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If you have the room, we have the armchair, and they are huge. These oversized armchairs are big, super comfortable, and very stylish. They might not match your current furniture, but after you sit in one, you won't care. The pure comfort alone will sell you on loving it for all your seating. Get yourself an oversized armchair and see what we mean.

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Updated 04/11/2021
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Big comfy chair for traditional interiors

Big comfy chair for traditional interiors

In a traditional room, you want to combine simplicity and coziness. An oversized comfy chair in a basic design featuring one more ornate element (such as a harmonious back or armrests) is the best way to achieve this balance.

As for colors, you can’t go wrong with neutral ones like white, black, or gray, but familiar patterns like gingham or plaid are also great alternatives in traditional rooms.

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Big comfy chairs for shabby chic interiors

Big comfy chairs for shabby chic interiors

Three Posts™

While harmonious lines and ornate designs are a staple of this interior style, there are two main takes on shabby chic oversized comfy armchairs.

The first one involves a white or extremely pale pastel finish, the latter a delicate floral pattern.

Wanna hear a decorative secret? You can also decide to combine the two by introducing cushions in the opposite style as your actual chair.

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Art deco large comfy chair

Art deco large comfy chair

If you like to party (and decorate) like Gatsby, you’ll probably prefer an oversized comfy armchair that experiments with bolder geometric shapes, such as the peacock design or a frame involving interesting curved lines.

Metal accents are also popular in this style, but they might be a bit harder to scout for when it comes to oversized chairs, so concentrate on an eye-catching hue for its main body instead.

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French country oversized armchair

French country oversized armchair

French country interiors offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to armchairs, but a bit less choice for oversized comfy chairs.

So, to maintain this style cohesive in your room, we mainly recommend looking for decorative models with harmonious shapes, wooden elements, and a hue from this decor’s rustic and natural palette (like yellow, beige, blue, green, or violet).

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Industrial big comfy armchair

Industrial big comfy armchair

Alcott Hill®

The most recognizable industrial armchairs tend to rely on a metal frame and, sometimes, wooden armrests.

However, these models probably don’t match your oversized comfy armchair vision, so here’s a cozy compromise: stick to an all-leather model in a dark or even aged finish, keeping decorative lines and details to the bare minimum.

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Oversized comfy chair in a mid century modern style

Oversized comfy chair in a mid century modern style


If your room draws inspiration from the timeless trends of the 50s and 60s, your new oversized comfy chair should probably involve a design that emphasizes its horizontal length (for example, by having a slightly lower back).

Wooden frames and outward-pointing legs are other staple elements of mid-century modern furniture.

Even though this style is mostly famous for its signature warm palette, introducing the previous elements will allow you to showcase it even if your room mainly consists of cold hues.

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Contemporary oversized comfy chair

Contemporary oversized comfy chair

Orren Ellis

When it comes to contemporary interiors, prioritize function over decorative designs. You want clean lines and streamlined shapes.

Once again, neutral colors are safe bets, but so are monochrome hues already strongly present in your palette.

While you can certainly experiment with different fabric types, oversized comfy chairs in a leather design tend to be especially popular in contemporary rooms.


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Giant armchair for antique interiors

Giant armchair for antique interiors

Bloomsbury Market

With antique and period-based interiors, you should think of it as more of a throne rather than a casual oversized comfy chair.

Extremely ornate and carved wooden frames in a dark finish tend to be the most logical choice.

Don’t forget to look for harmonious lines, curved armrests, and a majestic fabric with regal colors or an elegant pattern.


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Minimalist large armchair

Minimalist large armchair

Joss & Main

Large and minimalist can certainly coexist in the same sentence… and room! If you’ve been Marie Kondo-ing your interiors, you don’t need to give up on additional comfort by sticking to a regular-sized chair.

However, try looking for a simpler model that replaces decorative and ornate lines with a streamlined approach.

The winning combination involves monochrome finishes and cleaner designs: for example, how about improving your visual flow by getting rid of armrests altogether?

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Eclectic extra large armchair

Eclectic extra large armchair

Michael Amini / Kathy Ireland Home Designs

Eclectic interiors probably offer the most flexibility when it comes to finding a new comfy oversized chair.

As this decor is more about embracing different styles and periods rather than ticking certain boxes, the easiest way of adding to it is to start by looking at your existing living room furniture: perhaps you could maintain some colors consistent but get creative with new shapes and textures (or vice versa)?


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Oversized Comfy Chairs / Armchairs

Buying Guide

An oversized armchair is like a warm bear hug. You can’t get enough of it. And there’s no reason not to like one. What’s stopping you from getting one for your home? Here are a few quick tips to help you make the best decisions while shopping for oversized armchairs.

  • They serve as your personal, cozy space that beckons every time you set your sight on it.
  • They can be the space where you cuddle up, a book in hand, a cup of joe in the other.
  • They can be the perfect space for a quick shuteye when the mercury drops outside.
  • They can be the perfect focal point for your living room.

Ensure that you measure the dimensions of the chair and the room where it will be placed. If the room is small, then opt for a slender design with legs. It will make the space appear bigger, even with the oversized armchair in it. An oversized armchair is named so because it’s unlike any other piece of furniture. It’s a chair and a half, if that makes sense. You can position it anywhere that catches your fancy. Near the window, next to the sofa, by the fireside. Anything works as long as it doesn’t gobble up more space than it can afford.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designs in oversized armchairs. High backrest, low sunken ones, flared arms, curved arms, recliners, chairs with legs and ones with a solid base, you have choices galore.

Your eventual decision should be based on what you think works best for you.

  • If you will be using the armchair while working on the laptop, a high backrest might be a better option.
  • If you are just looking for a cozy nook, then you can pick a recliner. It’s super comfortable and it blends in easily.
  • If the chair has wooden legs, match the wood with the rest of the furniture.

  • Oversized armchairs look their best in luxe fabrics like velvet. And you can pick rich hues to create a visual contrast in the room.
  • There’s always the safer option to choose a softer and neutral hue with the upholstery, mind you.
  • Think of the entire room, with all the furniture pieces like one cohesive unit that must harmonize with each other. Be it the artwork, the sofa, the side table or the coffee table, they all must complement one another.
  • You must also keep the upkeep of the chair in mind while selecting upholstery. Is the material stain resistant? Can it be cleaned easily?
  • Always ask the manufacturer for details on the materials used. If they have used leather, ask whether it’s full hide leather.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to a warm and inviting armchair. Pair it with a compact side table that works as a parking space for the book, the cup and other sundry details. Even better, drape the backrest with a lamb’s wool throw or just casually throw it over the arms.

Best Ideas

Oversized comfy chair

Original in many ways - this comfy chair is actually hard to classify, being something between a loveseat sofa and an oversized chaise lounge. One is obvious - you won't find another patchwork upholstery like this.

Oversized armchairs 2

Elegant loveseat mounted on wooden legs. It is upholstered with velvet material and finished with decorative quilting on the back. Stylish addition to each living room according to taste.

Curl up in an oversized armchair with luxurious deep button

Curl up in an oversized armchair with luxurious, deep button detailing ...

Oversized reading chair

This oversized arm chair is, definitely, going to show you a good relaxing time. With cozy cushions, a lovely skirt, rolled arms, chic throw pillows, and comfy ottoman; the chair is as cozy as it is charming.

Big comfy chair

Comfy and fashionable, this chic loveseat features a contemporary design consisted of sloping arms, a soft seat cushion, and tapered legs. The loveseat is upholstered in an off-white fabric that matches white-finished feet.

Manhattan Leather Chair And A Half

Manhattan Leather Chair And A Half

Trust me, your family room needs this great oversized arm chair. It's my favorite, because of the size and shape. And the leather upholstery is always soft and stylish.

Oversized armchair 1

Comfy large vintage armchair with a wooden frame. It has low round tapered legs with small wheels, wide pillowed both a deep seat and a backrest, back sloped arms. Upholstery of quality fabric features a vertical blue and white stripes pattern.

Floral armchairs 1

A very comfortable armchair with an overpadded seat and back, upholstered in a quality floral-patterned fabric. The chair has a hardwood frame with beautifully turned front- and flared rear legs.

Washington chaise traditional day beds and chaises

Washington chaise traditional day beds and chaises

This chaise is great for people with back problems. Gentle, brown colour makes it suitable for every type of interior, regardless of its style. Its size makes it comfortable for more than one person – a great addition to any living room.

White oversized chair

Absolutely in love with this velvet oversize chair.

Comfy oversized chair

Who doesn't love oversized armchairs? They make great focal points and are as cosy and comfortable as they get. This one is beige – this subtle colour is great for improving your frame of mind and providing you with excellent conditions for a rest.

Chaises over sized chairs would be great for reading melts

chaise's / over sized chairs would be great for reading *melts* Master ...

Oversized chairs

A very wide armchair in a neutral, light-brown color looks very interesting in almost any room. It offers a soft seat cushion, comfortable arms and a soft backrest cushion. It comes in pair with a wide ottoman in the same color.

Reading chair canoodle lounging chair more

Reading Chair - Canoodle Lounging Chair More

Big chairs for bedroom

With this oversized lounge chair in its round shape your interior will gain a lot on visual appeal, while you can simply kick back your feet and rest comfortably, enjoying the perfect support for your back.

Oversized chaise lounge chair

Rest your exhausted body on this oversized chaise lounge, of which you will not want to get up for hours. It's oversized and softly-padded, featuring a button-tufted back, a large seat cushion, and tapered legs.

Skulls oversized armchair

"Skulls" Oversized Armchair

Oversized armchairs 1

This luxurious and exceptionally stylish armchair is a beautiful detail for the living room or bedroom. Pleasant upholstery fabric decorated with quilts and buttons, subtle legs, comfortable seat with backrest and armrests creates a unique piece of furniture.

Comfy leather armchair

Opt for this sublime and lavish armchair for your bedroom or even the living room, since it sports one of the most amazing, oversized structures. It will prove perfect for reading your favorite book or even taking a nap.

Large armchair

In a way, this white oversized armchair certainly refers to the colonial style. Its beginnings they reach British Empire, whose distant colonies inspired the inhabitants of Europe. However,instead of wooden - it has a metal black leg completed with a wheel.

Plaid club chair

Large armchair with a very comfortable seat cushion that is paired with a cushioned backrest. It features a durable wooden frame with decorative front legs that include wheels for improved mobility. Classic multi-color pattern is great for any decor.

Big comfy chairs

If you want to make your living room more royal-looking, then, this oversized chair can, definitely, give you a helping hand. Upholstered in a light blue rayon velvet, the chair is entirely handmade, has rolled arms and a hardwood frame, and it comes with sheepskin decorative pillows.

Carlisle Armchair

Carlisle Armchair

A puffy slipcovered armchairs, dressed up in concrete gray fabric (not a very vibrant hue, but when you pair it with colorful accessories, it provides the best visual background). Thick seat cushioning and contoured armrests provide comfort for sure.

Comfortable armchair

This wonderful reading nook owes its lovely charm thanks to the comfortable armchair, the warm and cozy color and textures of the pillows and the linen ottoman, which all combined create a space, that can engage for long hours.