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For camping in the backyard, or the bed of your pickup truck, or even if you want to lay under the stars and not have critters in the grass biting you while you search for constellations, the best way to lounge in the yard without an outdoor chair, is with an outdoor floor cushion. Have a comfortable picnic or lay out and get some sun. They are so comfy, you might forget you're outside.

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Daily movie screenings, in your yard? It sounds like a perfect holiday plan. You may need large, broad outdoor, floor quilted cushions in light brown or beige color. Resistant to external conditions - decorated with colorful, small cushions. So hygge!

Bohemian floor pillows

Comfy contemporary couches created of square thick-padded floor cushions. They have covers of durable fabric in vivid colours and feature reinforced edges, tufted top surfaces and stitched sides. They are suitable for outdoor use.

Outside floor cushions

Floor cushions covered with soft fabric and decorated with striped pattern. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is compatible with standard seat.

Outdoor floor pillows

Floor cushion for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of waterproof vinyl and finished with striped pattern. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxing in the garden, porch and more.

Outdoor floor cushion

Outdoor floor cushions constitute a good proposition for all who want to transform their balconies into charming little gardens. They embody comfort and unusual warmth and coziness.

Grey bean bags

An exclusive set of furniture that creates extra warmth and coziness in a room. It consists of soft bean bags, which serve as armchairs and small coffee tables. That's a great idea for your patio or garden too.

Outdoor floor cushions

A funky collection of floor cushions that feature a combination of various patterns, colors and materials. The cushions look as if they were placed on the floor randomly, without any plan, but the space has the feel of warmth and coziness.

Our advice Buying Guide

An outdoor floor cushion is often favored by homeowners as an alternative to a conventional settee, armchair or sofa as it’s inexpensive. Most of the time, it’s also more comfortable! Its soft, supple design provides the user with the most supportive and cozy seating solution. As the price of an outdoor floor cushion is significantly lower compared to an outdoor sofa set, it makes for an attractive option for outdoor relaxation.

What are outdoor floor cushions made of?

Outdoor floor cushions can be made using various fabrics including faux leather, faux suede, polyester, and of course, cotton.

  • Faux leather is artificial leather that’s made from PVC. It gives an effect that’s similar to leather without its heavy price tag! Quality faux leather is both soft and supple with the grain embossed into it. This means anyone would forgive you for “mistaking” the material to be genuine.
  • Faux suede is another material often used in making outdoor floor cushions. Its soft feel is due to the polyester used in its production which is made to mimic a real animal hide’s velvety underside. The reason why it’s popular is due to the fact that it looks and feels the same as genuine suede with a bonus of easier care and maintenance. Also, faux suede floor cushions come with a cheaper price tag.
  • Polyester – 100% polyester is easy to clean and resistant to water. It’s available in all colors of the rainbow which means it’s guaranteed to fit the aesthetics and ambiance of your garden. An outdoor floor cushion that used polyester as the cover comes with a firm structure. This is good news as it can retain its shape even when it’s used daily.
  • Cotton – cotton is strong, soft, colorful, and practical. If your cushions have removable cotton covers, they’re machine washable.

What are the pros and cons of PU and PVC coating?

Outdoor floor cushions need PU or PVC coatings to ensure they can resist water and moisture. These coatings also improve the general durability of outdoor floor cushions. PU is polyurethane with PVC as polyvinyl chloride. Although both coatings are similar, you’d be better off understanding their notable differences.

  • A PVC coating tends to disintegrate in a faster pace compared to a PU coating, most especially in higher temperatures. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will also deteriorate the coating faster.
  • As for PU, it’s flexible as it’s a rubber-like substance. It is also capable of withstanding high temperatures, unlike PVC.

In general, a PVC-coated outdoor floor cushion is waterproof. However, it isn’t breathable. PU-coated cushions, on the other hand, are both breathable and waterproof.

How to maintain outdoor floor cushions?

As your floor cushions will be placed outdoors, it’s essential that you apply antimicrobial treatments to avoid mold and mildew development. Your outdoor floor cushion may already be coated with a protective substance to increase its longevity. There are also outdoor floor cushions that have been treated with components, which deter bacteria growth like silver ion.

All the things that you just learned are important considerations you must take into account when buying outdoor floor cushions. Remember our tips and you’ll get the most from your purchase!


Tufted floor cushions

A welcoming patio or terrace arrangement. It features a huge floor cushion that can easily accommodate a few people. The space is characterized by wooden and stone elements as well as by a lot of green plants.

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Large outdoor floor cushions

outdoor cushions • doug + gene meyer • link outdoor • via design milk

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built in courtyard, hessian sack cushions and lanterns

Giant outdoor floor cushions

An outdoor/indoor space gets a tropical look with the mix of bamboo and wicker and white. Floor made with bricks gives the whole room the real naturalistic climate. Big pillow on the floor looking like a small ottoman and self-made sofa looks cool.

Bohemian floor cushions

Why not make your outdoor space as comfortable as the inside? Transform your backyard into an enjoyable comfort and rest area with a couch and bunch of outdoor floor cushions. Accompanied by a small garden coffee table, you have your new leisure area.

Great chair made of grocery bags and filled with grocery

great chair made of grocery bags, and filled with grocery bags! would be perfect for outside

Outdoor floor pillows cushions

Very big cushions with soft bright pattern. This type of cushion can be used as a seat or mattress for your children. They are lite, so you can always relocate them - they can be used in home or in the garden.

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marvelous bohemian floor cushions. must find decent fabric and diy them

These floor cushions are gorgeous add these to the yoga

these floor cushions are gorgeous. add these to the yoga space in the next image ...

Floor pillows and cushions inspirations that exude class and comfort

Floor Pillows And Cushions: Inspirations That Exude Class And Comfort

Outdoor floor cushion

Awesome spring balcony decor idea. Outdoor colorful, indian style floor cushions on darn, wooden floor. Small, round wicker coffe table and comfortable wooden, asian style armchairs decorated with soft, colorful blankets.

Outdoor floor cushion 10

Perennials® Textured Linen Weave Outdoor Floor Cushions

Large outdoor floor pillows

This set of square floor pillows effectively lightens up every space. Bringing much joy and liveliness, will enhance your indoors and outdoors with the characteristic, bohemian vibe.

Large round cushion

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