Leather Western Chair

Your posterior will thank you when you put one of these leather western chairs in your home. They are not only attractive but with their old-world style and perfectly tanned leather and is cool and soft to the touch, once you sit down in this chair you might not get up. This isn't your chair…this is your throne. Now go and rule your house. Get yours from this wonderful collection.

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Western Faux Leather Rocking Chair Recliner Lazy Boy Living Room Furniture New

Western Faux Leather Rocking Chair Recliner Lazy Boy Living Room Furniture New
This western faux leather recliner enchants with its refined character. Faux leather, adorned with a nice silver nailhead trim constitutes a classy proposition for classic interiors.

Real leather seat back dining chair rustic western

Real leather seat back dining chair rustic western
Such western chairs probably still stand somewhere in the Brazilian haciendas of barons - at large family tables. If you are fascinated by such a chair pattern, slightly gothic shape with cowboy leather brown upholstery - take a look and appreciate this copy.

Leather Arm Chair

Leather Arm Chair
It is a comfortable arm chair that has got a faux leather upholstery and padded seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort. You can choose one of two colors: java brown and nougat beige.

Turquoise leather chair western chair new

Turquoise leather chair western chair new
What's a lovely leather colour on this western armchair?! This piece of furniture has a wide seat, so it is enough place for a couple and also looks amazing. It could be the most beautiful piece of furniture at your home.

Leather western chair 1

Made in western style rocking chair is a perfect combination of functionality, cozy character and unusual style. Leather seat cover and wooden design captivate. Beautiful decorations with studs delight.

Western style leather sofa

Now, you can kick back with style, experiencing a true feeling of soothing rocking motions. The western chair is beautifully crafted of sturdy wood, with wide arms, thick legs and well-profiled rockers. It holds an oversized seat- and back cushion both upholstered in a light brown leather.

Western Style Recliner

A perfect choice for people who love comfort in their living rooms. This is a recliner chair covered with leather that has got a rich and warm color. It also features decorative nailhead accents. The whole construction is very comfortable and relaxing.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where should I place a leather western chair?

A leather western chair is an excellent accent piece for a rustic farmhouse home, so you should place it in a location where it can make the biggest style statement.

As an accent piece, these chairs look best when placed opposite more neutral furniture to let their unique style shine. Position a pair of leather armchairs opposite your couch, or place an oversize leather wingback in a cozy corner with a tall floor lamp to create an inviting reading nook.

A leather western accent chair can also make a bold statement in your entryway. Choose a bench-style seat, and position it opposite a console or coat rack to provide a space to put on your shoes.

Avoid placing your leather western chair next to a large window in direct sunlight or close to fireplaces or ducted heating vents. The intense heat can prematurely dry the leather upholstery causing it to crack and peel.

Are leather western chairs easy to keep clean?

Leather western chairs are easy to keep clean as long as their surface is free of cracks and damage. If you wipe up spills quickly, you can keep them in great condition for years.

Most crumbs and dirt can be vacuumed off the leather chair. Use a half-and-half mixture of water and white vinegar to tackle sticky spots and tough dirt. Make sure to use a rag that is only slightly damp.

Spills and dirt may be much harder to clean up along cracked leather. Keeping your leather in good shape with a leather conditioner can help improve its long-term appearance and durability.

What wall colors go well with leather western chairs?

Because of its mature appearance, a leather western chair looks beautiful against medium neutral or jewel-tone wall colors. Brown leather chairs will pop against tan or slate wall colors, while rich, reddish-brown leather will look majestic against maroon or olive green walls.

Wood paneling can also look fantastic with a leather western chair. Try to pick a wall color that is slightly lighter than the western chair color, as a color that is too dark could make the room appear small and outdated.

Leather western chairs create a stark contrast against a white or ivory wall. However, if the wall is textured brick or stone, it adds a rustic aesthetic to help match the chair.


Leather western chair

A great idea for improving your cozy home with a timless classic. Upholstered in a brown leather, this western chair is characterized by a wing style back, rolled arms, a soft seat cushion, a nail head trim, wood bun feet and 1 matching throw pillow.

Home western furniture western chairs western accent chairs 1

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Western leather furniture

A wonderful comfy armchair with a brown wooden frame. Curved legs and a showy apron are carved. It has a thick split backrest with wings and low splayed arms. Upholstery is of brown leather (with brass nailhead trims) and cowhide on sides and wings.

Western leather recliners

An impressive-looking loveseat that will sink your home into a land of western masterpieces. It's extremely cozy, featuring a button-tufted back, 2 oversized seat cushions, and rolled arms with nail head trim - all upholstered in a cowhide leather.

Western leather chair

Add a bit of the cool, western vibe into your spaces with this elegant, brown-leather double chaise lounge. Its refined, sleigh silhouette is nearly 5 feet wide, providing smooth accommodation for up to three adults.

Western rocking chair

Now that’s a chair I’d like to have. Spacious, big and, without a doubt, heavy. Rich carvings, luxurious leather and hand-made pillows ensure the grand vibe. It goes without saying that such a bear chair will easily become the focal point of your living room.

Leather western chair 1

Enchanting with its antique brown finish and tooled colonial pattern, this chair intrigues with its inimitable, western appeal. Ornately patterned, will distinguish any dining room decor.

Western leather chairs

This leather weather chair enchants with its vibrant red colour, emphasized additionally with a silver nailhead. It will be a fabulous vintage accent, fitting well into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Leather western chair 8

You can get as nice as the rodeo, but without the adrenaline falling from a wild cow. Here is a luxurious wooden rocking western chair, which not only has elements of leather upholstery but also the center of the backrest in imitation of cow's, spotted skin.

Image to enlarge western leather rocking chair 2 western rocking

image to enlarge western leather rocking chair 2 western rocking chair ...

Saddle seat stools


Leather western chair 12

Creating a warm, rustic appeal, this western like living room is all finished in high-quality wood and leather. Wooden floor, wooden table, coffee table and TV stand corresponds well to the brown and red leather seating spots.

Yet another kilim and leather chair want very much

Yet another kilim and leather chair. Want, very much.

Tooled leather western desk chair 2

Tooled Leather Western Desk Chair

Furniture upholstery using mix and match fabric a cheaper way

Furniture Upholstery Using Mix and Match Fabric. A Cheaper Way To Upholster.

Leather western chair 2

Trying to find an exclusive seat for your home? This club chair is made of vintage leather with nail heads and padded seating space. Great for relaxing, conversations, and napping. Try it at your home office or cozy nook.

Western style leather chairs

Luxurious Western chair with an ottoman. The cowhide, together with brown leather, provide timeless appeal. We especially like the way the armchairs been decorated with pins – brass or bronze work great with leather.

Leather western chair 17

Cowboy Chic Decorating Ideas | ... new interior decorating ideas, including western leather curtains

Leather western chair 3

The leather is very demanding material, it should be regularly cared for. But the effort compensates for the extraordinary elegance that comes from this dark deep color of leather western chair upholstery, this one is emphasized with metal nails.

Western chaise lounge chair

Thanks to this comfy rocker you'll be able to kick back with style. It's crafted of hardwood in a slightly distressed finish, with curvaceous arms, paw-like feet, a comfy headrest, and smooth rockers. Also includes a leather panel back and a matching seat.

Western chairs western accent chairs western leather club chair 42

western chairs western accent chairs western leather club chair 42

Western chair beautiful use of this tapestry

Western Chair Beautiful use of this tapestry......

John taggart 399x600 design trend new west furniture rides again

John Taggart 399x600 Design Trend: New West Furniture Rides Again ... Horses & Heels

Leather western chair

Western Home > Western Furniture > Western Chairs > Western Dining ...

Western rocking chairs

Great Blue Heron turquoise leather club chair available at the Western Home & Design Center

Western chair

Stylish arm chair mounted on wooden frame covered with leather and finished with decorative nail heads. Seat and back are upholstered with fabric and decorated with interesting pattern.

Kennedy Hide Lounge Chair with Wood Arms

It is a lounge chair that has got a chocolate brown upholstery, solid wood construction and padded seat, which provides a fantastic seating comfort. It is perfect for your living room.

Western office chairs

Made in western style with leather upholstery, the couch is a beautiful design and excellent finish. The awesome quilts, buttons, and frills delight the details. Ideal for any interior design in the classic style.

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Soft distressed leather and intricate tooling on western chair fully

Soft Distressed Leather and Intricate Tooling on Western Chair, Fully Customizable | Western furniture and decor from

Leather western chair 7

furniture western chairs western accent chairs buffalo leather swivel ...

Western style chairs

Oversized seats of those Western Chairs will bring you as much comfort as visual benefits. Each of those stylish beauties features button-tufted turquoise leather upholstery, brass nail head trim and turned wood legs.

Image to enlarge western leather rocking chair 5 western rocking

image to enlarge western leather rocking chair 5 western rocking chair ...

Turquoise leather chairs

Leather western chair with hide sides. It could use some renovation, especially its leather, but overall it’s still a very solid piece of furniture. The combination of cowhide and turquoise colour is a great choice, too!

Leather western chair 11

Mid Century Danish Leather Sling Falcon Chair by Sigurd Ressell for Vatne Møbler

Leather western furniture

Oversized leather chair and ottoman. Would LOVE this for our sitting area in our bedroom!

Turquoise skull by rene gibson

Turquoise skull by Rene Gibson

Western leather recliner

Lawn chair re-webbed with vintage western belts. (posted by request of @kikithespunkymunky)

Turquoise leather chair with cowhide pillow

#Turquoise leather chair with cowhide pillow.

Western recliners

Elegant chaise longue upholstered with high quality leather and finished with decorative quilting. It is mounted on carefully carving legs made of wood. Great for watching TV, reading books and more.

Leather western chair 15

Chocolate Fringe Bag by Two Bar West... actually, I love the decor. That background and chair ♡

Tooled turquoise leather barstool

Tooled Turquoise Leather barstool

Western home western furniture western chairs western dining chairs 1

western home western furniture western chairs western dining chairs