High Back Wicker Arm Chair

Never have the pain of a wicker chair that only extends to the middle of your back. These high-back wicker armchairs are much better for your posture, and they still have that comfort that is specific only to wicker furniture. A functional as they are stylish, for your home, you can't go wrong by adding a couple of these high-back wicker arm chairs.

Best Products

Northern nautical padmas plantation kubu wingback chair

Northern nautical padmas plantation kubu wingback chair
Wicker arm chair with wing back. It has removable pillow covered with fabric and finished with decorative quilt. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for watching TV, reading books and more.

Chinoiserie peacock chair high fan back

Chinoiserie peacock chair high fan back
This stylish throne-like chair is a captivating piece of furniture that is perfect for the interior design. Comfortable seat with a tail like a peacock tail delights in detail and gives the interior an exotic feel.

St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair

St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed Out Brown Wing Back Arm Chair
This kind of product is an indoor armchair made of high quality materials that are very solid. Its construction is based on wicker and wood. The size of this piece of furniture is 34 inches high x 23.2 inches wide x 18.5 inches deep.

Kiawah Arm Chair with Cushions

Kiawah Arm Chair with Cushions
This rattan armchair is an excellent addition to the garden or patio. Includes back and seat cushions that are weather and moisture resistant. The chair is covered in resin wicker, which protects it from UV lights.

Corfu Arm Chair with Cushion

Corfu Arm Chair with Cushion
This armchair is a piece of furniture that has got a durable frame and other materials that allow for using it outdoors. Its sitting space includes a soft cushion that provides comfort and relaxation.

Bandb italia outdoor crinoline armchair with high back modern fencing

Bandb italia outdoor crinoline armchair with high back modern fencing
Intricate character and lightweight, wicker construction stand behind the awesomeness of this high back wicker armchair. The black-white and black-bronze polyethylene weaves are joined by cord weaves in natural fibre or painted bronze.

Outdoor high back chairs

A good proposition for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This classic rattan chair comes with a comfortable cushioning and a one-year warranty. High back will allow you comfortably relax after work.

Our advice Buying Guide

Nothing says comfort quite like a good armchair, so if you've been thinking about buying one for your home, take a look at the high back wicker armchair.

What are the benefits of high backs?

The high back feature of these chairs provides a huge amount of comfort. People with back problems and neck aches often find they get relief when sitting on a chair of this style, providing they are using good posture. The high back forces you to sit with your back straight and relax your neck in a healthy manner, which is one reason you'll hear doctors and chiropractors recommending them.

Wht's the choice of colors for wicker arm chairs?

While wicker immediately brings to mind thoughts of brown, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't buy the chair in any other color. If you shop around, you'll find gorgeous wicker armchairs in white, blue, black, pink and a whole variety of other colors.

How to maintain a wicker arm chair?

Fabric armchairs can be difficult to maintain and clean, and spills could mean that the furniture is damaged for good. With wicker, on the other hand, it's very difficult to damage the material, and if you spill something, the material is waterproof so you can wipe it straight off. You can clean the armchairs with a damp cloth – avoid using strong cleaning products if you want to maintain the longevity of the material.

How to style with high back wicker arm chairs?

As you can see, you can choose wicker armchairs in many different styles. From the elegant peacock style, replicating the 1970s and all things vintage, to the more classic American wicker look from several decades earlier, you're sure to find something that you love. You can choose from two-tone wicker or colorful wicker, and the height and width of the chairs will vary too.

How to store outdoor wicker arm chairs?

Many wicker chairs can be stacked on one another, so if you are thinking about buying chairs for outdoors, you can easily stack them when you're finished and store them inside the house or in a shed or garage. This feature makes wicker armchairs more useful than other materials which may be chunkier and larger.

Since the material wicker is so light, it's easy to carry the armchairs wherever you need to go. Many people can carry them single-handedly, so you can wave goodbye to the days of needing a second pair of hands to help you out. It also means that you can transport the chairs in and out of your home easily, and also in and out of vehicles if you want to take them elsewhere.

Do I need cushions for my high back wicker arm chairs?

Because high back wicker armchairs are designed to provide so much comfort to your entire body while you are sitting in it, you don't even need to buy cushions. Some people like to add cushions anyway, either to enhance the appearance or to give even more comfort, but the shape and style has been designed so that you can enjoy relaxation and comfort, no matter where you are.


Wicker or rattan chairs

Wicker Or Rattan Chairs

Woven back arm chair 1

This beautiful wing chair with footrest is a nice wicker tandem perfect for any cozy interior. Comfortable seat, armrests, and backrest create a unique whole. The soft cushion on the seat was covered with a light and pleasing fabric.

High back wicker rattan chair peacock fan back by theplumvintage

High Back Wicker Rattan Chair Peacock Fan Back by theplumvintage

Padma's Plantataion Wing Chair, Kubu with White Cushion

A one-of-a-kind plantataion wing chair awaits to ramp up your indoor decor with an exotic whiff. Well-made rattan construction comes up with a cushion, which is surprisingly puffy and upholstered white.

High back rattan dining chairs

Buy Jeffan Lusida High Back Chair - 2 Chairs

Monaco wicker high back

Monaco Wicker High Back...

Rattan wing chair

A lovely and utterly beautiful wingback armchair that sports the all-wicker structure and is made with the highest attention to both details and durability, making it perfect for your patio as well as your home.

High back wing chair constructed from durable seagrass and rattan

... high-back wing chair; constructed from durable seagrass and rattan

Captiva seaside white arm chair 1

Being a great propositon for one's patio or veranda, this Captiva Seaside white arm chair is a wicker construction, which combines solid finishing with a smooth, lightweight character.

Wicker high back chair

An aesthetic armchair having a sturdy wooden frame and splayed angular legs with a natural finish. Its rectilinear body with a tall wide flared back and large aprons is woven of natural rattan. Seat and back cushions are covered in white fabric.

Dark natural wicker arm chair with scalloped shaped high back

dark natural wicker arm chair with scalloped shaped high back ...

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Wicker wingback chairs

If you need a little bit of exotic in your garden or home, you should buy this unique armchair inspired of East Asia. Kickstand and back are made of plaiting rattan, seat is made of delicate cloth and has shape of circle.

Country wicker rocking chair is styled after victorian era estate

Country Wicker Rocking Chair is styled after Victorian era estate furniture, this regal country rocker demands a prominent display spot. A high rounded back with rolled edging and a traditional wicker pattern frames ball insets and a delicate crisscross o

Wicker arm chair with high back example of seating for

wicker arm chair with high back : example of seating for the living ...

Mid century fan back rattan arm chair cane seat

Mid Century, Fan Back Rattan Arm Chair Cane seat.

Palmetto ii arm chair with cushion

Palmetto II Arm Chair with Cushion