Seagrass Chairs

Seagrass is another material like wicker that can make exceptionally light yet very comfortable furniture. and it is with that thought in mind that we offered to you our seagrass chairs. They are sturdy yet they do have a weight capacity just like Wicker, and they come in many styles for your decorative pleasure. See collection for more.

Best Products

Seagrass Side Chair (Set of 2)

Seagrass Side Chair (Set of 2)
This is a set consisting of two chairs. They are made of seagrass, using a very elegant braid. Only the legs are wooden. The backrest and seat is entirely braid. They are very beautiful and extremely intriguing. They are also very comfortable chair.

Seagrass Chair

Seagrass Chair
I walked into Pottery Barn one day and this seagrass side chair called to me. This look is awesome. I use it as a dining chair, next to my brown table.

Woven Seagrass Arm Chairs (Set of 2)

Woven Seagrass Arm Chairs (Set of 2)
It is a set of two seats, which are made of seagrass. The seats are very convenient and comfortable. At the same time they are also very nice and impressive. Perfect as a piece of equipment for terrace or patio.

Seagrass bucket swivel barstool

Seagrass bucket swivel barstool
These bar stools are made of sea grass and they are available in two color options to choose: Havana dark weave and honey weave. Try both of them, and enjoy comfy seats.

Seagrass Chair

Seagrass Chair
An attractive proposition for white or beige interior- the side chair that's made of seagrass and abaca. Your living zone gets comfort and style.

Seagrass Chair

Seagrass Chair
A dining set: heavy wooden table with classic turned legs, accompanied by a bevy of seagrass side chairs. The chairs design uses tall back, fully wrapped up in seagrass weaving, matched with kiln-dried solid wood frame and mahogany stained legs.

Seagrass Round Coffee Table

Seagrass Round Coffee Table
This natural seagrass table is a beautiful combination of unique style and functionality. The beautiful coffee table creates a unique atmosphere in the interior and delights in detail. Warm and pleasant to the eye.

Our advice Buying Guide

For a long time, seagrass was considered nothing more than a fast growing weed that posed a hindrance to marine vessels and had taken over vast stretches of waterways. That’s until designers realized the application of these hard, shiny and smooth reeds in making furniture.

Today, seagrass furniture is an exotic addition to any home or commercial setup. The durability of the reed, the hay-like smell of the dried grass and the multitude of finishes that it is available in, make it a fantastic material for manufacturing chairs in particular.

However, seagrass chairs may not be suited for certain settings. Also, there are a bunch of factors that one needs to be aware of before buying these types of furniture. Here’s a brief guide.

What are the differences between natural seagrass and synthetic rattan?

Seagrass is a plant that grows in shallow waters near coastlands. When it dries after being woven, it attains a brown, hard finish that is very similar in appearance to synthetic rattan, which can be made of Polyethylene or Polypropylene.

Some manufacturers, use the term Seagrass to describe just about any type of wicker furniture. Natural seagrass will have a mild hay-like odor even when it is dried and sealed with lacquer. Also, the grass reeds will have slight color variations.

Rattan, on the other hand, can be made to resemble seagrass but will be perfectly finished without any variation in color or texture.

Natural seagrass tends to fade when exposed directly to sunlight. Also, even the slightest exposure to moisture can cause rot to set in. Hence, these are best suited for indoor use or in a covered patio. If you are looking for a chair for outdoor use, go for synthetic rattan instead.

Should you choose hand-woven or machine-woven seagrass chairs?

Seagrass furniture can either be hand woven or machine woven. In fact, hand weaving seagrass and cane happens to be one of the biggest industries for skilled artisans in countries like Vietnam, Brazil, and parts of Africa.

Handwoven furniture has its own unique traits and is crafted with astute attention to detail. If you buy a set of four chairs, for example, none of them will be similar. There will always be minute imperfections which make them unique.

Mass produced seagrass chairs, on the other hand, might look more polished, but they lack the authenticity and flair of their handmade counterparts.

What materials are used in making seagrass chair frames?

When it comes to seagrass chairs, the base frame material is as important as the quality of the grass and the weave.

  • Most manufacturers use solid wood for the frames.
  • Chairs imported from Asian countries typically have rubber wood frames
  • Locally made chairs can be made of oak, maple, cedar, cherry or pine.
  • MDF is rarely used due to the lack of stability and durability. But some cheaper varieties might be made of it. If unsure, speak to the manufacturer.
  • Metal frames match their wooden counterparts when it comes to stability. And they are cost effective too.

What is the selection of seagrass chairs?

From side chairs, often sold in pairs to chaise lounges, dining chairs, barstools, armchairs, ottomans, sofas and recliners, you can find seagrass chairs for any place and purpose.

How to clean seagrass furniture?

For regular cleaning of seagrass furniture, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth, in a way that doesn't force dust under the weave. To remove accumulated dirt, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.



Woven Seagrass Side Chairs (Set of 2)

Woven Seagrass Side Chairs (Set of 2)
It is a set of very interesting and extremely decorative chairs. They are made of seagrass. In addition, each equipped with a seat cushion, which makes it easier and more comfortable. This is a very nice decorative element.

Seagrass Dining Chair (Set of 6)

Seagrass Dining Chair (Set of 6)
Attractive dining chair having a sleek frame of mahogany wood with a brown finish. It has angular gently curved legs. It features a square seat with dashy skirts and a tall full back which are woven of light brown textured seagrass.

Seagrass Chair - Tangiers

A cozy snuggler for you to kick back with your favorite book. The arm chair has a hardwood frame wrapped in neatly-woven seagrass while resting on tapered wood legs. And you can easily feel its comfort, thanks to the generously filled cushions wrapped in a quality white fabric.

Sea grass chair

A beautiful traditional armchair and an ottoman/coffee table with woody frames and low brown tapered legs. Bodies are of sea grass. An armchair has rounded arms and a back with a curved out top. Cushions are covered in white-beige striped fabric.

Seagrass chairs 1

The central part of this design is a large rectangular wooden table. It is available with six chairs with a seagrass decor. They are very solid and comfortable for all users who are interested in enjoying meals in comfort.

Seagrass bar stools

Rotary bar chair is the perfect solution for any kitchen. This simple yet original piece of furniture is a combination of tropical style in the form of a wicker seat and classics - wooden base. Beautiful and functional connection.

Seagrass armchair

Here is the seagrass chair in the colors of summer, and thanks to it you will feel like on the beach reading a book in your home. Beautifully and thoroughly weaved with seagrass, with a thick weave it resembles the colors of golden cereals and beach sand.

Market for rustic dining chairs metal wood leather or seagrass

... market for rustic dining chairs… metal, wood, leather or seagrass

Sea grass chairs

dark wood floors, white walls w/ board and batten, white kitchen, seagrass dining chairs, slipcovered furniture, rustic tables

Seagrass chairs ottomans

Seagrass Chairs & Ottomans

Mediterranean seagrass chair

Mediterranean Seagrass Chair

Seagrass dining chairs

Seagrass Dining Chairs

Salsa seagrass armchair

Salsa Seagrass Armchair

Seagrass dining set

The removal of rattan furniture is a domain of the ancient peoples of Southeast Asia. Sea, oriental or even homely style can be obtained thanks to these spacious, monobloc seagrass living room chairs with a very thick golden weave.

Sea grass dining chairs

Being an embodiment of the traditional elegance, this seagrass chair enchants with the combination of solid, dark-stained wood and off-white rattan seat. High back makes it a comfy dining chair proposition.

Seagrass dining chairs

This woven seagrass chair (along with a corresponding storage basket on the shelf) constitutes a nice way to add some smooth Mediterranean climate to your bathroom decor.

Seagrass chairs

A gorgeous set of classic barstools that are beautifully wrapped in neatly-woven seagrass. Each barastool rests on a hardwood frame in espresso finish, with tapered legs and square foot rest.

Seagrass chair 13

Seagrass Chair

Chair water hyacinth dining chair woven dining chair with arms

... chair, water hyacinth dining chair, woven dining chair with arms

Seagrass bar stools 1

This kitchen decor is interesting and based on solid and neutral-colored elements. A kitchen island features a solid marble top. It looks great in set with four armless stools with solid backs and durable wooden frames.

BirdRock Home Seagrass Backless Barstool (Set of 2)

This stylish set of 2 barstools in an espresso finish features a sturdy wood frame, with tapered legs and durable foot rails. The seat is square, designed of beautifully woven seagrass in a two-tone brown finish.

Katmandu club chair seagrass


Kitchen counter set of 2 for 240

Kitchen Counter - Set of 2 for $240

Look at all the pics of this beach house on

look at all the pics of this beach house on cute i could move right in!

Set of 6 Seagrass Dining Room Chairs - Mocha

It is a dining set that includes six dining chairs. They have got a mocha finish, seagrass construction and classic design that fits to any style and décor. They add comfort to any dining room area.

Shine your light fancy new dining table

Shine Your Light: Fancy New Dining Table

Louis Rattan Side Chair

A simple, but solid, attractive and comfortable chair that has got a durable frame made of mahogany wood. Its seat and backrest areas are covered with hand-made abaca fibers, so it is a product that has got a natural look.

D-ART COLLECTION 6-Piece Mahogany Seagrass Dining Chair Set

This fashionable dining chair set includes 6 seagrass dining chairs, each with a durable frame made of solid mahogany wood. The frame is wrapped in hand-woven seagrass, beautifully emphasizing the whole appearance.

Seville seagrass chair 1

Seville Seagrass Chair

Seagrass chairs 2

Dining chairs mounted on wooden base. Seat and back is carefully woven with seagrass. Elegant design for living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Source elizabeth newman interior design tropical island dining room with

source: Elizabeth Newman Interior Design. Tropical island dining room with BoBo Intriguing Objects 8 Light Wine Barrel Chandelier, salvaged wood rectangular dining table, seagrass side dining chairs, white slipcover captain dining chairs, recycled glass v

I absolutely love this dining room the seagrass chairs are

I absolutely love this dining room. The seagrass chairs are FABULOUS!!!

Sea grass furniture

Low seagrass chair with plump white cushions on bottom and back. Hand woven seagrass wrapping in natural colour lends the close-to-nature vibes that are however not devoid of some drama. Curvy form is welcoming and soft in looks.

Seagrass Chair - St. Kitts

Beautiful seagrass chair design is a perfect combination of attractive design and functionality. Robust base with a soft cushion of seat creates a perfect whole, which will be checked at home and on the terrace.

Pottery barn dining room tables 20table montego expanding round dining

Pottery Barn Dining Room Tables | ... %20Table Montego : Expanding Round Dining Table

Loved the strped curtain though i would do a plain

loved the strped curtain, though i would do a plain natural fiber rug and all upholstered chairs.

Seagrass chair tangiers 2

Seagrass Chair - Tangiers

Library storage cabinet

Office with wall to wall built-in and desks with black countertops and seagrass desk chairs. Open shelving and hardwood floors.

Wicker nesting tables

blue & white & rustic via Amber Interior Design

Seagrass side chair

This swedish, chic and breezy design will match your coastal cabin perfectly with the rattan finish of the perfect arm chairs and the light, almost white finish of all the material parts such as cushioned seats and backs.

Seagrass ottoman round

Used as an ottoman, a footstool or an extra seating a small living space, this seagrass chair can be an eye-catching accent in your interiors, adding a bit of the oriental, Arabic style to the decor.

Two Paris Seagrass Dining Chair

Wrapped in seagrass weave, showcasing really tall backs, these Paris dining chairs present a style that few could emulate. As the chairs are framed on wood, they'll effortlessly withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Rocking chairs recycled earth friendly outdoor patio rocking chair

Rocking Chairs Recycled Earth-Friendly Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair ...