Outdoor Wall Plaques


To dress up the outside of your home and accent your naked exterior walls in a way that demonstrates your style, outdoor wall plaques are a clever way to do it that are easy to install. They come in tons of styles and every single one is made with the highest quality material for external use. They will last you a good long time and will resist weather. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Large Horchow Outdoor Mingling Circles Wall Art Decor Plaque Patio Garden Metal

Large Horchow Outdoor Mingling Circles Wall Art Decor Plaque Patio Garden Metal

The metal wall art circles looks awesome on any wall at interior or exterior. It is construct of the tole metal and iron frame. The spirals merge into circles design create the industrial accent piece.

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Garden wall plaques sun moon wall plaques smiling sun wall

Garden Wall Plaques : Sun & Moon Wall Plaques : Smiling Sun Wall ...

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Moon gazing hares wall plaque

Moon gazing hares wall plaque

Outdoor wall plaque with moon gazing hares design. The long-eared hares stare at the smiling crescent moon among leafless trees entwined in ivy. Fairy tale picture for those who like decorations that are eerie a bit.

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Outdoor wall plaques 16

If you want a breathtaking addition to your garden and a truly unique-looking piece to serve as a decorative piece there then this medusa wall plaque from the Greek and Roman reproductions will do the trick, especially with its beautifully detailed face.

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Cat wall or garden plaque

Cat wall or garden plaque

Cat themed outdoor plaque. A cat sleeps among leaves and branches; the rectangular frame around the main theme features some Celtic knots motifs. Crafted (I assume so) of earthenware, with stained green patina finish.

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Wall fountains outdoor 189x300 wall decor fountains outdoor 460x728

Wall Fountains Outdoor 189x300 Wall Decor Fountains Outdoor, 460x728 ...

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San Pacific Half Face Sun Garden Wall Plaque

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Eden cast stone outdoor wall art plaque traditional outdoor decor

... Eden Cast Stone Outdoor Wall Art Plaque traditional-outdoor-decor

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Lucques Wall Plaque

Lucques Wall Plaque

This wall plaque will instantly help you bring the best in your interior, making sure it looks stylish and elegant. The curves of this charming piece are to die for and the strong, sturdy design lets it grace your home for years.

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Outdoor wall plaques

Being a good representation of the art nouveau style, this gorgeous stone wall plaque constitutes a great way to add some classic refinement to your space. It depicts a half-naked woman.

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Outdoor Wall Plaques

Buying Guide

Outdoor wall plaques can be a perfect extension of your style and attention to artistic glamour. These plaques are mostly used on front doors but they can add beautiful accents to exterior walls too. The artwork available is diverse. From simple address signs to advanced highly exotic crafts, you can get anything you want in the market. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful as you shop around to make sure you get full value for money.

Although there are a lot of outdoor wall plaques that you can buy, these options can easily be divided into three broad categories.

  • Rustic or Nautical Designs - Rustic designs are simple and very appealing. They are mostly used to complement plain walls. The designs may include anything like old wagon wheels and many others. Rustic plaques are perfect for people who want to make a stylish statement.
  • Simple - Plaques can also be simple. Although most people prefer something artistic, there are still many modern designs that are quite basic. Think for example of an aluminum plaque with your address or any other message engraved on it.
  • Sophisticated - Sophisticated outdoor wall plaques are literally artwork. They feature outstanding craftsmanship and come in different shapes and sizes. These plaques can be relatively expensive but they will be worth it. If you’re looking for a centerpiece to take over your exterior walls, then going for these designs is highly recommended.

Outdoor wall plaques as the name suggests will be hanged outside. This means that they will be exposed to the weather elements. You need to pick materials and designs that can withstand the weather in your area. Most metal based plaques should work without any issue. However, as the artistry becomes sophisticated it’s very normal to find plaques made out of other materials including wood. You can consider wood treatments to strengthen durability or buy plaques that have already been treated to withstand tough weather.

Outdoor wall plaques should also be proportionate to the exterior walls that they are meant for. However, the rule of thumb is to avoid big plaques. Even a small plaque attached on a big plain wall can add outstanding accent value. The same also applies to the front door. Smaller more artistic designs tend to have the biggest impact. In addition to this, it may be nice to have the plaques fixed on a plain background. For example, a plain white front door or wall can combine well with simple glowing plaques.

Outdoor wall plaques can easily be bought online. However, it helps if you can go through a few options before finally making your choice. You may also try out various cutouts of printed plaques on the wall to see how they go together before you buy the real thing.

Buying quality outdoor wall plaques can help revamp your exterior wall for the better, and the options available in the market should be enough to meet your style preferences.

Best Ideas

Garden wall plaques animal wall plaques hare wall plaque lunar

Garden Wall Plaques : Animal Wall Plaques : Hare Wall Plaque 'Lunar ...

Cast Iron Lion Head Hanging Garden Plaque

Large wall plaques

A fabulous decoration for outdoors that will quickly transform your porch or patio into a colorful masterpiece. It's designed of multiple tiny shards of stained glass and drowned in a cute lake theme, with a butterfly, a dragonfly, a frog and two fish.

Bejeweled Display® Parrot w/ Glass Wall Art Plaque & Home Decor

Home welcome plaque outdoor wall thermometer

Home > Welcome Plaque Outdoor Wall Thermometer

Use an outdoor wall sculpture to enhance a garden theme

Use an Outdoor Wall Sculpture to Enhance a Garden Theme

Pool rules tropical surfboard wall art

Pool rules tropical surfboard wall art

This cool "Pool Rules" tropical surfboard measures 48"x 16". It can be used as a cool wall decoration, both indoors and outdoors. Trimmed with a jute cord. Hung with 2 Picture sawtooth hangers.

Koehlerhomedecor Indoor Outdoor Wall Art Sun Moon Stars Welcome Plaque

Stone wall plaques garden

You do not have to be extremely religious to afford a sacred sculpture in your garden. St. Francis of Assisi plaque will make your wall garden very special and spiritual. St. Francis as a outdoor wall plaque,remindes You about the human relation with nature.

Decorative exterior wall plaques

This eye-catching and exceptionally distinctive mosaic chameleon is an excellent choice for outdoor decoration. Beautiful wall plaque décor adds character and looks sensational on the wall. Live coloring delights.

Ian marr 2005 tree plaque mintaro slate lettercut white gold

Ian Marr 2005: Tree plaque, Mintaro slate, lettercut, white gold

Green man wall plaque home outdoor wall plaque green man

green man wall plaque home outdoor wall plaque green man wall plaque ...

Metal and wood scroll work wall plaque china shopping the

Metal and Wood Scroll-work Wall Plaque (China) | Shopping - The Best Deals on Wall Hangings

How to create a cork tillandsia garden we carry cork

How to Create a Cork Tillandsia Garden We carry cork bark plaques here in the store and they have lots of narrow folds that smaller tillandsias fit into really well. You don’t even have to glue or wire the plants to the cork, but for permanent mounti