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Buy the best outdoor wall clocks selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

Time is money? Well, thanks to such outdoor wall clocks your house will be even more elegant and functional, anyway. Many people have already decided on all of these designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Now, you can feel yourself one of them after picking something for yourself from this extraordinarily rich collection.

Industrial Minimalistic Metal Outdoor Clock

Industrial Minimalistic Metal Outdoor Clock

$61.99 $110

Industrial Minimalistic Metal Outdoor Clock

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

$61.99 $110


This oversized wall-mounted metal clock displays the time in a large-print Roman numeral form bordered by metal rings. The simple open-face design invokes a charming farmhouse nuance in five refreshing finishes and two sizes.

Designer Advice

Metal is one of the best materials for outdoor wall clocks because the material can survive most outdoor conditions. But when picking an outdoor wall clock, ensure the material can tolerate sun, temperatures, and rain exposure. You’ll also want to ensure that the power source, usually a battery, stays safe from the weather so the clock functions.

Charming Country Chic Oversized Clock Display

Charming Country Chic Oversized Clock Display

$70.99 $98.75

Charming Country Chic Oversized Clock Display

Infinity Instruments

$70.99 $98.75


You can use this chic open-faced wall clock indoors or outside for a versatile decor choice. The bold Arabic numbers and traditional bronze hands of the 15” clock display have a raised pattern of fleur de Lis surrounded by a raised border.

Designer Advice

Embossed raised design accents are an easy way to give your outdoor clock a unique look. And picking from traditional patterns like fleur de Lis medallions is great for incorporating modern, themed elements to create a blended style like French country chic. In comparison, vintage features like an aged bronzed finish, Arabic numbers, and an open face add simple old-timey touches.

Classic Versatile Multitool Wall Clock

Classic Versatile Multitool Wall Clock

Classic Versatile Multitool Wall Clock

Westclox Clocks


This classic round wall clock has a 20” face, a glass frame, and a bronze border in a weather-resistant coating. The large format Arabic numerals include a 12-hour clock with minute lines, a humidity meter, and a Fahrenheit thermometer.

Designer Advice

Many outdoor wall clocks can have additional tools besides the ability to tell time. Useful utensils you might be interested in for an outdoor clock include a thermometer to monitor the outdoor temperatures. A humidity meter can also be a useful data point if you want to keep up with the weather conditions and moisture in the air.

Beautiful Boho Themed Celestial Sun Framed Clock

Beautiful Boho Themed Celestial Sun Framed Clock

Beautiful Boho Themed Celestial Sun Framed Clock

Dakota Fields


This celestial wall clock looks stylish indoors or outside, with a fun and casual metal and glass sun-shaped frame in a vintage aged bronze and copper finish. The 19” diameter clock face has easy-read Arabic font, a thermometer, and a hygrometer.

Designer Advice

The font of your outdoor clock can come in a standard Arabic numeral design or as a more traditional Roman numeral print, giving you better versatility in your look. Many outdoor clocks also have a thermometer to monitor outdoor temperatures. But you can also find them with a hygrometer, which tracks the amount of rain you’ve gotten in the area.

Multi Colored Faux Slate Outdoor Clock

Multi Colored Faux Slate Outdoor Clock

Multi Colored Faux Slate Outdoor Clock


This modern indoor/outdoor clock has natural elements like a faux slate border in varying stone colors with white grout. And it feels updated and trendy with a petite size, contrasting black hand dials against a white face, and a thermometer.

Designer Advice

Outdoor clocks with a stone surround can look at home on your patio, covered porch, or pool deck, providing the time and a stylish accent. Stone - and faux stone - are fantastic for outdoor use due to their indifference to weather and sun. And going with a multi-colored layout adds an easy way to incorporate trendy colored accents.

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Outdoor Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Is it 'drinks-in-the-garden' o'clock, already? Probably! While they're obviously helpful to keep track of the time especially when you're enjoying a phone-free break, outdoor clocks can be turned into conscious decorative statements.

Combining style and functionality, they'll be the first thing your guests see when walking towards your front door. Here's how to choose an outdoor clock that ticks all the boxes!

Traditionally, outdoor clocks are analogues. Digital clocks that are specifically suited for your external walls are extremely difficult to find, and it's even rarer to see them around (other than in professional settings). After all, they do leave out the decorative element that characterizes outdoor clocks!

Not all analogue clocks are the same, though! Here's what you can choose from.

  • Battery-operated: this is the most common option, as it will work in any scenario, regardless of which direction your wall faces;

  • Solar-powered: although these clocks are a bit more difficult to find, they might be worth scouting for if your wall is directly exposed to sunlight for most of the day and if you care a lot about environmentally friendly alternatives.

  • Temperature or humidity: any clock will tell you the time, but some can do better than that! Clocks with an integrated thermometer or hygrometer (measuring humidity) are handy if you live in particularly hot, freezing-cold or wet climates and appreciate keeping an eye on the current degrees and weather conditions;

  • Weather-resistance: unless you've got a good designated spot underneath the roof of your patio, make sure that you pick a waterproof clock so that it lasts you for years despite the rain. The safest choices are rust-resistant materials like plastic and powder-coated or painted metal.

  • We also recommend considering where you're going to be reading it from. If your garden seats or patio are a bit farther away from your house, look for simpler and bigger designs (at least 12 inches) with longer hands that allow you to tell the time immediately without having to squint in the sunlight or - worse! - get up.

Settling for an outdoor clock that's got nothing to do with the theme of your garden or that doesn't stand out against your wall is a waste of… well, time (and money!). Here are a few things that we recommend considering when choosing your outdoor clock:

  • To make it easier to tell the time, make sure that your clock creates a light and dark contrast against the external wall of your house; if you happen to have an exposed brick wall, look for plain monochrome faces (white will stand out the most);

  • If you'd like to maintain a cohesive look, identify the accent color in your garden or patio: have you got pink house numbers? A bright yellow fence? Go for a clock in that hue!

  • Another trick to keep the exterior of your house consistent and wow your guests with your impeccable attention to detail is to choose an outdoor clock that matches the existing theme of your garden and patio (e.g. nautical, flora, fauna, classical, etc.);

  • If, rather than a theme, your house follows a specific décor style, your outdoor clock could introduce it to your guests before they've even walked into your living room:

    • Arabic numerals or simple lines in a metal or plastic case that matches your main accent color can work well in a modern scenario;

    • Roman numerals are better suited for industrial, cottage-style, French country and shabby chic décors. For the last two, white or pastel colors, ornate designs and a discolored wooden-like feel can go a long way. As for industrial décors, you could even consider going face-less!

    • Have you been embracing minimalism? Then choose monochrome or two-color faces (with a natural palette if you want to add some Scandinavian vibes) and drop the numbers;

  • Traditional round monochrome cases and white or light-yellow faces are perfect for a retro feel;

  • Starburst shapes are clear indicators of mid-Century modern vibes;

  • Bohemian clocks can have brighter color combinations or even mimic specific textures.

Let's not lose track of time or of the most important tips! When choosing an outdoor clock, keep these points in mind:

  • Most models are analogue: you can choose between battery-operated or, if your wall is directly exposed to sunlight, eco-friendlier solar clocks

  • Some clocks can tell the temperature and humidity, too: handy depending on your climate!

  • Weather-resistant materials like plastic and powder-coated or painted metal are vital if that wall is directly exposed to the elements

  • Go for a frame that is at least 12 inches wide if you don't usually sit directly underneath that wall

  • Choose a clock that creates a light and dark contrast against your external wall, one that matches the main accent color of your house exteriors or the theme of your outdoor wall décor, or one that follows the main style of your house.

Best Ideas

24 inch outdoor wall clock 1

A double-sided wall clock that was designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It features a traditional, metal hanger and a black frame. The clock hands and the numbers are big and black so they are clearly visible.

Outdoor wall clock 24 34 tells temp and humidity patina

outdoor wall clock - 24" - tells temp. and humidity - patina finish - $66 Amazon

Outdoor clocks 24 inch

A stylish battery powered double-sided wall clock with a bit worn black-coated both a frame and a casing. A bracket has showy scrolls, a round casing - top and bottom finials. White dials have black Arabic numerals. Arrow-like metal hands are black.

La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL-INT 18 inch Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature & Humidity

This 18-Inch Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature & Humidity Measures can be a nice addition for your patio wall. The purchase includes not only the thermometer and hygrometer but also radio controlled time.

Gray metal 24 34 wide outdoor wall clock

Gray Metal 24" Wide Outdoor Wall Clock

The playful patio pinecone outdoor wall clock thermometer

The playful patio pinecone outdoor wall clock thermometer

Decorate your home facade with an essential bronze colored wall clock dedicated for outdoor use. Roman numerals dial encircles the unique center detailing depicting pinecones and green pine needles creating a backdrop for gilt hands.

Outdoor wall clocks 34

Outdoor Wall Clock - Yard Art Patio & Fireplace

Beach This Way Clock with Thermometer

Beach This Way Clock with Thermometer

This is a poly resin combination of outdoor clock and thermometer that gives you accurate temperature and time readings. It is also a fun addition to your outdoor spaces including the pool, patio, garden, and other parts of your yard. The outdoor clock and thermometer has precision-made coils that give you accurate temperature readings from -60 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The clock is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


Side view wall mount clock

Side view wall mount clock

My wife is a big fan of vintage style, so I bought for her the side-mounted station clock. It really set off the entire look of our apartment.

Outdoor wall clocks 7

An outdoor wall clock with 24 diamter inches features a thermometer and hygrometer. Very functional and good-looking accent for your outside wall.

Monogram indoor outdoor wall clock there 39 s also a

Monogram Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock (There's also a matching thermometer!) For the pool??

Outdoor wall clocks 13

Distressed metal outdoor wall clock. Product: Wall clockConstruction Material: MetalColor: Jardim grey and copperFeatures: Roman numeral Suitable for outdoor use Copper accents Dimensions: 24 Diameter

Outdoor wall clocks 19

Outdoor Wall Clock

Beachcrest home manasota 24 indoor outdoor wall clock 1

Beachcrest Home Manasota 24" Indoor / Outdoor Wall Clock ...

Richardson indoor outdoor wall clock 31 by sterling

Richardson Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock 31" by Sterling ...

Outdoor metal skeleton clock mocha primrose plum

Outdoor Metal Skeleton Clock - Mocha | Primrose & Plum

14 inch faux slate indoor or outdoor wall clock with

14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with ...

Large outdoor garden wall clock big roman numerals giant 1


Pratt indoor outdoor wall clock 36 by sterling outdoor

Pratt Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock 36" by Sterling - Outdoor ...

Black paddington double sided faced metal garden outdoor

Black Paddington Double Sided Faced Metal Garden Outdoor ...

Outdoor indoor black garden wall clock hand painted church 1

Outdoor indoor Black Garden Wall Clock Hand Painted church ...

Rustic clocks wildlife clocks ivy indoor outdoor wall

Rustic Clocks & Wildlife Clocks: Ivy Indoor/Outdoor Wall ...

Outdoor garden wall station clock temperature with

Outdoor Garden wall Station Clock & Temperature with ...

Monogrammed indoor outdoor wall clock

Monogrammed Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock

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