Hand Carved Furniture


There is something to be said for furniture that is made by hand. You can feel the experience of the craftsman, the memory of the wood, and the time and dedication of the artisan who carves in the little details. We have something you will want to see in this collection of hand-carved furniture. So elegant, so clean, and they will turn some heads for sure.

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Exquisite Hand Carved Tree Trunk Chair

Exquisite Hand Carved Tree Trunk Chair

The hand-carved tree trunk chair is an original and very stylish furniture for a stylish interior. Beautiful work with attention to detail delights in every inch. Natural material is unique and exceptional bringing a mysterious atmosphere to the interior.

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Antique carved dining set 19th c grapes dragons

Antique carved dining set 19th c grapes dragons

The phenomenal and hand-carved design of this unique sideboard makes the interior a unique climate. Unique decorations and beautiful elements delight and create a unique work of art.

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Antique hand carved furniture

With this beautifully hand-carved living room table your home decor will be drowning in exotic accents and flawless craftsmanship. Designed of hardwood, the table is very durable and stable, boasting of its exquisite floral pattern.

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Hand carved vietnamese furniture 14

Hand Carved Vietnamese Furniture

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Hand carved furniture 17

Hand carved décor accessory made from wood and featuring intricate art decor detailing that will blow you away. The piece sits on a sturdy base and is fitted with a rounded clock at the top as well. There are also carvings of a woman and a kid in there. It is a great art piece for any space.

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Hand carved furniture 10

Stunning hand-crafted bench that will completely transform your landscape. This piece is designed to deliver impeccable natural elegance. It is cut out from a large tree trunk and comes with its natural finishing for outstanding durability and weather resistance.

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Hand carved furniture 9

Antique Italian Casapanca Hall seat carved walnut in renaissance style.

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Hand carved vietnamese furniture 15

Hand Carved Vietnamese Furniture

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Moon bed at the pem museum made in china in

moon bed at the pem museum. Made in China in the late 19th-century, this work is a tour-de-force of extravagant carving and ornate inlay. Composed of 53 separate pieces, the Moon Bed is held together with only wooden pegs and wedges and takes 5-6 people

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Windsor 5-Drawer Hand Carved Bombay Chest

Windsor 5-Drawer Hand Carved Bombay Chest

Charming antique style chest made of oak wood with a brown-stained finish. It has a vase-shaped body, 5 size-varied drawers with front panels having delicate carved floral motifs in top right corners, a moulding top and a rectangular curved base.

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Hand carved furniture 2

Unique arm chair designed for outdoor use. It is completely made of wood and finished with ornamental carvings. Carefully profiled seat provides support for the spine. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

When we moved into clinton st the previous owner left

When we moved into Clinton St. the previous owner left similar furniture behind. My mother wanted new furniture, dad said 'no'. So she took a saw and hacked them up.

The fearsome scorpion chair is a handcrafted wooden chair that

Stunning handcrafted scorpion shaped chair featuring incredible craftsmanship. The chair is not just a place to sit but a comprehensive piece of artwork that brings immense character and style into any space. The chair also delivers maximum comfort despite its unusual design.

Hand carved furniture

Characterized by solid wood construction; this astonishing coffee table is hand-carved, and bathed in a distressed oak finish. The tabletop is adorned with a gorgeous buck and oak leaves, and features 1 open shelf underneath.

Unique hand carved horse bench 2

Unique Hand Carved Horse Bench

Hand carved furniture

Double Twist Stool 12" x 26" White OIl Finish Hand Carved Wood #Furniture $269.00

Hand carved wooden furniture

A cool rustic barstool handmade of solid wood with a beautiful natural lacquered finish. It has 4 splayed round legs of stark rough-hewn logs (some are curved) and simple stretchers. A round seat features an indented edge and a black grizzly image.

Hand carved wood furniture

Very attractive and practical element of home furniture. It includes many storage compartments and drawers that provide space for small items, decorations and accessories. Solid wooden frame includes different decorative handles and carvings.

Brown or white hand carved indian wooden table side coffee

... Brown Or White Hand Carved Indian Wooden Table Side Coffee Tables

Hand carved furniture 31

Hand Carved Vietnamese Furniture

Hand carved furniture 14

Handcarved Lotus Bed #anthrofav #greigedesign

Hand carved furniture set

Hand Carved Furniture Set

Windsor Hand Carved Vanity Stool with Cushion

Windsor Hand Carved Vanity Stool with Cushion

Pair of chinese hand carved rosewood marble side tables

Pair of Chinese Hand Carved Rosewood Marble Side Tables ...