Outdoor Wall Decoration


Side of your home should reflect the inside of your home. and if you are trying to figure out a way to make your decorative style known to the neighborhood, outdoor wall decorations are a way to go. We have tons of them to choose from in a myriad of styles, and all of them showcased in this collection for your viewing pleasure. Pick your outdoor wall decorations today.

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Our Picks

Floral laser cut wall decor traditional outdoor decor

Floral laser cut wall decor traditional outdoor decor

A set of two identical pieces of outdoor décor. The pieces are made out of pieces of wrought iron with laser-cut traditional decals on the whole front, giving them a sophisticated and old-fashioned appearance.

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Outdoor wall decor

Being a beautiful outdoor decoration and a real treat for all, who love the oriental Moroccan style, this hurricane wall panel will help you create an inimitable Mediterranean ambience.

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Outdoor wall decoration 1

This outdoor wall decoration sports a truly beautiful and charming look that will create a warm setting around it and add a certain amount of color and visual appeal thanks to the lovely flowers that protrude out of the window crate.

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Decorating ideas for cinder block walls

A breathtaking outdoor decoration, which is a simple, yet impressive water wall. It's a solid, wooden construction in a deep color, where the floating water looks like rain. It will bring peace and harmony to your garden.

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Spanish Wall Décor

Spanish Wall Décor

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Meijer outdoor living patio outdoor decor outdoor wall decor

Meijer Outdoor Living & Patio Outdoor Decor Outdoor Wall Decor

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Outdoor wall decoration

A beautiful embellishment of one's outdoor decor. This characteristic Sun theme constitutes one of the most recognizable oriental motifs. Made of wrought iron, it is not only very solid, but also enchants with its tapestry.

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Block wall decorating ideas

Screens! We can make these in our garden! Just make the boys cut out the holes with a jigsaw :) Lovely pattern with holes where we can plant more small trees. Love this graphite color of these screens!

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Outdoor wall decoration 2

An excellent example of an innovative graffiti technique: green or eco-graffiti. Water, buttermilk, baby diapers (or water gel), clumps of moss are blended together and applied with brushes on a textured wall. It has to be watered to moss will grow.

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Provide interest to a house wall with some metal wall

Provide Interest To A House Wall With Some Metal Wall Art

Outdoor metal wall decor decorating ideas garden decor home decor

... Outdoor Metal Wall Decor, Decorating Ideas, Garden Decor, Home Decor

Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Custom outdoor wall art decoration decorationk resplendent garden

... Custom Outdoor Wall Art Decoration Decorationk Resplendent Garden

Wall fountains outdoor 189x300 wall decor fountains outdoor 460x728

Wall Fountains Outdoor 189x300 Wall Decor Fountains Outdoor, 460x728 ...

Gardman 8425 Windswept Tree Wall Art - 29.5" long x 24.5" wide

3d butterfly metal outdoor wall art contemporary outdoor decor

3D Butterfly Metal Outdoor Wall Art contemporary-outdoor-decor

Outdoor wall decoration 23

105 DIY Projects That Will Make You Proud: We've shown you how to decorate walls with washi tape, but you can experiment with smaller accessories as well, like this Washi Tape Vase. : Perk up your patio or room with a multi-hued Chevron Rug. : Move your

Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Set of 2 Gecko Beaded Garden Wall Decoration

This set of two gecko beaded garden wall decorations is a fine addition to your household for when you simply need that boost of charm and appeal. They sparkle and illuminate in the sunlight and offer the design perfect to mount of a surface of any sort.

Country Rustic Star Indoor and Outdoor Wall Decor

Country Rustic Star Indoor and Outdoor Wall Decor

This charming and impressive, rustic star, is a beautiful decoration for your home and garden. It can top the Christmas tree by which further delights. Lovingly made perfectly accents the decor.

Outdoor wall decoration 6

{Pathway is great. Also like the composition of plants on the right side of the photo - not sure what they are.}

Outdoor wall decoration


Outdoor wall decoration 12

It's called the backyard waterfalls. This looks like a door leading into another world that gives a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Nice.