Pedestal Plant Stands Indoor

Your plants need to be properly elevated sometimes to get the light they deserve and to stay out of the path of small children and pets. For you, we offer a series of pedestal plant stands for the indoors. We have plenty of sizes and styles for all plants and your next pedestal plant stand is in this collection.

Best Products

Milton Pedestal Plant Stand

Milton Pedestal Plant Stand
This pedestal plant in a cherry finish is crafted from solid wood and designed to accommodate potted plants. The stand offers a secured top, curvy lines, circular base, and 75 lbs of weight capacity.

Fern stand plant stand wood pedestal

Fern stand plant stand wood pedestal
Thanks to the indoor stand for flowers, even the most modest flower species will present themselves remarkably. The pedestal wood plant stand came from the form of a pedestal on a leg sculpted elegantly and a roundtable.

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand
This pedestal stand begs for attention with its slender, elegantly curved silhouette. It is really eye-pleasing due to its warm cherry finish. The round top made of premium faux marble completes the attractive modern look.

Korina indoor outdoor plant pedestal

Korina indoor outdoor plant pedestal
Beautiful, Greek plant stand that's to be used indoor. If you're trying to create a fancy, luxurious mansion, such a solution for putting your plants and vases at will be great. We're sure not many people have something like this.

Sloan Square Pedestal Plant Stand

Sloan Square Pedestal Plant Stand
This pedestal plant stand enchants with its ornate details and beautiful wood finish. Tall, narrow silhouette and round top will fit perfectly into any corner, creating a cozy, yet elegant accent.

Tfg urban pedestal in coco 36 high

Tfg urban pedestal in coco 36 high
With this simple, yet durable and stable plant stand, you can easily display your plants, even those larger ones. Characterized by premium metal construction, the stand rests on 4 legs strengthened at the bottom, while carrying a smooth, square top.

Solid Walnut Pedestal Stand Plants Busts Statue Anything Fluted New Fr Shp

Solid Walnut Pedestal Stand Plants Busts Statue Anything Fluted New Fr Shp
Go for a nice and natural-looking pedestal stand that will work for all those plants that need that little boost of height to become more visible in your interior. It is made from high quality materials and sports the solid walnut finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

Having plants indoors doesn't only improve the ambiance of a room, but it can also improve air quality. Of course, before you can place plants inside your home, you will likely need indoor pedestal plant stands. So, what kind do you get? That's the tricky part as there are plenty of choices. We are going to help you clear some of the confusion by providing you with an indoor pedestal plant stand buying guide.

What are the most popular materials for indoor pedestal plant stands?

When it comes to pedestal plant stands, the three popular materials are wicker, wrought iron, and wood. Each of these has its own ups and downs.

  • Wicker is usually the cheapest option, and it can be very stylish if used appropriately. On the downside, its durability is not that good.
  • If you want the most durable, then it's not a competition, and the winner is the wrought iron. It can even last for more than a lifetime. On the downside, it can be heavy; which becomes a problem if you want to move the piece around constantly. Also, it's usually a bit more expensive than wicker.
  • There's nothing else that can compare to the elegance, warmth and cozy feeling of wood pedestal plant stand. It's an excellent choice if your main priority is aesthetics. On the other hand, wood has a problem of being susceptible to moisture, warping and insect-related problems. It can also be very expensive.

What's the average capacity of pedestal plant stands?

Indoor pedestal plant stands come in many varieties regarding capacity. A single indoor pedestal plant stands is a good option if you have limited space. It's also generally cheaper. A multi-tiered stand (or three or more plant) is an excellent option if you have more room to work with and you really want more plants inside your home.

What shapes of indoor pedestal plant stand should you get?

The common shapes of Indoor pedestal plant stands are curved, round, oval, square, and hexagonal. When it comes to the shape of the indoor pedestal plant stand, your main concern should be the location of where you want to place it.

  • If you want your plants to take "center stage" within a specific room, then a sizeable oval or round pedestal plant stand can work really well.
  • If you want something that sits beside a couch or chair, it's best that you go for square or rectangular shape as it's more space-saving.
  • Hexagonal can be very situational. The shape is very sensitive to the theme of the room. Keep in mind that when hexagonal pedestal plant stands works, it can significantly contribute to the appearance of the room. On the downside, if it doesn't "work," it can be very visually appalling.

To make things easier for you and help you avoid the confusion, knowing how to filter your options is the best way to go. You can start filtering your possibilities with the points we mentioned above. Lastly, if there are factors that you deem necessary, then you can add that as a filter to further narrow down your choices.


Oriental furniture rosewood carved pedestal stand

Oriental furniture rosewood carved pedestal stand
Beautifully carved, this Rosewood pedestal stand for plants constitutes a great way to add some refinement to your interiors. Its mahogany dark finishing embodies the traditional elegance.

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand
It is a pedestal plant stand that is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, dining room and other. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor. This is a very good choice.

Oriental furniture branch of life flower pedestal

Oriental furniture branch of life flower pedestal
Designed by Japanese artisans, this oriental plant stand is made for indoor use, only. It has a decorative pedestal with Japanese sentences and beautiful trees, while standing on a round base and holding a matching top.

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand
It is a multi-tiered telephone table that has got a simple and classic design and it looks perfect with classic décor and style in living room and other. You will be impressed how great this table is.

Pedestal plant stands indoor

This pedestal table is a beautiful combination of slender form and solid metal construction. It can be used as a stand for flowers or other decorations. The whole is durable and versatile in its shape which makes it perfect for any decor.

French Golden Floor Table Plant Stand Furniture Pedestal Post Column Interior Decor Carved Cherubs Statue Sculpture

This is a very stylish element that has got a decorative role in the house. This column serves as a base for pedestal tables. It fits different types and sizes of table tops. It measures 33 x 11 x 14 inches.

Indoor pedestal

These pedestal, wooden plant stands are small pieces of art. The overall design is simple, but the structure has highly decorative details. It will give your flowers and other decorations a proper display. Made of high quality, durable material.

Ikea plant stand

I love indoor plants, so I purchased two of this pedestal plant stands to my entryway. The classic, white construction reminds me of the sculpture and it brings the elegance to the interior.

Plant pedestal

A cool practical plant stand hand-crafted of reclaimed wood with a distressed off-white finish. It features a square steeply rising pedestal base and a square moulding top. It has strong straight corner posts and vertically slatted walls.

Bare Decor Hourglass Artisan Accent Tree Stump Table, Solid Teak Wood

Ceramic pedestal plant stand

This simple and elegant artifact is a plant stand. It has a flat oval top and base for balance and stability. The body is cylindrical with vertical lines designing the body and concentric circles at the base.

Shimmer and shine hammered metal pedestals 12 36 high

Shimmer and shine - hammered metal pedestals 12"-36" high.

Pedestal stands

A beautiful plant stand for indoors that will improve any room in your house. Crafted of sturdy cherry wood, the stand rests on a three-legged base with a lovely sculpted pole, holding a nicely-shaped, round top.

Sherman Pedestal Plant Stand

Sherman Pedestal Plant Stand

Decorative wood pedestals

Set of wooden pedestals, available in five different sizes. Every element is made of wood and covered with silver, glittering cloth. You can used them as a seats, coffee tables, plant stands or just decoration!

Plant pot pedestal

Go for this charming plant stand for your household and ensure a significant boost of charm and appeal thanks to its curved frame and the pedestal structure. It is made of high quality marble in the various tones of the finish.

Coaster Plant Stand Side Table, White Marble Top and Cherry Finish Wood Base

This plant stand or side table, as you wish, in white marble top design and cherry finish wood base, is a perfect item to your home. It will match to any type of home decor and it will help with its functionality.

Metal Plant stand in black with gold speckles

It is a plant stand that is made of metal. It has got a black and white speckles, good height, solid construction and heavy top. It is perfect for small spaces and for living room area in your home.

Wood plant stands indoor

A fine piece of antique elegance, this set of 3 plant stands is stable, durable, and suitable for indoor use. Each of this slender accessories is height-adjustable and crafted of cast-iron, standing on fashionably curved legs.

Urban Plant Stand

Urban Plant Stand

Pedestal plant stands indoor

Able to work with classic and traditional decor themes, this medium sized pedestal plant stand creates a subtle aura of godhood - such as in ancient temples or wherever. It's so Greek or Roman, though it's wood, not stone.

Wholesale wise owl plant stand white ceramic owl pedestal accent

Wholesale Wise Owl Plant Stand: White Ceramic Owl Pedestal Accent Table

2 Piece Nesting Plant Stand Set

2 Piece Nesting Plant Stand Set

Plant stands 16

Plant Stands

Vintage wooden porch post plant stand pedestal by rosesnmygarden 195

Vintage Wooden Porch Post Plant Stand Pedestal by rosesnmygarden, $195.00

Regal egyptian luxor pedestal plant stand modern indoor pots and

Regal Egyptian Luxor Pedestal Plant Stand - modern - indoor pots and planters - by Wayfair

Stepped Pedestal Plant Stand

Stepped Pedestal Plant Stand

Flower pedestal stands

Column, beautiful planter, fern type plant. Adds height an has a small foot print.

Indoor plant stand 4

Indoor Plant Stand

Pedestals for plants

This pedestal plant stand will help you create beautiful flower decorations. Its wrought iron construction is destined to work out well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Ornate finish shall appeal to all fans of antique or rustic decors.

The Elephant's Triumph Pedestal Plant Stand

The Elephant's Triumph Pedestal Plant Stand

Pedestal plant stands indoor

Enhance your home with those three pot plant stands, made of durable PVC. They have different sizes and are quite stable, offering a square surface on top to properly display your beautiful greenery.

Pedestal plant stand

This beautiful set of three flower columns is a great solution for home or on the terrace. Slender racks are versatile and beautifully display their favorite plants. All maintained in classic traditional style.

Fern stands

Made of wood pedestal plant stands of different heights is an interesting way to original design. Beautiful design is robust and durable, and at the same time, it looks great in every interior design.

Pedestal stand

Geometric indoor planters like these add visual interest to a minimalist interior. Metal stands utilize straight lines and skews to create simple, yet fabulous shapes, here: tall rectangular and squat three-legged planters.

White pedestal flower stand

Oriental Furniture Tree Flower Pedestal Plant Stand

Ikea plant holder

Nickel Pedestal Plant Stand Butler Specialty Company Indoor Plant Stands Plant Stands Acce

Artist's Originals Pedestal Plant Stand

Artist's Originals Pedestal Plant Stand

Wood pedestal plant stand

Acanthus Pedestal - Pedestal Plant Stand - Display Pedestal - Pedestals - Indoor Plant Stands - Plant Stand |

Plant stands for indoor outdoor use wood metal iron plant

Plant Stands For Indoor & Outdoor Use | Wood, Metal & Iron Plant Racks ...

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Gifts & Decor Rustic Finish Triple Planter Stand Home Plant Table Set

This triple planter stand is artistically crafted from durable metal, and covered in a rustic weathered finish. The stand is suitable for indoors as well as for outdoors, and features 3 round wooden tops.

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