Wood Plant Stands

Your plants deserve a pedestal to shine and stand out… and what better than a wood plant stand to emphasize how you brought nature inside your home?

You can find them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you can actively use them to decorate your interiors and even match each room’s decor style.

Plus, as long as you find some wooden stands that have been treated or coated to withstand the elements, you can place them on your balcony, patio, or garden, too.

Just be sure to do some brainstorming and figure out exactly how many you need and in what size. For example, if you have more than one plant, it might make more sense to purchase a tiered stand or, if you can already tell that you’re going to be buying more, a larger one with several long shelves.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Minimalist wood plant stand

Minimalist wood plant stand

Some #PlantParents prefer wood plant stands in a simpler, more subtle design that really helps the plant become the center of attention.

If that sounds like you, a classy minimalist stand is all you need to keep yours safely raised from the ground.

As well as in minimalist rooms (duh!), these designs tend to work extremely well in Scandinavian homes, too.

Taller wood plant stand

Taller wood plant stand

Usually, taller stands are roughly as high as a traditional side table, which means you can easily place them next to your sofa and use them for a couple of other functional or decorative items, too.

These wood plant stands now come in all kinds of designs, but we think you might like this creative one: it has room for an additional plant at the bottom and, by combining a light wood finish with a monochrome top surface, makes it a breeze to match different decors (once again, it’s a Scandi staple).

Wood plant stand in lighter finishes

Wood plant stand in lighter finishes

If your living room is fairly small or already full of furniture, a wood plant stand in a lighter finish and featuring an open design will help.

It’ll actually make that corner look airier and more spacious while still leaving you plenty of decorative possibilities to choose from.

Wood plant stand with drawer

Wood plant stand with drawer

Since you’re already using that area for your new wood plant stand, why not get the most out of its floor real estate?

For example, this could involve a pedestal with additional shelves for more than one plant, room for other decorative items, or even a drawer for extra storage (which is always a big plus!).

Contemporary wood plant stand

Contemporary wood plant stand

If you prefer, your new wood stand could be as eye-catching as the actual plant.

The easiest way to achieve this bold result is to look for a contemporary model straying away from the most traditional designs.

Just think: could it belong to a modern art gallery? If the answer is yes, go on and turn your plant into a work of art.

Wood plant stand for a natural feel

Wood plant stand for a natural feel

Another beautiful idea for a wood plant stand that’s also a decorative statement is to go all in on the wooden element by choosing a design made to look as if you’ve found it in the woods.

Natural-looking stands are ideal in eclectic or bohemian rooms but also to reinforce more rustic decors like farmhouse or cottage-inspired homes.

Tiered plant stand

Tiered plant stand

The rule of three is extremely popular in interior design as arranging items in odd numbers results in a natural and more dynamic display.

Most tiered plant stands harness this, whether that’s by following a symmetrical design or a decreasing pattern.

Therefore, they’re guaranteed to translate into a charming corner while giving each plant the attention it deserves.

Wood shelf rack for plants & accessories

Wood shelf rack for plants & accessories

To optimize space when you wish to showcase a bunch of houseplants, you could consider a rack design that you can place right against your wall.

A model like this one will make it easier to ensure a balanced result by displaying the largest ones at the bottom and then plants getting progressively smaller all the way to the top.

Large multi tiered wooden plant stand

Large multi tiered wooden plant stand

Does everyone know you as the best plant parent? Can you see yourself buying quite a few more on a regular basis?

Then a multi-tiered wooden plant stand like this bad boy will turn one of your walls into a garden center-style display.

These majestic stands consisting of several shelves at different heights would probably be too overwhelming in a small apartment where space-optimization is key.

On the contrary, if you have a bare section of the wall that you’re looking to fill up, don’t miss this opportunity!

Outdoor plant stand for your patio or balcony

Outdoor plant stand for your patio or balcony

Don’t forget to check that a specific model is weather-resistant if you’re hoping to place it outside.

When you opt for a tiered design, you could also incorporate a few decorative elements next to your plants, such as animal-shaped figurines or items made to look like gardening tools.

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Our advice Buying Guide

Can I put a wooden plant stand in my garden?

Yes, you can definitely put a wooden plant stand in your garden, but you must take the weather into account. In fact, frequent exposure to rain and even UV rays can spoil your wooden plant stand, leading to issues such as mildew and rotting.

Unless your wooden plant stand is going to be placed underneath a roof or somehow sheltered from the weather, you should choose a model that was treated and coated to withstand the elements. To promote its longevity, we also recommend that you recoat it yourself once a year.

What plants can I put on a wooden plant stand?

You can put many different types of plants on wood plant stands, with only a few exceptions. Unless you build a specific type of wooden planter that’s reinforced, you should avoid placing trees on your planter. The same goes for crawling vines, as they may overwhelm your planter. It’s a good idea to stick to smaller plants such as flowers and herbs in order to take the most advantage of your wooden plant stand without overcrowding it.

What types of wood are wood plant stands made out of?

A plant stand can be made out of any type of wood (or other material), but, typically, wood plant stands are made out of teak.

Teak is light and durable, but its most attractive feature for plant purposes specifically is that teak is relatively water-resistant. This means that it will hold up well if you plan to leave it outside, or if your plants leak when you water them.


Vintage 5 Tier Stair Step Wood Plant Display Stand

Vintage 5 Tier Stair Step Wood Plant Display Stand
Display your plants beautifully with this 5-tier stair step that can double as a plant display stand. It comes with a vibrant, two-tone finish, all in a slightly distressed look and will accomodate a couple of plants and decorations easily.

Plant Stand

Plant Stand
Elegant space-saving traditional style stand intended for plants and phones but it can be used for display other things. It is made of solid wood finished in walnut-brown. A stand has square rounded both a top and a lower shelf and tall sleek legs.

Unfinished Wood Plant Stand

Unfinished Wood Plant Stand
Standing tall, this Dignified Unfinished Wood Plant Stand is crafted from parawood for sturdiness and durability. The top of the stand can be used as a display of decorations, while the lower shelf is suitable for storing magazines.

Wood plant stands

Constructed from bright wood, this 3-tiered stand for plants will be a charming addition to one's patio, veranda or orangery. Natural, bright wood warms up the surrounding space.

White wooden plant stand

Go for this truly amazing plant stand for your interior with the four different shelves that will easily help you make your interior look more natural and greener. It is constructed of strong, high quality wood.

Wooden plant stand plans

Very practical corner plant stand, made from recycled wooden boards will create a little garden on your patio or balcony. Three levels of the stand allow you to keep many plants or storage garden tools.

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Wood plant stands

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Wood plant stands

This wooden plant stand constitutes a versatile proposition, which shall enhance both modern and traditional interiors. If you enjoy handmade projects, then this truly inspiring one shall be for you.

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I used an old wire egg basket and a thrift store floor lamp stand to make a standing planter. ~ I have an old antique lamp stand out in the woods that I am going to attempt to make one of these! :)

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