Armchairs For Elderly

From chairs that lift you up, to chairs that resemble zero gravity to relieve joint pain, and everything in between, this collection of armchairs for elderly folk are not just functional, but stylish. High back models are great for reading to the grandkids and a steel-framed chair with padded seat and backing, can take away back pain, while giving you mobility without fear of getting stuck in a chair that is just too soft.

With age, your muscles become weaker, and your body is more easily fatigued, making it challenging to maintain good posture when sitting for long periods. So, what are the best armchairs that are elderly-friendly? To prevent your body from leaning to one side or slouching, you’ll need to select an armchair with features like lateral supports, a footrest, comfortable armrests, and sufficient back and head support.

Of course, comfort isn’t the only factor to consider. An armchair that becomes your TV chair or space for reading with a cup of tea needs to be a focal point of the room and should be stylish while complementing your existing decor. Get started by making a list of all the functional and aesthetic features you need your ideal armchair to possess, then check out these ten options to see which one meets your needs. 

Andover Mills Reclining Massage Chair: Best Stylish Massage Chair For Seniors

Andover Mills Reclining Massage Chair: Best Stylish Massage Chair For Seniors

What we like: The stylish design

What we don’t like: The footrest is a little narrow

Oftentimes comfortable chairs for seniors are bulky and lack style, but this chic wingback armchair blends seamlessly alongside traditional couches and other armchairs.

However, style doesn’t trump comfort as this recliner sports massagers in the back, waist, seat, and footrest and even has a heating function at waist height that is ideal for easing lumbar pain or taking the chill out of a winter night.

The recliner is a manual push-back style that’s very simple to operate, and the handy remote control lets you operate the massage and heating functions.

Although the footrest is a little narrow, it offers a comfortable sleeping position, and the thickly padded headrest makes this the ideal armchair for napping, watching TV, or reading. It’s the perfect relaxing chair for an old person. The faux leather surface is super soft and easy to wipe clean.

$372.2 $407.45

Lannie Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner: Best Armchair For Elderly People With Traditional Tastes

Lannie Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner: Best Armchair For Elderly People With Traditional Tastes

What we like: The incorporated USB port

What we don’t like: The footrest is too short for the average person

This faux leather power lift assist standard recliner combines modernity and tradition to offer one of the best chairs for old people on the market. The classy nailhead trim and accented stitching give the recliner the look of a timeless piece of furniture that will never go out of style.

This traditional aesthetic belies cutting-edge features such as a USB port to charge devices and a gentle lift assist motor with a backup battery, which is incredibly useful in the event of a power cut.

The faux leather upholstery (available in striking blue or classic brown) is easy to clean and very durable. The whole chair is extremely sturdy, with an impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs. 

$639.99 $699.99

Annette 43" Wide Armchair: Best Wide Chair With Arms For Seniors

Annette 43" Wide Armchair: Best Wide Chair With Arms For Seniors

What we like: The reversible toss cushions

What we don’t like: Cushion covers cannot be dry cleaned

If you’re looking for something larger than the average armchair but smaller than a couch, this extra-wide model is a perfect choice. While it has not been designed specifically for the elderly in mind, it is an extremely comfortable chair for seniors thanks to the wide seat and the firm toss cushions, which can be used to increase the size of the arms or as lumbar support.

At 20” high, the seat has the recommended seat height for the elderly to make it easy to get in and out of. The classic design means it will never go out of style, and it blends well with other furniture, while the wide seat is perfect for snuggling with young grandchildren or a furry friend. 

Koepke 32'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner: Best Sleek Lift Assist Chair For the Elderly

Koepke 32'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner: Best Sleek Lift Assist Chair For the Elderly

What we like: The streamlined design

What we don’t like: The seat is a narrow fit

Lift assist chairs are ideal chairs for elderly persons as getting in and out of armchairs can be a struggle in old age. This sleek recliner model gently eases you in and out of the chair thanks to its lift motor, which can be powered with a wall plug or battery pack and is controlled with a wired remote control that fits neatly in the side pocket.

The high back (42.5”), sturdy arms, and tufted cushions make the recliner super comfortable for spending long stretches of time relaxing at home. The chair has been cleverly designed to suit smaller homes as it doesn’t take up too much space, unlike the average lift assist recliner. However, it may not be suitable for those looking for a wider seat as the seat comes in at just 32”.


HOMCOM Vintage Dining Chair: Best Kitchen Chairs With Arms For Elderly People

HOMCOM Vintage Dining Chair: Best Kitchen Chairs With Arms For Elderly People

What we like: The ergonomic design

What we don’t like: The velvet upholstery is warm in summer

Dining chairs with arms are particularly helpful for seniors who appreciate the support, particularly when getting up and down from a chair. This classy design is a fantastic option for anyone looking for chairs for elderly people with back pain, as the rounded backrest has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

In addition, the padding -found on the seat, backrest, and armrests- are made with high-density foam and a velvet-touch fabric that is very comfortable, although they could be hot to sit in during the summer months.

Another handy feature of these chairs is their adjustable rubber pads that fit on the chair legs. These help avoid scratches saving your floor, and ensure the chair is steady even on uneven surfaces.

Deandra Genuine Leather Manual Recliner: Best High Seat Chairs For Seniors

Deandra Genuine Leather Manual Recliner: Best High Seat Chairs For Seniors

What we like: The down-filled cushions

What we don’t like: The higher price point

Wingback chairs are renowned for being comfortable because they provide support for the back, arms, and head whether you are reading, relaxing, or taking a nap, and this Deandra manual recliner is no different.

The down-filled cushions, supple genuine leather upholstery, and 21.5” height seat make this armchair comfortable to sit in as well as easy to get in and out of. The armchair can be used in various positions, thanks to the footrest and reclining back; however, it does not fully recline.

Available in five attractive colors and sporting brass nailhead trims, hand-carved wooden legs, and rolltop armrests, the classic aesthetic would be pleasing for anyone considering buying comfortable chairs for seniors. It is also classed as “environmentally preferable,” meaning the chair was manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

Aden Power Lift Assist Zero Gravity Recliner: Best Easy Chair For Senior Citizens

Aden Power Lift Assist Zero Gravity Recliner: Best Easy Chair For Senior Citizens

What we like: It serves as a bed and armchair

What we don’t like: Assembly is challenging for a single person

This recliner is a wonderful option for anyone who has been searching for orthopedic chairs for elderly relatives. Not only is it a comfortable armchair with an in-built footrest, but it also reclines into a fully functioning bed. The power lift assist motor can gently take you from reclining to sitting upright to standing with the click of a button.

The mattress is 6” thick and is made from two layers of premium foam: 2” of cooling gel-infused memory foam that contours to the body and 4” of high-density foam that provides support. A mattress protector can be added for extra comfort and ease of cleaning.

The EZ Out Chair Bed is ideal for anyone with physical mobility issues, such as the elderly, who want to get in and out of sitting and reclining positions independently. One small trade-off for this exceptional chair bed is that it is not as stylish as some regular recliners, but for many, that is a small price to pay for the convenience it offers.

Aairah Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner with Massager: Best Massaging Chair For Old People

Aairah Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner with Massager: Best Massaging Chair For Old People

What we like: The customizable massage and heat functions.

What we don’t like: It takes up quite a lot of space.

Massaging recliners are a fantastic option for a relaxing chair for an old person as they offer various comfortable sitting and reclining positions and can help reduce back pain and tension. However, you don’t always want to have a full massage, and the Aairah power lift assist recliner allows the user to customize their experience.

With five modes, four optional parts, two strengths, local heating function, and zero gravity experience, you can use this recliner to alleviate your aches and pains. It is also fitted with handy features such as multiple pockets and two cup holders, so you can keep everything you need close by.

On the downside, as with many power lift assist recliners, it takes up quite a lot of space in a room, so it isn’t ideal for smaller homes.

Kinlaw Reclining Rocking Chair: Best Rocking Chair For The Elderly

Kinlaw Reclining Rocking Chair: Best Rocking Chair For The Elderly

What we like: The ergonomically designed backrest

What we don’t like: Assembly is a little complicated

Rocking chairs are a great option for a relaxing chair for an old person as the gentle motion is extremely soothing. This chic, modern design has a contemporary twist on the classic rocking chair that the style-conscious senior will love.

Padded with comfortable foam and fitted with an ergonomically designed high backrest that provides back, neck, and head support, the Kinlaw Reclining Rocking Chair offers comfort and allows you to gently rock as you doze off, read a book, or watch the world go by on your porch.

This rocking chair is available in three bold colors. The strong metal frame and stylish solid wooden rockers are durable and high quality; however, the chair only offers a relatively low weight capacity of 230lbs. compared with other rocking armchairs on the market.


Lila Tufted Linen Arm Chair: Best Padded Dining Chair For Elderly People

Lila Tufted Linen Arm Chair: Best Padded Dining Chair For Elderly People

What we like: The sturdiness of the chair

What we don’t like: It is too large for some dining rooms

It can be difficult to find dining room chairs that are comfortable enough for seniors to enjoy sitting in during a long family meal; that’s why the Lila Tufted Linen Arm Chair is one of the best chairs for elderly people: it’s incredibly comfortable.

This chair is completely padded and sports a high backrest with elegant tufting and sturdy yet graceful armrests, making it both supportive and stylish. The light linen upholstery means it’s cool to sit on even in the summer months, and solid wood legs make it a durable piece of furniture.

A feature that many seniors love is the chair’s wide seat. However, this does make it a rather large piece that isn’t suitable for every dining room despite its stylish elegance.

Our advice Buying Guide

Age is one of those things that catches up with all of us eventually. Comfortable armchairs for elderly can not only improve the quality of life, but even help support bodies that are challenged by weakness for one reason or another. Even if you are not elderly, such chairs can be generally beneficial for anyone who has been ill or even for someone who is tired at the end of a long day.

What is the selection of armchairs for the elderly?

Some examples of armchairs that can be used by the elderly include:

  • Simple straight back wooden armchairs, with high back and seat. The seat and back are cushioned, and the back cushion is contoured for extra support. The high seat makes it work well for tall individuals, and the wooden arms provide assistance for getting up and down.
  • Orthopedic upholstered chair. At first glance, you’d not see any difference between this chair and any other wing-back overstuffed chair. However, the sturdy armrests and contoured back make this a comfortable place for someone with a painful or weak back to rest, read, or watch television. Add a footstool for those who need to put their feet up.
  • Power-lift Recliners. These attractive chairs look just like any other recliner. While an ordinary recliner can be a comfortable place to sit, if you are challenged in any way they can be difficult to get in and out of. Power lift recliners are ideal armchairs for elderly or for anyone who is weak from illness or some sort of medical condition. Not only will the powered remote help recline the chair and return it to sitting position, but it can be used to gently assist the user with standing up.
  • Bathroom Armchairs. Bathing can become an ordeal for older persons or for anyone who is experiencing loss of mobility. The Cascade, designed by Daniel Colby, allows the bather to sit in a gentle waterfall that cascades down the back and into a sitz-bath basin. The drain for the unit is in the basin. For those who are not handicapped, the Cascade bathing unit can be a quiet place to enjoy the soothing therapy of water and soap.

Armchairs for elderly don’t have to look like a hospital furnishing. They can incorporate nice upholstery, stylish lines, and should certainly incorporate comfort. They can be for the living room or designed for kitchen or even bathroom use.

What are the things to consider when selecting an armchair for an elderly person?

When selecting armchairs for the elderly, consider the user’s strength. For example, not every older person needs a chair lift to be able to stand up from a sitting position. The user’s height and weight are also considerations that need to be taken into account. The seat depth needs to correctly accommodate the user’s leg length, as well as the height of the chair from floor to seat. The user’s mental state must also be taken into consideration – for example, can the person safely operate the controls of a lift chair? Nor should esthetics be left out of the selection process. An item that will be used often, such as a favorite chair, should be visually and texturally appealing as well as practical.


Altmore Upper Rocking Chair

Altmore Upper Rocking Chair
This rocking chair is a modern and attractive option for keeping your elderly family member comfortable. Sturdy enough to support up to 330 lbs., the solid pine and rubberwood rocking frame and beige linen cover are minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. Ergonomic armrests and supportive back make this chair ideal for the senior person in your life to relax in comfort.

Kopynec Faux Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner

Kopynec Faux Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner
Not only is the faux leather of this recliner classic and stylish, but the power lift assist function makes this an ergonomic armchair for older adults who have difficulty standing and sitting. The extended leg rest and padded headrest maximize comfort, plus a large pocket on the side of the chair gives the user easy access to the remote control, books, or other media.

Beggs Faux Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner

Beggs Faux Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner
Avoid stress on the back or knees with the power lift assist function on this stylish and modern recliner. The traditional faux leather upholstery gives this chair a sleeker, more updated look, while the overstuffed armrests and quilted back offer comfort and support. With just the touch of a button, activate the lift and receive help getting into the standing position or gently easing down into the seat.

Fleece back comfy lumbar support aid armchair cushion elderly

Fleece back comfy lumbar support aid armchair cushion elderly
Plush chair cushion provides additional support at lumbar back section, boosts softness and prevents spine ache. A fleece pad transforms an ordinary armchair into a cozy seat dedicated for an elderly person.

Elderly chair

Elderly chair
An elegant take on a large cat gym tree with a couple of cozy compartments for cats to sleep in. The cat tree has three shelves and is upholstered with a special, smooth fabric that is save for the cats to scratch and scrape.

Ford Club Chair

Ford Club Chair
Modern arm chair. The furniture defines elegance and will bring a touch of modernity into your decor. The chair has been upholstered in beautiful top grain leather and has wooden legs in dark finish. Spacious seat allows you to sit comfortably.

High seat chairs for elderly

My father was needed the armchair for elderly, so I decide to choose this one. It features the very comfortable padded seat and back, with solid steel construction. It has the modern design and two shades of gray.

Armchairs for elderly

This high back and high seat armchair is a comfortable chair for elderly. The green upholstery and natural frame create the unique look. The padded seat and back provide the excellent seating comfort.

Armchairs for elderly

The beautifully crafted orthopedic armchair on a solid base and beautiful upholstery is a perfect combination of functional furniture and stylish finish. Interestingly-made legs are slim and tall, and the comfortable seat has a wing back and armrests.

Outdoor chair for elderly

Simple armchair with take-down footstool. It has frame made of bright, oak wood. Seat, back and footstool are covered with green cloth. This type of furniture will play its role perfectly in the garden during summer.

High seat chair for elderly

A pretty comfy recliner for elder persons. It has a wooden frame and a mechanism operated with a wired remote controller. It has a deep seat, a tall across split gently arched wingback, rolled sloped back arms. Upholstery is of soft beige fabric.

Furniture for elderly

Very comfortable armchairs with reclining mechanisms. These pieces of furniture provide the best level of comfort and relaxation to any user. They feature soft seat and backrest cushions. They are also finished in green, cream and red colors.

Chairs for elderly

Made of solid wood and a beautiful armchair for older people impresses with ingenuity and comfort. Practical wheels make the whole mobile. Comfortable seat with backrest and armrests for perfect rest.

Best chair for elderly

Comfortable and attractive looking armchair is a very nice piece of furniture especially recommended for the elderly and rest homes. Soft and high-quality green fabric is easy to arrange in any worm oriented interior design.

Chairs for the elderly

Arm chair in traditional form. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Seat and back is filled with foam and covered with pleasant to the touch material. Great as dining chair or additional seating.

Chairs for seniors

A fine piece of vintage craftsmanship; this beautiful armchair can be easily moved, thanks to functional casters mounted on the front legs. It has an espresso-finished wood frame, and a seat and back both upholstered in a quality greenish fabric.

Elderly chairs

If at least once this year you felt sick and tired - for a new year give yourself an armchair for elderly - electric with leather upholstery in milky chocolate color. Smooth and silent massage movements, control system, body support and countless items.

Chair for elderly

A gorgeous and comfortable chair for elderly, upholstered in nice-to-touch plush material. It has a sturdy hardwood frame with curved arms, reinforced by a stretcher. Also includes a wing-style supportive back, and a well-padded, removable, square seat cushion.

Chair for elderly high seat

Lose yourself in this comfortable armchair with a smoothly-operating electric recline mechanism. It's upholstered in nice-to-touch material, with padded arms, a deep seat, and a supportive back with a comfy headrest.

Furniture for the elderly

This set of lounge armchairs constitute a stylish and ergonomic proposition, directed to the elderly ones. Bright wooden framing and stylish burgundy red upholstery will fit into most of the traditional, classic spaces.

Dining chairs for the elderly

#Smart #Scooters is an online shop to buy electric #riser #recliner #chair, armchairs that are suitable for the elderly or those with #mobility or back problems.

Comfort chairs for the elderly

Carefully profiled arm chair in modern form. Upholstery is made of high quality fabric and fitted with additional pillows on the back for spine support. Modern design for any interior.

Furniture for elderly people

Comfortable armchairs Hospital - Harley by Divanidea

High seat chair

... homeware furniture furniture living room furniture chairs armchairs

Lecco Book Holder Floor Stand (Hands Free Comfortable Reading) W/wheels

Book holder with wheels. Very useful, the height and position are fully adjustable so you can read your books comfortably at the eye level. Made of metal, excellent quality. Extremely useful in the kitchen for a cook book.

Chairs for elderly people

electric armchairs For Sale - New / Used Furniture For Sale With ...

Heavy duty armchairs

Wingback chair mounted on wooden frame. Upholstery is made of thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Suitable as additional seating or place for relaxation in any interior as needed.

Fireside chairs 7

An elegant classy armchair with a woody frame and curved light brown legs. It has a semi-firm square seat, rolled out arms, a tall gently arched wingback. Upholstery is of quality off-white fabric with a greyish textured geometric diamond pattern.

EasyComforts Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion

This immensly comfortable chair cushion is made of high-quality polyester fiberfill and polyster/cotton surface, which together help to reduces friction on sensitive areas and let you sit longer in one position. Fits weelchairs and armchairs.

Furniture for seniors

Elderly care armchairs-Elderly care furniture-grace Ohrensessel ...

Orthopaedic chairs elderly

Easy chairs Rest home - Silver Age 03 S by Silver Age by Linea ...

Elderly furniture

Armchair for the elderly, Classic armchairs, Resistant armchairs ...

High back chair for elderly

By: Caroline Mullin, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs

High seated chairs

Featuring a smooth grey upholstery and ornate beige legs, this Queen Anne Chair is a classic proposition for classic interiors. Wingback design will for sure enchant those who remember the times when these chairs were the embodiment of chic.

Chair for the elderly

Classically Elegant Zanuso "Senior" Armchairs

Chair for seniors

This wonderful armchair for elderly has always a soothing effect on the nerves. For a grandfather and grandmother for a gift ideally suited to the rocking chair - on a metal chrome frame with comfortable black leather upholstery.

Armchairs for elderly 1

A pair of beautiful arm chairs, excellent for supporting your spine while having a quality coffee time. Each chair uses a high wingback design, along with padded arms and a cherry-finished wood frame.

Chairs elderly

A vintage take on a retro-styled bench with a colourful look. The bench is made out of dark oak wood with a shiny polish and has seat cushions in a grey colour as well as back cushions in a contrasting pink colour, providing a funky detail.

Picnic Time Portable Foldable Sports Travel Chair Camp Furniture Hunter Green

High chairs for the elderly

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Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair, Black

Are you constantly looking for practical and intriguing sports equipment? Then, check out this awesome and unique portable chair! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of comfort and the highest functionality.

Chairs for older people

Easy chairs Rest home - Silver Age 03 S by Silver Age by Linea ...

Lfe 001 high back fabric armchairs for the elderly care

LFE-001 high back Fabric Armchairs for the Elderly care

Armchair for the elderly angelica

Armchair for the elderly - Angelica

Brilliant and also lovely armchairs for elderly for invigorate

Brilliant and also Lovely armchairs for elderly for Invigorate

Brilliant and also lovely armchairs for elderly for invigorate 1

Brilliant and also Lovely armchairs for elderly for Invigorate

Armchair for the elderly angelica 1

Armchair for the elderly - Angelica

Recliner armchairs for the elderly damiana

Recliner armchairs for the elderly - Damiana

Recliner armchairs for the elderly damiana 1

Recliner armchairs for the elderly - Damiana

Brilliant and also lovely armchairs for elderly for invigorate 2

Brilliant and also Lovely armchairs for elderly for Invigorate

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

How to choose the height of an armchair for an elderly person?
While a higher seat makes it easier to get in and get out of the armchair, one that’s too high puts a lot of pressure on the back of the thighs. If the feet can’t touch the floor, sitting will be uncomfortable. It’s very important to get an armchair appropriate for the height of the person who will be using it, therefore armchairs with adjustable height are a very good choice.

What about the depth?
The armchair has to be deep enough to offer support for the full length of the thighs. However, the person using the armchair shouldn’t have to lean back. Overly deep armchair can be made shorter by adding a cushion behind the user’s back.

And the armrests?
Armrests should provide support without the need of raising or dropping the shoulders.

Considering all that, is there a perfect armchair for elderly people?
It is true that armchairs for elderly people have to be chosen carefully, as a mistake could be dangerous to the well-being of the chair’s user. While standard armchairs, as long as of appropriate size, are fine, completely adjustable armchairs are much more convenient. They are, however, also the most expensive ones.

Are footstools a good idea?
Elderly people with certain conditions might gain relief if they can keep their legs elevated, and that’s why it’s good to have footstools. However, it’s crucial to remember that these footstools have to be moved away before attempting to stand, to avoid tripping.

Is there anything else I should consider?
Armchairs with head support are a good choice. Some elderly people have problems with head control, and additional support is always welcome. As poor head control can impact the ability to breathe and feed, this feature can be very helpful. Other than that, wheels are a very convenient addition, as they allow to easily move the armchair around the house, even while someone is using it!

Are armchairs with pressure management a good choice?
Elderly people tend to spend most of their time in armchairs, and therefore pressure management can be very beneficial. It reduces the risk of developing pressure ulcers (bed sores) and improves the overall comfort.

I know that armchairs for elderly people are mostly for utility, but what about design?
Don’t worry! Even the medical-grade armchairs for elderly people come in various designs, most of them able to fit the most popular interior styles. However, as older people sleep in their chairs a lot, keep the colours gentle and calm, not to make falling asleep harder.

What are my fabric choices?
Armchair for elderly people should be durable, easy to clean and should be able to “breathe”. Now, depending on the situation, one characteristic might be more important than the others – breathable fabric is important especially for people who rarely move out of the chair, while being easy to clean is more important for people with worse arms control.