Hand Carved Chair

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Hand carved chairs add character to a space, along with functionality. Put them in the dining room, study, patio, garden, or reading corner, and they can be an eye-catching centerpiece. Since they are hand carved, the chairs have a one-of-a-kind design and unique finish. They are also available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Explore some hand carved chairs to integrate into your interior decor.

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Updated 21/12/2022
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Renaissance Style Hand Carved Chair

Renaissance Style Hand Carved Chair

Design Toscano

Whether as an eye-catching centerpiece or seating solution, this iconic wooden carved chair fulfills both functions perfectly. It features highly detailed, elegant carvings from the Renaissance era and decorative front and back board legs. The wood has a brown and walnut finish.

$427.5 $513

Designer Advice:

Add a gorgeous piece of history to your dining room or hallway with this carved chair. Its natural finish blends in with other furnishings, while the detailing makes it stand out. Assembling the chair is quick and easy. The only drawbacks are the delicate structure and lack of cushioning. It may not be comfortable to sit on for long periods.

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Gothic Renaissance Hand Carved Chair

Gothic Renaissance Hand Carved Chair

Design Toscano

Express your love for art history with this Renaissance-style x-cross wood carved chair. Its dark brown finish, delicate carvings, and brown and antique gold patterned upholstery make it a luxurious addition to your dining space, living room, or bedroom.

$1138.86 $1252.86

Designer Advice:

Impressing your guests is easy with this stunning hand carved chair and its elegant carvings and upholstery patterns. Its soft foam cushioning, sturdy frame, and armrests ensure the occupant is always comfortable. The carvings on the frame include lion heads with bared teeth and Gothic rosettes, which further lend to the chair’s imposing appearance. The seat cushion is also removable.

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Vintage Retro Hand Carved Dining Chair

Vintage Retro Hand Carved Dining Chair

This hand carved dining chair will add warmth and coziness to your retro or classic dining room decor. The chair has a traditional frame made using walnut. While the seat and back are covered with yellow velvet fabric upholstery with slight distressing.

Designer Advice:

If you’re looking for a hand carved dining chair that's both functional and ornate, this is a fantastic choice. The visible signs of use only add to its rustic appeal. Its velvet upholstery ensures you and your guests are comfortable during dinners or parties. However, the chair has no armrests or footrests, which may become uncomfortable for long periods of sitting.

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Victorian Hand Carved Balloon Chair

Victorian Hand Carved Balloon Chair

Design Toscano

This elegant carved chair is sure to be a showstopper no matter where you put it. Its stunning red-mahogany color and statement balloon design draw the eye and reign over the room. Its velvet upholstery covers all sides of the frame.

Designer Advice:

This Victorian wood carved chair is perfect for sinking into with a good book in your library. The velvet upholstery provides comfortable support on the seat, back, and armrests. The floral motifs and Cabriolet legs ensure every inch of the chair tells a whimsical story for you and your guests. This chair works best in combination with other vintage furniture.

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Mosaic Inlaid Hand Carved Chair

Mosaic Inlaid Hand Carved Chair

If you’re looking for something chic and stunning, this is the perfect chair for you. It features mother-of-pearl and mosaic inlay that takes inspiration from Turkish-Ottoman art. The chair is foldable and has a dark brown finish with white patterns.

Designer Advice:

Display your classic eye for art with this one-of-a-kind carved wooden chair. Its foldable design makes it easy to store or take out for additional seating. There are no cushions on the chair and it has a leaning back. The chair has a footrest, but it lacks armrests. You can use the piece for seating on your lawn, patio, or study.

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Moroccan Hand Carved Chair

Moroccan Hand Carved Chair


Give your guests the royal treatment with this Moroccan hand carved chair. It comes in a natural brown and silver finish with a classic frame, back, and armrest. The comfortable padded seat has a leather cover and brass rivet fasteners.

Designer Advice:

Whether you want to entertain guests on your rooftop or have a few drinks on the patio, this chair is a great option. It has an ergonomic design that provides a lot of comfort even though it lacks a footrest. We also love the carvings on the front leg board and the diamond-shaped motifs on the rest of the frame.

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Best Ideas

Hand carved chair

This striking and beautifully hand-carved set of teak furniture is a unique combination of an exotic note to the interior. The design of the elephants on chairs and the stylish table create a sensational whole.

Hand carved chair 18

French chairs with a wooden frame are most often pastel and delicate - hence this surprise in the form of a beech wood hand carved chair with ruffled rabbits and leafs and turquoise upholstery of the seat.

Exquisite hand carved tree trunk chair

Exquisite hand carved tree trunk chair

My husband was looking for the extraordinary seat for home library, and he found this hand carved tree trunk chair. The seat and base are in different shades of brown with lacquer finish.

Hand carved chair 1

With this sublime piece no decor will equal yours. It provides the sculptural design that comes with the hand-carved antique frame and catches everyone's attention instantly thanks to its beautiful looks.

Hand carved chair 5

Amazing hand-carvings of this dining chair will put to shame every other seat in your home. The chair oozes of marvelous shapes with a deer head back, scrolled armrests, deer front legs and tapered rear legs. The seat is padded, and upholstered in green forest fabric.

Hand carved rocking chair

A charming remodelled wooden chair with a brown stained finish. It has gently curved legs and sloped arms with strongly rolled in fronts. A backrest has a unique form of 2 large trees with intertwined branches. A seat is covered in brown fabric.

Hand carved chair 12

Some young man or girl who loves nature and a sound of the owl's voice in the forest, the laugh of the raccoon, or a smart fox - will be really happy to have such a wooden hand carved set of acacia forest animals. These wooden stools present them as seats.

Hand carved chair 29

This hand carved Rosewood slipper chair comes from the middle of the 19th century. An American rococo masterpiece, enchanting with the exquisitely ornate construction and high-quality, red velvet upholstery.

Antique hand carved chinese dragon chair

Antique hand carved chinese dragon chair

The chinoiserie style used motifs straight from China: dragons, exotic birds, vegetation, landscapes of the East - it is the style of this Chinese hand-carved chair, which combines black with shades of red on carved dragons as sides, and carved neat back.

Hand carved chair 27

The absolutely stunning piece of furniture, which gives you a perfect place for relax. The profiled surface with the additional leather sections will provide you the great place to have a rest in ergonomic position.

Rare antique hand carved chair from ethiopia this specimen measures

Rare antique hand carved chair from Ethiopia. This specimen measures ...

Hand carved wood fox stool lol for sitting on wink

Hand Carved Wood Fox Stool- LOL for sitting on. ;)))♥ wink

Hand carved chair 6

Stately wooden chairs featuring traditional French elegance and an aura of vintage charm that will transform any space. The chairs come in distressed light brown finishing and feature incredible craftsmanship too. Each of them also has feet support to deliver the ultimate comfort.

Tiger oak chairs

Oh my god! I thought that the iron throne from Games of Thrones was the most amazing one I will see in my life... It was the mistake! The wooden one in Lord of the Rings style is more impressive for me.

Wooden elephant chair

Art Nouveau hand carved wood faux bois and figural upholstered settee, c. 1880, with carved maidens heads, elaborate swan, and shamrocks -- all surrounded by a curving vine frame

Chinese carved serpent chair antique hand carved chinese serpent chair

chinese carved serpent chair antique hand carved chinese serpent chair ...

Chair ca 1780 venice italy walnut polychromed velvet metropolitan museum

Chair, ca.1780 Venice,Italy Walnut, polychromed; velvet Metropolitan Museum

European Manor Chair is Hand Carved of solid Mahogany- Steeped in the tradition of fine European manor homes - 39" H.

This armless chair is a high quality reproduction of an 18th century French model. It has shield-shaped backrest, decorative carvings and multilayer finish. It is cushioned with vanilla, gold and bottle green fabric.

Vintage oak chairs

Move your home decor to the distant past, using 1790s throne chair, hand-carved from solid oak wood, in English style. With its off-white upholstery, the seat and back beautifully contrast with the espresso-finished frame.

Hand carved chair at rs 32000 khanpur new delhi id

Hand Carved Chair at Rs 32000 | Khanpur | New Delhi | ID ...

Early 20th century hand carved rosewood chairs from india

Early 20th Century Hand-Carved Rosewood Chairs from India ...

90 off antique floral carved wood chairs chairs

90% OFF - Antique Floral Carved Wood Chairs / Chairs

Antique chinese hand carved chair with natural wood patina

Antique Chinese Hand Carved Chair with Natural Wood Patina ...

Folk art hand carved wood chair at 1stdibs 1

Folk Art Hand Carved Wood Chair at 1stdibs