Outdoor Thermometer Decorative

No one wants to go outside and check the thermometer but sometimes that's what you have to do. And when you have an outdoor thermometer, why not let it be a decorative sort that will accent your home. We have a collection of outdoor thermometers in many decorative stylings and options for your aesthetic pleasure.

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Outdoor thermometer decorative design for the wall in the garden

Outdoor thermometer decorative design for the wall in the garden
Outdoor thermometer with richly decorated frame. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Suitable for the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste and need. It is resistant to harmful weather conditions.

Garden thermometer traditional outdoor decor

Garden thermometer traditional outdoor decor
Nice decorative garden thermometer on a metal holder with hammered finish. Pre-drilled holes allow for easy screwing to a house wall or facade. The thermometer shows temperature in Fahrenheit AND Celsius scale. Indoors or out.

14-3/4" Dia. Black & Bronze Scrollwork Outdoor Thermometer Cold Cast Ceramic Wall Hanging Outside Patio Porch Wall Decor

Get to know what kind of outside temperature your body is experiencing - thanks to this decorative outdoor thermometer. Black mixed with brown accents, made of wrought iron, whose center is a carved flower.

Outdoor thermometer decorative

Thermometer designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal and fitted with screw holes for easy installation. Dedicated to outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Hanging outdoor thermometer

Beautiful English-style decorative outdoor thermometer with a stunning wall mount and a sturdy weather-resistant design. The piece comes in a great rounded shape and it’s large enough to grab the attention of anyone passing by. Should be a great wall accent for your home.

Outdoor thermometers decorative

Well-built outdoor decorative thermometer that comes with its own hanging mechanism. The piece is also large and features a stunning rounded design, finished in white and accentuated by touches of black. You also get intricate detailing that should add an incredible accent to your outdoor walls.

Decorative outdoor thermometers 4

Decorative Outdoor Thermometers

Our advice Buying Guide

An item that’s decorative, functional, and even necessary for patios and yards is a trusty outdoor thermometer. Decorative thermometers that can withstand the elements come in various styles to fit various tastes.

Since choosing the right one requires a bit of a process from all the aspects that need to be considered, we’ve listed a couple of buying tips below.

How are outdoor thermometers installed?

A good decorative thermometer has lots of great qualities like how it can easily be installed without needing the help of a handyman. So, look for one that you can set up in a snap as you wouldn’t want to go outside to set install a thermometer only to find out that you need specialized tools for the process.

Some units can be hung or stuck into walls to get a reading of the area’s temperature. They are easy to mount, but you would want a unit with a sticky substance added at the back of the device for installation if you want a thermometer that’s portable. On the other hand, you may want a decorative device for telling the temperature that’s more permanent. If that’s the case, then you can get one that will allow you to screw the unit into a post or wall.

What are the benefits of a wireless outdoor thermometer?

Among the things you’d have to consider is whether you want a model that’s wired or wireless. A wired thermometer requires you to place a probe in one area of your home to get a direct temperature reading. A wireless, on the other hand, just requires attaching to a wall, which makes the process of installing the unit and getting a reading a lot easier.

Also, it’s a great idea to get a wireless decorative thermometer as you can easily move it wherever in your property you need a temperature reading. This means a wireless thermometer can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What additional features to consider when buying a decorative outdoor thermometer?

  • Display size. Watch out for the display size of a unit as a small display will make it difficult to read or understand what the thermometer says. As much as possible, get the largest display that your space can accommodate not just to get a much clearer reading, but also so you get a decorative element that makes a lot of impact in your outdoor space.
  • Backlight. This is a feature that you’d if you want a thermometer that can be easily read regardless of the lighting condition. Even if it’s nighttime and you did not switch on your patio lights, you would still be able to get a temperature reading and see it clearly because of the backlight. You also won’t have to be concerned about glare and sunlight during the day.
  • Quality. It's also important that you make sure your thermometer is one that’s made to last. Anything that’s placed outdoors will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. So, get the device that’s enclosed using a weather-proof or waterproof housing. Although water is your number one concern, you’d also have to ensure that your thermometer doesn’t get blown away by heavy winds.


Outdoor hanging thermometer

Completely transform your walls with this incredible piece of decorative thermometer. Constructed from metal and featuring a beautiful combination of white and red, the thermometer is also so easy to install. The piece is constructed from zinc to give you a durable long-lasting service.

Outdoor wall thermometer

If you need an outdoor thermometer, it doesn’t have to be boring and bland. Check out this vintage, copper thermometer. Now you can keep the temperature in check with style!

Decorative indoor wall thermometers

Looking for a great way to revamp your bare outdoor walls? Well, look no further than these amazing decorative thermometers. Featuring a sturdy and weather-resistant metal construction, the thermometer comes in a beautiful rounded design. It is also finished in metallic black and touched up with blue and white accents.

Outdoor thermometer decorative

The attractive and functional outdoor thermometer is a charming decorative accent for the garden. Beautiful floral decor with lovely colored beads captivates to create a fascinating accent for any garden.

Esschert Design USA LS008 Outdoor Slate Thermometer

Give your outdoor walls a little touch of whimsical beauty with these amazing decorative thermometer. The piece is a novelty item and comes in a neutral deep-sea blue finish with touches of white and red. It’s also easy to install with just only two screws needed.

Outdoor decorative thermometers and clocks outdoor hanging clock and thermometer

outdoor decorative thermometers and clocks | Outdoor Hanging Clock And Thermometer

Large outdoor thermometer decorative

An eye-catching decorative wall clock with thermometres. It features a round frame of small rectangular natural slate tiles in warm beige and brownish tones. A round glazed dial has an off-white finish. Arabic numerals and all hands are black.

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Wall thermometer outdoor

With a such a stylish retro antique outdoor thermometer any exterior's decor can be elevated into another level. The colorful floral pattern reminds me of the cottage design.

14 copper verdigris outdoor thermometer contemporary outdoor decor

14" Copper Verdigris Outdoor Thermometer contemporary-outdoor-decor

Sun with thermometer 88 99

Sun with Thermometer $88.99

Ivy Silhouette Thermometer - French Bronze French

AcuRite 01836 12.5-Inch Wall Thermometer, Cabbage Rose

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 1

Happy people do not count the time? You better count on a good watch. Even if you are outside, on outdoor wall clock powered with sun.

It contains also a thermometer and what is important is really decorative.

Round Dial Thermometer

Round Dial Thermometer

Decorative chaffinch dial thermometer

Decorative Chaffinch Dial Thermometer

Decorative outdoor thermometers

Decorative Outdoor Thermometers

Outdoor thermometer decorative 1

Unusual finish of this decorative clock is also a thermometer. Can be an important element of the outside. Made of metal resin, which is stainless. It is equipped with Roman numbers and a beautiful gold, aluminum hands. Temperature meter is easy to calibrate.

Zinc outdoor thermometer

zinc outdoor thermometer

Outside and garden decor decorative thermometers indoor or outdoor

Outside and Garden Decor > Decorative Thermometers > Indoor or Outdoor ...

Garden thermometers for sale

Outdoor Thermometer Decorative | Whitehall Products Pincone Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer and Clock ...

Retro tin garden thermometers

Retro Tin Garden Thermometers

Unique outdoor thermometers

Copper Outdoor Combination Thermometer Remodelista

Decorative thermometers

Outdoor clock in elegant form. It is mounted on metal frame and finished with decorative curves. Includes quartz movement and Roman numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Outdoor Galileo Thermometer

Outdoor Galileo Thermometer

Thermometer decorative

Suitable for outdoor use, this fancy-looking thermometer is adorned with a nautical design shaped like a ship's steering wheel. Crafte of wood and reinforced with brass accents, the thermometer sits tightly behind a clear glass cover, measuring temperature using the Fahrenheit scale.

Decorative indoor thermometers

Decorative Harvest Moon Hand Selected Produce Indoor/Outdoor ...

James hautman decorative outdoor thermometer 1

James Hautman Decorative Outdoor Thermometer

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

An amazing piece for outdoor areas. This two-sided clock has a built-in thermometer, and it swivels on a scrolled arm attached to the matching wall bracket. Also features a side latch for easy battery access, and a white dial with Roman numerals and black metal hands.

Large outdoor thermometers 1

The outdoor thermometer is one of the most useful home utensils, especially when you would like to be dressed good according to the actual weather. This specimen is additionally equipped with the hygrometer.

Home ancient stone dial outdoor thermometer

Home / Ancient Stone Dial Outdoor Thermometer

Solstice Thermometer Clock

Solstice Thermometer Clock

Taylor Heritage 481BZ Metal Dial Thermometer, 4.25-Inch

Metal dial thermometer to measure temperature indoors or out. Traditionally styled rustic thermometer that - importantly - features weatherproof construction. Functional, but also higly decorative outdoor accessory.

Outdoor thermometer decorative 1

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13 95 clinging kitty outdoor thermometer every purchase funds food

$13.95 Clinging Kitty Outdoor Thermometer~ Every Purchase Funds Food and Care for Rescued Animals.

Thermometer outdoor decorative

Decorative Mermaid Cove Seaside Inn Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer - 17 ...

SPI Home 33309 Frog Wall Mounted Thermometer

AcuRite 02309 Weathered Copper Tube Thermometer with Sun and Moon Accents

Home discontinued items

Home / Discontinued Items

Tabletop thermometer outdoor thermometer

Tabletop Thermometer | Outdoor Thermometer

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Thermometer Soil

Thermometer Soil