Arm Chair Caddy


You have an armchair and you absolutely love it. The only problem is that there is no place to put things, like magazines or otherwise. And for you, we give you the armchair caddy. In this fun little space, you can store whatever you need, easily accessible from your chair. No muss, no fuss. See collection for all the options.

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Our Picks

Armchair table

A very simple, but useful elements used with sofas or armchairs. It is an organiser for remote controls with a cup holder in its central part. It is created for use on arms of sofas or chairs. It is made of luxurious faux leather.

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Walterdrake brown leather armchair caddy

Walterdrake brown leather armchair caddy

This practical leather miracle - arm chair caddy, will keep everything within reach when lazing on the couch. Organizer placed on the side of a chair or sofa has different sizes of pockets, is non-slip and offers us an interesting chocolate shade.

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Remote holder coaster set tissue cover crochet pattern

Remote holder coaster set tissue cover crochet pattern

This cozy, little caddy can be a nice helper in organizing our smaller items. You can install it very easily on the arm of your chair, and use its pockets to store remote controls, glasses, TV guides, tissues, etc.

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Arm chair caddy 5

This portable caddy is going to help you keep a good organization of your smaller things. You can, for example, hang it on your chair, while watching TV. The caddy has several pockets, where you can put your glasses, remote control, magazines, and tissues.

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SODIAL(R) Large 6 Pocket Sofa Couch Arm Rest Remote Caddy Organiser

With this caddy organizer you can finally watch your favorite flicks, with all your accessories stored inside of 6 capacious pockets. The organizer is adjustable, suitable for any type of sofa or chair armrest.

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Crochet remote caddy pattern

If you are the needlework fan, this organizer will be ideal for you. You can do it on your own if you can. The color, number of pockets and size depends only on your imagination and the style of your living room.

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Armchair caddy

An easy in use arm chair caddy that is going to help you in organizing your smaller items. The whole thing is made of thick fabric, and divided on few pockets, where you can hide you remote control, TV guide, or glasses.

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EasyComforts Sherpa Arm Rest Organizer by OakRidge ComfortsTM

This product is a high quality organizer designed for use on sofas and armchairs. It can be located on arm and it has got special pockets for a TV remote, book and other items. This organizer is made of durable materials.

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Lazy girl designs couch caddy

Lazy Girl Designs » Couch Caddy

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Chair caddy arm chair caddy brown

Chair caddy arm chair caddy brown

Made with high-quality deco weight cotton, featuring natural elephants on a tan background, this chair caddy will be a convenient companion in any living room or bedroom. It will help you keep track of your remote, reading glasses, cell phone or Kindle.

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Arm Chair Caddy

Buying Guide

An arm chair caddy is a nice little organizer that helps you keep the items you use most at your fingertips. As its name states, it fits over the arm of a couch or a sofa. Another way of securing it is to tuck one end under a sofa cushion or a mattress.

In this age of using remote controls, you probably are not used to getting up for everything you need. You don’t want to interrupt your TV or movie watching or stop reading on your mobile device. With an arm chair caddy you can store your paperbacks, TV remote, cellphone, eyeglasses and more. Some of these accessories even have pockets that are large enough to hold an iPad.

An arm chair caddy means that it could be possible for you to live without a nightstand or a headboard with a shelf. It’s also a way to keep the arms of your sofa or couch clean and to fight wear and tear. Finally, it gives you a very inexpensive way to bring some organization to your life.

Some typical materials that arm chair caddies are made of include:

  • Leather
  • Synthetics
  • Knits
  • Denim, cotton or canvas
  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Wood

You can wipe some materials clean while others are machine washable. Still others are waterproof. For the best maintanance advice, follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Size matters. An arm chair caddy might have two or more sections. Sure, you could get one with eight sections and bulk it up with everything but the kitchen sink. But the advice here is to use the arm chair caddy for essentials only.

If you need more room for keeping a beverage, keys or something else, caddies with a tray on top are available. Some caddies without a tray can also hold a cup. With a tray, you can even keep a pad by your side for writing notes or a letter.

Many arm chair caddies attach by draping them over the arm of the sofa. If the material with which it is made is slippery, the caddy might not stay In place. Look for one that attaches with Velcro or some other secure method.

Another way for you to attach some of them is to use the coated and bendable piece of wire that comes with it. Others have ends that are long enough to tuck under a cushion. There are other ways of attachment for items in this category. Ask your seller or read online reviews.

Best Ideas

Remote holder for chair 1

Organize your important items in drawing room with the Crochet armrest cozy caddy. It's perfect for the remote control, glasses, pens, magazines and much much more.

Armchair tv remote control holder

A very attractive pattern finished in neutral brown color that matches different interior stylizations. This couch caddy includes a pocket for TV remotes or other items. It can be located on arms of sofas and armchairs.

Arm chair remote caddy

This caddy is a very functional and attractive element finished in green color. It includes three pockets for TV remotes and it is suitable for use on arms of armchairs and sofas. It provides a good and convenient rest with a TV.

Arm chair caddy 6

A very nice organizer suitable for use with arms of sofas and armchairs. It provides a pocket for TV remotes, mobile phones and other items. This functional product features a very attractive, floral pattern.

Remote control holders for chairs

Sofa organizer covered with thick fabric. Includes tray and pockets in various sizes. Perfect for serving drinks, snacks, storing remote control and others needed stuff. Suitable for each standard sofa or arm chair.

Red swirls armchair caddy sale

Red Swirls Armchair Caddy SALE

Chair caddy

An arm chair caddy which is made of jeans paint leg, can holds your favorite items, like glasses, remote control or pens. Add it on the arm chair and enjoy useful product.

Gift ideas for adhd affected loved ones in your life

Gift ideas for ADHD-affected loved ones in your life

Armchair pincushion

A Couch Caddy - Perfect if you take your crafts along with you when you know you'll be sitting for some time. This would keep everything at hand so there'd not be a need to keep digging thru a bag to look for what's fallen to the bottom!

Armchair remote caddy free pattern 1

Armchair Remote Caddy - Free Pattern ...

Fabric remote control holder

This lovely handmade crochet caddy constitutes a perfect addition to your favourite coach or armchair, creating a spot to store your remote or newspaper. An adorable accent, providing charm and warmth to the room.

And here it is in action my little ones seem

and here it is 'in action'. My little ones seem to approve of the ...

23 x12 1 2 arm chair caddy 41773 jpg


Armchair caddy organizer

Especially in the home of someone who loves to sew, or whose husband is constantly losing the button from the jacket. This arm chair caddy will be useful for such a handy material, full of pockets and places for pinning pins. Caddy offers to be always at hand.