Roman Angel Statues

Angel statues are popular when it comes to garden decorations and they also perform other functions. Perhaps you would like to buy one of these so why not see all of them and try to decide on one of them? There is really no need to rush with the final decision.

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Roman angel statues 1

Small antique figurine in Roman style. It has shape of an angel. This statues is made of rock with marble elements. It can be very beautiful decoration of your garden or terrace, because it looks very stylish!

Roman angel statues 1

This piece of art - is not something that each of us can have at home. If you love ancient greek or roman inspirations - this marble sculpture of Nike will be your design victory. The goddess is ready to fly, but symbolically was deprived of its head.

Roman angel statues

Decorative, contemporary element of outdoor decoration. This Praying Angel Statue represents interesting Roman stylization. Its gray color is neutral, so it matches any outdoor design, decorations and plants.

Angel statue rome

Wow, now that’s just amazing! A classical Roman statue of Flora, something really rare and unseen. Perfect for a unique, one-of-a-kind addition to your living room, or even to display it on your porch for all to see!

Roman angel statues 7

“So her dead likeness, I do well believe, excels whatever yet you looked upon or hand of man hath done.” (5.3.18-19)

Roman angel statues

Mars (Ares), head of Roman statue (marble), copy after Greek original by Alkamenes, ? (original 5th c. BC), (The Hermitage, St Petersburg).

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What was once the sole province of the trusty garden gnome, yard art has evolved.  Nowadays, there is no limit to what you can do to decorate your yard. What do a cute little statue of a sleeping angel and a large, ornate statuesque rendition of a Roman archangel have in common?  They each foster either whimsy or serious contemplation and each can be used as a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space that will add beauty and functionality to any garden or green space.

Why have a Roman angel statue in your garden?

Roman angel statues can accent any garden meditation bench. Just the figure's presence can heighten and elevate time spent in private reflection and serve as a nice decoration at the same time.  An angel statue can also be placed as a memorial to a loved one who has passed on, whether human or animal. Whenever your eyes fall upon the statue, your loved one's memory will immediately be recalled. It can be a welcome respite to be able to spend precious moments away from life's hustle and bustle and just be quiet for a few moments.

Roman angel statues may have practical uses, too. Some may double as a bird bath, keeping us forever mindful that even the sparrow is looked after and cared for. Some angel statues may even be used to light up your outdoor space. Functional uses are endless, but the image of a backlit angel statue on a dark night immediately brings a calming effect.

Can Roman angel statues be used indoors?

Angel statues may be used around the house as part of home decor as well. Strategic placement of a statue makes an artistic statement and is also pleasant to observe.

What are the sizes and styles of Roman angel statues?

Roman angel statues are available in all sizes and styles. From a tiny figurine that you can perch on your windowsill to a full-sized lifelike rendition of an archangel, you are sure to meet your match. Once used to stand guard over a tomb or burial spot, angel statues now watch over our homes and serve as sentries, forever watchful. Their unsung prayers watch over us and greet us each time we approach, and give a silent nod that yes, you are watched over by angels.

How to choose the right kind of Roman angel statue?

There is no shortage of places to buy a Roman angel statue. They are available everywhere, from K-Mart to high-end gardening shops. When making your selection, it is wise to choose a statue that is heavy enough and large enough that it will not be knocked over by an errant lawnmower or a passing storm. Keep it set apart just enough that its presence will not likely be disturbed. Setting it apart also lends itself to pleasant aesthetics.


White porcelain angel w children figurine statue night light by


Extended Grace Angel Statue

Extended Grace Angel Statue

Roman angel statues 4

Artemis Dreaming — quotetheraven:ravensedge:darqueandlovely:oddresonan...

Roman inc classic angel garden statue 1

Roman, Inc. Classic Angel Garden Statue

Roman angel statues 5

Being a statue of the Roman discobolus, this marble sculpture greatly mimics the original Greek by Myron. This masterpiece comes from the Palazzo Massimo alle Terne in Rome.

Remembrance and Redemption Angel Statue

Remembrance and Redemption Angel Statue
This sculpture will be a perfect decoration, not only in the garden or the pool, but also in the many lavish and decorative interiors. Angel has been made very carefully and accurately with attention to even the smallest details.

Angel Mache Deluxe Statue

Angel Mache Deluxe Statue

Joseph Studio 40063 Tall Praying Angel Kneeling on Pedestal Statue, 17.75-Inch

Roman Josephs Studio Inspirational Angel Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden Statue, 15.5-Inch

Solar Power Guardian Angel Statue

Solar Power Guardian Angel Statue
This figurine depicting a guardian angel taking care of the children will be a great decoration of your garden. Put it not only aesthetic beauty, but also a kind of peace and harmony. It is very nice and very beautiful sculpture.

Angel Mache Flying Ornament Figurine

Angel Mache Flying Ornament Figurine

Roman angel statues 11

Bella Morte cemetery art. Siste viator is Latin for Stop, Traveler. Used on Roman roadside graves.

Roman angel statues 3

dog angels - Bing Images

Roman 63653 angel with dove garden statue

Roman 63653 Angel with Dove Garden Statue

Roman angel statues 10

bibliolectors: There’s an angel reading in the park / Hay un ángel leyendo en el parque

Joseph Studio 64554 Tall Sitting Angel Looking Down Statue, 12-Inch

Roman 12 josephs studio angel and bunny bird feeder outdoor

Roman 12" Joseph's Studio Angel and Bunny Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden ...

Roman angel statues 33

Angel in Sant'Ignazio Church, Rome

Roman angel statues 2

This kneeling male angel statue will help you create a refined classic appeal in your garden space. This detailedly crafted, beautiful sculpture measures 13.25 inches high.

Roman angel statues 2

A lovely figure of a sitting angel which was sculptured with a great talent and attention to details. The statue features a wonderful, weathered finish and it will be a romantic accent of your garden.

Roman angel figurines

Candabean Collectibles - ROMAN Joseph's Studio 16" Guardian Angel with Children and Animals

Roman angel statues


Angel statue darci weeks camryn weeks hehehehehe girls insert evil

angel statue @Darci Weeks @Camryn Weeks Hehehehehe girls! *insert evil ...

Ascending Angel Statue

Ascending Angel Statue

Roman angel statues 9

Ancient Roman sculpture, Menelaus supporting the body of Patroclus, late 1st century AD

Joy The Flower Angel Statue

Joy The Flower Angel Statue

Take a look at this angel rabbit statue by roman

Take a look at this Angel & Rabbit Statue by Roman, Inc. on #zulily ...

16" Praying Celtic Angel Garden Statue by Roman

Roman angel statues 26

Ludovisi Ares, Roman after the Greek original from ca. 320 BCE. Some restorations were made to the sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini in 1622. This remarkable sculpture was rediscovered in 1622, on the site which was once apparently the temple of Mars, of w

Roman angel statues 8

Hecate. An ancient goddess, sometimes depicted in triple form, variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy and sorcery. She has rulership over earth, se

Roman angel statues 28

Antique St Anthony with Christ Child Statue

Roman angel statues 30

At Ephesus,the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World attracted pilgrims from all over the Graeco-Roman world. The temple was erected in 29 BC. to the goddess Roma and the deified Julius Caesar. The cult of emperor worship was p

Roman angel statues 29

marble bust of the Roman emperor Hadrian and portrait head from a statue of his lover Antinous

Roman angel statues 27

Roman Angel Statue

Holy water angel at st patricks roman catholic cathedral armagh

Holy Water Angel at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Armagh, County Down, Northern Ireland

St. Michael the archangel Statue.

Roman Exclusive Angel Memorial Garden Statue with Verse "We'll Meet at Heaven's Gate", 13.5-Inch, Made of Resin Stone

Roman 2 josephs studio inspirational angel bird feeder outdoor garden

Roman 2 Joseph's Studio Inspirational Angel Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden ...

Roman angel statues 31

Hera: Queen of Olympus, known as Juno to the Romans, rarely show her in a particularly positive light; goddess of marriage

Angel statue michelangelo angel of light statue

Angel Statue Michelangelo Angel of light statue

Roman inc praying angel garden statue 1

Roman, Inc. Praying Angel Garden Statue