Wicker Indoor Dining Chairs

Wicker dining chairs offer an affordable way to add a designer element to your dining area. With lots of styles to choose from, these chairs come in a bouquet of different colors and light weight designs. Mix and match with different colored padding to create a look that is all your own. This collection will let your imagination take flight, and let you design something truly unique.

Best Products

Delaney Woven Rattan Dining Chair

Delaney Woven Rattan Dining Chair
Chic stylish indoor chairs with frames wrapped in red, black or white wicker. A chair has straight front legs with bulb feet, splayed back ones, X-stretchers, a tall backrest, minimalist sloped arms. A squarish seat features a long curved apron.

Safavieh St Thomas Indoor Wicker Dark Brown Side Chairs Set Of 2

Safavieh St Thomas Indoor Wicker Dark Brown Side Chairs Set Of 2
Provide some warm, organic feel to any contemporary interior with these expertly woven wicker chairs. Mango wood legs correspond beautifully to the woven rattan seats and backrests. The chair measures 21.7" wide x 19.3 "deep x 38.6" high.

Seagrass Chair

Seagrass Chair
A solid, simple and comfortable piece of equipment designed for people who are looking for natural accents in their houses. This chair has got a solid beech wood frame and a reinforced, solid, padded seat.

St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair

St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair
Add some sunshine and tropical climate to your dining area with this beautiful washed-out brown wicker armchair. It will look great accompanying sheer curtains at a beach house, as well as in any other bright, cozy interiors.

Gouldsboro Wicker Parson Chairs (Set of 2)

Gouldsboro Wicker Parson Chairs (Set of 2)
This set of 2 parson chairs in honey black finish features a mahogany frame wrapped in beautifully woven rattan.wicker. Each chair offers a solid back, long-lasting usage, and 250 lbs of weight capacity.

Safavieh St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair

Safavieh St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair
A natural look for a cozy wing-back armchair made for reading a book. The armchair is crafted out of wicker material in a washed-out brown color and has a soft seat cushion to make sitting on it even more comfortable.

Ivory wicker chair indoors or outdoors

Ivory wicker chair indoors or outdoors
A chic classic vintage armchair with a wooden frame wrapped in natural wicker with a bit shabby creamy-white finish. It has gently curved legs, an X-stretcher, an ornate front stretcher, aprons, high curved out arms, a deep seat, a wide arched back.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wicker furniture has always been the quintessential patio furniture staple. Durability, aesthetics, comfort, ticks off all the boxes that make for a perfect, warm outdoor dining destination. But, aren’t those are precisely the boxes that one looks to tick off, while buying indoor furniture?

Despite conventional notion, wicker is perfect for all-home use. Be it the study, the game room or the dining room, wicker chairs add a rustic charm to the decor and some of the newer pieces stretch the boundaries of conventional furniture.

Here are a few factors to consider while shopping for wicker indoor dining chairs.

What are the differences between synthetic and organic wicker?

Synthetic wicker or resin wicker can be made of Polyethylene, Nylon or PVC and is usually preferred for outdoor use due to the excellent resistance to the elements. However, for indoor use, especially in the dining room, you can opt for natural wicker made from organically sourced bamboo, cane or reed grass.

There’s hardly a difference in the finish or the look of the final products. But organic wicker has a bohemian touch to it. Tiny imperfections in the bamboo and the grass that make them authentic. Take them outdoors and they will start to brittle out though. So, as long as you don’t yearn for a meal under the stars, organic wicker indoor chairs will work just fine.

If you are opting for synthetic instead, then be aware that not all materials are built the same. Polyethylene is more durable than Polypropylene, which is a cheaper material. Recycled rattan sounds great on paper. But recycling often compromises the durability of the material resulting in a weaker furniture piece.

What types of weave are there?

A lot of people mistake the term ‘wicker’ to be a material, whereas in reality, it’s the style of weaving. And there are two distinct types of weaves to choose from, flat and round.

  • Flat wicker is the industry standard. It uses minimal product and results in a lightweight furniture piece that can easily be moved around home.
  • A round weave, on the other hand, require more material and the end product is heavy. But its more durable than a flat weave. Select a round weave indoor dining chair, especially if you want a sturdy long-lasting furniture piece.

What are the best frame materials for wicker dining chairs?

Talking about sturdiness, the frame of the wicker chair is often overlooked by shoppers. Manufacturers might mention ‘metal frame’. But that’s a broad brush that they are painting with.

  • Aluminum, for example, is an extremely lightweight metal that’s frequently used for making wicker furniture frames. It does not rust even after years of outdoor use.
  • Steel, on the other hand, is equally durable, but prone to rusting if exposed to moisture, which it is most likely to be in the dining room.
  • Solid wood is a great choice for indoor use. But the chairs will be heavy and pricey.

Consider the weight capacity of the frames before you select a material for the indoor wicker dining chairs.

What styles of wicker indoor dining chairs are there?

Wicker indoor dining chairs are available in a multitude of styles these days. From a conventional armchair to the more contemporary ladder back-style, you can pick anything that matches your décor. One of the best things about wicker furniture is that you don’t need to stick to the rules of interior décor. You can even mix and match different styles of chairs to create an eclectic dining room.


Dining Chair (Set of 2)

Dining Chair (Set of 2)
This Set of 2 Dining Chairs in Natural Finish is characterized by a reticular design with curvy legs and contoured arms, and durable, wicker/rattan construction. Each chair also offers a seat cushion, upholstered and padded for extra comfort.

Safavieh St. Thomas Indoor Wicker Honey Brown Barrel Chair

Safavieh St. Thomas Indoor Wicker Honey Brown Barrel Chair
A barrel type of chair that will match every kitchen or dining space. It's lightweight as it's made of wicker in a warm, honey brown color. For greater comfort of the users it's equipped with a simple, white cushion.

Wicker indoor dining chairs

Designed for indoor use, those 2 matching chairs can be a great addition for dining rooms, kitchens, and sun rooms. Each chair is beautifully crafted from durable wicker, offering a distressed finish, a barrel back, a soft seat cushion, and sloping arms.

Wicker dining chairs

Eye-catching contemporary dining chairs with wooden frames entirely wrapped with natural rattan in beige and brownish tones. A chair features floor-length aprons, a deep seat, a quite tall fullback with small wings, low arms.

Gray wicker dining chairs

Charming beach house dining room. Natural driftwood dining table is surrounded by wicker indoor dining chairs. Large mirror lines the wall (<3!). Deep blue accents (chair cushions, napkins, wine glass) tie the décor together.

Wicker indoor dining chairs

Made of wicker indoor dining chairs is a great combination of beautiful design and interesting style. The whole of attention to detail will be an interesting touch to a cozy patio or living room.

New Wicker Greco Side Chair (Set of 2)

New Wicker Greco Side Chair (Set of 2)

Pegasus Indoor Rattan & Wicker Rectangular Dining Table in Natural Finish

This is a 6-piece indoor dining set made from quality wicker rattan. It’s designed with modern-day luxury lifestyle in mind. The unique dining set is available in natural/cream/brown colors. It’s made from wicker rattan, banana leaf, and cotton upholstery material.

Dining chairs wicker

Highly compact indoor dining set constructed from a combination of strong wooden frames and wicker. The set comes with one rounded table and four high back chairs. Its stunning wicker design, coupled with intricate craftsmanship, makes the set a superb choice for small modern apartments.

Wicker dining chair

Dining chairs made of rattan. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wicker dining chair

Wicker chairs are an excellent way to have an original and cozy interior. Attractive design and soft cushion of the seat makes the whole look perfect. Ideal for the living room as dining chairs, patio, and garden.

I love pergolas and arbors

I love pergolas and arbors.

Look at those corbels sarah richardson family room ideas

look at those corbels!!! sarah richardson family room ideas

Wicker indoor chairs

After: Dashing Dining Room

Wicker dining chairs indoor

This wicker chairs will create cosy atmosphere in your dining room. Made of solid construction will provide comfort and stability. Their unique design underline the raw style decor as well as classical one.

Wicker indoor dining chairs 1

With those impressive-looking chair, your dining room will be drowning in perfectly-woven elegance. Each chair comes with a sturdy hardwood frame wrapped with distressed wicker, supporting soft cushions with white fabric covers.

Enchanting wicker dining chairs indoor futuristic rattan dining

Enchanting Wicker Dining Chairs Indoor Futuristic Rattan Dining ...

Wicker dining set indoor

This dining set comprises a characteristic wooden dining table with trestle legs, which corresponds perfectly to the 6 wicker chairs, altogether constituting a smooth cottage appeal. The hanging lantern brings extra charm to the entertaining spot.

Boston Side Chair (Set of 2)

Boston Side Chair (Set of 2)

Wicker dining room chair

South Shore Decorating Blog: Weekend Roomspiration (#4)

Rattan coco cay indoor dining arm chair

Rattan Coco Cay Indoor Dining Arm Chair

Wicker chairs indoor

Wicker chairs for indoor applications. They feature solid arms and comfortable backrests. Wicker construction of these chairs looks very natural and it is finished in attractive green color. They are also resistant to wear and damage.

Grey wicker dining chairs

Canberra Woven Chair #WilliamsSonoma 22"W x 22"D x 39"H. Wraparound sides make our chair a sheltering seat for dining or accent piece for a living area. Aged and heavily weathered rattan. • Handcrafted • Frame crafted of rigid rattan poles. • Handwo

Madura Wicker Parson Chair (Set of 2)

Madura Wicker Parson Chair (Set of 2)

Wicker chairs indoor 5

These Scandinavian style rattan chairs not only look the part but they also offer exquisite sturdiness that is not an often feature of furniture nowadays. I like these pieces, they are easy to mix and match and they are comfy.

Mendocino dining arm chair dining chairs style indoor furniture the

Mendocino Dining Arm Chair : Dining Chairs : Style : Indoor Furniture : The Wicker Works

Samurai Parson Chair (Set of 2)

Samurai Parson Chair (Set of 2)

Dining option very reasonable and looks navy in catalog riviera

dining option, very reasonable and looks navy in catalog Riviera Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug #williamssonoma

Grey rattan dining chairs

Safavieh St. Thomas Indoor Wicker Honey Brown Barrel Chair

Woven chairs dining

Natural fibre chairs, limed shutters and pops of glowing orange-gold and lime green

Urban Shop Outdoor Wicker Web Saucer Chair, Brown

This outdoor folding table has a original shape - its seat's frame has a ring shape and is support by classic frame, all made of aluminium. Seat and back are made of wicker in light brown finish. It is resistant for weather conditions.

Wicker chairs indoor 16

Swing hanging chair is a perfect proposition for everyone who dreams of relaxing in the privacy of the backyard or indoor. The wicker chair structure is based on a steel frame, which is hand-made wicker braid in white. The pillow is resistant and stylish.

Wicker chairs indoor

With some help of this outdoor wicker swing chair you will provide both comfort and ample amounts of style for your family and guests, while the structure easily withstands the weather and serves you for years to come.

Wicker chairs indoor

Hanging chair for the garden, patio, porch and others outdoor places. It is made of wicker and finished with openwork pattern. Received a lot of very good recommendations from satisfied customers.

Wicker chairs indoor 4

This is a truly perfect addition to your home setting and a fine way of finally being able to fully relax and rest during the weekends - this sectional daybed is suitable for outdoor use, letting you enjoy the warm weather.

Indoor wicker dining sets

Beautiful patio | I Just Do My Thing ᘡղbᘠ

Wicker patio chairs 6

Chairs made of aluminum and wicker- whether it is the sun or rain, will always be faithful to you, with their quality and endurance. This classic wicker bright red-orange patio chair enjoys the eye and back with a comfortable wide wicker backrest.

Neutral tones and layering of styles and materials by interior

Neutral tones and layering of styles and materials by interior designer Pamela Makin (as seen in Vogue Living)

Safavieh st thomas indoor wicker honey side chairs set of

Safavieh St. Thomas Indoor Wicker Honey Side Chairs (Set of 2)

Outsunny Adjustable Reclining Outdoor Rattan Wicker Patio Lounger and Ottoman Set

It is an outdoor set that includes lounger and ottoman. This set is made of wicker and rattan and is perfect for your swimming pool area, garden and yard. It looks very elegant and you need to have it.

Wicker patio chairs 17

Outdoor chairs with durable wooden frames for added strength and stability. Wicker sitting spaces are finished in universal gray color. These chairs are not only comfortable, but also resistant to negative weather factors.

Pembrooke Side Chair (Set of 2)

Pembrooke Side Chair (Set of 2)

Wicker patio chairs

Make sure that your outdoor setting is at least just as comfortable and the seating options inside your home with this amazing morroccan patio chair made from durable and high quality wicker with the sublime turquoise finish.