Indoor Planter Boxes

Plants indoors are great. The add oxygen to the space, and provide an added color that makes a room feel more alive. Indoor planter boxes will keep your plants safe, and your home clean. No more dripping flower pots. Grow tulips or daisies, or even tomatoes, inside your home, all within these sturdy indoor planter boxes. See the collection for what's new in indoor horticulture containment.

Best Products


This set of designer-looking planter boxes shows well the contemporary interpretation of gardening. The smooth combination of nature and minimalism plays the first fiddle here.

Antique Revival Rectangular Windowsill Planter With Wooden Legs

Antique Revival Rectangular Windowsill Planter With Wooden Legs
Simplistic, ethnic style of this Rectangular Windows Box is sturdy and handmade, suitable for holding plants. The box is design of solid hardwood for maximum durability, with 2 legs on the bottom for even more functional use.

Gus* Modern Rectangular Fruit Trough Planter Fruit Trough

Gus* Modern Rectangular Fruit Trough Planter Fruit Trough
The simple and very impressive rectangular indoor planter is modern design and beautiful design. The whole is presented in a unique manner, bringing to the decor an elegant style and beautifully exposing greenery.

Loll designs black rectangular container contemporary indoor pots and planters

Loll designs black rectangular container contemporary indoor pots and planters
The ultra-simple contemporary wall planter. If you would like to have perfect flowers, but you have just the balcony at your disposal, you can use this one to organise your blooming area in the limited space.

Terrene by transom design modern indoor pots and planters portland

Terrene by transom design modern indoor pots and planters portland
This set of small rectangular planters constitutes a perfect proposition for stylish contemporary interiors. Available in various size and colour variants, will be a perfect culmination of any eclectic decor.

Rectangular concrete planter

Rectangular concrete planter
A simple contemporary planter made of sturdy concrete in a greyish tone covered with clear sealer. It has a rectilinear frame with thick walls (well protected plants) and 2 drainage holes. It's equipped with felt pads.

Char-log Rectangular Wheelbarrow Planter

Char-log Rectangular Wheelbarrow Planter
It is a char-log novelty wheelbarrow planter that has got a rectangular shape and design. If you looking for a perfect and high quality wheelbarrow planter, you need to choose this one.

Our advice Buying Guide

Indoor planter boxes are the containers for the plants you bring or grow indoors. Like all container plants, the succulents, flowers or even grasses that you grow in your planter boxes depend upon you to add nutrients, water and perhaps even the light they need for good growth.

In exchange, they bring life to your indoor environment. A large plant is one of the best air scrubbers you will find anywhere. With that said, plants require attention, care and learning. In many cases, a “brown thumb” is a simple lack of understanding. With just a little work and added information, you can have plants as lush and lovely as those of any gardener.

What are the most important features of indoor planter boxes?

A good planter has plenty of room for the plant you want to grow. Some plants do very well in a shallow container, some require quite a large one. There are even plants that do not grow well indoors and there are, of course, some plants that are simply too large for container culture. You can select a plant for the container or the container for the plant.

The planter will also need to allow for drainage because very few plants like to have their roots completely drowned in water. Drainage means providing a drip pan to prevent the water from the plants causing damage to your home furnishings.

What are the pros and cons of metal planter boxes?

Metal planters are sturdy, attractive and often have excellent capacity. But metal tends to warm up and cool off faster than terra cotta or even plastic containers, and the planter itself could be damaged by water, over time. A good solution to this is to insert a less expensive plastic pot inside the metal planter.

For example, the Indya round, gold colored metal pot has a small drainage hole at the bottom – something you do not want to have leaking onto your living room carpet. The problem of drainage and insulation is easily solved by setting a plastic pot with appropriate drainage tray into the metal pot and masking the inexpensive liner with a little decorator moss. The Indya round, gold planter is an excellent choice for your living room.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of ceramic stoneware planters?

Like all ceramics, stoneware planters have the potential for a variety of beautiful colors. This makes it easy to match the planter to your décor. They are, however, often quite heavy, so it is a good idea to research your plant and observe your environment carefully because a large ceramic stoneware planter isn’t something you are going to be able to move easily. With that said, the weight and size of a large stoneware planter makes it less likely to be tipped over or broken by children or pets – especially if it is already sitting on the floor.

Bonus tip: The plant you select will need adequate light with the correct UV rays for good growth. This can be from a window, a skylight, or a gro-light, but you will need to plan for this. A plant that does not get adequate sunlight will grow spindly and wither. But with a little research and planning, you and your plant have the potential for a long life together.


1870s heart pine succulent rectangular

1870s heart pine succulent rectangular
A unique way to present your indoor plants by using this massive piece of reclaimed wood log with a natural finish and distinctive cracks and peels. The log has cut-out holes on top to keep your pots in place, displaying them like they are growing straight from the log itself.

Small Triton Planter

Small Triton Planter
It is a novelty statue planter that is handmade of stone and looks amazing. This product is a perfect gift for your friends and family and beautiful decoration for your home. You will be impressed.

Indoor planter boxes 2

They can be wooden, they can be metal - but they can also be contemporary rectangular finished with a white panel with a gloss and based on metal legs. An indoor planter tall box that will contain at least three big flowers.

Premium fiberglass planter box white

Premium Fiberglass Planter Box (White)

Window sill planter indoor

Cool... Nature brought indoors... A green wall composed of verdant plants... This indoor planter box should be a must-have accessory in a contemporary home décor! Brings a fresh touch to its surroundings!

Indoor planter box 2

Another great DIY project – a hand-painted little planter box, made of little scraps of wood. The colours make this one really stand out, very vibrant and colourful, sure to breathe life into any room.

Indoor planter boxes

A fantastic set of indoor planting boxes that will help you to transform your home into a real jungle. The set comes with a geometric frame - made of powder-coated metal, that supports natural wood boxes with open fronts.

In modern planter indoor artificial bamboo in modern planter tweet

in modern planter indoor artificial bamboo in modern planter tweet

Indoor planter boxes 1

Planter box dedicated for indoor use. It is mounted on wooden frame. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect solution for growing herbs and other small plants. Functional design for each home.

Rectangular ceramic planter

Rectangular planter for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of concrete. Suitable for large and medium sized plants. Simple form and modern design.

Window planter box repurposed window seat probably not a good

WINDOW PLANTER BOX - repurposed window seat (probably not a good idea for those of us with cats, though!)

Rectangular indoor planter

Characterized by premium metal construction, this indoor planter is built to last and easy to clean. Its long and narrow design makes it perfect for placing on a window sill, accommodating its inside with luscious greens.

Small indoor planters 2

Indoor Gardening: Practical and Elegant Kitchen Herb Planters

Long narrow planter boxes

An attractive antique indoor planter featuring mirrored walls with X-crossed copper slats (with a decorative rivet in the centre). It has metal walls with reinforced edges and corners and 4 low ball-shaped feet.

Small indoor planters 7

Indoor planters designed for mounting on the wall. Dedicated to small sized plants. Adds freshness and modernity to each room. Simple form and contemporary design.

Indoor planter box 1

Rectangular planter box with simple lines and solid wooden construction. This item is suitable for indoor applications. It provides space for different plants like home-grown tomatoes or herbs. It features a large metal hook for wall mounting.

Indoor planter box 3

A great indoor planter in a modern design, but it will also suit classy interiors. Fresh plants are a universal and timeless decoration of any room. In this simple, wooden box on tall legs your flowers will be beautifully displayed.

Indoor planter boxes

The beautiful indoor planter box is a charming and very atmospheric way to bring spring breeze home. Wooden construction with an impressive floral composition with decorative elements captivates.

Preserved bamboo in planter box

Preserved Bamboo in Planter Box

Classic Rectangular Planter with Legs

Classic Rectangular Planter with Legs

Rectangle Teak Wood Herb Box Size - 19L x 4W x 4H inches

Indoor planter boxes 3

This wooden indoor planter box constitutes a great example of a solid, natural DIY construction. It features bright, densely grained wood, that will warm up the space, providing a cosy ambience.

Indoor planter boxes 3

is this special or what...perfect for an herb window garden in the Kitchen. Tea cans it. My favorite remains Earl Grey, for the classic cup with a lemon spice scone and of course, delightful conversation with a friend.

Rectangular ceramic planter box

Pretty size-varied traditional planters crafted of durable beige and dark brown plastic. Such a rectangular planter is gently flared up, has moulding top and bottom edegs, simple geometric designs on walls, drainage holes.

Indoor planter boxes 2

Pretty Planters (20 of them) - Great place for some planter ideas! Real planters from my talented neighbors! - Momcrieff

Small indoor planters 9

When you have the limited space at your home, but you still would like to have you your own garden at home, think over preparing it in the pots on the wall. It protects the plants against domestic animals like cats and also spare space.

Wooden plant shelves

Plant stand consisting of 3 open shelves in various sizes. Designed for small and medium sized plants. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Long rectangular planters

An aesthetic contemporary planter (with drainage holes) for indoor and outdoor use. It's crafted of a resistant black fibreglass and ground stone composite. It has a rectangular body gently flared at the top and simple edges with no mouldings.

Indoor window garden box

All tea lovers will quickly recognize these containers. They can be used as pots that will bring a unique retro style. Metal, delicate, square indoor planter boxes - decorated with stylish inscriptions - exist in different colors, like white, yellow or blue.

Rectangular indoor planter

You can even invite a small garden to your home inside. Using recatungular indoor planter. In that case, it is a confirmation that you can do everything from pallets. Even a long beautiful flower pot for herb garden.

Small indoor planters 4

Interesting DIY project to spruce up the look of your wall in the kitchen or the dining room – a handmade hanging planter made out of pallet with fresh herbs growing inside, which gives it a refreshing look.

Decorspiration indoor planters aint easy being green

decorspiration} indoor planters, ain’t easy being green?

Long rectangular planter

Beautiful rectangular indoor planters are an impressive combination of style and interesting decorative detail. The simple galvanized design beautifully displays the plants with a unique composition that captivates the details.

Window box perfect to add a touch of fall to

Window Box - Perfect to add a touch of Fall to your home. Change the floral elements seasonally.

Indoor planter box

A neat little indoor planter box, which is a perfect addition to any house – or an excellent idea for a gift! This one here is distressed and carries an antique vibe with it.

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