simple, metal plant stand. It's durable and trustworthy, so you can be sure it won't tremble under you. Perfect for outdoor use, as it's been designed to withstand such conditions. Moderate height is perfect for day-to-day garden activities.

A fresh garden fete raina planter

A fresh garden fete raina planter

This triple flower stand is a beautiful steel construction with subtle flower pots. Nice combination of raw metal with a sandy tint of flower containers presents itself with exquisitely beautiful.

Congregation Quad Plant Stand

Congregation Quad Plant Stand

This interesting set of plant stand is the perfect solution to the terrace, garden or house. The metal structure is made so that it can be arranged as needed. Extensive containers accommodate up big pots of flowers.

Plant stands 4

Plant Stands

Middle Plant Stand

Middle Plant Stand

Vintage wrought iron plant stand

Plant stand for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of metal and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Designed for medium and small sized plants.

Metal plant stand 3 tier

potted plants in metal buckets...cute and cheap! Drill hole in bottom.

Spiral plant stand

A charming stylish planter inspired by a spiral staircase. Its frame of black-finished metal features a thicker front post and a curved handrail (on 3 thin supports) with ball finials. Three triangularish brown wooden shelves have scrolled aprons.

Plant theatre traditional design smoke green by plant theatre

plant theatre traditional design smoke green by plant theatre |

Home songbird symphony indoor outdoor etagere

Home > Songbird Symphony Indoor Outdoor Etagere

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Vintage iron plant stand

Herbs on Tiered Stand

Metal storage stand by the forest co

metal storage stand by the forest & co |

Three tier garden plant stand