Patchwork Armchairs

A different type of armchair for people with more eclectic taste that like the concept of patchwork items, these patchwork armchairs will suit in particular home perfectly. They are attractive and very well made and are a definite conversation starter. See collection for details.

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Bespoke patchwork armchair in designer

Bespoke patchwork armchair in designer
If you are a fan of colorful solutions, you need to have the patchwork armchair. It's a funny, stylish and very comfy piece of furniture, which fits perfectly to classic interior. It adds a touch of color to your home.

Bespoke Patchwork Wing Back Armchair In

Bespoke Patchwork Wing Back Armchair In
The patchwork old style armchair in totally modern tone colors. The upholstery was prepared from the mixed types of material: wood, fabric and velvet. Even if the parts don't fit to each other at glance, but the mixed prepared by thr talented artist allow to get a coherent masterpiece.

Smiley Patchwork Armchair

Smiley Patchwork Armchair
This cute armchair with smiley face and eye-catching patchwork is going to be a real hit in your kids' room. Entirely handmade, the chair features a beech wood frame, a foam rubber filling, rolled arms, and colorful legs with good stability.

Patchwork Armchair With Suzani Fabrics

Patchwork Armchair With Suzani Fabrics
Richly decorated arm chair for watching TV, reading books and more. Upholstery is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with patchwork theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Bespoke patchwork parker knoll armchair

Bespoke patchwork parker knoll armchair
Wingback chair decorated with patchwork theme. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with decorative quilting on the back. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more.

Patchwork armchair with suzani and

Patchwork armchair with suzani and
Wow! So divine arm chair, which is made of patchwork technique and is finished by the velvet fabrics. The purple and black colors with floral pattern, creates the incredibly beautiful piece of furniture.

Custom Order Round Patchwork Armchair

Custom Order Round Patchwork Armchair
An eye-catching contemporary armchair with a round frame of wood. It has a quite thick seat and a mid-height rounded backrest joined with same height arms. Piped upholstery features a patchwork pattern in pinks and purples with various designs.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you on the lookout for the statement piece that can complete a room’s look? Patchwork armchairs are incredible for bringing in texture, detail, pattern, and different colors into your living spaces, so try to consider them when you’re furnishing your home.

Just by adding a patchwork armchair within a certain space, you can already give the room an updated look. The problem is it can be hard to get the right patchwork armchair, so check out our buying guide below. We also have styling tips to ensure your space has a cohesive look despite the accent chair added.

How to select the right scale patchwork armchair?

A patchwork armchair can seem larger than it actually is from its bold patterns and vivid colors. So, it’s important that you select the chair with the right scale and size in relation to the size of the room. Try to get the armchair that’s neither too little nor too massive for a space. When the proportions seem off, your home may look like it’s been styled awkwardly even if the chair has a stunning design. Like we said, it’s important that you match the size and scale of your armchair but not just to the room’s size but also with all the other chairs and furniture pieces inside the room.

How to style with patchwork armchairs?

Classic-style patchwork armchairs are for traditionally styled spaces. They are bulkier in appearance with a massive wingback and deep seating. For more modern rooms, look for pieces with a sleek silhouette, bold colors and large, contemporary patterns. The stigma of grandma-style is gone. Patchwork pieces are no longer associated with grandma style and more and more often take the leading role in upscale, minimalist interiors.

How to ensure the longevity of patchwork armchairs?

If you can avoid spillages that can threaten the life of an armchair, your seating should last you an entire lifetime. For all types of upholstery, always check what the chair’s frame consists of. Most homeowners prefer beech as it’s a hardwearing, durable type of wood.

As each one of us has a different taste, it is important that you choose the armchair that is right not just for your aesthetic preferences, but also for your lifestyle. This means if you think your armchair will endure lots of wear and tear, opt for the most durable chair frame material and construction as your budget allows. A durable fabric for the armchair’s upholstery will also ensure staining is prevented.

Also, don’t get patchwork armchairs that require lots of maintenance if there are small children and pets around the house.

How to select the best material for patchwork armchairs?

The choice of upholstery for a patchwork armchair should be based on several factors. One of them is comfort. For some people, beautiful, soft wool is the perfect choice as it keeps the user of the armchair cool during the summer season and warm during winter months. However, that may or may not be what you would want. Another factor is durability. Opt for stain-resistant fabrics that are capable of withstanding wear and tear.

Comfort and durability, when combined, are naturally reflected in the price of an item, but don't forget you're getting a patchwork armchair for a reason - it needs to stand out and make the room. Remember that patchwork is a demanding design - poor quality upholstery will look tacky instead of classy, and that for sure not what you want to achieve.


Patchwork Arm Chair

Patchwork Arm Chair
Cool retro style armchair with a wooden and metal frame. It has round splayed wooden legs with a natural finish. It features a wide tall back, low full arms and a deep seat. Upholstery is of poly-acrylic blend with a colourful patchwork pattern.

Thai Hmong Patchwork Armchair

Thai Hmong Patchwork Armchair
Identify this stylish patchwork armchairs as - sympathetic, is well said. The cover is made up of many fabrics of various designs - but meticulously selected.Not only the seat, but also the backrest or even the feet on the base are covered in colored fabric.

The Teddy Bear Arm Chair

The Teddy Bear Arm Chair
Great contemporary armchair with a beech wood frame and light brown splayed spindle legs. It has a tall rounded back, low full curved arms, a deep seat. Its upholstery is of poly-linen-cotton blend with a vivid colourful patchwork design.

Antique Edwardian Wingback Hand Woven Wool Kilim Patchwork Armchair Chair Sofa

Antique Edwardian Wingback Hand Woven Wool Kilim Patchwork Armchair Chair Sofa
Inspired by the distant lands of Nepal and Peru - as well asof the sleek lava of these places - hand-woven edwardian vingback armchair - made with traditional lures. Contains many strong colors like red, green ore yellow - and traditional shape.

The Teddy Bear Arm Chair

The Teddy Bear Arm Chair
Cool contemporary armchair having a beech wood frame and light brown splayed spindle legs. It has a tall curved back, low full flared arms, a dished seat. It features upholstery of poly-linen-cotton blend with a patchwork in beiges, browns and greys.

Patchwork wooden armchair in designers

Patchwork wooden armchair in designers
A gorgeous addition for making your home decor to sparkle with rainbow colors. The chair has a wood frame in an oak finish, with shapely legs and long arms. It's beautifully upholstered in a quality fabric with striking patchwork, and features stylish button-tufting on its tilted back.

Tombik chair i

Tombik chair i
This patchwork armchair enchants not only with its beautiful upholstery, but also with the pronounced mid-century design. Its wooden, bevelled legs and massive, padded armrests will help you distinguish your space.

Patchwork armchair with suzani thai

Patchwork armchair with suzani thai
Full of vivid colors and beautiful patchwork, this arm chair knows how to impress with its design. It's upholstered in a red and navy blue velvet fabric, while resting on navy blue finished, spread legs for stability.

Patchwork armchairs

Bring all colors of the rainbow into your home, using only this motley armchair with colorful patchwork. The chair is opulently filled, decorated with creative patterns, and rests on 4 widely spread legs for maintaining the proper balance.

Patchwork chairs

A stylish and relaxing armchair that provides good sitting comfort in any living room or home library. Its multi-color pattern looks very original in many locations. It also provides stability and support thanks to its wooden frame.

Suzani chair

A stylish and comfortable chair for people who are fans of multi-color solutions. This armchair includes an aesthetic backrest with button tufting and a comfortable seat cushion that provides a very high level of softness.

Patchwork armchairs 6

This lovely upholstered tub armchair makes a vibrant addition to your bedroom or living room. Its patchwork pattern shall enchant all rustic or boho enthusiasts. A really inimitable armchair cover, which automatically grabs everyone's attention.

Patchwork wing back armchair in designers guild velvets and plain

Patchwork wing back armchair in Designers Guild velvets and plain ...

Patchwork armchairs

A true burst of colors - this amazing chair will be a sure hit for your interior, letting you benefit from the exquisite and original appeal that it offers to any space, while the stripey patterns with flowers works in any oriental styled setting.

Patchwork armchairs 2

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and high quality chair? We found something special for you: the patchwork chair, which brings the color and style to any apartment. It has the embroidered bird which is a funny accent piece.

Mid Century Modern Eames Style DAW Patchwork Fabric Upholstered Armchair with Wood Dowel Base

Exclusive Modhaus armchair with wood dowel base and patchwork fabric upholstery with blend of colors that decoratively creates a stunning display. Base is solid and durable, crafted of lacquered high grade steel and beech wood.

Traditional armchairs_patchwork


Patchwork armchairs for sale

The phenomenal and unique armchair is a perfect combination of important design and functionality. The gorgeous patchwork decorating the seat covers makes the salon or other interior looks phenomenal.

Boho patchwork chair

A comfortable armchair for lovers of multicolor stylizations. Its multicolor background features nice floral patterns. The seat is cushioned for more comfort and its high backrest is button-tufted for more aesthetics.

Patchwork armchairs 3

Janis Arm Chair in boho green patchwork!!!

I actually think this one is my favorite colorful armchair

I actually think this one is my favorite colorful armchair

Handmade armchairs 1

Would you just look at this gorgeous, very cosy and colourful armchair, made out of patchwork-like upholstery. Makes it look as if it was hand-woven! Perfect to put up in your living room in front of a fireplace.

Kelly swallow patchwork armchair

Kelly Swallow Patchwork Armchair

Seize garnet knitted armchair

Seize Garnet - Knitted armchair

Patchwork upholstery

Boasting of gorgeous patchwork and colorful appearance, this lovely arm chair is very comfortable and highly-decorative, adorned with a flying white goose. Includes a supportive back, a comfy seat, roleld arms, and tapered wood legs.

Patchwork fabric chair

The couture furniture shouldn't be always bought in an expensive store. Sometimes it could be designed and created using the material you have at home. Patchworking looks good, even if the furniture style induce you to more formal style.

Bespoke patchwork armchair in designer velvets by justinadesign

Bespoke patchwork armchair in designer velvets by JustinaDesign

Patchwork armchair 19

Patchwork Armchair

Patchwork armchair for sale

I'd worry about sitting in this chair with all the white, but it's still very pretty.

Patchwork armchairs 2

Patchwork is a tailoring technique that has developed in 19century England -associated with a difficult economic situation in Great Britain - and today it is a sign of chic visible on the example of this colorful patchwork armchair with a canopy backrest.

Love the wooden art piece on the wall combined with

Love the wooden art piece on the wall combined with the bright colours of the chair.

Set of 2 Lia Patchwork Mid-Century Dining Chairs

It is a set that includes two dining chairs. They have got a patchwork mid-century style upholstery, wooden frame and legs. Everyone will be impressed how amazing they look in your home.

Patchwork dining chairs

Patchwork armchair with Suzani and purple by namedesignstudio, $1600.00----Zahara's home office/mom cave

Suzani fabric chair

A luxurious and elegant armchair that features a solid wooden base with decorative carvings on its legs, arms and backrest. Cushioned sitting space increases the level of comfort. A multi-color floral design looks aesthetic.

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 585

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Names design tips design studios green velvet patchwork armchairs

... Names Design, Tips, Design Studios, Green Velvet, Patchwork Armchairs

Patchwork armchairs merci paris france

Patchwork armchairs – Merci – Paris – France

Bespoke patchwork chesterfield armchair 1

Bespoke Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair

Patchwork upholstery fabric

Anthropologie Patchwork Chair

Brownstone Inc Verona Patchwork Leather Chair

It is a chair that is made of patchwork and has got a brown leather upholstery. This chair adds style, beauty and comfort to any dining room and living room area. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks in your home.

1 x Eames Style Special Edition DAW Chair - Patchwork Upholstery Edition

It is a fantastic chair that has got a patchwork style upholstery and solid wood construction. If you looking for an extra ordinary chair for your home, you need to choose this one.

Small armchairs 5

Armchair fabric by EDIT, painting by Guy Maestri. Sydney home of interior designer Juliette Arent

Bespoke patchwork parker knoll armchair designers guild fabric

Bespoke Patchwork Parker Knoll Armchair Designers Guild Fabric