Wood Plant Stand Indoor

Nothing beats an indoor plant when it comes to breathing life into a space. As well as bringing style and color into our homes, a touch of greenery makes our living or working space more breathable and also helps reduce stress levels by boosting our mood. So, shouldn’t they be showcased accordingly?

Indoor plant stands give our botanicals the podium and spotlight they deserve - that is, when chosen well. Besides complementing your home decor, make sure to choose a stand that suits your plant species, considering light exposure, room for growth and water drainage. Elevate your plant and your space with our selection of stylish pot stand designs!

Contemporary Space Saving Corner Plant Stand

Contemporary Space Saving Corner Plant Stand

Small living spaces can be frustrating for avid plant lovers who value square footage and their daily dose of greenery in equal measures. With a corner plant stand you won’t have to sacrifice on either. As well as making use of redundant corners, tiered corner stands also maximize vertical space and help free up floors and countertops.

For a balanced arrangement, always place the big, tall plants on the lower tiers and the small and vine style plants up top.

Mid Century Modern Wood Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Wood Plant Stand

No indoor plant stand style guide would be complete without this all-time classic. Simple but effective, mid-century wood plant stands fit a wide range of spaces and decors. Plus, their adjustable size provides flexibility as your plant baby grows, or you decide to replace it with another one. The downside is that they only fit one plant pot each but, if you have space, they look great in sets of two or three, of different heights.

Make your indoor plant stand easier to move around by putting felt furniture pads on its legs. That way you can easily slide it around when cleaning or to give it more or less light.

$65.99 $79.99

Classic Cast Iron Indoor Plant Stand

Classic Cast Iron Indoor Plant Stand

If you like to keep your plants indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer, you may want to consider a plant stand that works in both environments. Cast iron plant stands are sturdy, durable and weather resistant and make an elegant and classic adornment, both indoors and out.

If you have an ugly view, opt for a tall plant stand and place it in front of the window. The plants will love the light and they’ll distract from what’s going on outside. 

Rustic Multi Tiered Bamboo Pot Stand Design

Rustic Multi Tiered Bamboo Pot Stand Design

Looking to introduce a bit more green on the scene? Multi-tiered bamboo plant stands are super-functional, durable, sturdy and eco-friendly. Ideal for spacious interiors, the large frame’s multiple layers of slatted shelving provide plenty of space to display your plant family. The raw texture of the bamboo suits rustic, eclectic and bohemian style interiors.

Before overloading your plant stand, make sure to check the weight capacity. And, always remember to place a plate under each pot to catch water and protect the floor and any surfaces.

Moroccan Boho Metal Flower Stand Design

Moroccan Boho Metal Flower Stand Design

Infuse your bohemian scheme with some Middle-Eastern flair with a Moroccan boho plant stand. Think antiquated metal with an elaborate design hammered into the surface and you will quickly turn your plant into the statement piece it deserves to be.

Pair your indoor plant with another objet d’art to create a scene and reinforce the exotic theme.

Chic Metal Pedestal Plant Stand Indoor

Chic Metal Pedestal Plant Stand Indoor

Give your houseplants the podium they deserve with a chic metal pedestal plant stand. Often constructed of iron, the slim frames are deceptively strong and sturdy and their open, airy look makes them ideal for minimalist and modern-urban interiors. If you’re looking for a stand to jazz up your interior, why not go for a metal pedestal finished in a lustrous brushed gold.

Big indoor plants are striking but can get quite pricey. As an alternative, you can create a similar impact with a cluster of smaller plants at different heights.

Modern Floating Acrylic Indoor Plant Stand

Modern Floating Acrylic Indoor Plant Stand

Make your plant the sole focus of attention with a transparent acrylic indoor plant stand. The clever design creates a magical floating effect, as if your plant is hovering in thin air! Unlike more elaborate plant stands, the transparent acrylic material does not distract from the plants on display and also has the added advantage of fitting all color schemes.

High plant stands are a great option for displaying indoor vines and climbers to their full potential, allowing them to elegantly cascade down the side and give your home a fun urban jungle vibe.

Minimalist Stone Flower Pot Stand Design

Minimalist Stone Flower Pot Stand Design

Exhibit your favorite floral accents while maintaining the pared-down modern look of your living room or hallway with a minimalist stone-topped plant stand. A clean-cut slab of slate, marble or stone, supported by a slim metal silhouette creates a light and uncluttered look and provides a basic but effective way to elevate your plant.

For a cohesive minimalist look, opt for a planter with a clean, simple design and a plant that is understated yet bold enough to satisfy your need for green, such as a Monstera or sweetheart vine. 

Large Stylish Flower Pot Stand Display

Large Stylish Flower Pot Stand Display

Add an extra dimension of design to your living room with a large tiered flower pot stand display. The stagnated platforms allow you to position your plants at different heights for maximum visual impact. Some designs even include hooks so you can add to your botanical exhibit without taking up extra floor space.

If you have a blank wall or empty space to fill, large display racks can be a refreshing alternative to a print, and can even turn your floral collection into a work of art in itself.

Boho Rattan Flower Stand Design

Boho Rattan Flower Stand Design

Searching for a stylish plant stand to fit your boho chic vibe? Rattan flower stands have a laid back, warm and organic feel that form the essence of bohemian chic decor. The natural material in neutral hues creates the perfect base for your indoor boho garden.

When choosing a plant stand, consider the height of the plant it will hold. As a general rule of thumb, the taller the plant, the lower the plant stand should be. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Potted plants can be the only respite for apartment dwellers yearning for some green, whilst living in an urban sprawl. And beyond the air purification benefits and the dopamine boost that tending for them gives you, they can also be an aesthetic addition to any home. Especially, if you use decorative indoor plant stands to display them tastefully.

Use stands of varying heights to create a layered effect, let that special bouquet of colors pop out with a vintage wooden stand or use an art deco styled plant stand to distract the users from an insipid looking plant that’s a season away from blooming.

What are the pros and cons of different plant stand styles?

When it comes to plant stands, nothing is written in stone. Just about anything from upturned tomato cages to milk crates, side tables, and wire crates can be converted into plant stands. But when you pick wood as the material for the plant stand, it gives you a great opportunity to be creative.

You can pick from minimalistic designs, like the mid-century inspired four hardwood legged stands that nests the planter inside it, or you can go conventional and pick a contemporary wooden table with a surface, for pots that demand more soil and will be heavier. The latter can double up as your side table when not in use.

Tiered wooden plant stands with shelves allow you to save space (micro apartments) and can be used to layer your plants according to the size. Tall plants in the lowest tier, shorter ones in the middle and the shortest ones on the top tier works best. If there are a variety of plants, use stands of different sizes to arrange them.

Pedestal styled stands are very attractive, like the ones made from mooring boards, ones crafted from a single tree trunk or more detailed ones with intricate art work on them. In the end mix up patterns, textures, and finishes as long as they harmonize with each other.

Wht is the best type of wood for a plant stand?

The best type of wood for your plant stands will be native species that can resist the prevalent weather conditions, especially that you may decide to use them outdoors one day.

If you are buying off the shelf, look for maple, cedar, oak, rubberwood, mango wood, pine, and poplar. These are durable, resist the occasional bump or two and stain very well.

Plywood might also be a good choice if you are shopping on a budget. But it can’t beat the durability and the wonderful patterns that come with hardwood.

Are DIY plant stands a good idea?

Some types of wooden plant stands are extremely easy to make in your weekend woodworking project. But it might not be easy to acquire the finesse and finish that you get with professionally made pieces. It depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. Go DIY by all means for a rustic chic look. But if your home has more of a traditional, classic themed décor, go for premade stands.

What extra features to look for in a wooden plant stand?

Water and wood don’t go together. So always enquire about the type of stain used on the wood. You need a waterproof sealant that protects the wood from rot and mildew.

If the indoor potted plants don’t get enough sunlight, then you might want to incorporate grow lights into the stand. It might sound like too much right now, but it isn’t that difficult.


Flower pot stand plant stand for indoor

Flower pot stand plant stand for indoor
Designed for indoor use, this beautiful plant stand is crafted of sturdy wood and covered in an espresso finish. The whole structure rests on 3 straight poles - reinforced with stretchers, and holding 3 round tops for pot plants.

Pot plant stand designs

A suitable decoration for contemporary and modern interiors; this set of 3 plant stands is elegant and durable, with a striking geometric design. Each stand has a metal frame with square flat base, holding 4 cubic pots in espresso finish.

Wood plant

Plant stand inspired by nature. It is completely made of wood and fitted with 5 shelves in various sizes. Designed for medium sized plants. Neutral design for each room as needed.

White wooden plant stand

Go for this truly amazing plant stand for your interior with the four different shelves that will easily help you make your interior look more natural and greener. It is constructed of strong, high quality wood.

Wood plant stand indoor 2

Unique plant stand in contemporary style. It is mounted on wooden base. Designed for small plants. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wooden plant stand

Beautiful, wood plant stand for indoor use. Minimalistic design, lack of decoration and subtle colours make it excellent for modern houses. Not to mention that the white colour of the planter lets you emphasise the beauty of the plants!

Pulaski Pedestal Table

Wooden flower stand design

As many flowers as many needs for pots,so many types of solutions. Here, the same form of metal,ostentatious plant stands indoor, with narrow black wires-adopts different heights and widths to adapt to the volume of flowers in a retro style, with wooden bases.

Plant stands for indoor outdoor use wood metal iron plant

Plant Stands For Indoor & Outdoor Use | Wood, Metal & Iron Plant Racks ...

White wood plant stand

Impressive form and solid construction of this wooden plant stand is a perfect solution for interior design. Modern shape and interesting details highlight the beauty of plants. Pleasant colors bring a warm atmosphere to the decor.

Case study cylinder plant pot with stand

What do you think about this amazing planter stand? I think that it's awesome, and I want it in my home. It is made of wooden shelves and white rope, and it's perfect for flowers and herbs.

Modernica case study ceramic bullet with wood stand

Modernica Case Study Ceramic Bullet with Wood Stand

Lowes dark oak and more plant put your plants everywhere

lowes dark oak and more plant put your plants everywhere

Wooden plant holder

It is not everyone who has the privilege of having a garden at home. Now having such a wood plant stand indoor - is is just as important as a designer chair. This consists of three wooden boxes made of pine, supported by long legs.

Wood plant stand indoor 1

Designed for indoor use, this beautiful plant stand will make your room to bloom like a spring meadow. Features an espresso-finished metal frame that holds a capacious wood planter with a matching bottom shelf.

Wood plant holder

Display Table #PalletDispay, #Shelves

Flower pot stand design

Fitting well to both outdoor and indoor spaces, this wooden 3-tiered plant stand will create a wonderful flower bed, gathering all your greenery in one corner. Simplistic, yet solid and elegant construction.

Strung squares planter

Strung Squares Planter -

Buddha plant stand made of natural found by foundwoodsculpture 69

Buddha plant stand made of natural found by FoundWoodSculpture, $69.00

Plant pot stands indoor

love the lush yet minimalist effect of the rug and the plants.

Wood plant stand

Geometric, fashionable combination of different sizes of shelves forms - create an interesting shelving made of unworked alder wood.It could be perfect plant stand indoor.Sequences can be split up and disconnected from each other in any convenient way for you.

Home garden garden patio outdoor decor planters hangers stands

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Via cupcakes and cashmere modernica case study ceramic cylinder with

Via Cupcakes and Cashmere | Modernica Case Study Ceramic Cylinder with Wood Stand |

Plant pot stand indoor

Wishful Thinking--indoor olive tree

Wood plant stand tutorial via

Wood Plant Stand Tutorial via

Classica round end table wood indoor plant stands gardening

Classica Round End Table - Wood Indoor Plant Stands | Gardening ...

Teak plant stand

Flower pots are a common decorative element of the home and a practical solution for our plants. You can add a wooden, stylish stand to this. Wood plant stand sturdy on four raw legs, supports the white flowerpot - adding an interesting interior dimension.

Plant stand indoor wood

Add a little rustic warmth to your home with this DIY.

Design of flower pot stand

Mid-century inspired interior décor idea: as the room soaks in immaculate white, some pops of colour provide the desired visual accent. The corner harbours a wooden stand with a white cylinder planter, typical for the 1950s.

Rectangular Plant Stand

Rectangular Plant Stand

Wooden flower stands

A truly great example of rustic appeal - this potting table will make for a perfect fit for any country or shabby chic styled interior, while it sports the distressed look and a convenient bottom shelf for more space.

Decorative accents plants pots indoor fountains indoor pots planters 4

... decorative accents plants pots indoor fountains indoor pots planters

Master aca475 jpg


Indoor flower pot stands

DIY Wood Slice Plant Stand - Easy Wood Plant Stand Project - ELLE DECOR

Indoor plant pot stands

Ryan & Stephanie's Light-Filled Wicker Park Apartment - take a look at all of their awesome plants from Sprout!

Elevate your houseplants with a stylish wood and metal plant

Elevate your houseplants with a stylish wood and metal plant stand. The stand keeps plantings from damaging your floors, and adds a modern accent to your arrangements. Get the how-to here.

Rose home fashion solid pine wood plant stand plant

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5 tiers wooden plant pot stand flower display shelf garden

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10 amazing indoor plant stands paisley sparrow 1

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4 tier wooden plant stand indoor outdoor garden planter

4 tier wooden plant stand indoor outdoor garden planter ...

Mid century modern plant stand wooden plant stand indoor 1

Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand Wooden Plant Stand Indoor

Indoor plant stand easy up plant stand wooden plant stands

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Tooca 7 tier wood plant stand indoor 44 outdoor tall

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Premium pine wooden plant stand indoor outdoor garden

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Solid fir wood plant stand indoor outdoor flower holder

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Heavy duty wood 5tier plant stand shelf indoor outdoor 5

Heavy Duty Wood 5Tier Plant Stand Shelf Indoor/Outdoor ...

Heavy duty wood 5tier plant stand shelf indoor outdoor 6

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11 large plant stand mid century modern plant stand dark

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Large oak wood plant stand indoor set 3 flower stands

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4 tier wooden plant stand indoor outdoor garden planter 1

4 tier wooden plant stand indoor outdoor garden planter ...