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We've all seen the standard pedestal fans in white and cream and black and steel, but have you seen decorative pedestal fans better designed not only to blow cool air on a hot day but also to accent the space they are cooling. These are great for adjusting the aesthetic of your area. If you are in the market for a pedestal fan that is more attractive than the usual boring models, take a look at our collection.

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Updated 09/09/2022
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Windmill Designer Standing Fan 

Windmill Designer Standing Fan 

Gracie Oaks

Constructed from a combination of metal and wood to look like a miniature windmill, this unique standing fan is not only an effective 3-speed fan for your home but can be a stunning conversation piece as well. The oiled bronze look is warm and rustic, while the galvanized option is fantastic for country homes.

$1158 $1737

Designer Advice:

This has got to be one of the most unique standing fans we have seen. This old-fashioned windmill looks amazing in any rustic room of your home or office and can turn heads and start conversations. It offers three fan speeds and stands just under 71 inches tall.

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Antique Inspired Decorative Floor Fan

Antique Inspired Decorative Floor Fan

Astoria Grand

This antique-inspired floor fan can keep airflow moving in any room of your home or office to provide a cooling effect while also serving as a decorative element. This fan stands 54 inches high and offers traditional aesthetics of a spiraled lower post made from a combination of plastic and metal.

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Wrought Iron Decorative Pedestal Fan

Wrought Iron Decorative Pedestal Fan

Fleur De Lis Living

Whether you are looking for a unique decorative touch to your office or are searching for a fan to keep your home cool, this unique pedestal fan is a great choice. Standing 50 inches tall with a 17-inch diameter fan cage, you'll get plenty of airflow from this stylish 4-bladed fan regardless of where you place it.

$123.99 $315

Designer Advice:

We love the old-fashioned look of this fan. The lower decorative elements on the weighted pedestal base can complement a range of different decors. The fan is covered in a UB-resistant paint and is suitable for use on a covered porch or patio to provide a gentle breeze while enjoying a meal outdoors or spending time with family and friends.

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Street Lamp Style Designer Pedestal Fan 

Street Lamp Style Designer Pedestal Fan 

Astoria Grand

This 49" tall unique-looking floor fan brings images of antique street lamps to mind when viewed. The post is adjustable in height as well, giving you a range of freedom when it comes to how tall you need the fan in a bedroom, living room, or office.

Designer Advice:

The antique copper finish on this cast metal and resin fan's post gives it a unique and eye-catching look that easily turns it into a conversation piece just as much as a decorative one. The three-speed fan can keep air flowing throughout your home to improve temperatures throughout the year.

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Classic Design Decorative Standing Fan 

Classic Design Decorative Standing Fan 

Darby Home Co

Standing 55 inches high and having a fan diameter of 16 inches, this oscillating floor fan can be a stunning addition to any room of your home. The classic pedestal base features smooth transitional designs that mimic elegant railing banisters, while the golden brown coloring offers a mix of dark and light shades throughout.

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Decorative Pedestal Fans

Buying Guide

Having a table fan is a convenient, cheap and often necessary supplement to your normal cooling. When your A/C unit is simply not enough, is not fully functional or doesn't cool the room you're in, having a table fan is a useful backup.

Table fans belong to circulating fans category. As we read on the U.S. Department of Energy website, circulating fans include pedestal fans, table fans, floor fansand fans mounted to walls. They complement the existing air con system and natural ventilation and create a comfortable environment in your home with a pleasant "wind chill effect".

It may come as a surprise but using a table fan is not that expensive as, according to Eco Cost Savings expert, running a table fan continuously for 1 week costs $1.07 on average in the US. In terms of electricity usage, table fans do notuse a lot of electricity either and running an average table fan (42.5W) at max power for 24 hours equals the power consumed by an electric heater after running for 42 minutes.

Now, let's take a quick look at some of the things you'll need to consider when purchasing a table fan.

  • Table fans are a useful backup to your normal cooling system or if you haven't got any A/C system at all;

  • Pedestal fans offer significant airflow, easy maintenance and are relatively inexpensive; however, they can be noisy, bulky and spread dust and allergens;

  • Tower fans are allergy-friendly thanks to the ionization option; They offer space-saving designs and are quieter than the pedestal fans; however, their airflow is weaker than that of pedestal fans;

  • Air coolers suck in warm air and push out cooled air, providing a better cooling system than any other type of fans;

  • When choosing a table fan, you want a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) number to be high as this equals your fan's power;

  • Noise control, remote control and oscilation are the features to look for when shopping for a table fan.

There are actually quite a few types of fans available in the current market. Some designs allow the implementation of extra cooling or air conditioning technology, allowing fans to operate like portable A/C units. Here are the major types of fans available to date.

Pedestal fans

This is the type of fan that most people will be familiar with. Pedestal fans are normally the best-in-market when it comes to airflow in domestic settings. Though they aren't typically designed with "space-saving" front of mind, pedestal fans come in a variety of sizes that allow them to be useful tabletop counterparts.

Pedestal Fan Pros:

  • Significant airflow
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Budget-friendly

Pedestal Fan Cons:

  • Can be noisy
  • Not necessarily space saving
  • Limited Features
  • Can move dust and other allergens along with air

Tower Fans

Tower fans are generally designed to conserve as much space as possible while maximizing airflow. They look like small rotating towers on a fixed base and have air inlets along their sides and outlets along the front. This allows for a large amount of air to be cycled through the unit at any point in time.

Tower fans are more feature-rich than their pedestal cousins and often are easier to clean. Instead of needing to fully dismantle the fan's grill in order to clean it - you can simply use a cloth and wipe along the grill surface.

Some tower fans come with ionizers, which can make a big positive impact on individuals who suffer from allergies. To keep a long story short, ionizers shoot negatively charged particles in the air, which then stick to dust and other allergens, causing them to stick to surfaces or the floor- instead of being inhaled.

Tower Fan Pros:

  • Allergy-friendly
  • Usually quiet
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to clean

Tower Fan Cons:

  • Not as much airflow as pedestal fans
  • Work better in cool, dry environments

Air Coolers

Air coolers are one of the most recent additions to the domestic and commercial fan family. Normally, air coolers function by pulling in warm air through impellers, pushing that air over a wet, cooling medium then distributing that air around the room in which they are placed. Recently, air coolers have been becoming smaller and smaller, some of them can be powered by the USB ports on your laptop - making them incredibly convenient to move around with.

Air Cooler Pros:

  • Better cooling power than other types of fan
  • Distributes cool air evenly

Air Cooler Cons:

  • Can be noisy
  • Typically, not designed for style

Since you've now been introduced to the major types of fan available, the next logical question is - how strong does my fan need to be?

  • Cubic Feet per Minute

Cubic feet per minute or CFM is one reliable measure of your fan's power. CFM tells you how much air your fan can move at any point in a 60 second period. Essentially, you want this number to be as high as possible, though the higher this number goes - the more potential for noise there will be.

A very useful feature when it comes to the power of your fan, is being able to control the power level i.e. having a choice of fan speeds. One of the experts at states:

"More control over the air movement means you're more likely to be comfortable, and not feel either irritated by a too-powerful blast (and the accompanying noise) nor to feel like your fan isn't doing anything to cool you."

  • A Helpful Rule of Thumb for Balancing Power and Noise

If you're not a fan of the white noise produced by table fans, then you may want to consider getting a fan with long blades AKA a wide diameter. As a rule, the bigger a fan is, the quieter it is. So, if you're considering a powerful tabletop fan like one with a 400 or more CFM rating, then try finding a model that is 12 inches or more in diameter.

Of course, this specific example may not fit your situation. For instance, a 12-inch tabletop fan might be unreasonable if your desk has multiple monitors or other space limiters.

You can use this rule as a yardstick to know if you are really getting a quiet fan or not. A 6-inch fan, with a 500 CFM rating is almost guaranteed to be very loud. For specifics, you can always double-check the noise level of your fan from the manufacturer specifications.

Modern fans are feature-rich and when it comes to table fans, there are a few features you should pay special attention to. Let's take a quick look at them below. 

Noise Control Modes

  • Many table fans come with a noise prevention mode, and this can be an especially useful feature to have if you have noise-sensitive work like a digital meeting. Editors, music professionals or people who simply don't enjoy the white noise that table fans produce can find a lot of value in this simple feature. Be sure to pay attention to manufacturer specifications to find out if your fan has a noise control mode.

Remote Controls

  • You may think having a remote control can be excessive - after all, your fan should be within arm's reach so long as you're at your table. While this may be true, having a remote control can still come in handy if you're the type of person who plans in advance.

  • If, for example, you work at home, you can use your remote control to start your fan a few minutes before you sit down to work. While you're drinking your coffee or finishing off your workout, your fan will be hard at work cooling and preparing your space for your arrival.


  • Oscillation is usually best utilized when you're trying to cool an entire room but can still be useful in a table fan. Table fans help you to cool by increasing the rate that sweat evaporates and by forcing air to move quickly over your skin. Both processes remove excess heat from your body, causing you to cool down over time.

  • If you've ever sat in front of a powerful fan for an hour or two, you know that things can get chilly. Especially in the evening or at night. Having an oscillator function on your table fan can be a convenient way to keep yourself cool, without getting a chill. Since the stream of air will not constantly be on your skin, your body will hold on to a reasonable amount of heat, keeping you at an optimal temperature.

Best Ideas

Decorative pedestal fans

Vintage, mid-century design for a free-standing decorative pedestal fan with a light wood frame. The fan itself is also made out of wood, which creates a unique appearance but may not be safe to use due to its fragility.

Fanimation arden pedestal fan 3

Fanimation Arden Pedestal Fan

Decorative pedestal fans 3

Mid century-ish fan? Oscillating. Almost 44" high--is that tall enough? 14.53" wide--is that wide enough? Does it look top-front-heavy? Spritely looking legs. Arden Pedestal Fan | Rejuvenation

Decorative pedestal fans 5

Old Havana pedestal fan will embody the cool, retro and tropical vibe. It features 3-speed levels, a 90 x 20 non-oscillating motor and a swivel fan head, based on a carved wood pedestal post.

Retro 12" Oscillating Table Fan

Retro 12" Oscillating Table Fan

If you are trying to keep cool this summer like most people, why not do it in style. Thanks to quality craftsmanship and impeccable performance, this escalating table fan is a must-have for every home. The three-speed settings are powerful, as the motor delivers maximum air flow allowing you to enjoy all levels of comfort. The full metal construction is also rugged and robust enough to last for years to come.

16" Oscillating Floor Fan

16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Crafted from steel material with hardwood legs, this powerful floor fan showcases a stylish tripod design. Adjustable height permits tweaking to fit into your space, with the adjustable tilts enabling you to direct the fan to where you want to be cooled. Has 0.8 horsepower, which gives out sufficient air even at the lowest speeds. Measures 55.8" in its maximum height. Clean built-up dirt every two or three weeks for an aesthetically pleasing surface and smooth motor running.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan

This stylish and extremely helpful during hot days on the pedestal fan is the perfect solution for any home or office. Three levels of air vents allow you to customize it to your needs. Solidly constructed and very practical.

Pedestal fan 115v fan rental info ashleigh roberson

PEDESTAL FAN 115V fan rental info @Ashleigh Roberson

Becky Breeze 8" Table Fan

Becky Breeze 8" Table Fan

Crafted in a beautiful blue-colored metal, these fans add a touch of retro aesthetics and trendy ambiance to any room in the home. They are durable and made to last while being light in weight and easily transferable from one place to the next. Not only do they fully function as a fan, but they add a touch of decor to every single room thanks to the unusual and evocative design. This high quality two-speed design table fan is perfect for gifting to friends and family members.

Turbo 8" Oscillating Table Fan

Turbo 8" Oscillating Table Fan

This oscillating table fan may be small in size, but it really packs a punch. Featuring 90 degree oscillation, whisper-quiet fan blades, and three adjustable speed settings, you'll be able to enjoy various levels of comfort. The tough break-resistant ABS plastic blades ensure the longevity of the fan. It is ideal for floors, tables, and desks, as well as mounting onto a wall.

Flippi 3" Table Fan

Flippi 3" Table Fan

Enhance the cool factor in your home with this vibrant and ultra-modern oscillating table fan. Energize your space with the two speeds and create a quiet breeze in style. Using a signature vortex technology, it moves air up to 20 feet, which makes it a great desk fan for the dorm room or office. Also, feel free to use it in the kitchen or the bedroom thanks to its stylish personal circulation and multidirectional airflow.

12" Oscillating Table Fan

12" Oscillating Table Fan

If you live in an apartment or have a living space that is restricted, then this 12-inch oscillating table fan will make a practical and functional addition to your assess the Diaz Canal. It contains wide-area oscillation, adjustable tilt-back, and compact head as well asthma three speed, which will allow you to take your pick. When the weather heats up, this oscillating table fan will be your trusted and reliable friend bringing in the cool air and helping you to relax.

Retro 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Retro 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Made from primary aluminum material with an elegant brushed nickel finish, this practical pedestal floor fan showcases a non-slip round base with three 16" high-performance blades. Adjustable tilt enables you point fan to exact area you need cooled. 85° smooth oscillation provides for broader coverage areas, with the quiet settings and 60-decibel noise level ascertaining noiseless operation. Can move an impressive 1532 CFM. Frequently clean by wiping with a dry cloth to prevent excess dirt build-up.


Creager 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Creager 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Upgrade your living space with this portable standing floor fan. The adjustable height setting lets you tailor it to suit your own space. Four plastic blades move air softly, creating calming, soothing white noise perfect for when sleeping. Moves a whopping 6,800 CFM at its highest speed, which is sufficient enough to cool your whole room. Uses 45 watts of energy, thus, efficient. Using this fan outdoors is highly discouraged.

Stand 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Stand 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Keep cool in style with this oscillating freestanding floor fan. Non-slip base reduces the probability of fan slipping and falling. Removable fan blades and grills ease cleaning trapped dust, which can stress the motor, while wide-angle oscillation ensures optimum air circulation for better cooling. Remote control allows you to control the fan without leaving the couch/bed. Lower the fan to its minimum height when you need frigid temperatures as cold air settles typically near the floor.

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Useful modern standing fan. It is made of steel and black plastic. It has a round wired safety grill with a 3-blade prop inside, a sleek round column and 4-arm X-shaped base. It can oscillate and has adjustable vertical tilt.

Table Fan

Table Fan

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