Southwest Chairs

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Southwest chairs are bold and gorgeous in living rooms and are a great way to emphasize the indigenous heritage. Texture and pattern are important in this style, making a patterned area rug and textured tapestry a good choice with these chairs. Use these southwestern-style chairs in dining rooms or living rooms as accent pieces to add style or create a cozy aura.

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Updated 20/03/2023
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Monochrome Accent Southwest Chair

Monochrome Accent Southwest Chair

This southwestern-style chair is wrapped with a cotton fabric that is resistant to stains and can be removed if need be. Lightweight in design, it has a tight back and square arms. It's made of acacia wood that doesn’t scratch easily.

Designer Advice:

If you want one of the boldest southwest chairs, a sharp-lined and two-toned pattern is exactly what you need. Monochromatic hues cut through other patterns, so it’s best to use this chair with soft textures without a pattern in the same room. Pair it with warm hues, like a warm brown sofa, to prevent the room from looking washed out.

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Southwest Living Room Chair With Tapered Legs

Southwest Living Room Chair With Tapered Legs

This southwestern chair without arms sits low to the ground and is upholstered with a soft jute and light pattern. The seat is a plush cotton fill, and the back fabric is joined to the seat by nailhead trim.

Designer Advice:

Soft and cushioned southwest-style chairs like this create a more relaxed vibe versus a stylish talking piece. Because the pattern has softer lines, it pairs easily with stronger patterns and more textures. If your living room lacks patterns, you can use pillows with bold patterns unless you want the chair to disappear into the room.

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Butterfly style Southwestern Accent Chair

Butterfly style Southwestern Accent Chair

Foundry Select

Southwest with a modern touch, this southwest-style chair has a loose back made of canvas and thin black legs. The seat cushion comes off for easy cleaning, and the wide stitching adds a rustic charm.

$212.99 $484.5

Designer Advice:

A butterfly southwest chair stands out in white and light rooms, and its thin legs pair well with low-profile leather loveseats. Because it’s a warm brown leather tone, most patterns blend nicely. To keep the southwest flair from becoming too lodge and rustic, add soft textures, like laying a soft blanket over the side.

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Southwest Chairs for Dining Rooms

Southwest Chairs for Dining Rooms

This set of two southwestern chairs for dining rooms gives you the choice between a chocolate, hickory, saddle, black, and faux leather seat. The frame is solid oak, and the full backrest features a colorful pattern.

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Reclining Southwest Style Accent Chair

Reclining Southwest Style Accent Chair

Unique and stylish, this southwest living room chair offers balance with its light cream fabric and warm leather. The seat is made of a highly resilient material that keeps its shape and form and is long-lasting.

Designer Advice:

Southwest chairs that recline are good choices for people spending a lot of time in their living room reading, watching tv, or napping. They are unique, though have a higher price tag making them a less than ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget. 

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Southwestern Accent Chair With Curly Legs

Southwestern Accent Chair With Curly Legs

This fine southwest-style chair is tribal in nature and boasts a bright orange, white, and tan back cushion. It has an alder wood frame and metal studs around the square and top-grade leather seat.

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Rocking Chair With Southwest Style

Rocking Chair With Southwest Style

This southwestern chair has customizable leather seats, flat wood armrests, and rocks back and forth. It is made from solid barnwood with distressed oak, and the backrest has an open slit and a red diamond pattern.

Designer Advice:

Southwestern chairs that rock are soothing and great for people who are inclined to always be moving. Some are built to handle outdoor patios, while others are solely for use inside. This chair’s dark stain and pattern look amazing in light warm living rooms and are paired with yellow, orange, and turquoise colors and patterns.

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Southwest Style Chair With Unique Backrest

Southwest Style Chair With Unique Backrest

This southwestern chair has a straight-leg design and a bright orange patterned square seat. It has a tenon construction, meaning it doesn’t have nails or screws and has a smooth sheen finish.

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Southwestern Chair With Cowhide Seat

Southwestern Chair With Cowhide Seat

Handmade and a rare find, this southwestern accent chair combines wool, wood, leather, and cowhide for a range of textures. The backrest flaunts yellows and sky-blue hues and reddish browns, and slender and tapered red-brown legs.

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Barrel style Southwest Chairs With Table

Barrel style Southwest Chairs With Table

These southwestern-style chairs come with a matching table and are wrapped in tanned pig leather. They have an authentic Mexican charm with their rosewood and sweetwood strips and x stitching along the edge of the dark brown barrel seat.

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Southwest Chairs

Buying Guide

The Southwestern style is heavily influenced by the Native American and pioneer cultures of the American Southwest. This includes those of New Mexico and Arizona in the 1700s and 1800s. Among is design features are rough textures such as those found in woven fabrics and geometric patterns.

The colors in a Southwestern chair and other furniture in this style include:

  • Bright red
  • Purple
  • Cactus green
  • Mahogany brown
  • Rust
  • Sand
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise

Chairs in this style work well in rooms decorated in the rustic, country or Western style. A casual room that includes a mixture of styles could also accommodate the Southwestern style.

If you have a comfortable room that needs to be perked up, put a Southwestern chair in it. Consider a chair upholstered in woven fabric of cream, purple, orange and black on a walnut frame with cabriole legs. You will look stylish as you rest in this armchair.

Another armchair in light-colored fabric sits on a frame of dark wood. On the back is a stylized depiction of a Native American on a horse. Triangles and nailhead trim accent this item.

If you like to rest your feet, you will not be left out because you can get a Southwestern chair with matching ottoman. Think about getting one with a deep seat, back and ottoman top in red. Also adding to the interest in the piece are its rhombus shapes. The arms, as well as the trim of the chair and skirt of the ottoman, are cafe-au-lait colored.

Are you a rocker literally? Try a rocking chair with a fabric back that pictures a stagecoach being drawn by horses. In light, oak-colored wood, this chair has vertical side rails and nailhead trim. A second rocking chair features a pattern of vertical stripes on a frame of medium-colored wood.

  • As you work in your office, do you want to show off your love of Southwestern culture? Then think about getting a white office chair with geometric patterns. The frame of this chair, which is on five wheels for ease in moving it, combines wood with metal.
  • If you want to show your faith as a Christian in your decor, choose an armchair in distressed pale blue with cross cutouts on the back. One cross is red and the other is orange.
  • For a simple side chair, there is one is turquoise-colored distressed wood with a seat covered in red fabric with a geometric pattern. The back has twisted posts in turquoise and red and a graduated top.

A Southwestern chair combines the cultural influences that contributed to the American melting pot. The boldness of its colors and patterns can kickstart the style of any room it is put in.

Best Ideas

Southwestern chair 2

The artisan chair, which has the colorful patchwork pattern with red, blue and beige colors. If you looking for an extraordinary product, you have to choose this amazing chair!

Southwestern style sofas

An amazing piece of timeless elegance, this accent chair is fashionably upholstered in a tribal print fabric and accentuated further by a stylish, nail head trim. It rests on tapered legs, made of wood and covered in an espresso finish.

Southwest chairs

It's time to rock with style! This pendelton rocking chair with stripe patterned upholstery and a durable wood frame is going to bring you more comfort than any other seat in your home. Includes well-profiled rockers, wide armrests, and a generously padded seat and back.

Southwestern chair 9

Providing a characteristic Southwestern chic to the space, this Old Hickory chair enchants with its cool, rustic appeal, adding a ranch or farmhouse style to one's living room or bedroom.

Southwestern chair 17

Ethno style draws inspiration from long journeys, fascination with the culture and admiration for exotic nature. It's a style for those who never stop dreaming - sees in the southwestern leather brown chair with etno embroideries and a footrest in the set.

New Ikat Scarf Southwestern Scarf Tribal

New Ikat Scarf Southwestern Scarf Tribal

The amazing etnostyle armchair in multicolor. The base made of walnut is decorated with the delicate carved elements. Even if the backrest is not very high, it has been filled with foam, so it is very comfortable.

Native chair

Unique arm chair covered with leather and fabric. It is mounted on wooden frame. Upholstery is finished with decorative nail heads. Elegant design for all kinds of interiors.

Southwestern sunset chenille chair and ottoman from king ranch saddle

Southwestern sunset chenille chair and ottoman from King Ranch Saddle Shop | Stylish Western Home Decorating

Southwestern chair 18

BLANKET CHAIR great room or bar area, OK, seriously, I could just move in to KR Saddle shop

Southwestern chair 6

Nothing relaxes like a nap on the couch, at home or in the garden. Enjoy the time among the ethnic patterns of this turquoise southwestern chair, with Indian style leather elements from the wild west. The frame is made of maple wood.

Southwestern chair 10

This cool chair is a proposition presented in the Cowboys & Indians Magazine in August 2014. No wonder why it was featured there, as it literally seethes with the Southwestern style.

Sedona Corner Nook 2 Piece Dining Set

Sedona Corner Nook 2 Piece Dining Set

It is a dining set that includes table and corner bench. They have got a two storage seat benches and fold-down corner shelf. It is a perfect addition to your kitchen and dining room area.

Colden rocking chair

Colden Rocking Chair

Southwestern chair

A great idea for making your cottage house to ooze with comfort and elegance. The rustic set of 1 arm chair and 1 matching ottoman is upholstered in distressed leather, has a nail head trim, rolled arms, an oversized back, and wood bun feet.

Southwestern chair 11

love the hanging willow swing

Orange and turquoise

Orange and Turquoise

El canelo southwestern chair from king ranch saddle shop is

El Canelo southwestern chair from King Ranch Saddle Shop is perfect for updating western homes for fall. | Stylish Western Home Decorating

Santa fe easy chair

Santa Fe Easy Chair

Southwestern chair 8

I love the idea of this chair and the cow head in a country chic setting. white walls white bookcase turquoise picture frames etc...

The 608c dining arm chair from old hickory furniture company

The 608C Dining Arm Chair from Old Hickory Furniture Company is their best selling dining chair. It's beautiful rustic hickory log frame and upholstered seat and back have generous proportions for comfort and beauty. For more details click here http://l

Southwest chair covers

Arm chair and ottoman covered with fabric and finished with sophisticated ornament. Wooden legs are arranged conically. Tasteful addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Southwestern chairs

A vintage wooden chair with a worn bluish finish. It has straight legs and simple stretchers. A back has twisted posts, a vertically slatted centre, a stepped concave top rail. A cushion has a fabric cover in reds and blues with a geometric design.

Del Rio Sedona Swivel Chair

It is a very comfortable and casual arm chair that has got a high quality foam cushioned seat and swivel function, for enhanced comfort of use. This product is perfect for your everyday relax.